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Akademik Cherskiy Arrives In Kaliningrad In Preparation To Complete Nord Stream 2

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Akademik Cherskiy Arrives In Kaliningrad In Preparation To Complete Nord Stream 2

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The pipe-laying vessel Akademik Chersky has arrived in the Kaliningrad region for sea and pre-operational tests.

The pipe-layer is preparing to join the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, this is evidenced by the data of the global vessel positioning system MarineTraffic.

The operator of the project, Nord Stream 2 AG, announced earlier that after the tests, the vessel will begin laying its pipe section in the exclusive economic zone of Denmark, where the Fortuna pipe-layer is already operating.

A Danish maritime authority notice confirms pipe-laying up to September in locations near Borholm Island up to the German border. Two pipe-laying vessels, Akademik Cherskiy and fellow Russian-flagged Fortuna, two construction vessels and other supply vessels will operate in the area.

About 110km of pipe-laying remains in Danish waters and about 28km in German waters, Nord Stream 2 said today. The project operator had earlier detailed that 16.5km of one string and 13.9km of the remaining string required laying in Germany. Vessel tracking software suggests the Fortuna laid about 12km on the route’s other string in the last 30 days, equal to about 400m/d.

Nord Stream 2 said before the Fortuna re-starting pipe-laying that around 120km of the Danish route remained.

Both vessels operating in Danish and German waters from May could allow construction to be completed this summer. The Fortuna requires use of anchors when laying pipes, slowing progress compared with pipe-laying vessels with dynamic positioning systems, which may include Akademik Cherskiy.

Appeals against amendments to Nord Stream 2’s German permit seek to block the use of anchored vessels in German waters in October-May. But this would not prevent works outside this period. “Everything depends on the [sea] trials,” Nord Stream 2 said.

US sanctions had pushed a number of insurers out of the project.

And a number of contractors, including independent certification body DNV GL, wound down verification activities required by permits for the project. Nord Stream 2 had contracted the Norwegian firm to “verify the safety and technical integrity” of the project and to issue a certificate of compliance upon its “satisfactory completion”, DNV GL said.

The restart of pipe-laying on both strings suggests that Nord Stream 2 has secured alternative verification and certification services consistent with DEA requirements, given on-board observation of pipe-laying has typically formed part of project operations to date.

The US State Department said that further sanctions may be imposed on Russia in March 2021, associated with the poisoning of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny. But penalties under the relevant legislation will not affect the project, unlike those under other laws that directly mention the pipeline.

Regardless, construction is happening, and the project is soon to be completed.

Additionally, it would be irresponsible not to complete Nord Stream 2, taking into account economic considerations, Johann Zaathoff, coordinator of the German government for intersocial cooperation with Russia, said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“For both economic reasons and taking into account the national economy, it seems to me that it would be irresponsible not to complete this project,” Zaathoff said.

He recalled that Nord Stream 2 is 97% complete, and about 100 different private companies are participating in it.

“Nord Stream 2 is important for the gas supply to Germany and the EU, it is important for the diversification of sources. The gas pipeline is also a kind of bridge connecting Germany and Russia, as well as the European Union with the Russian gas network. These connections need to be established and maintained, not destroyed. Even at the present time,” said the coordinator.

“In addition, we are facing serious challenges in connection with the goals of climate protection on our continent and in our countries, which, in my opinion, can only be achieved jointly. I would like to see success in working together, from the German and Russian sides, in accordance with the goals of the Paris climate agreement until 2050, we would like to have the same intensive cooperation in energy as now, but based on renewable energy sources such as, for example, hydrogen,” the official said.


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So two vessels have been modernized for high precision work due to (NS2) Sanctions. With Sanctions like these, who needs foreign aid?

Jens Holm

Maybee Youn should look up what the sanctions are and the reasons for them.

Anothr good start could be looking at the Russia import. By thats those ships are not “row row Your boat”

Lone Ranger

Most excellent Comrades 🤗👍🏅 CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage :)

Jens Holm

Others too. Danes has been against it because it delay replacing the fossils even EU has plans for that replacements and We are behind scedule.

Lone Ranger

Danes are against it because your are CIA bootlickers. Replacing fossil fuels first step is to move from coal and oil to clean natural gas. You can’t bypass that step without killing people and collapsing your economy. Better luck next time Trollstoy 😘

Jens Holm

So far only 50% of the danish electricity is cowered by windpower, which we invented and is a world insutriel complex for good reasons copied by millions and millions of others in mpost parts of the world.

