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MAY 2021

Al-Sisi Says Egypt Has Right To Intervene In Libya, Vows To Protect Sirte & Al-Jufra (Video, Photos)

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Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said on June 20 that any Egyptian intervention in Libya has an international legitimacy and ordered his army to be prepared for missions inside or outside Egypt.

Al-Sisi made his remarks while he was inspecting Egyptian troops in the western region. The president toured an air base near Egypt’s border with Libya, where thousands of troops as well as state of the art weapon systems are deployed.

“Be prepared to carry out any mission, here inside our borders – or if necessary, outside our borders,” the President said in a speech to his troops, according to Reuters.

The Egyptian President said his country is working to protect its western border, support security and stability in Libya and stop the bloodshed there.

Al-Sisi went on to call for a ceasefire between the Libyan National Army (LNA) and the Government of National Accord (GNA), warning the latter from attacking the port city of Sirte and the al-Jufra Air Base.

“Let’s stop at the line both sides reached in the western and eastern regions and start a ceasefire … The line of Sirte, al-Jufra is a red line for Egypt and its national security,” al-Sisi said.

The President also revealed that Egypt is ready to train, equip and arm Libyan tribesman in order to defend and secure their own land.

Hinting at the growing Turkish intervention in Libya, al-Sisi called on all foreign forces to immediately withdraw, saying that “illegitimate interventions” are spreading terrorism in the region.

In the last few months, Turkey stepped up its support for the GNA enabling it to secure major gains in northwest Libya. In response, the Egyptian military amassed a large force on the Libyan border. Since then, battles have winded down in Libya, especially around Sirte.

Egypt appears to be determined to stop Turkish expansion in Libya. Nevertheless, Cairo will not likely employ a direct military intervention option before exhausting all diplomatic options.


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  1. shylockracy says:

    ISIS will declare a caliphate in Sinai and along the border with the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine before the Egyptian tools of global Ziocorproate terrorism can do anything to help their preferred factions in Libya.

  2. M.A. Lamett says:

    It is not important what Sisi says, it is important who makes him talk. Egypt is unfortunately not an independent country anymore. Since foreign backed coup d’etat in Egypt which removed the legitimately elected president Morsi, renegade General Sisi is the parroting mouth of his masters, namely the Saudis, Israel and the US. This is very clear. Egypt is poor, depending on Saudi tips with a flagging tourism. Can Egypt venture to interfere in Libya? May be if Sisi is pushed enough by his foreign masters. Could he achieve something? Highly unlikely. With a ragged army which is lacking discipline and will to fight, with a bankrupt economy and with a highly foreign dependent military in terms of arms/weapons, Egypt will have no chance to even confront the proxy forces of the GNA, let alone the mighty Turkish Army. Even France and tiny Greece understood the facts on the ground and backed down, insisting on political solutions. Such an adventure would be ill-fated and devastating for Egypt and I assume we may see the overthrow of Sisi by the Muslim Brotherhood which has the popular support of more than half of the Egyptian people.

    1. Harry Smith says:

      Let’s be realists. France is nuclear state and one nuke blast over Ankara can eliminate Turkish threat for the next couple of decades. It’s clearly not Turkey, but some other country is deteriorating other states from attacking the Turkey.

      1. Exactly, facts, don’t know why this guy loves comparing Turkey and France, what nonsense.

        1. Harry Smith says:

          Why not? French elites throw away the de Gaulle legacy and joined NATO. Now France is not an independent state but USA puppet. Macron had a good idea of European army which will not subordinate NATO but they organized the yellow vests festival especially for him. Macron has no balls like de Gaulle or Bonaparte to stand up and struggle. So if French nation is not respecting itself, why would other nations respect French?

      2. DEMOLISH EVIL says:

        You say let’s be realistic, but what you’re saying is bullshit.The world is not what it used to be.you can’t use nuclear power if you want to. Turkey is not the same as before. Why didn’t they throw it away in the war of independence ?

        1. Anduin Lothar says:

          What is stoping say U.S. or Russia or China to nuke some third world shithole?

          1. swedish_viking says:


          2. Anduin Lothar says:

            So they CAN, but they wont, and thats another topic…

          3. Fog of War says:

            ” What is stoping say U.S. or Russia or China to nuke some third world shithole? ”

            Its called Pandora’s box.

      3. swedish_viking says:

        It’s called article 5 Turkey is a NATO member.
        Why would France nuke another country? that would instantly turn the world against France.

        Turkey in Libya is a total different story.
        Try to keep your arguments realistic.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          Why has US Government sanctioned all it’s allies, and Turkey the most ? Maybe after Germany.

          Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal, has taken control of US Government long ago, it serves it’s masters in The City of London unquestioningly. I wouldn’t rule out an attack against it’s NATO partners.
          IDF is in possession of high yield nukes, and tactical nukes, too. What’s more it’s used them. US Government, as well. Neither won’t hesitate to use these weapons should either see advantage. Tactical nukes would be most likely, and Russia has stated it will use tactical nukes if absolutely necessary.
          But will not tolerate any use of high yield nukes launched at Russia, or it’s allies.
          Russia has stated publically it’s strategy should this event occur. Whether from US, or EU. It has the weapons to shoot down any ICBM as it ascends, US military has no analog.
          Iran has stated any attack on Iran will initiate a
          counter-attack targeting Israel. Most probably US military bases, and Navy as well. Fact is, US military cannot defeat Iran in conventional war, period.
          Putin stated Russia will not allow Iran to fall. Iran is probably Russias oldest ally, at least 1,500 years.
          US military cannot defeat Russia, even The Pentagon acknowledged this.
          The City of London is directing it’s puppets,
          (US/NATO) to weaken Russian allies, overthrow Governments, place sanctions on any country it can to strangle them financially. Also to use military force to raise the expense of defending against US military action. A double-edged sword as the Banking Cabal is financing US Government on this, and atthe same time destroying US from the inside with its UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainability Development Guidelines
          de-population agenda.
          This is what COVID-19 is all about, at least 7 different types of the derivative that specifically attack particular DNA, and blood types. Using vaccines as the virus delivery method. A Bill is moving through US Congress to make vaccines mandatory by law. Forcing US citizens to submit to vaccination.
          EU countries will follow, as will all NATO countries, and puppet Governments installed by US at the direction of The City of London.
          There’s 5G, but that’s another story.

        2. Harry Smith says:

          The only power Turkey has now is that USA stacked in Syria and Iraq. Losing Turkey will drastically complicate the logistics for US army. So the foundation of Turkey’s behavior is not it’s power but the Washington pressure on its vassals. And it’s not a big secret if anybody will attack Turkey the World won’t turn against this country but in contrary every powerful country in the world will try to take a piece from the Turkish pie. Turkey is living it’s golden days now but it won’t lasts forever.

      4. M.A. Lamett says:

        Firstly, France can not nuke another Nato country, secondly such an act will cause a world war and nobody can afford it, as a nuclear war will destroy the entire planet. Nuclear weapons are for self-defense or used as deterrent. This is the importance of nuclear weapons. Not even US or Russia can use them at will to attack someone. So talking about nuking someone is being ignorant or just a cheap talk. Today if a country uses nuclear means against another country it is almost guaranteed that the response will be nuclear as well. That is why even the most deranged leaders don’t talk about nuking other countries. To eliminate Turkey is not as easy as you think.

        1. Anduin Lothar says:

          Ever heared of limited nuclear confrontation, or beter yet nuking some other country that have no nukes?

          1. M.A. Lamett says:

            There is no such thing. I know that US was pushing for that but it did not fly well among many other countries and at the UN. No one on the planet will dare to use nuclear weapons for political gain because there is nothing gain on a planet which is completely destroyed. Wars are fought for political and strategical gains. Nuclear weapons are a deterrent against someone attacking or invading your country. Nuclear technology is not a big deal. If any country dares using a nuclear bomb it will receive an equal measure in same form or another. Guaranteed. For this reason, France or any other country can not dare using its nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons aside Turkey’s conventional military might is equal to France if not more. That is why France is highly irritated in the eastern Med region, as grabbing and plundering the riches of Libya and the gas deposits may become soon a distant dream for France.

          2. Anduin Lothar says:

            If France decide to nuke Turkey they can, and it will not trigger ww3!!!! Both Russia and China wont move a finger, U.S. will prolly do nothing cuz they vallue France far more then they do Turkey. So who will nuke France? UK? Israel? No they wont. And in Med, Turkey is no match for France, Marine Nationale is yrs ahead of Turkish navy and thats a fact.

