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Al-Qaeda Terrorists Launch Surprise Attack On Syrian Army Positions In Northwestern Hama (Videos, Map)

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On May 10, terrorists of the al-Qaeda-affiliated wa-Harid al-Mu’minin operations room violated the ceasefire in Greater Idlib by carrying a surprise attack on Syrian Arab Army (SAA) positions in northwest Hama.

The terrorists stormed several army positions around the town of Tanjarah in the early morning. Eventually, most of the town and its surroundings fell into the terrorists’ hands.

Al-Qaeda Terrorists Launch Surprise Attack On Syrian Army Positions In Northwestern Hama (Videos, Map)

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The SAA is currently carrying out a counter-attack to secure Tanjarah. Several positions in the town’s vicinity have been recaptured. However, heavy clashes are still ongoing, with the army shelling the nearby villages and towns of al-Ankawi, al-Qahirah, Qulaydin, Kafr Uwayd, Mawzarah, Kansafrah and Ayn al-Arus.

In an official statement, wa-Harid al-Mu’minin said the attack was a response to “violations” by the SAA. The al-Qaeda operations room was one of the forces which rejected the ceasefire brokered by Russia and Turkey on March 5.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), 15 army service members and 7 Jihadists of wa-Harid al-Mu’minin have been killed in Tanjarah clashes, thus far.

Recently, Wa-Harid al-Mu’minin’s terrorists stepped up their attacks. A day earlier, the terrorists launched four rockets at the Russian Hmeimim Air Base in southern Lattakia. The attack resulted in no casualties or equipment.

The situation in northwestern Hama could escalate further in the upcoming few hours. The SAA and its allies will likely respond to these violations by resuming airstrikes on terrorists’ positions in the region.


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Rhodium 10

SOHR is not a reliable source!..always inflate the number of SAA casualties and deflates casualties related to terrorist

Jacob Wohl's Nose

according to SOHR, nusra/fsa lost 600 fighters in Idlib Op, while SAA lost 6000+ soliders

str0nk t0rk TSK

Al-Qaeda with t0rkish army providing air defense

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Russian Airforce flew all over Idlib following the rocket attack on hmeimim. They’re not worried at all about turkey’s mim-23 or patriot missiles. They have plenty of KH-31 anti-radar missiles to destroy them if needed :)

Jacob Wohl's Nose

By mid-May, Russian Navy will have a massive battle-cruiser and Kilo-class submarine off Syria’s coast to support the upcoming SAA operation. Moskva cruiser and Rostov on Don kilo-class submarine on the way. An additional 3 frigates may be sent as well from the Black Sea Fleet – Admiral Makarov, Grigorovich, Essen. The cruiser will create a 250km air defense zone covering all of Southern Turkey/Idlib, armed with 64 S-300FM, 40 OSA missiles, 20 P-500 cruise missiles, Kilo-class armed with 4 Kalibr, frigates armed with 8 Kalibr and 50 TOR-M2U missiles. Major naval firepower coming to Mediterranean soon. Also plenty more SU-34 and SU-35 will be rotated to Hmeimim in the coming weeks. Just sit tight, be patient. Remeber, Russian Mig-29’s shot down 10 far more advanced Georgian drones (izraeli hermes 450/900) during Georgia War. They can easily do the same for turkey, but this time SAA will have plenty more air defense and be prepared.

Major barbecue party being planned for Nusra, FSA and Turkey :)

Assad must stay

hahahahaha very nice and major bullet/missile/rocket party for them too

fayez chergui

SOHR is crap

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