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Al-Qaeda Prepares For Another Rebranding In Idlib. Turkey Threatens Syria With Military Agression And Makes More Victorious Statements

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Al-Qaeda Prepares For Another Rebranding In Idlib. Turkey Threatens Syria With Military Agression And Makes More Victorious Statements

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu shows how the mighty Turkish Army plans to defeat the ‘bloody Assad regime’

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda), the Turkistan Islamic Party (al-Qaeda-linked group), Horas al-Din (another al-Qaeda-linked group), the National Front for Liberation (a group of Turkish proxies friendly to al-Qaeda) and other ‘democratic rebels’ are planning to create a new coalition in the Syrian region of Idlib.

The idea is to make a rebranding and in order to hide the terrorist nature of these organizations. So, Turkey would be able to claim that it fulfils with the de-escalation and de-militarization agreements reached with Russia and Iran, and continue declaring that there are no ‘terrorists’ in Idlib.

Earlier, several Idlib al-Qaeda-linked groups employed similar measures in an attempt to allow mainstream media propagandists and foreign countries to continue a public support to them. For example, Hayat Tahrir al-Sham previously was known as Jabhat Fateh al-Sham and Jabhat al-Nusra. All these attempts failed becuase terrorists, even if they change their flag and create a new logo, remain terrorists

Al-Qaeda Prepares For Another Rebranding In Idlib. Turkey Threatens Syria With Military Agression And Makes More Victorious Statements

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These efforts signal that Anakra fully udnerstands what ‘moderate groups’ it supports in Idlib and are fiercely trying to do something with this problem ahead of the implementation of the creation of the demilitarized zone along the M4 highway. Joint Russian-Turkish patrols are set to start in the area on March 15 and it’s hard to imagine how Russian troops could safely apepar near such stronghold of al-Qaeda as Jisr al-Shughur.

On the other hand, Turkey is not planning to drop its agressive actions against Syria. On March 10, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu once again threatened the Damascus government with a military action (probably he forgot how the previous attempt ended) and confirmed that the joint patrols with the Russians will soon be launched. According to Cavusoglu, the first patrol will becarried from the settlement of Trumba – 2 km west of Saraqib – to the settlement of Ain al-Havr.

Meanwhile, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan joined Turkish state media and other propaganda organizations in their fierce battle against the real outcome of Operation Spring Shield. On March 10, President Erdogan said that Turkey had destroyed 8 Russian-made air defense systems in Syria during the operation.

“In Idlib, we destroyed eight Pantsir with the help of our combat drones. These are very expensive and important air defense systems,” NTV television quoted the President as saying. Erdogan added that Pantsir systems are also “deployed in Libya.” (comment: they are used by the Libyan National Army)

According to Turkish Defense Ministry reports, as of March 6, Turkish forces destroyed 8 air defense systems belonging to the Syrian Air Defense Forces. Then, this number included not only Pantsir systems, but also some Buk air defense systems and hardware of other type. Should we discard claims about the destroyed non-Patnsirs or the number of destroyed equipment just grew after the start of the ceasefire?

Al-Qaeda Prepares For Another Rebranding In Idlib. Turkey Threatens Syria With Military Agression And Makes More Victorious Statements

Turkish claims as of March 6 and they are growing

On the same day, President Erdogan claimed that he once proposed Russian leader Vladimir Putin to share the Deir Ezzor oil fields that are now controlled by “terrorists”. According to him, Putin promised to consider the proposal, but provided no answer. Erdogan added that he may soon propose US President Trump a similar deal soon.


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klove and light

lololol…..say thank you to treacherous Zionist pig Putin……..

all of those dozens of bullshit ridiuclous Agreements, be it ceasefires or deescalation zones or safety zones are totally utterly bs………

These headchoppers in Idlib are the worst of the worst…just last week, there were dozens of new Videos, also posted on southfront, how These “rebels” brutally tortured SAA men and beheaded them, and some even called the parents of the soldiers to tell them that their beloved son was just beheaded….

and the fucking BIBI cock sucking treacherous Zionist son of a whore PUTIN makes one deal after the other with exactly those Folks………..why does´nt Putin sign Agreements with the islamists in Russia ie, chechnya…

ill tell you why….the russian People would hang him 24 Hours later…….that is treason, and Nothing other are his Actions in syria concearning tukrey and it´s head chopping proxies…TREASON

Saif Imam

What happened to you man??