          3. Hyper20 says:

            No one’s gonna use nuke’s in this time, especially not in a naval skirmish and definitely not by some French wimps.

          4. Anduin Lothar says:

            I never said that they would, i said that they can if they want to and now1 will start ww3 over it …

          5. Hassan Ghonem says:

            The French will not use Nukes or other WMDs for sure. You are maybe right that the power of both armies could be near but who will have the alliance

            Turkey has no allies in the region that will send military units to save them

            Maybe moral support from Qatar or other distant country that would not matter but thats it

            The French will be backed by the Egyptians, Cypriots and the Greeks

            Maybe some Kind of Balkan league will be formed again and European part of Turkey maybe lost forever for some sand dunes in Tripoli

            Think again

      5. Hyper20 says:

        No ones deteriorating, the French frigate had no jurisdiction to board that cargoshop.

        Let’s be a bit more realistic, these days nukes are a deterrent to defend the homeland and not much as an offensive weapon you drop left and right.

      6. Kohlhaas says:

        How old are you? 10? France nukes Turkey?? What is this, a video game?

        1. Harry Smith says:

          It is just a hyperbole to show that not Turkish army is the reason.

          1. Kohlhaas says:

            Being a hyperbole does not prevent itself to be logical.

          2. Harry Smith says:

            Dear Kohlhaas please pardon me if it looks like I am trying to lecture you, but I really suggest you to recall the definition of the hyperbole in literature.

    2. <> says:

      You know, even when Morsi was in power he didn’t do anthing against us but only barked. Seems like he knew what it means to break a signed peace deal, even though he was a MB president. You say we control Egypt, but the truth is the Egyptian leadership knows that whoever breaks the peace deal will face harsh sanctions. Sisi is not stupid, the peace deal is good for the U.S, Israel, Egypt and Jordan to keep the ME stable.

      1. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

        Egypt technically is the most strongest power in the Middle East.
        Only area where they lack is advanced layered air defense which the IDF lead in, and stealth fighters or 4.5+ gen jets which IDF have to.
        But soon Egypt will receive batteries of S-400 and at least 24 SU-35 to fill in the gaps

        1. RichardD says:

          “Russian newspaper Kommersant first revealed the Su-35 contract in March 2019, reporting that Cairo had ordered around two dozen jets at a price of about $2 billion. Under the delivery schedule cited in that report, the aircraft were to begin arriving in Egypt in 2020 or 2021.”

          – Su-35 Production for Egypt Begins –


          1. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

            Egypt needs SU-35 and Mig-29SMT, lots of them

          2. RichardD says:

            It all costs money and Egypt is aggressively upgrading much needed civilian infrastructure. They’ve done exceptionally well with their military modernization in both quality and quantity. They’re fortunate to have an administration as industrious and progressive as the one that they have now.

          3. Anduin Lothar says:

            Egypt have round 40 mig 29m, which are better than smt versions, and it have ordered su 35, not sure when they will arrive tho, since Russkies doesnt provide us with their production output.

        2. <> says:

          I have never under estimated Egypt’s power and I know they have a big army. But Sinai is a DMZ and if they ever tried to attack us then we would know and be prepared for it. The IDF also has big numbers when it comes to our ground forces, I don’t see us fighting each other unless a truely crazy MB leader gets the power there and willing to risk it all.

          1. RichardD says:

            I can see them participating in a regional coalition to clear the IDF out of the occupied territories under the current administration.

            The Egyptians are one of the reasons that you were removed from Gaza and have stayed out since. They have the option of abrogating the Siani treaty and pushing the IDF out of Gaza on an as needed basis. Your days of a Sharon type drive to Cairo are over.

          2. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

            Yea no question about that. As long as they clear Libya and kick out the GNA and Turkey I’m happy. And if Russian Airforce joins the more the merrier. Turkey has been the main sponsor of the muslim brotherhood this whole time – the AKP party and erDOGan.

          3. Fog of War says:

            ” But Sinai is a DMZ and if they ever tried to attack us then we would know and be prepared for it. ”

            So you admit, without the Sina being there, Israhell would be toast.

        3. RichardD says:

          Egypt has the S-300VM. Which can be upgraded to comparable S-400 capability. I don’t think that Israel has anything comparable. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f047619d9f1ee24db2d5ea34a7e97ec1b326f93aae55eb95def8fffcbd0c42c9.png

          – S-300VM missile system –


          1. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

            S300VM is a highly capable ABM and air defense system but uses an entirely different missile, radar and seeker than the S-400 uses

          2. RichardD says:

            The S-300v is a highly mobile integrated stand alone system. The missile speed and interception target speed are at the top end of the S-300/400 systems. It looks like there is some interchangeability of missiles. Though the launch platform is much different.

            They’re both from the same manufacturer. I’m guessing that it’s comparable to the S-400. Just in a smaller more mobile launch platform. The S-400 may have some advantages due to it’s larger and probably more extensive target acquisition and fire control systems.

            With satcom integration the S-300V can run off of a layered target acquisition and fire control network. But as stand alone systems they’re also probably formidable. But none of the top end long range Russian stuff has been used in combat that I’m aware of. The closet is the Buk systems which do have a fairly extensive combat history.

            “The S-300V/S-300VM/VMK/Antey-2500 is the world’s only truly mobile Anti Ballistic Missile system, and later variants are claimed to be capable of intercepting 4.5 km/sec reentry speed targets.”

            – NIEMI/Antey S-300V 9K81/9K81-1/9K81M/MK
            Self Propelled Air Defence System / SA-12/SA-23 Giant/Gladiator –


          3. Anduin Lothar says:

            S300v is comparable to S400, u cant upgrade s300v to s400 tho, They are used by different branches of Russian army for different purposes…

        4. Jim Allen says:

          IDF “stealth” fighters are a joke. F-35 hasn’t shown it’s lame ass since Syria damaged one with S-200.
          US Coalition pulled it’s F-35 fighters from the Middle East, citing the maintenance schedule was too difficult to meet in the battlefield conditions, and the “”stealth” coating keeps melting off. A handful of upgraded MiG-29 would ease the situation. The SMT upgraded planes are exclusive to Russian Aerospace, but there’s several other versions of upgrade that are completely satisfactory available for export.
          Of course Su-35 will be a great addition to any air force. S-100 thru
          S–400 air defense systems will give pause to any enemy wishing to attack.
          Hell, adding the latest electronics upgrades to any MiG-21, or 29 would even things up a lot. This takes the advantage away from Western fighters. Well trained pilots are a must.

      2. RichardD says:

        The last thing that the middle east is at this time, thanks in large part to your Yinon plan machinations, is stable.

        Egypt can move forces to Jordan as part of an international coalition implementing UN Resolutions without abrogating the Sinai Treaty, though abrogating it’s an option. If Israel is replaced with a unified Palestine, the treaty will pass into history as a non issue.

      3. Hassan Ghonem says:

        Listen man

        1st of all, i highly doubt that ur an Israeli but lets just assume that u are for the sake of the argument

        Palestine is an occupied territory but not Egyptian occupied territory so we dont care about their lives whatsoever unless they wanna be a part of Egypt

        That will change the rules

        Our only problems with u are 2
        1) Ur past aggressive actions as u want to reach the Nile in the name of greater Israel or to create strategic depth in Sinai dessert
        2) U wanna evict these Palestinians to resettle in Arabian lands including ours which is unacceptable

        well, the 1st problem is a mentality issue that will never ever recover, while the 2nd needs some work and take care of ur moves as eastern front will not be nice for a lowlife like u

        1. <> says:

          First of all, yes I am an Israeli. Second, don’t call me a lowlife because I can be really nasty if I want to. Now, as to what you wrote, we don’t care about your desert land nor do we want it, for all I care you can keep it to yourself. The Gazans can stay in Gaza as long as they stop their terror attacks and if they dont then we will send them to you to deal with.

          1. Hassan Ghonem says:

            Lowlife is not a bad word

            it means that ur overestimating ur abilities while underrating others which is deadly

            I know people in ur intelligence and community
            come on, we are not in the middle ages where information is scarce

            u dont want the dessert for the sake of the dessert

            u want the strategic depth of it to protect ur urban centers during the inevitable shift of the geopolitical world

          2. <> says:

            Has Israel ever done harm to Egypt since our peace deal? did we cross into your border? so what are you talking about? you Arabs always paranoid someone wants your land. We just want the Jordan Valley, the rest can go to your Palestinians brothers you love so much.

