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Al-Shabaab Militants Attack US Troops Positions In Somalia (Map Update)


On March 11, forces the Federal Government of Somalia and embedded US troops in the vicinity of Dara Salaam in Somalia’s Lower Shabelle Region. In response to the attack, the US Air Force delivered an airstrike on militant positions killing 8 of them.

“The airstrike was conducted in support of Somali-led ground forces that came under attack from militants.  U.S. service members were present during the ground operation in an advisory capacity. All U.S. service members are accounted for and are unharmed.

This mission and airstrike are part of a larger effort to support the Somalia National Army (SNA) as it increases pressure on the terrorist network.

The SNA and its partners will continue to effectively target the terrorist network in order to deny al-Shabaab the ability to build capacity and attack the people of Somalia. In particular, the group uses portions of southern and central Somalia to plot and direct terror attacks, steal humanitarian aid, extort the local populace to fund its operations, and shelter radical terrorists,” U.S. Africa Command reported.

Al-Shabaab Militants Attack US Troops Positions In Somalia (Map Update)

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