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Al Jazeera Reports Leaked Emails Showing Relationship Between UAE And Israeli-linked Think Tanks

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Al Jazeera Reports Leaked Emails Showing Relationship Between UAE And Israeli-linked Think Tanks

The UAE’s ambassador to the US, Yousef Al Otaiba, welcomes members of former defence secretary Robert Gates’ staff in Abu Dhabi in 2010 [File: AP]

As tensions between Qatar and the Saudi-led block grow, the sides use more and more diplomatic and media tools each against others.

The Qatari state-run media outlet Al Jazeera released a lare article based on leaked emails revealing the hidden Emirati diplomacy in the Middle East.

The latest email leaks from the Hotmail account of the United Arab Emirates’ ambassador to Washington, Yousef al-Otaiba, could threaten Emirati diplomacy and strain regional relations, analysts say.

“If the leaked emails are proved to be genuine, they could become a source of stress for the UAE,” Khalil Jahshan, executive director of the Arab Center Washington DC, told Al Jazeera.

On Saturday, hackers released what they claimed was the first in a series of emails taken from the inbox of Otaiba. The leaks have revealed a strong relationship between the UAEand think-tanks closely allied to Israel, along with Emirati efforts to tarnish the images of Qatar and Kuwait; Emirati involvement in the failed coup attempt in Turkey; and the UAE’s fight against Islamist movements, particularly Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, legal expert Mahmoud Refaat said the leaked emails serve as living proof of what he described as “the Emirates’ heinous crimes” in the region.

The UAE has destroyed entire populations, including the Libyan and the Yemeni people, under the banner of fighting the Muslim Brotherhood,” Refaat said.

Some of the leaked emails include a detailed agenda for a meeting scheduled later this month between officials from the UAE government and representatives of the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, a pro-Israel think-tank. The agenda includes a joint assessment of the changes that have taken place in Saudi Arabia, which proposes a plan to support Saudi stability and its new policy directions.

The agenda also includes a review of internal Saudi policies, domestic challenges faced by the Saudi leadership, foreign policy and the kingdom’s role in stripping legitimacy from worldwide “jihad”,” Al Jazeera’s article reads.

According to the article, the emails also revealed communications between the UAE and the US aimed at preventing a meeting by the Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, in the Qatari capital, Doha.

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Congratulations Israeli’s Mossad for a job well done! It is the vision of Zionist Israel that arab countries beheads each other.


All those failures with ISISs and FSA in the last 7 years are making the Sunnis to loose their heads…

Douglas Houck

This is all a bunch of hoopla: If you want a more complete assessment of the leaked emails go to Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/leakers-share-new-email-dump-targeting-top-arab-diplomat-and-us-foreign-policy-elites_us_5934450be4b0c242ca252468?ncid=inblnkushpmg00000009

Pave Way IV

Complete with one curious aspect missing: Israel. The Huffington Post once again is able to weave through another complex Middle East issue seemingly oblivious to ANY Israeli influence, almost like this is somehow a purely Arab issue.

Here’s the missing backstory pieces to keep in mind when reading HuffPo’s ‘more complete’ assessment:

Israeli-firster neocons were not U.S. Democrats – they did not go away with Clinton’s loss and Trump’s election. In fact, they are stronger than ever now since nobody is effectively in charge anymore in Washington D.C.

The Atlantic Council ‘think tank’ is one of the major propaganda arms of the Israeli-firster neocons. They don’t care what political party runs the U.S,, as long as they drink the Israeli-firster neocon Kool-aid.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracy was formed right after 9/11 to push the interests of the newly-formed Israeli-Saudi alliance. It’s interest have always been: Anti-Iran, Anti-Syria, Anti-Palestine. They seek the total destruction of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Hezbollah (as well as Syria and Iran). And they promote anything that will interfere with Iran making money by selling oil or gas to anyone, ever. Unless they sold it to Israel, I guess. The FDD is Middle East-focused. They don’t work to discourage Russian oil/gas sales – that’s the job of their big brother: The Atlantic Council. The FDD = Israel/Saudis.

