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Al-Qaeda’s Second-in-Command Assassinated By Israeli Intelligence in Iran’s Tehran – Report

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Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command Abu Muhammad al-Masri was assassinated by the Israeli intelligence in the Iranian capital Tehran three months ago, the New York Times reported on November 14, citing U.S. officials.

Al-Masri, whose real name is Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, is one of the founders of al-Qaeda and thought to be first in line to lead the organization after its current leader, Ayman al-Zawahri.

The Egyptian-born terrorist is believed to be behind a series of attacks in Africa, mainly the bombing of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and in Nairobi, Kenya in 1998. More than 200 people were killed in those bombings.

Al-Masri was gunned down by two operatives of the Israeli intelligence in Tehran’s Pasdaran Avenue on August 7, the anniversary of the embassy attacks.

According to the report, the Israeli intelligence operatives, who were riding a motorcycle, approached al-Masri’s white Renault L90, and fired four bullets killing him and his daughter, Miriam, the widow of Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza bin Laden. A fifth bullet missed, hitting a nearby vehicle without injuring anyone.

According to the New York Times’ report, the Israeli intelligence carried out the assassination upon a request from the U.S.

Al-Qaeda’s Second-in-Command Assassinated By Israeli Intelligence in Iran’s Tehran – Report

The F.B.I. wanted poster for Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah, “Muhammad al-Masri”. Via the Federal Bureau of Investigation

American intelligence officials told the New York Times that al-Masri had been in Iran’s “custody” since 2003. However, he had been living freely in the Pasdaran Avenue. These claims remain unverified.

The New York Times claimed that Iran had attempted to hide the assassination by announcing that the August 7 shooting targeted Habib Daoud, a Lebanese Shiite history professor, and his 27-year-old daughter Maryam.

Back then, the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV and Lebanon’s MTV claimed that Daoud was affiliated with Hezbollah. Both channels are aligned with the U.S. and not Iran, which raises some doubts on the New York Times’ report.

The New York Times report came amid rumors of al-Zawahiri death. Telegram channels linked to al-Qaeda’s branch in Syria, Horas al-Din, alleged this week that the leader had died after a “struggle with illness.”

Al-Qaeda has not yet released any statement clarifying the fates of al-Masri and al-Zawahiri. The death of any of them will be a heavy blow to the terrorist group.


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  1. JPS says:

    If the New York Times says it, that means what exactly? It sure doesn’t mean any rational person should believe it! Filthy propaganda.

  2. johnny rotten says:

    Bullshit as usual.

  3. Potato Man says:

    Tehran three months ago, the New York Times reported on November 14, citing U.S. officials.

    You can suck my ass…

    1. Vox Populi says:

      This ridiculously fake news originated from the utterly rubbish Jerusalem Post right after the US election mess and is intended to stoke tensions with Iran, but has been rejected by even the right wing media. NY Times is the mouthpiece of the Zionist deep state as Trump has stated for years.

    2. Frank says:

      Frankly speaking, this is beyond an joke and ridiculed by all.

      Iran mocks hilarious Al-Qaeda No. 2 killed in Tehran report as a pathetic joke. It also shows astounding ignorance by NY Times about the regional sectarian dispositions. Iran is a Shia state under attack by ISIS and other US funded proxy terrorists.

      1. Volker says:

        They never stop to ‘amaze’ me, they never let any worldly facts interfere with ‘Their’ BS Propaganda Lies pulled out of their asses or spoon fed by some assholes from a random AmeriCunt Alphabet Soup Deep-State loony bin.

    3. Zionism = EVIL says:

      Hola despotricando niños, this chickenshit JewCUNTS fantasy not withstanding, let’s get real, this Azeri-Armenian mini spat has been a a boon for Iranian defence industry as Iran has upgraded and cloned all Zionist weapons, some were intercepted the others were hamded over by “friends”. Here enjoy.


      1. farbat says:

        actually zionist tech is mostly trash so no we arent interested in their trashtech we look more at west and east rather than at the incompetent kippah because they have 0 to offer to the world other than their parasitism

  4. Cromwell says:

    Total Bollocks!!! what would a Sunni Wahabi extremist be doing in Iran?

    1. Volker says:


    2. Free man says:

      What the Islamic Jihad and Hamas jihadists are doing there.

      1. Cromwell says:

        Evidence they are there,Iran is fighting Sunnis Jihadis in Syria,FFS WAKE UP.

