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Al-Qaeda Militants Raided Syrian Army Positions In Southern Idlib. Russian Airstrikes Reported

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Al-Qaeda Militants Raided Syrian Army Positions In Southern Idlib. Russian Airstrikes Reported

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On June 8, forces of the Ghurfat Eamaliat wa-Harid al-Mu’minin coalition of al-Qaeda-linked militant groups raided positions of the Syrian Army near the villages of Tanjarah and Fattirah in southern Idlib.

Pro-militant sources claim that so-called ‘moderate rebels’ captured at least one Syrian Army officer, killed ‘many others’ and temporarily seized the aforementioned villages.

In respnose to the attack, the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces reportedly carried out a series of airstrikes on militant positions. Units of the Syrian Army regroupped and re-entered the villages, which were captured by militants. Despite this, the situation in the area still remains tense.


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It’s impossible to live with Ziowahhabi terrorist filth as neighbours, you gotta strive to eliminate them and negate any possibility for them to establish themselves anywhere. Hard to believe Putin ever considered holding joint patrols with Chechen Western/NATO-backed jihadis in occupied Chechnya as part of any peace process there. Syria needs to demand more weapons and training, to at least be a military peer of the Turkish terrorist invaders.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad and CIAisis operators.
May they rest in pieces…

cechas vodobenikov

more turkeys genetically designed to flutter on the ground

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I didn’t know there was another town called Tanjarah in Idlib, come on SF, you’re confusing us, get the locations right, the town the terrorists actually overran is in northern Hama, not Idlib.
This is a very interesting development, Assad just recently announced he was going to secure this region and increase food production, so is it just a coincidence the terrorists have tried to spoil the party just as plans are being made to develop the area, I think it isn’t.
The terrorists who attacked the town are a group called Hurras Al-Deen, they’re a a member of the Ghurfat Eamaliat wa-Harid al-Mu’minin coalition [Rouse the Believers Operations Room], which is an organization that’s trying to encourage cooperation between the [illegal] terrorist groups and the [legal] opposition groups.
They aren’t officially supported by Turkey but one of the [legal] opposition groups Turkey does actively support, the [National Front for Liberation [NFL] is a member and ally of the Rouse the Believers Operations Room, and they’re a group that Turkey does support in every way, money, weapons, equipment, intel, diplomatic immunity [Astana agreement], so I think it’s fair for me to say it’s actually Turkey that controls them all via Turkey’s support for the NFL.
And the Russians have no love for the groups in this alliance, they accused them of using Turkish supplied Chemical weapons when they staged some of those false flag attacks, and on top of that they also have the dubious honour of having more proven war crimes attributed to them than any of the other terrorist organizations, Nour al Zinki cutthroats for one example.
The interesting thing to point out about is this group is, Hurras Al-Deen [Rouse the Believers Operations Room alliance], are really upset with HTS right now, they keep accusing them of cooperating with Assad and the government, and since Assad’s already admitted he’s doing trade deals with HTS, Hurras Al-Deen aren’t making false accusations, they’re right.
So why did Hurras Al-Deen try to take over the town closeby to where Assad’s planning to develop his new Syrian food bowl, were they trying to stop his plans, I’d guess they were, but why, what would they have to gain or lose.
I can think of 2 very good reasons for Hurras Al-Deen doing what they did, for one it stops any trade that’s taking place between HTS and the Syrian government dead in it’s tracks, which is something Hurras Al-Deen [Rouse the Believers Operations Room] and Turkey both want to stop but HTS is ignoring them, and secondly and more importantly it helps jeopardize HTS.
The Turkmenistan Islamic Party [TIP] are one of HTS’s alliance members, but they’re also a member of the Rouse the Believers Operations Room as well, so if they’re a member of both who do they owe their allegiance to, Turkey or HTS, that’s easy to answer, just look at their name it says it all.
I think the Rouse the Believers Operations Room is trying to get HTS into trouble with everyone but it isn’t working, the Russians aren’t attacking HTS positions only positions of the Rouse the Believers Operations Room, so I think the Russians can see what their devious plan is, they’re only bombing Erdogan’s misfits from the Rouse the Believers Operations Room which includes the Uighurs and Chechens in the TIP [even though they’re an HTS alliance member], HTS itself seems to be immune to all the recent Russian airstrikes and SAA artillery strikes.
If Turkey doesn’t like something happening in Hama it means it’s good for Syria, divide and conquer.

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