We continue to build out, so we with no problems can have enough electricity for cars too.

We are for both and do import gas Ourself MORON. The last 30 years we have produced our own gas as well as oil, so we know Europe has a lack of energy very well.

We for the time being has one of the finest economies in the whole world. Thats because we are KNOW HOW.

So we are not bypassing anything. We build out the replacements for both oil and gas and also know very well, we cant replace all of it. So far 200 days a year we are fully covered and export electrity and buy back 165 days a year in a plus balance.

We also build solar electricity.

We hardly use any coal anymore, so buzz off, we are not in that level anymore and havnt been for years.

Our worries are as I wrote, that the devellopment to non fossils will be delayed by cheep fossils. We dont want that. Enough is enough if there are cleaner and much cheeper solutions. Wind is.

Go to a traumecenter with Your CIA infection. We are in Western Economies with USA and sell them more then they buy from us.

You and others deny or are not able to understand how integrated we are as “west” with each other. We are not countries having combinates but help each other in a very well established kapitalistic systems, which mainly is much better then the alternatives.

A new example fx could be the new Marslander. Here 4 parts are Our, because we are among the best to the best price. We are experts in mini-sat https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/06f893f79681c7e59b5ebb0abb9728020ba588bc62c55050a077570ca6aa2edb.jpg elites and others are experts in the rest.

Facts are we also seemes to be number 7 in GDP pr capita, so dont come with advices about going back to naturel gas.

May can build out a lot improving their economy as well as their independensy. They should and do it faster.

Lone Ranger

Only problem is Jens not everybody has a windy country with big oil and gas reserves. Time to lay off the LSD…

Jens Holm

I never said and wrote anything like that at all.

I wrote wind and solarpower should be implemented with no gas delay, where its cheeper and also much cleaner and many has not done that yet. But systems are being build every day.

Even if its only 10 or 20% its a lot A LOT of money in import and also in dependensy.

I will remind You and others, that windpower started as 4 times more expensive then fuel and gas was cheeper then now.

Today the wind systems are still improving, so more can use them in more places then now. They are much cheeper too.

In the EU plans its also included, that We has to insolate Our houses much better and mechanic tools inclusive light should be optimized. We want that fulfilled faster and better. Even Denmark is a little behind in that too.

Lone Ranger

You are losing it Jens… You cant even remember the gibberish you wrote 30mins ago… Sad story, really. Get better soon mate…

Ricky Miller

Denmark is a small country with a small population. Geographically, it is exposed to strong winds. Most states around the world have far larger population densities and are not blessed with the per capita wind resources your country enjoys. They need natural gas as a stepping stone, not to wind or solar but to nuclear and hydrogen. Super-cities and large industrial footprints need energy, Jens. If your pea-brain can’t figure out basic population to resource statistics and have an inability to figure up energy demands for more industrialized regions than that’s your problem and all the long diatribes by you, much of it nonsensical, won’t change the basic facts of the situation. People in your country and you yourself, no doubt, are against NS2 because it’s Russian, and America tells you to hate it. Full Stop.

Jens Holm

A start would be You actually read what I have been writing.

Robert Ferrin

Yep that’s what Texas relied on and the people got a $9,000 dollar bill, guess we can do without it until they can come up with a reliable means of generating electric.!!

Jens Holm

Your comment on that is a fake. Wind is only a very small part of the texas production about 20%, so You write crap. We are not like You.

What about Your cars: seatbelt, airbag etc:(

We in Denmark and most other people seemes to be more clever then people in Texas. We have 100% backup for wind by fuel.

Another thing we have is we are connected to other grids and can import and export, which is Germany, Sweden and Norway. They even can restart Ours as well as we can restart theirs – in a limited version, but it will work all over if people only use vitals – like pumping and for that matter cleaning water.

Its a good solution. When winds are here, we have very cheep electricity and export for many dollars. By that we also can import more expensive electrity made by fossils/gas.

By that we also has the already made network and distribution.

Texas has none of those connections and even has denied to have it.

Robert Ferrin

Yes indeed but when those windmill blades froze up and they no long could turn it almost brought the whole system down seeing you know very little about this country you shouldn’t even try to comment on something you know nothing about except propaganda…

Jens Holm

It cant happen here. If something is wrong like that it is CUT and REPLACE. The replacement long time before that is on standby ready to open.