      2. StafJustice says:

        Don’t make a fool out of yourself on sf….in as much as most of as here are against Wahabis and salafis terrorists, a lot of us support Hamas and Islamic jihad against the Zionist occupation. Alqaeda/ISIS are global terrorism movement whiles HAMAS is a resistance move against occupation of their land.
        You make yourself a joke again handicap man.
        Your obsession with Iran make your single cell brain pregnant with nonsense

        1. Free man says:

          Didn’t Hamas help the jihadists in Syria?
          Isn’t Hamas an affiliate of the Muslim Brotherhood?
          Or you don’t let the facts confuse you.

          1. John Brown says:

            The jihadists in Syria are owned and controlled by Israel as the Israeli minister of defense said.

          2. Free man says:

            Does what you write contradict the fact that Hamas helped jihadists in Syria kill SAA soldiers?

          3. John Brown says:

            Please present proof of this. Because you say so is not proof


            Ya’alon: I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria

            Defense minister says jihadists don’t ‘have capabilities’ of Islamic Republic, which he brands Israel’s ‘greatest enemy’

            By Judah Ari Gross 19 January 2016, 11:28 pm

            Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon at a press conference in Jerusalem, November 18, 2015 (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

            Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Tuesday that Iran poses a
            greater threat than the Islamic State, and that if the Syrian regime
            were to fall, Israel would prefer that IS was in control of the
            territory than an Iranian proxy.

            “In Syria, if the choice is between Iran and the Islamic State, I
            choose the Islamic State. They don’t have the capabilities that Iran
            has,” Ya’alon told a conference held by the Institute of National
            Security Studies in Tel Aviv.

            “Our greatest enemy is the Iranian regime that has declared war on us,” the defense minister said of the threats facing Israel.

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            “Iran tried to open a terror front against us on the Golan Heights,”
            he said in reference to efforts by Iranian proxy Hezbollah to plan
            attacks on Israel.
            Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon speaks at the INSS conference on January 19, 2015 (Youtube screenshot)

            With its nuclear deal and recent lifting of sanctions, Tehran “has
            escaped international isolation” and become a “central player” in Syria,
            he continued. Both the US and Russia are treating Iran as “part of the
            solution” to the Syrian civil war, Ya’alon said.

            “Iran determines future of Syria and if it leads to perpetuation,
            Iranian hegemony in Syria will be huge challenge for Israel,” he said.
            The defense minister also characterized the conflict in Syria and Iraq as the “height of the clash of civilizations.”
            “Many in the West refuse to acknowledge this — won’t even say
            ‘radical Islam,’” Ya’alon said. “Of course not every Muslim is a
            terrorist, but most terrorists in the world today are Muslim. We can’t
            ignore that.”
            Turning to the situation in Israel, Ya’alon maintained that
            Gaza’s ruler Hamas, which has fought Israel on three occasions in recent
            years, was deterred and was not seeking an escalation. “Our presence
            prevents Hamas or IS takeover of Palestinian areas,” he said.
            The defense minister dismissed international efforts to push a peace agreement.
            “The international community’s efforts will not lead to progress —
            these security plans would lead to attacks at Ben Gurion Airport,” he
            said, as he questioned the world’s apparent disproportionate focus on
            “Europe is still talking about us when they have much more pressing problems like refugees.”
            Without naming his cabinet colleague/rival, Ya’alon also responded caustically to criticisms earlier in the day by Jewish Home leader and Education Minister Naftali Bennett.
            Naftali Bennett speaking at the INSS Conference in Tel Aviv, January 19, 2015. (screen capture: YouTube)

            Bennett, at the same forum, had said Israel’s enemies were
            “flourishing” while Israel was hamstrung by “deadlocked” and
            insufficiently creative thinking over how best to ensure its security.
            Ya’alon called Bennett’s criticisms “reckless and childish.” He
            accused Bennett, although not by name, of “endangering national security
            for short-term political gain.” Responsible government, Ya’alon said,
            was not a matter of seeking headlines “or ‘likes’ on Facebook.”
            He also accused Bennett of supporting certain policies in the inner
            cabinet — notably during summer 2014’s Operation Protective Edse in Gaza
            — and then publicly campaigning for different policies. Bennett
            relentlessly criticized his own government during that war for not using
            greater force to smash Hamas.
            Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.

          4. Ashok Varma says:

            What an idiot, how old are you? you have the lunacy of a confused ADD child. Why would Iran which supports President Assad support CIA and Zionist proxy terror groups that kill Syrian soldiers? you are total whack job and an embarrassment.

