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JUNE 2021

Al-Arabiya: Syrian Talks will be moved to New York

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Al-Arabiya News Network has reported that internationalpeace talks on Syria, scheduled for December 18, will be moved to New York City from Vienna.

Al-Arabiya: Syrian Talks will be moved to New York

Originally appeared at FARS, translated by Aidin exclusively for SouthFront

In a report by the international group of Fars News Agency, an Arabic newschannel has reported that the international talks on the Syrian Crisis thatused be held in Vienna will from now on be held in New York City instead.

The international talks on Syrian Crisis recently took place in Vienna with thepresence of various countries, including Iran. At the end of two rounds of talks,a joint statement with intention of finding an appropriate political solutionto solve this crisis was made.

Today (Wednesday), however, Al-Arabiya Network also reported that theinternational talks on Syrian Crisis will be moved to New York from Vienna.

According to this Saudi network, the next round of talks is planned to takeplace on Dec. 18 in New York City.

Al-Arabiya has not provided any additional details. However, New York City isthe location of the United Nations headquarters,, and in the past this city hostedother important meetings and discussions such as the Iran 5+1 format.

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