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JUNE 2021

Al Abadi denounces possible deployment of American troops on Iraqi territory

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Iraqi PM claims that his government hasn’t requested the deployment of troops to any side in order to fight Daesh.

Al Abadi denounces possible deployment of American troops on Iraqi territory

Haider Al Abadi, Iraqi Prime Minister

Haider Al Abadi, Iraq’s Prime Minister said on a statement released on Thursday that  he has not requested any country to send ground troops into Iraqi territory and will consider any such move as a “hostile act”. This, in response to the US’ intentions to deploy Special Forces in the country.

“The Iraqi government confirms its firm and categorical rejection of any action of this kind issued by any country that violates Iraq’s national sovereignty”, Al Abadi also said in the statement.

The Iraqi leader claimed that what his country needs right now to fight The Islamic State (IS) is the provision of weapons, ammunition and training from its partners and allies, not ground intervention of any country or international coalition.

According to a US Combined Joint Task Force spokesman, Colonel Steve Warren, about 100 Expeditionary Targeting Force personnel would be sent to Iraq. In fact there are some US senators proposing tripling that number to dispatch Special Forces to Iraq to fight Islamic State, both in Iraq and northern Syria.

In fact, the country’s State of Law Coalition and Al Abadi himself have claimed that in accordance to the effectiveness that Russian sorties have shown in the fight against Daesh, if there was a proposal of Russian intervention on Iraqi territory, they would consider it seriously and welcome it if accepted.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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I don’t know much about him personally, but Colonel Steve Warren is undoubtedly nothing but a parrot for a heard of liars heading the US military. Like their father the devil, there is no truth in them.

Oksanna Zoschenko

Contrary to the bleating Western media, greater cooperation between the Iraq government, Syria, Iran and Russia can only be a good thing. Everyone needs friends, with so many enemies around the region.

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