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Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) & Its Allies Deploy Hundreds of Fighters from Idlib to Aleppo

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According to opposition sources, hundreds of vehicles of terrorists have been dispatched to the Aleppo’s battlefield from Idlib province in order to slow down the advances of the Syrian Army.

Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda) & Its Allies Deploy Hundreds of Fighters from Idlib to Aleppo

The day before, hundreds of vehicles of terrorists left their positions in Idlib province and departed to the southern countryside of the city of Aleppo in order to slow down the advances of the Syrian Armed Forces against Jaish al-Fatah (also known as the Army of Conquest) in this area, the Fars news agency reported, citing unnamed opposition sources of a German news agency.

According to the sources, while the most part of Aleppo’s neighborhoods were left by militants, who found themselves trapped in a small area, a large number of the forces of terrorist groups, stationed in Idlib province, were dispatched to Aleppo.

“Hundreds of vehicles, carrying arms and militants, left their positions in different parts of Idlib province and departed to the southern countryside of Aleppo city to attack positions of the army and popular forces in order to decrease the government forces’ pressure on their besieged comrades in the eastern districts on Aleppo city,” Fars quoted the report of the German news agency.

As the sources noted, the most part of mosques, located in the province Idlib, have called on militants to depart to Aleppo and assist to withdraw the siege of their companions in arms, who were trapped in the city. At the same time, according to local sources in Aleppo, militants have no hope to get help from terrorists from other areas of the country and have already accepted their defeat.

The sources in Aleppo also added that in addition to 2,500 militants, who surrendered during last week, more terrorists are going to lay down their arms and surrender to the government forces in the coming hours.

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Trustin Judeau

Dont worry.General Soleimani is overseeing the defense if the terrorists decide to launch some offensive.


The battle inside Aleppo may be over before they even get a chance to launch an offensive. And I fail to see how they could do any better this time. On their first breakthrough the SAA’s defensive lines had less depth and the Jihadists inside the city could still lend their hand to put some pressure from their end as well. Neither applies now. If they still think they can help their besieged comrades they’re as delusional as Hitler was in his Berlin bunker with the Red Army just around the corner.

I suspect that this build up is more to prop up their frontline in anticipation of a new SAA offensive once the Aleppo pocket has been eliminated.


Let’s not have another Palymyra moment. Strike the convoys and the Salafist bastards before they reach the front lines.


Much, much too late to help E Aleppo. Jihadist W Aleppo line must be under pressure, don’t think they are foolish enough to start a new offensive. But we can always hope for stupid Jihadist mistakes. Many thousands of SAA and allied forces freed up. But the tiger forces are needed at Tiyas airbase right now. Just hold on and don’t get flanked by ISUS!


And now we know what all this ceasefire BS was about. So glad they didn’t fall for the same trick again.

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