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JUNE 2021

Al-Qaeda Allies Receive US-made TOW Missilies In Eastern Ghouta Near Damascus

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On Sunday, Faylaq al-Rahman published a video that shows the targeting a group of Syrian soldiers east of the capital Damascus using a US-made TOW missile. This was the first confirmation of the usage of US-made missiles in Eastern Ghouta.

Faylaq al-Rahman have used TOW missiles several times against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) armors in Aiyn Tarma area, but without announcing that.

On Sunday, Faylaq al-Rahman also targeted an SAA tank using a TOW missile.

From its side, the SAA launched a large-scale attack from four directions on the positions of Faylaq al-Rahman and Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS; formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) in Aiyn Tarma. The SAA managed to advance and seize several buildings in the vicinity of the meat factory and the Al-Kheer markets deep inside Aiyn Tarma.

During its advance, the SAA killed and injured awhole group of Faylaq al-Rahman fighters, and also repelled a counter-attack by Faylaq al-Rahman fighters on its new positions.

Faylaq al-Rahman’s acquisition of TOW missiles in Eastern Ghouta is another case in which HTS allies have obtained US weapons. Meanwhile, Jaysh al-Islam that is hostile to HTS has not got TOW missiles. This leads some to allegation that the CIA support is limited to Al-Qaeda allies in Syria.

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looks like BS
difference between the looks like ISIS DIAsh media wing back in business as top Ramen and or SDF- RAQQAsystem and its location. ill guess Raqqa


Yes, amazing how they got them in there, also Isis is now suddenly in Idlib?
Iraqi PMU taking photos of low flying US choppers going from Mosul and into the Isis pocket near Kirkuk followed by Isis attack, possibly a coincidence, possibly not?
Some amazing dissapering and reapearing feats seem to be occuring with fighters and sophisticated weapons at the moment.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just like the AFL attacking ISF forces in the desert along the border , these must be Academi and few other embeds doing the CIA’s Blackbag jobs . The US is going to use this calm and resupply their groups but my suggestion video every transaction they do from start to finish and airstrikes on these covert ops . I wouldn’t mess about with them let them raise a stink about it and then they can explaain when these guys are videoed conducting acts of Terrorism .

This is hard to bomb US Illegal bases like in Al Tanf ,Taqba etc. time to shit or get off the pot with these guys .


Yes I remember see an Al-Nusra video where I swear I heard an Australian or British accent calling in fire corrections on the SAA base they were attacking.
Sad to think but little is impossible with the mercenary aspect of the Emipre of Chaos


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Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They always claim that person is somebody else since they hope we haven’t heard the voice before . The Colonel they trained there for the FSA is strikingly similar to a popular ISIS head chopper .


On similar note. Have seen video on You Tube of group of Ukrainian soldiers walking through a town where soldier with an obviously North American accent tells whoever is filming to stop and get away from him. US special forces operate in dozens of countries on any given day and their deployments are completely unregulated by standards of aggressive military intervention and International Law.


No I havent, got a link to it by any chance, I have no doubt they are activly fighting in the Ukraine though, NATO forces in general.


They should simply shoot these choppers down.


I think its not so much a question of who gets official or unofficial CIA support, but who has the best smuggling connections. Considering that East Ghouta is an isolated enclave, unless the CIA air drops these TOWs into the enclave they have to be smuggled in. In that I think Al Qaida probably has the superior network. And instead of bashing the CIA we should be bashing the SAA commanders who were either napping on the job when these weapons were being smuggled past them. Or worse, accepting bribes.

Concrete Mike

No were bashing the cia because they are using our collective tax dollars tu support terrorism. SAA wont build us roads in Maine Will they?

G Dean VanGaya

It’s pretty clear there have been plenty of airdrops, some were even caught on camera and published.

Balázs Jávorszky

“who were either napping on the job when these weapons were being smuggled past them”
Now that isn’t that easy. Remember the quite small Qabun and Barzeh, the SAA kept on discovering substantial sized tunnels for weeks. There was always an annoucement like “the SAA destroyed the last tunnel to Barzeh, it was sooooo big a car could pass through”. I think I counted at least 5-6 announcements like this during the campaign. Jobar, Zamalka, Ayn Terma is surely crisscrossed with tunnels.


