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Al-Shabab Shares Never-Before-Seen Footage Of Its Attack On US Camp Simba In Kenya

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Al-Shabab Shares Never-Before-Seen Footage Of Its Attack On US Camp Simba In Kenya

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On January 29, al-Qaeda’s branch in Somalia, al-Shabab al-Mujahedeen, released a new video documenting its attack on the U.S. military base at Camp Simba in Kenya.

The video, which was shared by al-Khataib Media, includes the never-before-seen footage of the large-scale attack, which took Kenyan and US troops at Camp Simba by surprise.

Camp Simba, which is located near Manda Bay on the mainland of Lamu County, hosted around 100 US troops along with an undisclosed number of Kenyan troops. The camp was used as a base for intelligence gathering and counter-terrorism operations.

Fewer than 20 al-Shabaab militants raided the camp on January 5, 2020. The militants managed to infiltrate the camp’s defenses and reach its main airstrip, where they targeted several planes with rocket-propelled grenades.

The attackers destroyed eight planes, including a Havilland Dash 8 which was configured to carry out intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions in the region.

Al-Shabab’s new video includes drone footage showing all eight planes bursting into flames near the runway of Camp Simba. US troops had abandoned the camp to nearby fortified positions.

As a result of al-Shabab’s attack, a US soldier acting as air traffic controller in Camp Simba was killed along with two American contractors flying for L3 Technologies.

Initially, the US Africa Command admitted that al-Shabaab had “achieved a degree of success in its attack.” Later, the command claimed to have killed the al-Shabab commander who had planned the attack. No additional information was provided.

A recent release by al-Shabab revealed that the attackers met with the group’s top leader, Abu Ubaydah Ahmad Omar, just before the raid.

The attack was a major blow to US military operations in East Africa. Al-Shabab and a number of other terrorist groups affiliated with al-Qaeda and ISIS are still highly active in the region.


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hahah yankees retreated ofc they run away hah. Lol good job shabab


KILL them all, no prizoners!

Servet Köseoğlu

its not good idea hosting plenty of Un agencies,foreign diplomatic missions and foreign investments in Kenya,al-shabab will continously attack to draw international media attention.


Al Shabab are a Bunch of Islamist nutters,same as the US have been supporting in Syria,so they deserve it,why the hell hasn’tthis happened at Al Tanf?


so america wants to colonize kenya now but this is going to backfire big time


I was talking about killing Americans not your jihadist friends you stupid c u n t !

cechas vodobenikov

1 coin—2 sides
USA decadent genocidal LGBT empire
al shabab decadent fundamentalist genocidal rapists

Peter Moy

In a previous article on this website, it stated that the US has 29 military bases in 22 countries in Africa. That is what the people in the world’s poorest and least developed continent don’t need. In the words of the wise and intelligent Scotsman George Galloway (host of the radio Mother Of All Talk Shows in Britain) would say: “What could possibly go wrong?” In contrast to military intervention, China has invested or given financial assistance amounting to the equivalent of ~ $200 BILLION to African countries. The business of the US is war while the business of China is business.

John Wallace

comment image

Fog of War

Doesn’t this dispel the notion that al-Shabab is being controlled by the Zios ? Or is this another self-inflicted wound ?


This is a disaster and not a word about it from US media.


The date Jan. 5/2020 , one year ago just a couple of days after Soleimani’s assassination,
carried out by al Qaeda’s branch in Somalia. Wonder how many troops the US has there.
The article fails to give or expound any reason for US troops in Kenya, or if its over oil, mining or what.

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