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Al-Hol Camp: State Of Crime, Torture And Misery

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Al-Hol Camp: State Of Crime, Torture And Misery

Source: UNICEF/UN0277723/Souleiman

Submitted by Khaled Iskef.

The al-Hol camp is a time-bomb for what the remnants of ISIS and their families under this Kurdish administration in northern Syria.

The camp was originally established to house Iraqi refugees in early 1991 during the second Gulf War and later reopened after the influx of Iraqi immigrants into Syria following the 2003 invasion of Iraq, as one of three camps on the Syrian-Iraqi border.

After repeated defeats of ISIS in Syria on all the fighting axes, the families and remnants of the organization had no choice but to seek refuge in Al-Hol camp, one of the camps set up in the southern outskirts of Al-Hol city, located in the Hasakah governorate in northeastern Syria

The order started with containing 10,000 people, and by April of the year 2019 this number sharply increased, reaching an estimated 74,000 people, including 50 000 children.

Not all camp residents are families of ISIS militants. After the battle of Al-Baghouz Fawqani, the last battle of Qasd with ISIS, many residents of the surrounding areas fled to escape the bombing and violence to the camp.

Some of those in the camp were victims of the extremist ideology of ISIS, and they were fought, tortured and killed by the remnants of the organization’s elements scattered in the camp. The displaced there are those who embrace the Yazidi religion, as if they do not become Muslims, they deserve execution asISIS member there have said.

ISIS’s threats to the people inside the camp were not a wish-wash, as 34 murders were recorded during the first three months of 2021 only.

Not only murders threaten the camp. Deterioration of living conditions and insecurity under the flimsy and lax leadership that is represented by the members of the Syrian Democratic Forces left the camp in a state of chaos and threats. Residents suffer whether from ISIS or from difficult life conditions such as hunger and cold.

In 2019, a girl died as a result of severe cold and poor health care. This was only one among many accidents of child deaths due to the deterioration of the health situation and weather conditions.

This is what forced UNICEF to call for the return of children and women who have been Western and European citizens back to their countries. At the same time governments of these countries refuse to take them back because of fear of the spread of extremist ideology in their countries.

Especially after fears emerged that the children of these families began to embrace the Wahhabi ideas of ISIS, and they were heard chanting slogans of ISIS throughout the camp, as many of the camp’s teenagers became extremists who might pose a threat to the country of their nationality.

The US Deputy Secretary of Defense Michael Mallory said in his interview with the Council on Foreign Relations that many of the camp’s children are learning the ideology and beliefs of ISIS, and that the camp residents have one point of view and one philosophy only. He claimed that if the international community did not come up with a way to rehabilitate and integrate them into society, it their next generation would be the new ISIS.

Al-Hol Camp: State Of Crime, Torture And Misery

SDF special operation in al-Hol

It should be noted that recently the SDF have announced the arrest of more then a  hundred of ISIS members, including those responsible for the killings, which have increased in frequency since the beginning of the year, said Ali Al-Hassan, the official spokesman for the security forces in the Qasd during a press conference held at his headquarters in the town of Al-Hol.

On April 4, 125 militants were arrested who committed more than 47 killings inside the camp since the beginning of 2021.

On March 31st, the Qasd arrested 70 members of ISIS, including the Sharia judge of Al-Hol camp. This was Abu Muhammad Al-Jumaili, an Iraqi national born in Anbar Province, where he previously worked as a Sharia judge in the ranks of Al-Qaeda in Iraq before moving to Syria to join the organization ISIS as a religion judge .

According to SANA, this move comes after the Qasd’s announcement that it had cordoned off the al-Hol camp in preparation for its storming, after a call from the region’s notables to rescue them from the brutality of the extremist Wahhabi organization.

Humanitarian and military observers believe that the extremist state of terror that persists in the camp will have a devastating impact on the efforts exerted in the fight against ISIS globally and in Syria in particular.


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