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Al-Julani’s “Right-Hand” Eliminated By Syrian Army In Southern Idlib


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) has eliminated Abu Obeida Kansafra, a senior military leader of al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and one of the main founders of the terrorist group.

Abu Obeida, whose real name was Ibrahim al-Rahmoun, was severely injured during clashes with the army’s elite 25th Special Forces Division around his hometown, Kansafra, in southern Idlib in the early morning of February 27. Within a few hours, he was pronounced dead by HTS and Jihadist sources.

A few years ago, al-Rahmoun, who oversees most of HTS’ military activities, lost his right arm during clashes with the SAA.

Ironically regarded as the “right-hand” of HTS general leader, Abu Mohamad al-Julani, al-Rahmoun played a key role in the formation of the group. The slain terrorist was pictured aside al-Julani in many of his recent appearances.

Al-Julani’s “Right-Hand” Eliminated By Syrian Army In Southern Idlib

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The SAA is still advancing in southern Idlib. Al-Rahmoun’s hometown, which he vowed to “protect” in a recent audio message, will most likely fall into the hands of the army within a few hours.

The elimination of al-Rahmoun is without a doubt a major blow to HTS and its general leader, al-Julani, who may face the same fate soon.

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