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JUNE 2021

Al Jazeera Releases Fake Footage from ‘Bombed Hospital’ in Eastern Aleppo

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Al Jazeera Releases Fake Footage from 'Bombed Hospital' in Eastern Aleppo

Screenshot from the video

While US-backed ‘moderate opposition’ groups torture people in the city of Homs, the Qatari state-run broadcaster ‘Al Jazeera’ supports the US-led media campaign against the Syrian government forces’ anti-terrorist operations in Aleppo city.

The footage below (released by Al Jazeera) should depict some ‘bombed hospital’ in the militant-controlled neighborhoods of Aleppo city.

Let’s look at the “injured” guy on the right:

Now, you know all what you need about the well-known ‘independent’ coverage of the conflict by the mainstream media.

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And the Oscar goes to the man with the beard


And the Oscar is go to, Hilary Clinton. clap clap clap.


It’s difficult to say because the guy is shown for such a short time. Well it could be so, yes and really, nothing to be surprised about. But would Al-Jazeera be party to producing propaganda on behalf of ISIS?


How does (potentially) restoring truth to a bullshit story become “propaganda on behalf of ISIS”?
Maybe the western imperialists didn’t have to create fake shit that comes to bite them in the ass to begin with. Or even more didn’t have to pour grade A weapons blindly all over the Middle East then whine about jihadists going crazy. But fuck me as usual.

Johan Vermeulen

Solid proof that they are faking to be wounded. The man is enjoying it, and smiling. But then to his surprise he sees the camera swaying his way and quickly changes his smile to a painful expression. Now, if he was really wounded and smiling for a real funny thing, why would he change his face so quickly ?

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