          3. Hassan Ghonem says:

            told u that i am not a fan of them


            there are several border clashes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_southern_Israel_cross-border_attacks

            just one of them though, there are several

            U guys have some suspicious relations with Ethiopia

            covert stuff is like overt form for me

            bad blood between both of us will not be forgotten

          4. <> says:

            What does it have to do with Ethiopia? we even allowed you to change the peace deal so you can enter your army forces (not just the police forces) to combat ISIS. Actually, it is you who try to hurt us and you don’t do anything against the drug trafficking into our border so we had to build a wall.

          5. Hassan Ghonem says:

            That peace deal where security was weakened in the peninsula is the main reason it turned into a paradise for smugglers

            are u kidding

          6. <> says:

            I don’t get your point, do you want us to be in war?

          7. Hassan Ghonem says:

            I want u to stop act like a peace lover and ur not

            many weapons in Sinai has origins from the Syrian civil war, last time i checked that Gaza has no borders with Syria

            so who smuggle that shit

          8. <> says:

            Who? ISIS and Bedouins that work together against both Israel (helping Hamas) and against your army. We both fight Islamists, if you want your country to have another Morsi then go ahead enjoy it.

          9. Hassan Ghonem says:


            Israeli intelligence is blind and some camel riders were able to smuggle stuff in Sinai from Gaza and vice versa

            Intelligence sharing from Israel is at best uncooperative

            u guys are enjoying that we are in attrition war with some crazy fuckers in Sinai while ur drones are monitoring that with laughs

            We had an internal situation and a very restrictive peace deal

            what is ur excuse

            had u checked ur relations with that islamist terrorist in Ankara

            or are u busy bombing the Iranians and massively depleted SAA

            tag teaming with ur old ottoman allies

          10. <> says:

            It has nothing to do with Turkey, they have their own problems. We care that Iran (your shia friend that wanna export it to Egypt too) won’t open another front against us like they did in Lebanon. Also, the smugglings are all underground via tunnels and we had to some problem when we ruled the Gaza Strip up to 2005, you can’t see it from the air. As much as you hate it, we need each other in the region, think about it. Goodnight man.

          11. Hassan Ghonem says:

            Good night David {just a hunch}

            maybe tomorrow

            we will discuss that again

            but based on our chat

            ur either not a hardliner or simply unaware of the plans that are set in the region

            wake me up when Turkey decides to take Aleppo and Mosul

            and u guys takes South Syria or the Jordanian puppet do it in exchange for their Ok in Jordan valley

            interesting plans though

            will they happen

            i think partially but i know the when u neutralize that Iranian front

            U will come back to us

          12. <> says:

            Like I’ve said, we don’t want any of these only to have the Jordan Valley under our control for security reasons. Syrian or Lebanese lands are irrelevant for us, we don’t fight to take lands we fight against terrorists either Hamas or Hezbollah. And why would we open a front against you? that would be a big mistake on our side, the IDF has other things to do like fight the IRGC and their proxies and Egypt hasn’t done anything to hurt our national security. I know it sounds weird Hassan, but we’re on the same side. About Libya? Turkey and Egypt would just have to reach some agreement, it has nothing to do with us and we don’t care about it.

          13. Fog of War says:

            ” Like I’ve said, we don’t want any of these only to have the Jordan Valley under our control for security reasons. ”

            Just like the Golan I’m sure, except theres one problem. When you flood those areas with Israhelli settlements wont you need another buffer zone to protect the first one ?

          14. <> says:

            Nope, only the Golan and the Jordan Valley.

          15. Fog of War says:

            Buffer zones, by their very nature, dont contain settlements .

          16. Liberal guy says:

            I thought that the isrealis and Egyptians are working together in the sinai province against daesh

          17. <> says:

            We are, that is what I am explaining him. He thinks we arm them or something, ISIS and Hamas work hand in hand and smuggle arms via the tunnels.

          18. RichardD says:

            You have a valid point. And abrogating the agreement should be seriously considered in the name of Egyptian national security.

          19. Hassan Ghonem says:

            It was changed but after decades of smuggling that turned many tribes to have the lifestyle of smugglers and it is like an addiction and currently the rehab is costly in blood and material

          20. RichardD says:

            Mossad is up to their eyeballs in the terrorism that you’re dealing with.

          21. RichardD says:

            Few familiar with the conflict believe that. It’s just one more step in the annexation of the entire West Bank. Which has been the Zionist goal from the inception of the project 150 years ago. And with extremely rare exception nobody approves of your plans to annex the Jordan River valley. Possibly including the US.

          22. <> says:

            The Jordan Valley is our border with Jordan and we will not give up on that. Can you enter it into your small head Richard? please try.

          23. RichardD says:

            Only Israel claims that. So when you’re faced with a regional coalition remember that. Because they all recognise it as Palestinian land.

          24. Jim Allen says:

            “”If the shoe fits….” Lowlife fits…

          25. <> says:

            Fuck off.

      4. Fog of War says:

        ” Sisi is not stupid, the peace deal is good for the U.S, Israel, Egypt and Jordan to keep the ME stable. ”

        Yes, you are right, its to keep the ME ” stable ” as Israhell takes more and more territory.

    3. 1azdeb2 says:

      I agree.

    4. Hassan Ghonem says:

      You are not an Egyptian

      so yeah, the main supoort that Sisi gets is from destroying the MB terrorist organization and their followers

      they have no support that matters

      Maybe 2% or max of 5% are supporting them

      those who are willing to actually act are way less than that, maybe 0.2%

      half of these are either killed, imprisoned or ran away

      1. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Not true. Dr. Morsi was a moderate and was popularly elected by the majority of Egyptians and Sisi the Zionist cunt has killed thousands of civilians since then. One has to look beyond emotive issues and face reality. The Americunts and CIA vet every Egyptian officer over the rank of major. Egypt is a Zionist controlled puppet indeed.

      2. d'Artagnan says:

        Sisi overthrew an elected government, whatever its merit. Egypt is also a vassal of the US.

  3. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


  4. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


    1. RichardD says:

      Preparations need to be made for an Egyptian invasion and occupation of western Israel to Tel Aviv and Haifa to disarm what’s left of the IDF and provide relief operations to the citizenry after a nuclear counter strike in response to an Israeli nuclear first strike.

      – Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki –


    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      On paper yes. However Turkish airforce is better NATO trained and has AWACS and if I were doing operational planning for them, I would attack and disable the Egyptian naval assets like this Mistral heli-carriers that are very venerable. Turkish drones are quite capable and if deployed in large numbers can cause havoc. Egypt has 6 major airbases and all quite exposed to stand off weapons. The Türk Hava Kuvvetleri has a lot of real combat experience and their pilots are far superior. Their aerial refueling capability is also far superior and they can use bases in Cyprus too. Their tankers
      seven KC-135R Stratotanker have received the Pacer CRAG (Compass, Radar And GPS) upgrades and linked to Göktürk-2 satellite. Their F-4E are more upgraded than even the IRIAF F-4E and if the Turks deploy them in ground attack configuration with smart ordinance protected by CAP F-16, the Egyptians would be hard pressed. The biggest problem with Arab airforces as the most expensively armed Saudi cunts have shown that they can’t fly for shit. In air combat pilot training and aggressive tactics are the key, and objectively speaking the Turks have the edge.

      1. adzsiam says:

        Even if you’re right, I have serious doubts Sisi would do more than make loud speeches and inspect grandiose parades along the Libyan / Egyptian border. Capabilities aside, a nation’s military needs a leader who walks the walk, and Edrogan is the one putting his money where his mouth is, in this instance.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          indeed, Egyptian military has always been a parade military you have rightly put. They put all their Migs on display on open tarmacs on June 6, 1967 and we all know the results. Erdogan is also a demagogue who may have put his big mouth on the money in Libya’s case but in Syria he in on the wrong track and annexing a neighboring peaceful Arab state is not going to work. In Libya it was the NATO cunts prodded by Italy, France and Canada who deposed Kaddafi and murdered him with indignity on live TV for their OIL lust. Erdogan is an opportunist and he saw a weakness and exploited it. However, every military has its limitations and that is why they put normally smart people in operational planning and C3I who can objectively analyze the real facts. A lot of morons including Hitler made disastrous decisions like invading the USSR, because the Abwehr was too weak to tell him the bad news. Turkey’s military is no doubt superior to Egypt and more experienced, but keep in mind that fighting a war 1400 kms away from home is not easy even for much stronger powers. I would hope this can be deescalated as it will only help the Zionist scum and their goals.