I really liked your question ! The text has got the impression of being produced by a robot whose artificial brain is seriously short-circuited. ?

Saif Imam


klove and light

and for the Dummies here to understand…simple example…

let ME rape you sister, behead your Father and tell me 2 days later, YOU forgive me, and you want me to stay in the house next to yours……. knowing full well, that i have not changed my attitude and my evilness!!

99% of Folks here are pathetic moronic Donkeys and Clowns…

ps. for the assholes who still dont understand,, write me, and give me your adress where i can rape your sister or mum and behead youre dad……………..after that we can make Peace and live happily ever after-sarcasm out………..

Saif Imam

These low life Turk cunts….(Not the general decent people of Turkey)

Joe Doe

Another Putin blunder(s).

Lone Ranger


Joe Doe

Stupid moran. Go back to your rat hole

Lone Ranger

You first…

Hanny Benny

stf slavehoreson no. 743

Lone Ranger

Turks sound like nazis in the last days before the fall of Berlin..

Wahid Algiers

Don’ t compare turkish gypsies with German soldiers!

Lone Ranger

Turkroaches are crying and raging ;)


Go right on ahead, won’t change anything HTS.

Al Balog

​Anyone remember the old SNES game “Hong Kong 97”? I plan on getting a bootleg cart of that game in the future. There should be a game where the Turkish terrorists as migrants invade the EU, with Erdogan’s severed head being the final boss. And Assad should be the main hero. ?

I really wish that was a real game. ?

The year 2020 has arrived. A herd of f*ckin’ ugly greens are rushing from the Turkish mainland.

Crime rates skyrocketed! Europe is ruined! Therefore, the Greek and Hungarian governments called Bashar Al-Assad himself for the massacre of the “moderate” rebel migrant invaders.

Assad is a killer machine! Wipe out all 80 million of the green rebel head-choppers! Allah, Souria, Bashar w bas!

However, in Ankara, there was a secret project by HTS in progress! A project to transform the deceased Erdogan into an ultimate weapon, who was killed in a coup. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a2ead0b758f44e564840027f598386f7b79725bbeb6e2a06330cadd302728186.png

Rafik Chauhan

All turkey terriost goverment gone mad look like they want war on behalf of thier master in US and israel. Russia and SAA should make stern warning if turkey break the ceafire it will be end of turkey presence in Syria. Russia should give turkey 24 hours to leave all Syria or get bombed.


Please, some one tells them that the trend is not their friends

Tim Williams

two new more bridges rebuilt and opened …



Omg. Look at that. Kurds have repaired 2 bridges with the money received from USA , and their propaganda mouthpiece posts that BS here using an Anglosaxon nick. Isnt it adorable ?


Just hand weapons to PkK already.


PKK made the mistake of being friend of USA-Israel.

bouncer dogsly


Tim Williams

RUSSIA denies Turkey destroyed their AA system


Tim Williams

30% of the RATS announce they will leave now …


Liberal guy

Such a joker the so called sultan is hahahahaha

Zionism = EVIL

There is a very analysis of the Turkey losers on Saker and how they have lost.

Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, and Ansarullah all have their proper strength, experience, autonomy, and leadership. Each one has achieved great successes against mighty enemies. Of course, they collaborate and there is much mutual support. The victories of each are also the victories of all. With the Turkish invasion in Syria, they are confronted with a new task. But Turkey is not as strong as it seems. Politically, the country is divided and Erdogan has not at all the support of the whole people for his invasion. His supporters are merely ultra-nationalists and fascists. Moreover, his aggressive politics in the region (Syria, Iraq, Libya, Cyprus, Greece) has not produced many friends. His politics seem to be utterly adventurous. And militarily speaking, Syria, Hezbollah, and Iran are experimented opponents. I am very confident that Erdogan will suffer a shameful defeat. The Syrian nation and people have already showed that they are able of immense sacrifices, that they are heroic fighters and great patriots.