          5. Free man says:

            Learn to read.
            Your lack of understanding is embarrassing. Unless you’re lying, which is just as embarrassing.

          6. Icarus Tanović says:

            There’s a fraction of Hamas that is Wahhabised. Those are traitors payed by Zio/wahhabis. Real Hamas are normal Muslims. This punk is Zionistic pig.

          7. Free man says:

            The world is too complicated for you and your limited friends .
            The facts are that Iran supports Hamas which is an Islamist jihadist movement that helped jihadists kill SAA soldiers.
            Iran supports other Shiite and Sunni Islamist / jihadist movements because the mullahs regime is a radical Islamist regime.

          8. John Brown says:

            Alqaeda /ISIS are global terrorism movement created controlled and owned by the racist supremacist global Jewish satanic slave empire dictatorship.


            Israel runs ISIS Al Qaeda

            Tel Aviv Pays Al Qaeda Fighters Salaries: The Syrian War’s Worst Kept Secret That Could Become Israel’s Nightmare Yes, Israel is supporting Syrian rebels, but this goes
            beyond cash and aid: Israel hopes the rebels will serve as a buffer against Hezbollah and a resurgent Assad, a strategy that could easily backfire


            Ex defense minister says IS apologized to Israel for November clash. translation ISIS apologized for accidently attacking its master. One does not apologize for attacking an enemy. Why doesn’t the Guardian talk about this???


            Moshe Ya’alon’s office refuses to elaborate after alluding to contact with terror group You won’t see this on our heavily censored Jewish owned media.This should be front page news
            and on every T.V. channel. Where are the sanctions and Toma Hawk cruise missile strikes on Israel for this??

            They show this in Israeli media but if any media or politician in the Israeli occupied slave empire showed it or talked about it here they would be called racist, arrested etc. for talking about and reporting on the truth. Nothing beats a confession this
            time from the Israeli defense minister.

            Is there any doubt who the creators and masters of ISIS and Al Qaeda are???

            Is the times of Israel and the Israeli minister of defense anti Jewish and against Israel for saying this???


            Just Some Photographs of Israeli Soldiers Hanging Out With Al-Qaeda in Syria


            Ya alon I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria


        2. Vox Populi says:

          He is a retarded sort of a one dimensional troll who is triggered by anything to do with Iran. It is a teenage PTSD reflex.

        3. Ashok Varma says:

          This poor troll has Iran on his puny brain 24/7. It is pathetically laughable.

          1. Zionism = EVIL says:

            These arsehole trolls are Bahai and JewCUNTS brats who are poisoned by the their loser parents into obsessing about Iran. I come across these illiterateCUNTS all over the US and Europe. They are just vent BS, ignore the dumbass.

      3. Vox Populi says:

        You have an unhealthy obsession with Iran, find a new line of work as Iran is a bridge too far. Biden is going to cut a deal, the new US focus is on Russia.

        1. Free man says:

          You have a problem understanding reality.

    3. Icarus Tanović says:

      Just Wahhabi. Don’t forget that 80%os SAA are Sunnis.
      By joint Ulemma conclusion from Grozny, meaning Ullemas from almost all Muslims countries made fatwa that Wahhabis are not Muslims. Al Azhar scholars from long ago saying same thing.

      1. Ashok Varma says:

        Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Muslim sectarian dynamics would know that Wahhabis are an extremist cult created by the British is present day Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf imperialist created Sheikhdoms and are now being sustained by by western intelligence agencies as their proxies. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Pakistan are now the main Wahhabi terrorist recruitment centres. This nonsensical Hollywood fantasy has been created by desperate Zionist media to suck the idiotic Americans into another suicidal war as a time a desperate Trump wants to hang on to power. This will not wash.

        1. Icarus Tanović says:

          Wahhabis are not Muslims. End of the story.

    4. Ashok Varma says:

      FAKE NEWS, even Indian media known for its sensationalism has rejected this nonsense, only brainwashed malicious westerners fed a steady diet of Hollywood fantasies may believe such rubbish. Iran has been the frontline of war on Wahhabi terrorism which serves the CIA. People should never forget that the Bin Ladin family owes its notoriety to the US which recruited them to fight the “Jihad” against the USSR in Afghanistan. AlCIAda was the forerunner of ISIS and a prime tool of US global proxy terror. US just rebrands its terrorists.