The anti-Qatar and anti-Kuwait sentiments of Israel and the Saudis has existed for decades. What’s changed is that they both seek to destroy Qatar and Kuwait now, steal the oil and gas and absorb the territory into some other Arab state. Qatar and Kuwait knew that, and had hid under the skirt of the U.S. by bribing our politicians extremely well. As long as Qatar and Kuwait keep the bribe money flowing, they were somewhat safe from the FDD. Trouble is that they concentrated on bribing Clinton, and Trump won. They are now screwed and scheduled for destruction. A lot of U.S. politicians are still on the Qatar/Kuwaiti bribe payroll, so they’re reluctant to see either country destroyed.

Qatar = major funders of Muslim Brotherhood (Hamas) and support Palestinians, so Israel is just giddy with excitement that Qatar is finally going down. Israel also wants the monopoly on European gas sales, and putting the nail in the coffin on the Qatari gas pipeline moves them one step closer to that. Israel supported the Qatari pipeline years ago because it would have blocked the Iranian pipeline, but today the Qatari pipeline is an unwelcome competitor to Israel’s European-bound Leviathan sales. Qatar is no longer useful and must be destroyed.

The UAE is just aligning with the biggest gangs in town and sucks up to the U.S./Saudi/Israeli mob. Erik Prince (the Balckwater/Academi founder) has created and runs a very large private merc army for the UAE, complete with aircraft and armor. He made a fortune in Afghanistan, and is making a fortune in Yemen. He’s pissed that Qatar is paying the U.S. military for protection. Prince would just as soon have what’s left of Qatar and Kuwait pay HIM for protection, so he can’t wait until they are destroyed. The UAE might also pick up territory/oil/gas from the deal, so Prince wins either way. The CIA depends on the UAE and Prince’s army for shady ops, so it would like to see the UAE stick around and absorb Qatar and Kuwait.

The current leaks ONLY signal the beginning of the takeover/destruction of Qatar and Kuwait that was anticipated after Clinton lost. Nothing has changed EXCEPT these two nations have lost formerly-guaranteed U.S. protection and are vulnerable. The ‘demonization’ phase has begun, cheered on by every U.S. Israeli-firster neocon. Hilarious since Saudi Arabia (and the UAE) are the biggest sponsor of terror in the entire world, and they are pointing fingers at Qatar and Kuwait.


What’s changed is that they both seek to destroy Qatar and Kuwait now, steal the oil and gas and absorb the territory into some other Arab state.

well, they had their chance back in 1990, but somebody drew a line in the sand.

Douglas Houck

Thank you the thoughtful reply. Much appreciated.

I was aware the the Atlantic Council was funded by both Qatar and Israel as I wrote a counter comment to an article in oilprice that used a recent article from the Council to say that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was vital to US national interests and President Trump should try and kill the pipeline as it would all Gazprom to stop transiting natural gars through Ukraine. All of that is factually wrong and is nothing more than Fake News and russophobia nonsense.

In reading a number of newspapers write up on the Qatar fall out, it’s clear nobody has a good understanding of why the rest of the Gulf countries have reacted the way they have, as all the stated reasons make no sense other than the Muslim Brotherhood angle.

Could this be related to the three Muslim Brotherhood Pakistani brothers, Abid, Imran, and Jamal Awan, who were recently fired and barred from being IT help to many Democratic Congress persons including ex DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and they are thought to have forewarned the Yemen Al-Qaeda group about the Navy Seal raid?


I’m not a fan of the “It’s about the pipeline” viewpoint. Pipelines are proposed all the time and few to none are going to be built in this area. The Iran-Pakistan Peace pipeline is going nowhere as is the Iran-Turkey-Europe pipeline.

“Israel also wants the monopoly on European gas sales, and putting the nail in the coffin on the Qatari gas pipeline moves them one step closer to that. Israel supported the Qatari pipeline years ago because it would have blocked the Iranian pipeline, but today the Qatari pipeline is an unwelcome competitor to Israel’s European-bound Leviathan sales.”

