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JUNE 2021

Al Nusra & Allies Fail to Break Syrian Army’s Defenses in Latakia Province

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Al Nusra & Allies Fail to Break Syrian Army's Defenses in Latakia Province

On Monday, in the Latakia province, Al Nusra and its Turkmen allies launched an offensive in the Latakia province hitting the Syrian Army position at Jabal Al-Akrad and Jabal Turkmen. Pro-government forces, supported by Russian warplanes, were able to repel the advance, reportedly killing some 20 Jihadists.

Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that Al Nusra terrorists have recieved up to 100 anti-aircraft missiles from their foreign supporters.

“Over 100 of surface-to-air missiles have been sent to al-Nusra-held regions,” the Iranian news agency, Farsnews, reported on June 28, citing anonymous sources.

We remember, on June 27, Jaysh Al Islam militants have reportedly downed the Syrian Arab Air Force’s fighter jet and military helicopter.

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