          1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            How is the turkisis cockroaches better than the Egyptian army?
            Turks got no moral first of all.
            Half love and half hate Erdogan.
            Which means they are divided.
            Not a chance , not one in a million vs the Egyptians!
            Stop talking out of your ass !

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Stop getting excited little kid. Egypt has lost every conflict from Palestine, Yemen to Zionists. Turks are far superior in every respect. I deal in FACTS not excitable childish internet warrior babble. War is not good for anyone, but if the Turks used their airforce and navy properly, Egypt is history just like Cleopatra’s whoring days :)

          3. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            ok KEEP talking out of your ass then.
            The CIA them selfs have released papers long time ago on a Greco Turkish skirmish in the Aegean and Cyprus and called it a draw with losses from both sides but no real change on anything.
            And you think the Turks can take on both Egypt and Greece !

            … who is the kid …

          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Look here arsehole, just shut the fuck up punk. People die in wars and arseholes like you dumb cunts who sit at home in front of a computer and spew fuckall, cheer on.

          5. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            people die in wars ?

            hahahahaha Really Einstein ? That is brand new information !

            Go fuck your turkish mother re malaka, you havent got the slightest clue!

          6. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Stupid kid, childish insults show your low sub-human IQ.

          7. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Even if i were a child i d be smarter than you little imbecile shit for brains twat !

          8. Zionism = EVIL says:

            You wish LOL

          9. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            I know so.

          10. Fog of War says:

            You’re dealing in hypotheticals. The real question is how much of the Egyptian population wishes to see Zio Sissi gone ? How much of the Egyptian military ? What will do to the Egyptian economy ? Will Istahell take advantage of the situation ? Stupid Sissi would be walking into a Zio Trap.

          11. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Grow up arsewipe, internet warrior :)

          12. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Stop talking out of your ass or face the music.

          13. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Touchy little excitable faggot aren’t you cupcake :)

          14. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            I can touchy touchy my big fat greek cock on your backdoor anytime!

          15. Zionism = EVIL says:

            You mean GAY reek :)

          16. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            I mean Turkgay is where you are from and you wont admit it, but why ?

            You afraid we might call you a rug seller ?

            A genocide prone barbaric cockroach ?

            Or maybe just a kebap shop worker ?

      2. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

        You live in fantasy world pal !

        You think the useless turkish pilots (half are in jail anyway cause Erdogan is afraid they might bomb his golden palace where he lives) with their F4E (first entered service in 1960) are better than the Egyptians with their Rafale their Typhoon their SU35 and their F16 …
        If Turkey makes the fatal mistake to try to attack Egypt from the Asia Minor main land they will be dead literaly in the water.
        The Greeks wont let them reach Egypt.
        And even the Turks arent that stupid to leave their back uncovered with an all out attack on Egypt.
        Turgay is fucked.
        The Greco-Egyptian alliance (and Israel is in it secretly more or less as well) is the end to Turkey’s plans of a new ottoman empire.
        Erdogan has a dug a massive hole and believe me we are all praying nobody stops him from digging, the deeper the better.
        Though its already deep enough tbh.
        The USA will not save the turks this time like they did in 1996 at Imia.
        Trump doesnt give a monkey’s.
        And Putin …that is the riddle… if anything happens between Greece Turkey and Egypt what will Putin do, will he be another Pontius Pilate or will he take sides ?
        My guess is he wont do nothingm Russia wont get involved.
        Which means, turgay is fucked !

        BRING IT !

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Stop being a warmonger childish ass. Do you even know what war means stupid punk kid.

          1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            I know you are a retarded turkisis dick lover !

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Hardly little punk :)

          3. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Yes you are ! You love a bit of dirty kebap dont you…

          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Stop being a GAY reek fuckwit, very easy to bait though :) teenage fag.

          5. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

            Come on admit it, you love turkisis. You love a bit of rough dirty kebap.

      3. Anduin Lothar says:

        Turkish airforce CANT reach Lybia.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Ever heard of aerial refueling.

          1. Anduin Lothar says:

            With aerial refueling Turkish f16 can cary only 2 amrams and 2, 250kg (500lbs) bombs and loiter around 20 mins, which is nothing.

  5. RichardD says:

    I agree that allowing a ZioNATO regime change government to be stood up in Libya would be detrimental to Egypt’s national security. With Israel on one side and a ZioNATO puppet government in Libya Egypt would be caught in a vice of state sponsored terrorism directed against it on two fronts.

    The last thing that the Jews want is a strong and prosperous Egypt with an antijewish population of 100 million people on it’s border. With 100 million people and a rapidly growing economy and military it’s only a matter of time before the Egyptian military on it’s own is more than a match for the IDF conventionally. It’s already close to that.

    The best thing for Egypt, the region, and humanity is to replace Israel with a unified Palestine. And the place to start is with a regional military coalition to clear the IDF out of the occupied territories. And then police the implementation of UN Resolutions that Israel is in chronic scofflaw violation of. If the NATO alliance can be fractured on this issue with European members joining a regional coalition in clearing the IDF and Israeli government out of the occupied territories. That could be helpful.

    1. <> says:

      Come do that yourself hero.

      1. Hassan Ghonem says:

        Man, u will die by time as u guys refuse to adapt and basically live as parasite on the US superpower

        they are losing that status fast, i know some crazy nuts in Israel wanna expand before that happen to create some strategic depth before that happens but will it is futile

        ask ur rabbis, if they think that Israel will last for 80 years and what actually 80 years mean for u guys

        last time i checked

        China hate u guys

        1. <> says:

          We were there even before your Islam, and we will stay long after you’re gone. Understand?

          1. RichardD says:

            The Canaanite tribes were there some of whom were Hebrew, and they’re still there, they’re called Palestinians. Israelis are 99% immigrants with little if any Semitic Canaanite DNA compared to Palestinians.

          2. d'Artagnan says:

            Even Herodotus talks of Palestine in Greek epics, this curse of Zionism is a imperialist invention to sow permanent discord in the Arab world by the illegal occupation of Palestine, historically considered the heart of the Arab world.

          3. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Big talking cunt from Iraq claiming to be a Zionist.

          4. d'Artagnan says:

            Zionism is a British construct to divide the Arab world circa 20th century. Get your history right. This is 10th grade stuff and hasbara has stuffed you up.

          5. Paul says:

            Before Islam, you had God, but because you have rejected the Messiah, you are on your own. Having said that, I doubt you’re an actual Jew anyhow.

          6. Superfly says:

            hasbara troll for sure.

          7. The Objective says:

            You are a Christian, but you are right. The Quran says Jews rejected the Messiah, ISA

          8. The Objective says:

            Of course Jews will live long after Islam is gone in its present form. That is because Allah will lift the Quran and take the lives of every faithful Muslim so no Muslim witnesses the terrors of the last day. The hour will come only on the most evil of generations, and I think the Jews will be among them, considering their history of rebelling against Allah despite the many prophets and messengers Allah sent to them.
            But all this will not happen until Islam rubs the faces of Jews on the ground (I mean disbelieving Jews). And this shall come to pass no matter how hard Israel tries to stop it.
            Looking at current events, I have no doubts from the many hadiths that this promise of Allah is nearing fulfilment. Every piece is now in place. All it takes is just one war to ignite the middles East and you’ll find out if Allah’s promise is true or not just like your forefathers found out after desbelieve.

          9. Superfly says:

            Turkey, Iran and Pakistan are an example for all Muslims to cooperate. They have always been at peace with each other.

          10. <> says:

            And you will find out if our prophecy is also true, meaning destroying your Al Aqsa Mosque and building our Third Temple.

          11. The Objective says:

            How does that help you when the Muslims take every inch of Israel? Not at all. You can build your temple, but it won’t last.
            The Muslim is patient.

          12. <> says:

            So are we Objective, so are we.

        2. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Indeed, the Zionist criminal arseholes have shafted China on many deals and the Chinese historically hate the Jews anyway and now the Zionists who spread the Pimpeovirus in Wuhan, the Chinese hate these repulsive Zionist cunts even more.