Nobody is getting any monopoly on European gas sales. Even Gazprom, which sells the most natural gas to Europe sell less than 40% of European total. Israel has already pointed out that while they have some significant gas volumes, it is nothing compared to Russia. Something like 10%. Besides with Nord Stream 2 and the Turkish Stream, Gazprom can provide, at the lowest cost of anyone, the natural gas needs of Europe for the next 20 years. There is a world wide glut of natural gas especially LNG, so the Israeli’s are going to have a hard time exporting much of theirs.

Now having said that, I found it interesting in reading about the various proposed natural gas pipelines for both Qatar and Iran that Qatar stated their viewpoint was the world would reach peak oil before 2050 leaving natural gas as the major fossil fuel of which they have a lot of. I can see Saudi Arabia, which at current production rates runs out of oil in 70 years, and the other oil based Gulf states would love to have all that natural gas. Everyone is seeing the ending of oil and need some Plan A/B for when it happens.

Not sure if Qatar will actually be taken over, or its a warning shot across the bow to Qatar that they need to back the desires of President Trump.

Again, thanks for the reply


relationships and symphonies of destruction…tomorrow you will hear the band


Smoke in the eyes.


All this demonstrates that those with immense wealth are blinded by their stupidity and greed that threatens to destroy them all. These people already have enough wealth to keep them in the style they desire for thousands of years and still they want more.

When they die there will be few tears shed for them and that includes the Elite in Israel.

Justin Ryan

They were most likely talked into the pipeline deal by the USA who would gain by the Qatari’ trading in US dollars and would also put a halt to the Russian pipelines via Ukraine. Looks like now that won’t happen.


These Salafi hyena-states were bound to go for each other’s jugular eventually. If Syrian war unrolled as per scenario they would probably start fighting for the spoils. Since SAA refused to play ball and surrender and their ISIL proxy army started hitting Europe more often, annoying the establishment, Gulf terror kingdoms lost the nerve and did what bullies usually do when they get a bloody nose – they ganged up on one of their own. I hope this signals the end of Salafi coordinated action against Syria – less money, less weapons and less jihadists. This may well be the most important victory for Syria in this war…

Justin Ryan

Yes I agree that it could be the most important victory for Syria. But there is still the border issue between Iraq and Syria as the israeli’s don’t want a transit route that goes from Iran to Lebanon

Miguel Redondo

Next step… Saudi regime shuts down Al-Jazeera offices inside the country


this reaction makes me believe that Al Jazeera has nailed it.


Interesting evolvment. Yeah, how the true enemy of man is been highlighted by this move from the Qatar Gov and its realignments with Iran. What is remarkable is the attacks, from Egypt (Israel controlled) to Saudi(Israeli controlled) witch comes as no suprice, and for once the Quatrains have done something right.

And the narratives pimped about Saudi been innocent, is just so far out that nobody believes it, of course the MSM would try to pimp this as something of an truth, but nobody believe them either. The Israel connection isnt an suprice at all and thats why I am so pissed upon the Chines and Russians pussyfooting, to me its just another side of the same coin, coward rotten souls, where greed is their mantra, all to protect the worst terror state we have had for 70 years.

And why Hamas is suddenly in the picture is also remarkable, and why, weird, and where is Jordan, another uSISIa and Israeli bitch.

Wise move Qatar.


Justin Ryan

Keep in mind that Bahrain (although small) is something like 70-80% Shias et is Sunni ruled! There has been uprisings there before but was quietly quelled by the Saudi’s. This is where the US fifth fleet is based. Keep ur eye out for an uprising there. I believe that with this momentum, the Iranian’s, iraqi’s, syrian’s will be quite happy to lend a helping hand for them.


Leaking falsehood.

Real Anti-Racist Action

People by the ten’s of thousands every month are finally totally waking up to the fact that Israel is the key player behind all of this. “Israel is our only friend in the middle east. Before Israel we had no enemies in the middle east” -America

M. Simon

There are quite a few States still at war with them. What else would you expect under the circumstances?

Menachem Ben Yakov

I have never seen so many assholes posting together.

Do you guys get together in public toilets too?

Go back to writing with crayons in public bathrooms.

What a bunch of dopes.

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