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Al-Qaeda Police: Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Arrested Nine Terrorists In Greater Idlib

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Al-Qaeda Police: Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Arrested Nine Terrorists In Greater Idlib

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Al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) is still working to tighten its grip over the northwestern Syria region of Greater Idlib.

In the last few days, the terrorist group’s security forces arrested a number of infamous terrorists in Greater Idlib for not so clear reasons.

On April 4, seven terrorists, who were operating independently in Greater Idlib, were arrested by HTS. Enab Baladi listed the detainees as follows:

  • Abu al-Laith M’abar, Abu Osama al-Gaza’iri and Abu al-Darda’ al-Gaza’iri: apprehended in the city of Idlib;
  • Moaz al-Turki: apprehended in the village of al-Hamama in western Idlib;
  • Abdul Rahim al-Turki: apprehended in the village of al-Qaniyah in western Idlib;
  • Abdul Rahaman al-Turki: apprehended in the village of al-Yaqubiyah in western Idlib.

On April 5, the terrorist group arrested Abu Erwa Kansafra, a Syrian leader of Ansar al-Islam. The group is one of several al-Qaeda-linked formations which have been challenging HTS authority in Greater Idlib.

On April 6, the group apprehended Abu Dharr al-Masri, a prominent leader of al-Qaeda’s Horas al-Din. In October of last year, a number of sources claimed that he was killed in a US drone strike on Greater Idlib. Horas al-Din is HTS’ main foe in Greater Idlib.

HTS promotes these arrests as anti-terrorism efforts. However, in reality the terrorist group is working to eliminate any competition in Greater Idlib.

In a recent interview with the US Public Broadcasting Service, HTS leader Abu Mohamad al-Julani claims that his group only arrests Syrian and Russian agents as well as ISIS members. The terrorist most have forgotten about the presence of al-Qaeda in Greater Idlib.


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Wonder if Russia’s recognition of Hezbollah will translate into not only support for Lebanon’s struggle against terrorist Ziocorporate globalism, but the needed finalisation of the liberation of Syria, with over 33% of the country is still invaded by Zioterrorists and proxies. Hezbollah has proven to be a more than capable force, effective at routing the enemy, even if it’s terrorist IDF Ziojew invaders from the Rothschild neocolony in Palestine with their mini US airforce terrorising from the skies.

The Russian military knows this well having liberated Syria with the SAA and Hezbollah, problem is Putin and the Russian Ziocorporate Jewligarchy. Rotenberg, despite having made the Crimean bridge, has a son who took up ISraeli citizenship by “right of return” to play football there, is but one example of the interests at play here. And that’s not to mention deals made with EU or Turkish Zioterrorists.

But ISIS/al-Qaeda terrorists actually establishing themselves as an institutional authority in Syrian lands? Ridiculous absurdity and bullshit, only made possible because NATO terrorists want it that way. A sort of repetition of the events that led to the fabrication of the Rothschild neocolony of Zioterrorist invaders in 1948.

Cheryl Brandon



Probably just internal politics, arresting someone’s competition.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

LOL, what’s the difference between, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham, Ansar al-Islam, and Horas al-Din, not much at all really, but there is one small difference that allows you to tell them apart, and it also helps explain the ongoing hostilities between the 3 groups [actually there’s more involved]. And the one and only difference is HTS has abandoned Jihad, and now they’re seeking political inclusion they’re simply trying to earn brownie points by arresting/killing the Jihadists, while also getting rid of the opposition at the same time. That’s why HTS arrests and kills the other groups members, they refuse to give up Jihad, and HTS is doing the same thing with the NFL military command, so HTS is forcing both the terrorist organizations and the NFL moderate opposition to give up Jihad. That’s the reason Assad’s government trades with HTS, he has open border crossings and does prisoner swaps with them, but he doesn’t do that with the Jihadists. Both Ansar al-Islam and Horas al-Din have anti Russian sentiments especially concerning Russian cooperation with Turkey in Syria, and both have been accused of using chemical weapons both here and in Iraq, so what’s Russia’s problem with HTS, why don’t they just sit back relax and let HTS wipe them all out, why is Russia in such a hurry to get rid of HTS first. Erdogan doesn’t like HTS killing off his Muslim Brotherhood followers, he want’s them to stop, but he can’t stop them himself, so he has to get someone else to do it for him. There are 2 opposition governments operating in north east Syria, the first is HTS’s Salvation government which has recently abandoned Jihad, and we also have the Turkish/Russian/Iranian supported Syrian Interim Government, which still has many of it’s member organizations still following the Jihadist path. Erdogan and Russia are going to kill the snake before it can eat all the rats, but I think Assad would be willing to put up with the snake for just a bit longer, at least right up until most of the rats were eaten. After all Erdogan and Putin won’t let Assad kill all the rats himself, so what other option does Assad have other than let someone else do it for him. SF keeps telling us about HTS and it’s attempts to get US approval and illicit a re-designation of their terrorist status, but I wonder what HTS and Assad actually discuss when they’re organizing their trade deals, do they only talk about the matters in hand, or do they talk about other things too, maybe they talk about Jihadist when they’re working out other matters, who knows. It just doesn’t make sense, you don’t kill the non Jihadist before you kill the Jihadist, you do it the other way around, so why is Russia so hell bent on wiping out HTS first.


Are you drunk or on something?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I’m intoxicated with some peoples ignorance.

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