        3. guest says:

          everyone hates the zios.

      2. RichardD says:

        Nobody has to die, it’s up to your leadership how they handle a regional coalition. If the Jews choose conflict, you’ll have to deal with the consequences, and you won’t be dealing with lightly armed militias. So you’ll lose if push comes to shove.

      3. Zionism = EVIL says:

        PUNK arsehole, same old nonsense every day, nothing original. Shows how low hasbara has sunk to hire mommy basement dwellers.

      4. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

        Are you ever gona grow up ?

        You still play with your plastic guns and think you are a soldier jew ?

        1. <> says:

          I am a soldier greeko, just a reserve.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            In your mommy’s play group you must stand out :)

    2. The Objective says:

      You are mistaken. Sisi is the Zionist stooge. Turkey and Israel has serious issues that can never reconcile. Morsi was anti-israel and voiced strong support for Palestine. It is Turkey and the MB Israel is afraid of – not Egypt, Saudi Arabia, u.a.e. etc.
      We’ll see how this ends, but Turkey should not allow the oil in Libya under Western control. Sooner or later the u.s will sanction Turkey. Libya should provide a stable source of oil, plus Iran. It is my believe that Iraq will soon join fully the anti-israel axis taking shape right now. That takes three oil-producing counties out of Zionist control: Iran, Iraq, Libya. With Turkey and Iran fully cooperating, the effect ts of sanctions will reduce greatly.
      A Turkey-Iran-Pakistan alliance is badly needed right now.

      1. Superfly says:

        Iran is also supporting the Turkish position in Libya and Pakistani and Chinese stance on Kashmir.

      2. RichardD says:

        Morsi was getting on the anti Syria band wagon, that didn’t work for me. And is a lot more Zio than anything that Sisi has done.

        I spent 10 days in Cairo in 2012 during the revolution that toppled Morsi. My thankfully 6th floor hotel room was 1 block off of Tahrir Square. I was on the street every day and through the square several times,. I stood out like a sore thumb with light skin, hair and blue eyes. There were no tourists, 99% of the time I was the only northerner in sight. If they had turned on me I would have been dead.

        Sisi is a very competent leader doing Herculean work upgrading Egypt’s military and civilian infrastructure. Where he’s at on joining a regional coalition to clear the IDF out of the occupied territories I’m not sure. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets on board with it.

        1. The Objective says:

          That’s because you don’t understand the complexity of the Syrian war. Assad’s supporters want to paint the picture of a U.S/Israel vs Syria struggle. This allows them suppress the legitimate opposition in Syria without blame. Turkey is neither fighting for America nor Israel. Turkey is fighting for this legitimate Syrian opposition. That is thesame position morsi took. Morsi was overthrown because he wanted to revive a dispute with Israel over control on certain area between Egypt and Israel. In the past, Egypt and Israel fought a war over the same issue.
          Turkey is busting U.S stooges (Kurds) over strong objections by the U.S. tell me how destroying Kurdish forces helps America’s mission in Syria or Israel’s mission to depose Assad. This conflict of interest should open your eyes to the fact Syria is a far more complex problem than portrayed on SouthFront here.

          1. RichardD says:

            I understand the Syria war better than most.

            What is there not to understand about Morsi was getting onboard with the Yinon plan ZioNATO regime change operation in Syria and Sisi is not?

            Sisi’s upgrading of Egypt’s economy and military poses a greater threat to Israel than Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood ever did. The Muslim Brotherhood’s backward fanaticism is straight out of the Mossad Yinon plan playbook.

          2. The Objective says:

            Yes, both Morsi and Erdogan wanted Assad to fall. But the question is, Why? The second question is, “For whom?
            Your mistake is thinking that they are doing this for Israel and America.
            Iran and Russia understand well what Turkey is fighting for. And they know it’s not for Israel or the U.S. That is why they engage Turkey in negotiations. Turkey wants a united Syria – but not one ruled by a dictator. They want a Syrian leader chosen by the majority.
            Iran worries that the link to Hezbollah may be cut if Assad leaves power. But this will not happen provided Turkey has some political clout over Damascus.

          3. RichardD says:

            Does it matter, what does any of that have to do with Sisi?

            You evidently support the vermin Jew’s Yinon plan war against Syria. I don’t.

          4. The Objective says:

            I don’t support Jews at all. Assad falling does not mean a Jewish takeover of Syria. The only reason I could support a continuation of the Assad dynasty is for the sake of Hezbollah. That’s also what worries Iran. But considering Turkey and Israel are bitter enemies I doubt a Muslim government in Syria will oppose Hezbollah despite ideological differences. Iran and Turkey are closer than most people realise.

          5. RichardD says:

            I was responding to your Sisi bashing, not Turkey, Iran and Hezbollah. Regime change in Syria ha been a Jew plan for decades. And goes beyond Syria. It’s called the Yinon plan to keep the region in perpetual turmoil so that it doesn’t unite and get rid of Israel. If you’re not familiar with it. Try looking into it.

          6. The Objective says:

            I did read something about the yinon plan, but not much.
            Even if that were true, then it obviously isn’t going according to plan for Israel. For example, there is nothing Israel can do to divert the attentions of Iran and Hezbollah from Israel. The moment Iran is forced to fight, whether by America or Saudi Arabia, Israel won’t be spared. So the yinon plan that calls for a regional war that destroys Israel’s enemies is a pipe dream. This plan was probably drawn when Iran was still pro-America.

          7. RichardD says:

            If it wasn’t going to plan for Israel the region would have united against Israel. The US middle east wars trying to get Israel tolerant governments in place is part of it. Which has been detrimental to the US.

          8. The Objective says:

            Unity is something we Muslims never had since the Ottoman empire era. Even without Israel in the middle East, there will still be struggle between true Muslims vs hypocrites. Much of the Arab world is led by hypocrites. This isn’t a new thing in Islamic history. Tyrants have risen and fallen. The Saudis and their lackeys what will soon fall too. The current crisis and problems these dictators and corrupt monarchies face will not go away, but continue to intensify. There won’t be a peaceful resolution to these disputes as long as hypocrites rule.
            For the Israeli yinon plan to work, one of these countries must fight Iran and Israel must be able to sit out the war. But if Iran and Hezbollah targets israel and cause extensive damage to the Israel, there won’t be a strong Israel to complete the yinon plan. Hence the plan fails.
            Again, no amount of manoeuvre by Israel will make Saudi Arabia fight Iran. Saudi Arabia will NEVER have the nerve to initiate conflict.

          9. RichardD says:

            History doesn’t support your view. There have been multiple Arab Israel conflicts demonstrating regional unit against Israel. They just didn’t have the military strength to prevail. Now they do.

      3. Hassan Ghonem says:

        I am an Egyptian, Morsi was pro zionism and the entire MB clan since day 1

        I dont know the origins of who called objective
        but ur either a Turk or an idiot

        1. The Objective says:

          You think the Muslim Brotherhood is pro-zionist? It is you who is an idiot. The MB is the most credible threat to the corrupt ruling tyrants of the Sunni Arab world. These tyrants include the regimes of Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, and even Oman. The greatest threat to these leaders was Iran. But as Iran is Shiite, the corrupt despots played the “Sunni vs Shiite” sectarian game to rally domestic support. But as the MB are Sunni, these devil’s no longer have the sectarian card to play. That is the reason they got problem with Qatar, Turkey, and Libya. All these three Muslim nations are trying to wriggle free of Western control. Hence, they are now viewed less favourably than the Saudi camp. Turkey has conflicting intersets with the U.S in Libya, Syria, Iran, and Yemen. They oppose the U.S in all these countries. Israel supported the coup against morsi. So did the U.S. do you think the U.S will and Israel will allow a coup over their boy, let alone support it?
          I think you are one of the devil propagandists proping up the munafiqs ruling Egypt. The U.S and Israel have murdered about 30 million Muslims over the past five decades, and most are Arabs. And you support them? Because they haven’t started killing Egyptians yet? I am not an Arab, neither do I live in the middle East or Turkey. I am only a concerned Muslim, but from your comments you have been misled or you are deliberately lying to mislead people on this forum. That makes you among the devil’s that Allah will soon destroy. I only hope you are misled, cos then, there is a chance you’ll one day understand,perhaps when things become too clear to deny, and trust me, soon, things will be so clear everyone will have to choose a camp.