      1. Indian Army & Israel says:

        U can suck my dick motherfucker Abdul….we kicked ur arse in bihar elections…go and fuck a goat now wahabi jehadi

        1. Ashok Varma says:

          Abay madar chod Dalit, Paul. Modi is crying too and looks like an older uglier Osama.Bhonsere kay, how many fake trolling accounts you have now?

          1. Indian Army & Israel says:

            Abe chutiye..har jagah tujhe paul he dikhta hai kya…i dont know who he is…baap hai kya tera itna paul paul chillata hai….Abdul chup ho ja beta…Kagaz dhund le apna warna modi ji gaand me danda dalkar kagaz dhundenge

        2. JIMI JAMES says:

          It ain’t over until Truth says so dill,no future in fascist cocksukn 4th reicht insolent retardedstans of incests:

        3. farbat says:

          animal just shut up and drink your cow urine we know you for millenia and when we know one thing about you is that you are incompetent tools so better stop the hostility before many millions of you hinds die

  5. Alejandro Bonifacio says:

    jajajajajajajajaja good joke new york times

    1. Ashok Varma says:

      Jerusalem Post and NY Times are Zionist mouthpieces and plant these fake news to test reaction. The Zionists are petrified of a change in government in the US and think they can cater to Trump’s fragile defeated ego by pushing US into another war, so that Trump can declare war emergence and cling on to power by cancelling the transfer of power on Jan 20, 2021. It is a suicidal idea but the Zionists think they can play with Trump’s bruised ego and start a war. Jerusalem Post outlines how this insane scenario will play out and is advocating a joint US and Israeli strike on Iran before Jan 20th.

  6. Riiiight. CIA and Mossad created Al Qaeda. They are best buddies.

    1. Cromwell says:

      All the evidence points that way.

  7. verner says:

    and if it happened it tells us the imperative necessity to clear the middle east of all jews once and for all.it’sobvious that the jews have vast spy rings embedded in places like tehran and bagdad and so on and these spy rings must be eradicated.

  8. Free man says:

    Those who support Hamas and Islamic Jihad jihadists host key al-Qaeda operatives. That is, Shiite Islamists are helping Sunni Islamists.
    In the past, official representatives of Iran have admitted that they let al Qaeda terrorists pass through Iran, without stamping their passports.

    1. Furkan Sahin says:

      I do not like Hamas and Zionist
      but Hamas is not Isis or Taliban they are better

      1. Free man says:

        All Islamists / jihadists are bad.

        1. Porc Halal says:

          Correct, that was also my point earlier…

          1. Porc Halal says:

            Ps…that is whay I don’t by the fake mainstream political biased media narrative of “radical” islamic terrorists and “moderate” islamic terrorists…or “freedom fighters” bullshit

      2. Porc Halal says:

        Oh, because they are killing innocent people in the name of the same sick so called religion?…so that is why they are “better”, huh?

        1. Free man says:

          There is no difference between these psychopaths running towards you with a knife shouting Allahu Akbar. They all want to kill you because of the distorted way they interpret their religion

          1. Porc Halal says:

            If you read a piece of paper with killing instructions and you believe in it, because the piece of paper says so, then you can’t misinterpret what the piece of paper stipulates and due to misinterpretation you go and hug an “infidel”! …you kill that person…so you can’t “acuse” muslims of misinterpretation of the satanic book called koran when they kill others in the name of their “religion”…

          2. Porc Halal says:

            If you read a piece of paper with killing instructions and how to kill someone and you believe in it, because the piece of paper says so, then you can’t misinterpret what the piece of paper stipulates and due to misinterpretation you go and hug the “infidel”! … I don’t understand what is not clear here ?! …you can’t “acuse” muslims of misinterpreting the satanic book called koran just because you are trying to be “inclusive”…

          3. Free man says:

            That’s right, I don’t want to be inclusive towards Muslims or believers of other religions (Although I am an atheist) .
            I direct my criticism at Islamists / jihadists. Those whose religion serves them as an excuse to kill others.

          4. JIMI JAMES says:

            cias new rome popes being #1 (period)

    2. Ashok Varma says:

      Even for a troll, you are an idiot with fixation with Iran. You have never even been close to the place let alone know their immigration systems. I travel to Iran frequently so can only laugh at your daily idiocy.