Ceasar Polar

Great analysis. May all the turkish-roaches die under the Russian/Hezbollah/Iran/Irak (PMU) fire.

Tim Williams

SDF capture ISIS rats since the USA forces wont …



Tim Williams

TURKS doing what they always do … lash out against the KURDS


John Wallace

Wonder if some neo con has phoned to tell Erdogan to stop being a girl and go and accomplish your task .

Tim Williams

Turks would lose 90% of everything the put into it … Putin will not warn him again

John Wallace

Agreed. Surprised he is still talking shit after what happened or is it all just for internal consumption. Or he is totally stupid or he has orders. Time will tell. I can’t see the US ever giving up on achieving their objective regardless off setbacks and numerous plan changes. If oil keeps low causing havoc among the US oil companies , fracking and the billions of debt owed , plus their economy taking a hit war is always a good means of pumping up the oil price and ramping up employment .. I see the US is ramping up missile defenses in Iraq which considering they have been asked to leave shows they have no intention of doing so. Where are the troops supposedly leaving Afghanistan being moved to. Another ME base as highly doubt they will return home or if they do they are doing so only as a rotate.

Tim Williams

Patriots are no good … especially against short range rockets and mortars that keep being fired at their position in Baghdad.

USA must leave SYRIA and IRAQ … 2 countries we should have never been in to begin with .. and are no longer welcome.

John Wallace

They should be well protected against rocket and mortars so they would be mostly ineffective apart from the noise but they would be well used to that by now. They should leave and as you say should never have been there in the first place but those pulling the strings at the top have no interest in what everyone else thinks. I don’t see anything changing that and even a change of face should it happen will make no difference, Seems Biden is the one anointed as he has been trained to do as he is told already.

Tim Williams

Biden can barely put 2 sentence together .. the old fool has Alzheimer’s disease …

John Wallace

That makes it easier for the ones pulling the strings.

John Wallace

Yes I think he is an idiot , not that I have had much to do with him but Presidential hopeful picks as his running mate someone they can send and do the shitty jobs and who is not capable of interfering so that says it all for him. Is American politics so stuffed they can’t come up with a descent leader or are they just mouthpieces anyway.

Tim Williams

25 democrats ran … not sure how many more one needs … the media picks the candidate in the USA …


John Wallace

Those that get the money from big business or certain International groups get to the top. The rest get nothing and are dropped off.

Tim Williams

Turkey rats being sent back from Libya … children …


Icarus Tanović

Gülen should do something and save Turkey from this Wahhabi psychopath.

Tim Williams

The planet needs someone to put down this rabid dog …

Xoli Xoli

Putin should tell his sick buddy Erdogan to forget the rebranding of terrorists on Idlip.Turkey supported terrorists of created rebels or extremist wont be allowed by Syrian army to joint Syrian forces ranks.As their can defect anytime if instigated by Cavosuglu and Erdogan. As much as Erdogan regard Kurds as terrorists so does Syrian government regarding Turkey rebels.All USA Turkey created rebels should surrender and label to avoid having or carrying guns for lasting peace solutions.

Jaime Galarza

This Erdogan thinks that everyone has the same thuggish nature he does. Unfortunately, the Turkish in this site supporting their criminal government only solidifies the idea that those people are all similar. Their philosophy seems to be: right or wrong, I am with my own. Where is their ethics, their morality, their decency? I cannot support my government if they engage in crimes against others.

Assad must stay

i really cannot wait until all these rats are dead and erdogan gets thrown out of power and idlib is fully under SAA rule

cechas vodobenikov

transparent lies for domestic consumption….amerikans claimed they destroyed military vehicles and tanks in Serbia—-so stupid they believed that the painted cardboard replicas were actually tanks…the turks, American proxies, r envious like amerikans, which causes one to live outside of reality—the desire to be somebody else…only 1 society that I know besides amerikans consider a color to be envy turkey can pay for overpriced ineffective patriot defenses hoping to induce direct US intervention–but it is too late

Ceasar Polar

Roaches supporting Takfiri-terrorists doing the freemason’s job, and directly supporting israHell and their agenda for Syria. What a shame to call Turkey-roach-central a muslim county. Hope all roaches get coronavirus, and feel the wrath of damnation.

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