  6. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

    Egyptian Airforce:
    -218 F-16 C/D with upgraded radars
    -44 Mig-29M/M2
    -24 Dassault Rafale
    -19 Mirage 2000
    -46 AH-64D, 35+ KA-52 Alligator, dozens of Mi-24

    Egyptian Airdefense:
    -4 battalions of S-300VM
    -4 batteries of Patriot PAC-3
    -100+ KUB, BUK-M2, Pechora-2M medium range AD

    RIP turkey :)

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      f,,,k you to cunts

      1. Hassan Ghonem says:

        stop crying and respect other to be respected

        ur not back in the tribe, civilize Bedouin with others

      2. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

        hahaha u mad bro?

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Turks are very emotional and nationalistic, which is fine, but in Libya they face impossible odds and should withdraw and also from Syria. The Americunts and Zionists want to weaken both Turkey and Libya. Just look at the Africa situation, a fourth rate cunt of a shithole like Ethiopia is being prompted by the west to cut off Egypt’s lifeline of Nile by building a dam that will cut off 60% of the water supply to Egypt and the Nile Delta where the vast majority of Egyptians live and farm. A weakened Egypt only plays into the hands of the Zionist parasites as it takes out the only Arab country that could destroy them. A conflict between Turkey and Egypt only divides the Muslim world more as even Zarif in a flying visit to Ankara stated. This war will only help the Zionist cancer.

          1. d'Artagnan says:

            Iran is trying to diplomatically deescalate, even though Egypt played a very destructive role against Iran is supporting the madman Saddam. A war between Turks and Egyptians only plays into Zionist hands and western usurpers.

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            It’s absurd to feel guilty about 200yo imperialist crimes while ignoring the West’s recent destruction of Iraq and Libya

      3. Zionism = EVIL says:

        Mehmet, let me tell as friend that the arsehole Erdogan will destroy your country with over-extension and needlessly interfering in Arab affairs. Turkish officers in the 80’s and 90’s were pretty smart, having spent time with them at the Milli Savunma universitesi. they under the historical implications of meddling in Arab affairs that led to the destruction of the Ottoman empire and brought the western imperialist cunts and Zionist parasites into the region.

        Believe, me and I hope your MIT and G2 people read SouthFront, my sincere advice is to stop this useless bloodshed and get out of both Libya and Syria. Arabs are tribal societies and impossible to govern. Turkey’s priorities should be to destroy the PKK and PJAK and secure its borders, stand against Zionism and also integrate economically with neighbors.

        Egypt on paper and in sheer military matrix is on home ground and superior to Turkey in terms of weaponry, logistics and localized power projection. Even the German’s could not fight in North Africa due to impossible logistical constraints. Turkey should save face and withdraw before Egypt propped up by the Americunts and Zionists is compelled to intervene in Libya and Turkey will lose as it simply does not have the assets to fight a war 1400 kms from home soil. War is a very serious business and the idiot Erdogan has zero experience in military affairs or even common sense. Nationalism is good to point, unless it leads to insanity.

        1. guest says:

          excellente analyse monsieur!

        2. Anduin Lothar says:

          Turkey and Russia will never be allies, sameo goes for China.

          1. Superfly says:

            yes, Turkey needs to leave NATO and focus east.

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Look, there are no permanent alliances in history. Nations act in their own self-interest, like the head of Russian Foreign Intelligence service said yesterday, the Americunts are desperately trying to control the world, which they obviously can not. It is in Russia and China’s multual interest to cooperate, just based on geography and history and economic trumps all. Turkey and Russia have had acrimonious relationship dating back to Peter the Great, and now Turkey poses no threat to a superpower nuclear armed Russia. It is in Moscow’s interest to sway a weak Turkey out of NATO deadend alliance of pansies. Why do you think Russia sold Erdogan a few batteries of S-400? since they pose no real threat, but gives Russia an insight and leverage with the second largest NATO military.

            There is nothing that can reverse the course of China’s rise and economic supremacy, Americunts are fighting a losing rearguard action of a failed bankrupt state with a certified full time gazetted lunatic as the POTUS.

          3. Anduin Lothar says:

            Interests of both Russia and China will never align with the interestes of Turkey. U can try to debate me all u want but thats a fact. Russians want Bosphorus and Dardanelles (Istanbul, Constantinopole, Tsarigrad, u can call it whatever u want), Turks dont want to give it to them… Thats just one example, and i can go on for days. China doesnt have any interests aligning itself with Turkey, never had and never will. New silk road bypasses Turkey completly.

          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Totally wrong. Stick with FACTS! Which planet are you from LOL


          5. Anduin Lothar says:

            Most of the goods coming from, well anywhere in world comes via ships, most of the ports in that part of the belt are in Greece, U.S. was pissed at Greeks for selling their ports to China, economic belt is nowhere near Turkey, and most likely will be skiped. Lastly with the opening of the northren sea route, both Greece and Turkey will be cucked, since it will slowly but surly fade away as a major see transit route. Russians are more than able to protect NSR, hack they almost have full control of route now.

          6. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Simple FACT is that any nation smart enough to be included in the ONE BELT is on a winner, it is the future and humanity and the vast majority o the world’s population. Greece and Turkey will both benefit. The biggest winner is Iran, with its vast size is the cornerstone.

          7. Anduin Lothar says:

            I never said that Greece is stronger in any mean or form than Turkey, Turks are 10 times stronger than Greeks in all fields that are measured, i just said that economic part of belt and road most likely wont come to Turkey, as stated by CHINESE officials. And that interesests of both Russia and China dont align with interests of Turkey, and that they most likely never will. It is good for Russkies to have some decent relations with Turkey, but interests, and some meaningfull cooperation, NO.

      4. vivekananda says:

        turkey must be shrinked.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          It will if it goes to war in Libya, it is stretched out in Syria and its economy is weakening.

          1. Liberal guy says:

            So will it really be mb turkey vs Egypt war in Libya now?

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            I would hope not, but the Zionists and Americunts want to weaken both, just like China and India. However, even Modi is smarter and deescalated. Turkey simply can not fight a full scale war on African soil with Egypt. It simply does not have the re-supply capability. Modern wars churn up man and material very fast.

          3. Liberal guy says:

            But it’s seems that more and more bigger wars are coming for example saa’s recently enforcements in idlib attack by the sleepers cells scum against the saa and more Turkish bombing

          4. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Yes, it is all part of Yinon plan, make the Arabs and Muslims fight each other. I have written extensively about it. They find convenient idiots like Erdogan to push their agenda. Turkey has enough problems than to get involved in Arab mess. Just look at the Arab world from Yemen to Libya, everyone is killing each other over petty squabbles. If the idiots had focused this much destruction on the Zionist cunts, there would be no problems at all.

          5. Liberal guy says:

            Yinon plan is failed if not totally as they can’t toppled the syrian government and the terrorists control lands in Syria and Iraq which they called sunni Arab areas in there map have shrink and could not be achieved even in their peak at 2013 2014 and 2015 now only daesh sleeper cells remain in Syria and Iraq along with Al qaida sleeper cells in Syria with only parts of idilib and some liitle parts of other provinces in control of the terrorists which are in turn controlled by their masters indirectly.

          6. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Yes, it has backfired on the cunts, largely thanks to the Axis of Resistance. Actutally, there is a good article in a Russian publication how Putin is saving the Zionist cunts.

            It appears that Russia demonstrated a rare willingness to use its UNSC veto on Israel’s behalf to block a resolution led by then-US President Obama to force Israel to with draw from the west bank.

          7. Liberal guy says:

            Mb and wahhabism were both installed by the zio british scum now both are failing with millions of there just male population died in wars since 2011 March around the world mostly in Asia and everyday many wahhabi terrorist makes died in just wars so as I said earlier the biggest losers in this global war which still is mostly in Asia and second ly in Africa are the wahhabis and the Muslim brotherhood scum is also just a failed card with serious losses in their ranks

          8. The Objective says:

            You are studying these event from a shallow depth. The wars today are a struggle between two camps: Pro-Islamic (backed by no one) vs Anti-Islamic (backed by the West and Israel). Pro-Islamic forces include: Turkey, Iran, Hezbollah, Houthis, Taliban, PMU, Qatar, and the GNA.
            The Anti-Islamic camp are mai ly rulled by tyrants whom their people are powerless to overthrow, and have temporarily submitted to. These forces include: Israel, House of Saud, Sisi, ISIS, U.A.E regime, Bahrain, U.S.A, and all those who support them.

