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Al-Qaeda’s Key Commander Warmly Welcomed In Afghanistan (Video)

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Al-Qaeda's Key Commander Warmly Welcomed In Afghanistan (Video)

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The local media in Afghanistan claiming ” the strengthening of the positions of the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization in the last few weeks.” Several representatives of group’s top officials have returned to the country following the withdrawal of U.S. forces.

Among the Al-Qaeda leaders who have recently came back to Afghanistan, there is the former head of Osama bin Laden’s security service, Amin al Haq.

Amin al Haq returned to Afghanistan in triumph accompanied by a Taliban’s convoy on August 30, 10 days after U.S. President Joe Biden claimed that Al-Qaeda was no longer present in Afghanistan.

He entered the province of Nangarhar that is under the Taliban’s control. The province is located near the border with Pakistan, where the leaders of Al-Qaeda are known to take shelter.

One of the main associates of Osama bin Laden was warmly welcomed in Jalalabad.

Amin al Haq began his “career” in the Hizb Islami Khalis group, which welcomed Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan in 1996.

When having headed the security service of Osama bin Laden, alongside with his leader, Amin al-Haq took part in the Battle for Tora Bora in Nandagar province in 2001. He later helped Osama bin Laden to escape from Afghanistan to Pakistan. In 2007, after he was wounded in the second Battle of Tora Bora, he joined Al-Qaeda and Taliban forces that were gathering in Pakistan to fight against the Afghan army and the U.S. In 2008, Amin Al-Haq was arrested in Lahore region in Pakistan, where the headquarters of Al-Qaeda’s ally, the Lashkar-e — Taiba group, were located. When being released in 2011, he stopped all his public activities. According to some reports, he was responsible for organization of Al-Qaeda’s activities in Afghanistan.

According to the Doha agreement, the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan … will not allow any of its members, other individuals or groups, including al-Qa’ida, to use the soil of Afghanistan to threaten the security of the United States and its allies”. However, this point risks to be not implemented.


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BASED putin

I still don’t understand, is Taliban good or bad? Do they support terrorists or not? Surely they fought the US occupation forces but that doesn’t fully legitimize their other actions.

Chess Master

USA legitimized the Talibans like Israel legitimized Hesbolah in 2006 by negotiating peace with them.


Good bad or ugly is irrelevant … they are the defacto government of Afghanistan. They didn’t take power it was handed to them by the US supported Afghan puppet government through negotiations. They appear to be supported by the majority of Afghans.

They aren’t terrorists … they were a legitimate government driven from power by an invading army and now 20 years later they won power back through the same means it was taken from them.

They don’t need to be legitimized by the USA or anyone else … all that matters is that they are legitimate in the eyes of Afghans. I wouldn’t want them as my government however I’m not Afghan so like the Americans my opinions mean nothing.

Putin the poodle

straight from the kremlin

Ibrahim Abdul-Khaliq

Well you can believe what you want about Bin Laden who was a CIA asset in Afghanistan, who was probably smart enough to use them to get money and arm’s to fight against the Soviets of the time, in what he and many others thought was probably as a just war against a suppressive occupation by Russia.

Again you can believe whatever you want but the Taliban claimed in early December of 2001 that a funeral was held in the Tora Bora Mountains and it was OSAMA BIN LADEN apparently the one who had died of kidney failure and was buried there, Yes that’s right December 2001, all the vids and recordings of him after that date have all been recognised and proved fake news dot com.

Again you can believe whatever you want but Al-Qaida who are they but a FBI/CIA data base operation of Muslim Fighters who fought against the soviet occupation of Afghanistan whom the Americans could trust to supply with weapons etc to fight their cold war against the then Soviet Union.

Maybe as a consequence but the Taliban rapidly rose to power after the soviet occupation, trained by Pakistani Army/intelligence at that time, who rose up as a welcomed resistance against tyranny rapists, murders, robbers etc. who incidentally ended up becoming the so called northern Alliance who the Americans in their occupation of Afghanistan fought along side against the Taliban, talk about birds of a feather flocking together.

So if you want learn who the real enemies are then follow the owners of the central banks money printing presses and just maybe you may find what your looking for instead of the ghosts in the closet Al-Qiada its a zio-western black ops thing and so is ISIS with the foot soldiers being from the Mossad as Ibrahim Al-Bagdadi Aka Simon Elliott yeah that’s right the great pretending Caliph but that’s show business for you folk’s.

Fog of War

Let me re-phrase the headline:

AL-QAEDA = CIA = ZioAmerica = Israhell = Israhell warmly welcomed in Afghanistan.

Not to mention, several prominent Talibs spent many years in US custody. Think about it.

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