  9. Volker says:

    All the wahhabi/sunni Proxy/Merc Terrorists [ISIS + AQ and all it’s flavors] are groomed paid armed used by the AmeriCunts; Brits [their creation are the ‘WhiteHelmets’ Terrorists]; ZioNAZIs of IsraHELL; ALL the wahhabi dictator Mafia-clan Regimes of KSA Qatar + UAE and Turkey.

  10. Servet Köseoğlu says:

    The detail here is that Al-Masri is in İran. Although Tehran is playing its Anti el-kaide-ısıs card, they are still sheltering lots of radical-semi-radical Sunni leaders under cover-story of ”custody”.Probably with this policy they are getting upper-hand in negotiations.

    1. Cromwell says:

      Show us some evidence of that.

      1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

        As far as ı remember,İran released some Kurdish Ansar al ıslam leaders in 2014…

        1. farbat says:

          as far as i know turkey buyed oil from daesh and turkey is still to this day helping terrorist al qaeda type in idlib so this would have made sense if it was in ankara

          1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            Imagine being such an angry that you post three tagless messages in a row to diss someone. And all of it is your flaring ego pretending to know what truth is…Ps:Dont spam and straw man again..

          2. farbat says:

            what a loser is that your argument you loser?

          3. farbat says:

            you might one day wake up and have 0 power in the whole country and not even your car will start and at that point you should know that there isnt a turkey and neither an imposter republic of azerbaijan only iran so please mess with us and see what you get out of it you losers

          4. Ashok Varma says:

            Erdogan’s family runs the oil theft from Syria with their ISIS partners.

        2. farbat says:

          do turks plan to cooperate with zionists even further?

        3. farbat says:

          one day you might be suprised by your own ruin

        4. Ashok Varma says:

          That is also rubbish, the Turks support Sunni terrorism as India well knows in Kashmir.

    2. Ashok Varma says:

      Sadly, Turkey is now the centre of Islamist Sunni terrorism. It is Turkey that is training the Syrian headchoppers that have been deployed in Azerbaijan and across the region from Libya to Syria.

      1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

        İnteresting how did you come to conclusion that İran is supporting terrorism aka ısıs/el-kaide?Did ı mention something like that or am ı criticizing İran here? Based on this news and the previous Ansar al ıslam process ı am assuming that İran is using the situation to get benefits..its my opinion agree/disagree its up to you…

    3. Zionism = EVIL says:

      and you wonder why you are called a Turkey?

  11. Sauron says:

    Al-Qaeda and Iran? sounds fake to me

  12. cechas vodobenikov says:

    NYT=fake news

    1. Vox Populi says:

      That is the only truth.

  13. disqus_W1eFsMfKhi says:

    Never ever believe anything from the NewYorkSlimes the dual israeli pox stain making those pigs look like some kind of savior of a CIA/MOSSD organization just like isis. BS. Are we to believe that Iran can’t take care of their own business and allow the jew pigs run around there? lol

  14. Assad must stay says:

    iran said this is “hollywood fantasies” hahahah its so true, hhahahaha and abdullah ahmed abdullah such a made up name

  15. Icarus Tanović says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of bull.

  16. farbat says:

    that doesnt even make any sense

    1. Ashok Varma says:

      It is not supposed to, unless you are a brainwashed western sheeple. This is just utter nonsense created by Zionists in desperation.

  17. John Brown says:

    As for Israel’s claim it assassinated Al-Qaeda’s second-in-command Abu Muhammad al-Masri in the Iranian capital is a big joke.

    Iran is a proven enemy of Israel ISIS and and Israeli Alciada and defeated them both in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

  18. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Israeli intelligence always seem to miss Al Qaeda residing in plain sight within the USA/UK though.

  19. chris chuba says:

    A classic hero narrative for Israel along with an opportunity to link Iran to terrorism. Don’t buy it.
    And it would be the first time Israel has ever killed a member of Al Qaeda,.

    1. Traiano Welcome says:

      There is really no such thing as Al Qaeda. It’s a name that became a meme that became a myth …


  20. Porc Halal says:

    Well it is understandable since islamic terror group aka al-qaeda is not sponsored by israeli … israeli is backing the islamic terrorists from isis though. ..

  21. Traiano Welcome says:

    Hahahahaha! Bullshit. A Wahabbi fanatic sheltered in the midst of the Shia heartland?
    That’s like a BLM militant being sheltered by the Grand Dragon of the KKK itself!

    Only a dumb Texas redneck could think up a story like this.

  22. JIMI JAMES says:

    Translated in proper english,which means they murdered a decent heterosexual man:

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