            Russia is rather an opportunist, supporting whichever side that best serves its national interest.
            The problem is, pro-islamic forces are divided along sectarian lines though they are united against their anti-islamic rivals.
            Anti-Islamic forces led by the U.S are more united, and this includes Europe.

            Erdogan is in a difficult position. He has exprtly manoeuvred through, and managed to survive an anti-islamic coup engineered by the anti-islamic camp.

          9. The Objective says:

            Turkey will not go it alone. There is Qatar, Italy, and Turkey. Fighting Egypt is better than letting them overthrow the legitimate government of Libya. Turkey will pay a price, and it appears willing to. But so too will Egypt. A war with Turkey will likely destabilise Egypt and lead to sisi’s ouster.
            I like Erdogan cos when he says he’ll do something he does it.
            Sisi is bluffing.

          10. Mustafa Mehmet says:

            One side Israel they can restart again where they left for good this time.. Libya other sites.. other two countries looking for any excuse to do sizi. plus he’s got lots of enemy in his own country

          11. Liberal guy says:

            Things are mixed up and there origin the satanic British saxon tribe those bastards are responsible for the most misery in today’s world these tyrants have created the political base of total chaos

    2. Zionism = EVIL says:

      If the Egyptian military, which is pretty mediocre, even performs at a rather basic level and fights a defensive war in Libya, it wil come out on top due to sheer dint of geography and supply lines. The Turks are at war with practically all their neighbors, Kurds and operating in Iraq and Syria. Even the Americunt arseholes could not do it.

      1. guest says:

        Les Arabes ne peuvent pas se battre pour la merde!

      2. The Objective says:

        He is doing the right thing fighting tyrants

        1. Superfly says:

          He should fight Zionists, the real tyrants.

          1. The Objective says:

            That’ll come later

      3. Erol says:

        These Dictator and Monarch armies are not designed to fight real wars.
        Their main purpose is to protect the Regimes and make a show off to their public with their toys and Jumping through fire Rings (Games for the public).
        Egypt Generals are more bussy with bussines and Contracts then with warfare. We see how things are going in Sinai.
        Saudi Arabia and UAE has also nice toys but i advise to read:
        The Saudis couldn’t do it without us’: the UK’s true role in Yemen’s deadly war Guardian article.

        Turkey can turn Libya to such a quagmire for Egypt, sinai would look like a Picknick. Turkish and its Syrian troops are experianced in Urban warfare and have good Track record, while Egypt struggles to control rural Sinai. Egypt Army is also not known for good logistics while Sirte is 1000km away from its Borders.
        Turkish F-16 with Link-16 combined with Awacs leading BVR missiles to its Targets, could destroy Egypt jets before they realize what happened.
        HISAR O and improved HAWKS are already there.
        Turkish UAVs and ATGMs would do the rest to the big fleet of Land Forces of Sissi.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          I don’t believe a real war will be that easy for anyone. It is best to diffuse the situation. However, whether the little Mossad stooge Sisi acts or not, will be decided by his Americunt and Zionist parasitic masters. Egypt is not an independent country.

          1. Erol says:

            Yes, Sissi laid the bar high now because its Patrons in the Gulf forced him to do so. The pity is the ordinary muslims will pay the price.
            I see no real way that GNA and Turkey will not try to take at least Sirte. The city is important for Misratas security and the planed Turkish Base.
            I dont think that Turkey will be scared off, because of Egypt.
            Only the US and Russia could do this. But the US wants Russia out, and therefore is silently backing Turkey.
            And Russia dont want to risk their relations with Turkey because of Libya. Syria is much more important to them and despite this, they found a way with Turkey. Turkey and Russia will eventually sort this out. Maybe Sirte goes to GNA and Russia keeps Jufra.
            Lets see….

          2. Zionism = EVIL says:

            Did you read the Egyptian FM statement just 5 minutes ago, they have already chickened out as I have said before.

            Shoukry concluded by saying, “We call on all parties to exercise restraint
            and not to slide into any adventures, which may lead to undesirable
            result, but we are only looking at a political and diplomatic solution.”

          3. Erol says:

            It seems the LNA site is desperate to bring Turkey/GNA to the table

            From: https://twitter.com/EgyptDefReview

            Would be wary of claiming victory if Sisi’s gambit works.
            That Egypt needed to be so assertive is testament to the scale of the LNA collapse in western ?? and the strength of the Turks there now. Six years of resources and capital wasted in a matter of weeks.
            To clarify, both Egypt and Turkey appear uninterested in a war over Libya. Sisi’s speech linked an intervention to the establishment of a ceasefire. An Egyptian deployment could look to force negotiations rather than take any territory.

      4. S Melanson says:

        Well said.

        1. Zionism = EVIL says:

          Just stating facts as usual. Thanks though. Some of these kids think that war is a video game sadly.

    3. d'Artagnan says:

      Historically, Arab militaries in general are ineffective in real combat situations, their officer corps lack cohesion and elan. The Turks and Iranians are the only ones who can fight in the region, largely due to their martial past, experience, and higher literacy rates.

      1. Jacob Wohl's Nose says:

        You may be right, based off of Egypt’s history. But they’ve got some advanced aircraft, tanks and S-300VM’s to use. Then again the Saudis got trashed by Houthis with 100% US military supplies. Let’s hope Egypt is better than the saudis :)

  7. cechas vodobenikov says:

    stunning stupidity— idiots that believe France will employ nukes actually display themselves below…turkeys are nearing war and defeat; so too Israel if they annex Jordan valley

    1. Liberal guy says:

      Hmmmm so what will happen

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        perhaps a few prophets can predicts the future—not me

        1. Liberal guy says:

          I know

  8. Ivanus59 says:

    So the official YouTube channel of Presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt makes a video only for someone’s left ear? :[ Not impressive.

  9. SnowCatzor says:

    Egypt certainly has an impressive and diverse arsenal, but it remains to be seen if they know how to fight well with it. In North Africa they should certainly have a large advantage over Turkey, especially if they fully-committed to war against them and their GNA puppets.

    Frankly I don’t know what Egypt is waiting for – just strike now while the world is distracted by more high-profile matters. Literally no NATO nations except the unelected, illegitimate (and highly unpopular) Italian government supports Turkey and it’s dictator’s ambitions in Libya. Nor is article 5 applicable here.

    1. S Melanson says:

      Late reply but the reason is there is an understanding in place and the GNA is pushing for Sirte which was hands off. Sisi is drawing red line so brinkmanship here.

      If Egypt intervened the GNA would be defeated. Turkey does not have logistic capacity to engage Egyptian Army in Libya. Turkey better, Egypt better… missing point here. If you cannot field a sufficient force in the theatre of operations, it does not matter how good your military is if it cannot get to where it is needed fast enough in sufficient quantities of troops and material

  10. lovethemapples says:

    Not a very smart move. From the international law point of view it will be a violation if Egypt enters on behalf of a war lord. The best option would have been a PMC.

    1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

      This is 2020. There is no international law.
      In 2020 we got the law of the jungle, or in fact the law of the desert in this case.
      Power speaks louder than words or diplomacy or international law.

      Trump almost pulled the USA out of NATO !
      The EU is a joke.

      What matters is local , small millitary alliances with common financial interests, like Greece-Cyprus-Egypt-Israel-UAE-S.Arabia and France.

      1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        alliance with bankrupt Greece and cp Greek community leader and UAE director sultan. dictator sisi plus Saudi.. wow wow.

        1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

          Yes, please tell us what you think, we are very interested to know your opinion, here speak on the toilet brush

          hahahaha dumass !


  11. d'Artagnan says:

    Turkey needs to act like a normal state and end aggression against peaceful neighboring states and end the destructive and double edged proxy terrorism against Syria and Libya.

