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JUNE 2021

Al-Sadr’s Office Denied Cooperation With US Over Iraq’s Parliamentary Election

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On May 23, the office of the Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, who had gained 54 out of 329 seats in the Iraq’s parliamentary election, rejected media reports that had stressed the contacts with the US sponsoring an electoral list of the al-Sadr’s Sairoun coalition, Iraqi News reported.

The director of Sadr’s office Diaa al-Assadi “categorically denied” media reports that the US had been in contact with the Sairoun coalition list:

“There are no channels of communication with the Americans…they do send us mediators but we refuse to sit down or cooperate with them even through those intermediaries.”

On May 22, al-Assadi pointed out that Washington had used intermediaries to initiate negotiations with the Sairoon alliance, Reuters reported.

“They asked what the position of the Sadrist movement will be when they come to power. Are they going to reinvent or invoke the Mahdi Army or reemploy them? Are they going to attack American forces in Iraq.”

On May 22, a spokeswoman for the US State Department Heather Nauret stated that Washington would “work with whoever the Iraqi Government”:

“We will work with whoever the Iraqi Government and the people of Iraq decide to elect into its government. We’ve had a long, good – longstanding, good relationship with the Government of Iraq and we will continue to have a good relationship with them.”

Al-Sadr’s Office Denied Cooperation With US Over Iraq’s Parliamentary Election


On May 19, the Iraqi Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr’s alliance with communists won in Iraq’s parliamentary election, gaining 54 out of 329 seats in the parliament.

  • The Fatah Coalition led by a member of the Iraqi parliament Hadi al-Amiri, held the second place earning 47 seats.
  • Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s Victory Alliance trailed in third position, obtaining 42 seats.
  • The State of Law Coalition gained 25 seats followed by the National Alliance with 21 seats.
  • Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) with 25 seats. National Wisdom Movement earned 19 seats.
  •  National Wisdom Trend of President of the Islamic Supreme Council Amar al-Hakim gained 19 seats.
  • Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) gained 18 seats followed by Decision Alliance with 14 seats.
  • The Al-Anbar Is Our Identity coalition obtained 6 seats and Change Movement possessed 5 seats.
  • New Generation Movement gained 4 seats.

Sadr’s alliance with communists will still need to possess support, if he intends to form a coalition government.

Sadr was in the head of two revolts against the US forces in Iraq after the 2003 invasion. Then, Washington even called the Shia militia loyal to Sadr the biggest threat to Iraq’s security. At present, Sadr claims to be a pro-Iraqi “non-sectarian” patriot who does not intend to expel US forces from the country. He is also believed to agree on Iraqi-US opposition to Iran’s deep influence in Iraq.

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Muqtada is anti-Iran and anti-Assad, hates the concept of pan-Arabism or Arab nationalism and his foreign policy agenda is – better Iraqi-Saudi relations. He would fit current US Middle eastern agenda better only if his middle name was – Shlomo.

Dr. Pro Liv

So how come him being Shia cleric that he is with such attitude towards Iran and Assad?


I mostly blame the long tradition of marrying close cousins in Al Sadr family…

Dr. Pro Liv

Are you calling him retarded or labeling him deficient in any mental way ?


Nope. I leave ad hominem attacks to Hasbara trolls…

Dr. Pro Liv

Your comment’s are not clear enough that’s all.
I just can’t understand what are you trying to say….
If you don’t want to say it clearly I couldn’t care less.


5 comments – you clearly COULD care less…

Dr. Pro Liv

Well now you are starting to act in stupid way and I definitely do not care to hear anything from you any more

I was just trying to have conversation and you have said something about that guy without being CLEAR ENOUGH.
It was just very STRANGE the way you were avoiding answer…
You were acting like you do not want to say it
so that is why I have said “I couldn’t care less”
MEANING = knowing that you do not have good attitude
I will not bother to continue to ask for an answer or talk to you in the future.

You can call me Al

I think you are well off the mark on this.


Pls check his comments on Iranian influence, calls for Assad to step down after Khan Sheykun false flag last year and the fact that he keeps calling for better relations with Saudis for last 7 years. He even traveled to Saudi Arabia officially last year… I wish I was wrong but facts show otherwise…

Andreas Mikkelsen

Most talk is about Sadr. I am more interested in the communists.

The real struggle is against capitalism.


Rafik Chauhan

sadr once told that he wants US to be out of Iraq once daesh is defeated and if US doesnt go thenhe will start attcking. But if he doesnt keep his words and make friendship with US and Saudi who destroyed iraq and killed millions of iraqis. and goes against Iran and hezbollah/syria. then sadr will create civil war in iraq. bcuz other political party who support ressitance movment against this Whbhi/zionist alliance will defenetly will not support sadr and may be sadr will loose more support from within his followers. IF Sadr is smart enough he should follow his grand father who creted the ressitance against zionist / Wahbhi and to save Alaqsa. and give palestine thier land back. But will c how he is going to do in future. is he going to back down afainst ressitance and support Saudi/US or he keep this ressitance alive.

King Tudor777

Sadr isn’t able to give the Palestinians their land back, but of course the Iraqis don’t want the USA there forever. But I think you forgot he is also against Iran. He wants a Iraq for Iraqis. Although it is very convincing, I don’t know if it was the best option, since the country still lacks the necessary stability for democracy.

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