But Qabun was separated from Jobar by a tiny strip of SAA controlled territory. No such territory exists adjacent to East Ghouta. It’s vast tracts of Red government controlled territory. If Al Nusra engineers can construct tunnels that long we should hire them to build trans atlantic tunnels or something.

No, whatever gets shipped to East Ghouta, gets so straight through government controlled territory. Which means either government incompetence of bribery.

Balázs Jávorszky

A tunnel can lead through the front lines, eg. secret tunnels from SAA territorry to a**hole territory. Actually, the SAA found tunnels like that in the past.

Balázs Jávorszky

Oops, fresh from the press: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/pictures-syrian-army-captures-massive-shipment-weapons-heading-east-ghouta/
Evidently, there’s a constant low level “cross border” traffic (besides tunnels :) ).

Amon -Ra- DeArmond

Could you guys analyze the recent developments in Yemen (The hundreds of thousands in Aden who demonstrated for a creation of Southern Yemen) as in:
-How does that effect Hadi and it’s exiled government in Saudi Arabia (because the secessionists don’t see him as their president anymore)
-What would Saudi Arabia do in case 2 Yemen’s existed and both were it’s enemies (one Houthi led Yemen allied to Iran and the other one – South Yemen,if they implement their left leaning political views on the country as a whole,a possible ally of Russia or if they become salafists an ally of Saudi Arabia)
-What would the relations be between the 2 Yemen’s and Saudi Arabia?
-What would the relations be between the 2 Yemen’s if one was an Iranian ally and the other one a Saudi?
-And would it even be possible to have this sort of peace deal to end the Yemenese civil war because we know that Saudi Arabia wouldn’t let go of it that easily (and now imagine having to come to terms with having 2 Yemen’s on their border and possibly both of them hostile to it)

-Thank you if you took your time to read this and if not I’m drunk anyways and it took me about 45 mins to write and correct this,Amon.


What are they trying to do? Kill them with dirt poisoning?

And all the worlds most advanced weaponry and STILL losing… Money doesn’t make a good soldier…

G Dean VanGaya

Meanwhile the YPG are lucky to get even a few mortars from the Americans, as a bunch of Senators told Flint Arthur in Washington D.C. in June – [We will drop the YPG as soon as we can.] But the CIA has now been supporting Al Qaeda for 3 generations of terrorists and they get full SAMs and TOWs every year almost.

Balázs Jávorszky

Right on topic! Still, this is surprising. Are they talking about dropping them _already_? The YPG still has a great potential in trouble making in Syria.


How did they smuggle that into the area? It´s supposed to be a siege!


Local help, underground tunnels connecting houses and running beneath front lines, large amounts of cash to get a few missiles through. When the shooting starts all eyes are on the battle. It can be done.


I am still buffled. Building tunnels is not a “new” technology so to speak. Back in the 1940ies, people already knew how to built them, and still, armies were able to keep up a real siege!!!!!! until the point where nothing (not even food supplies) reached besieged Areas. Now, everything seems to have changed. Seemingly, there is no way to detect these tunnels somehow and to prevent the smuggeling. Critical voices suggest that has something to do with the immanent corruption within Syria and the Assad government. At some point, these critics sound credible, and I strongly believe that there is a big mess within the Syrian government, its institutions, and the military. Evidence lays in the fact that small Areas are besieged for years, but the terrorsts never run out of ´weapons and supplies of any type……they do not even run short.


The question if it is even possible to detect such tunnels is, however, a tough one, and I am still not sure: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/does-a-working-underground-tunnel-detection-technology-exist.906528/

Tan Kelantan

CIA and Pentagon will not listen to Trump and Rillerson. They are under Mc Cain and Israel command.
Whatever Trump said will have no effect ad the terrorist will continue to get Armas and material the support from CIA, Pentagon and Israel.


I wonder if trump knows this or not and is seeking a solution?


Wow that TOW hit blew up a lot of dirt, good job there lol

Dennis Morrisseau


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