    1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

      Peaceful neighbours? hafiz assad did support pkk terrorist against Turkey many years we had no choice but get involved to protect our borders.. Libya.. un recognised government asks our help what is wrong with that? just like assad ask help from Russia and Iran.. plus terrorist hezbollock group .. but all OK ha

      1. cechas vodobenikov says:

        the only terrorists r the turkeys and their turkey amerikan ISIS allies

        1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

          Whatever you saying Charlie Brown

  12. lovethemapples says:

    Though Egyptian military is weaker than Turkish military, the common border with Libya (since Haftar is based on the east side of Libya) gives them certain advantage. But with undisrupted supply lines of Turkish forces to and from Libya will result only with a stalemate and attacking Turkish vessels might be risky with NATO confrontation (even without Atricle5, NATO would not be keen on having an outside force enforcing its will in Mediterranean that it considers it sole zone of influence).
    If Egypt will not go for the supply lines cut, another question remains what kind of air support may Egypt give its troops in Libya and what Air Defenses can Turkey deploy there. So far they (Turkey) has drones that are definitely not for air superiority (but it might change if they establish an airbase that there have been thinking about for a while). If Egypt uses Russian Aerospace Forces that are “not” deployed there, then downing of those planes will not result in retaliation from Russia since they are not theirs as they claim. Plus Russia cannot afford closure of Bosporus access it needs for Syrian troop supply.
    That NATO zone has been controlled by Italy and them being pro LNA gives Turkey green light as if they are involved on behalf of NATO though they technically are not. (example: Italy ordering Greek navy under NATO turn away from Turkish ships that Greece suspected of smuggling weapons)
    The recognition of LNA as a legitimate power by UN truly gives Turkey an advantage that it so far has been utilizing. And best way for Haftar supporters to win is to contest that legitimacy, which would be mostly beneficial to Greece, France, Israel and Egypt.
    This whole conflict is even more complicated than Syrian with even NATO members being on opposing sides.

    1. cechas vodobenikov says:

      LOL–Egypt possesses 80,000 more active troops and better more varied weapons than Turkey—they do not border Libya—Egypt does…if Turkey attempted to close the Dardenalles to Russian vessels, military or otherwise, the consequences would be devastating…turkey may be ignorant but they r not this stupid

      1. lovethemapples says:

        Egyptian quantitative advantage does not really sound promising. reference: 6day war. If a small country could humiliate Egypt like that, I doubt 2nd biggest army of NATO would have much problem. But again face to face, however Turkey and Egypt are not really face to face due to geography.
        Egypt does indeed have cocktail of equipement, which also is a problem in terms of integration. NATO, Russia, China are reffered to as militarily strong because of that integration of several branches of military.
        But your point about the shared border indeed is an amazing advantage, if they manage to use it.
        The reason I mentioned the strait is in regards to the Russian planes that allegedly are not there. If Russia retaliates against Turkey in Libya because of a downed plane, Turkey can close the strait pending investigation according to Montreux convention.

    2. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

      Bosporus will never close cause that will be the day Ankara will become Hiroshima.
      So forget that.
      Egypt’s army airforce naval forces etc ARE better than the crippled no moral useless turks.
      You got to be either turkish or Qatarian or one of their other cousins albanian azerbaijanian or a paki to think the turks are better.
      And forget NATO too.
      NATO still exists in paper only.
      Recently Trump asked NATO to send ships to blockade IRAN and nobody gave a flying shit!

      1. Mustafa Mehmet says:

        What kind of comment can expect from stupid Greek souflaki katsarides.

        1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


        2. John Wallace says:

          Well as a Turk or Turkish supporter that is what one would expect you to say and of course he would say the same of you.

    3. Anduin Lothar says:

      Egypt have airforce as capable or more capable as that of Turkey, the thing is in order for Turks to have airbase in Lybia, they need to control alot more ground, since all the airbases they control are in range of artilery, and they need at least 10 more batteris of HAWK, which they started deploying there, so they can defend that base from air raids. The thing is securing more land will be alot more harder with support of only drones, i’ve red report that 2 drones that were shot down last time were in fact shot down by migs that are there now, my guess Russian mercs are flying them.

      P.S. Turkish airforce can reach Lybia only w/o weapons, f16 just dont have range to get there with meaningfull payload and fuel to loiter around.

      1. lovethemapples says:

        You are absolutely right about the distance and payload capability, hence I believe Turkey will go ahead with an airbase. Idlib is even closer to Khmeimim but somehow it works out. And actually the Al Watiya air base is in west of Libya, Misrata also has an airport (potentially can be converted into an airbase) 180km from contact line aka Sirte. So quiet safe from artillery.

        1. Anduin Lothar says:

          Some of the rocket artilery Egypt usese can reach em, they need more land that they control so they can secure that, will other state actros alow em to create an air base in Al Watiya is hard to tell, but most likely no. I dont think they will use Misrata air port for anything other than drone base, maybe some heavy lift planes.

          1. lovethemapples says:

            Only missiles Egypt has for that distance (400km) to Al Watiya are North Korean ballistic missiles. No Air Defence evading missiles in Egyptian army. Also I didn’t quiet understand about state actors not allowing Turkey to establish bases. Who do you mean in this case?

          2. Anduin Lothar says:

            None of the Turkish air defences can shot down incoming balistic missiles besides s400 which is not yet operational in Turkey.

  13. Superfly says:

    Sissy pissy, Arabis will not fight any war.

    1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

      Oh look, another turkisis twaty moron!

      Egypt is a matter of hours, (days tops) they ll be bombing the dam in Ethiopia (cause Ethiopia wants to cut the flow of the river Nile).

      In fact Assad should do the same to Turkey as those turkisis baboons have illegally and against all international laws (talking about international laws that mean nothing) stopped the flow of the Euphrates. That is by the way another crime Erdogay has commited against humanity.

      1. guest says:

        Les singes grecs sont queer!

        1. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:


      2. Fog of War says:

        ” bombing the dam in Ethiopia ”

        Destroying a dam is a war crime. He would be walking straight into a ZioWestern trap.

  14. cechas vodobenikov says:

    Egypt Libya, Syria, Iraq are largely Arab,—turkeys r linguistically culturally different as are the Persians…Turkey and Iran maintain decent relations w Qatar—SA, UAE don’t. There are cultural, linguistic and religious differences across the globe—Indonesia, mainly Sunni, as is Turkey, Kurds, etc….Azerbijian is mainly Shia yet they have a “special relationship” w turkey. Assad is alawite yet the majority of sunnis in Syria, support him, as to the Coptic christians, Assyrians, Yazidi do…as do many Druze and as did the Kurds before they stupidly aligned themselves w the CIA…In Iran synagogues do not lock their doors—it is in the USA where they are defaced with graffiti—and in Russia Jews are considered “stylish” today…if you go to this US website–“Russia insider” one observes virulent antisemitism. The German Jew, Adorno conducted anti semitism studies in the USA; he found that amerikans were far more anti-semitic than were Germans of the WWII era. I have some Israelis to be racist, others not. These complexities sometimes become confused when foreign fascists meddle—seeking to divide…prior to the US invasion of Iraq there was no internecine conflict between Shia and sunni—not true today.

    1. guest says:

      tous s’unissent contre les juifs.

    2. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

      I am sure if anyone else had offered to equip the Kurds apart from the yanks the Kurds would be more than happy to befriend them instead.

      1. Superfly says:

        Kurds are historical Zionist stooges and not good for anyone.

  15. Saddam Hussein says:

    Dont be fooled by Sisi, he is 100% kosher.

  16. Andreas says:

    Turkish expansionism must be opposed. But is Egypt up to the job?

    What is the quality of its officer corp? Do they have an effective NCO program whose members are respected by their own officers and allowed to make decisions in the field? Or is it the typical Arab military hierarchy where everyone below in rank is treated like dirt?

    Shiny new weapons from Russia will do little without disciplined training and effective operational command, communications and control. How does Egypt stack up here?

    What is the quality of Egyptian Intelligence? Do they have effective Counter-Intel or are they riddled with Mossad moles?

    What of their logistics capability? Can they resupply their troops in the field, evacuate and treat the wounded while at the same time sustain operations over long periods of time?

    Does Egypt have effective special forces units? It would seem intervention in Libya would be more suited to such forces, with regular units only providing logistics, backup and air support. Do these different facets of the military coordinate well? Or are their inter-organizational rivalries?

    Egypt has done nothing of any military significance since 1973 where it ended up on the losing side.

    In short, I’m not putting much faith in Egypt to turn the tide in Libya, though I do wish them well.

  17. Some fkn nerve this midget dik Dictator has. Where in the fk is Haftar considered a legitimate ruler in Libya? Haftar’s only claim to Libya is military Insurgency period. All who support Haftar are going Against Libya’s people. The GNA is the ONLY legitimate government in Libya and all who support the GNA have every right to do so. This military strongman Sisi makes me sick, God willing he meets the same fate as Omar al-Bashir..

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