And its ready because of ewxperts in weatherrapports also including fast risk for ICE. They cover everything using routinemeesages with warnings by TV, Radio, Inyternet and police.

20% missing as You have in Texas dont collapse everything here at all. The voltage will go down and only few locals will have no electricity.

People are told only to use vitals and by that saving for some time, they “easy” can make stability almost all over.

I do know a lot about Your country. I just told You, that if those windpower systems in Our systems cant collapse, what we have – BECAUSE.

I also just told You we just cut off non working systems and replace them with 100% backout.

You have saved into stupidity money and of course now and then has to pay the price in high risk.

Its easy to understand, when I listen to Your kind acting like babies blaming others for, whats in their diepers.

You just simply has focus on FREEDOM, but You forget You by that also has to be a more RESPONSIBLE PERSON. If not its anarcy,

Dont blame windmills unless You are Don Quijote. Blame the ones like Yourself not understanding vitals for safety.

Its very well descriebed how You are and think. How many times do You have to shoot the messengers. Biden might betterr then Trump, but You need Sanders and an open mind for needed changes.

We have some of them but You of course has to implement them in Your own very needed versions. None can implement or implement things if they are not able to learn by own blindfolding.

I see it well from here. Most Americans learn nothing about how things are in the rest of the world and cant even copy whats much better the Yours.

Tempting to add You have too many dummy test, so You dont learn thinking but a lot of stuff which is disconnected and by that of no use.

We are well known for the opposite and people even from China and Japan comes here and learn and implement new vitals to their own systems.

cechas vodobenikov

jensy fabricating again—nation of sexually repressed rapists–estimated 25,000 annually—fewer than 100 convictions…massive foreign debt—racist Danes need turks Palestinians to teach how to make 17th century dutch windmill —then jens drug addict claims she invented dane rowboat navy spends hundreds millions$ to accept special CIA dildo — the LSD makes you believe they lubed it…

Robert Ferrin

Hmm, maybe that’s their new energy provider but it looks kind of tricky maybe Dallas ought to look into one of those.!!

Jens Holm

It certainly is but not for all. For many its a very big source and for some its not even there.

And correct. Most of The Dallas people around the world se the signs and replace more and more fossils with wind. By that You see the Bob Ewings being big private companies or the States promote themself as clean and nice to the inviroments. And they and we are.

In Denmark we have very small players being owners or owners by shares as well as the really big ones.

I would say they have replaced dirty coal with clean electricity.

People like us better can implement supplements, where they becomes main faster and better then many others. Thats because we are mixted in structure, which USA is not.

In one hand we have hard capitalisme but in the other hand we have succes in compensating the bad sides making less loosers, because we includes people.

We have free schools, free education, we even pay people to study and to find their skills, so they work hard. They of course are rewarded by it but they also becomes the best taxpayers, they can.

We see all citicens here as investments. And of course we waste money money too having loosers. But private entreprice is same thing. They go bankrups too.

In crime its same thing. We do a lot to keep people in activity and out from the jails. If We compare thats almost as expensive as we see in USA wellfare BUT we do prefare many more social workers in the streets compared to highly armed police.

We do have succes about including people. USA could learn a lot from us in those matters.

People in USA naming us as Socialists have no ears and eyes. If so it pays off. For the moment we in 2020 are number 10 in GDP making 57.000 dollars each. USA is number 7 making 63.000 in GDP each.

Thats not so bad for “socialisme” – isnt it.


Pretty stupid condisering not only cleaner gas saving a helluva needless transportation shipping implications,but also the the fact these pires are also hydrogen gas capable,rendering the skeptcs,utterly rearded my every means of imaginations,Hyrdogen gas is the future,but if your a imf,ecb,greens,cia ratarded bottlicker,im afraid that will only make their fascism dumber than dumb,cleaner energy is the future,yet when it comes to the mains,you don’t wanna end up like texans paying over the roof in far excessive needless taxes,rates,wholesaling at all, Replacements are simply unwarranted in colder climates,ones gotta use their head,not the phaedos strappy on tied onto it,for the sake of mankind,wisen greens!

Jens Holm

But danish science as well as many of the politiciens support hydrogene. We try to improve to make large scale productions.

When the wind blows, we can make it cheep and use it, when the wind dont blow 165 days a year.

It will come. Today we export electricity and buy electricity mainly made by fossils. That can be changed.

You even seem to compare us with texans. It shows how little You know about us. Biden try to correct them. They waste a lot of gas to the sky just burning it. Americans mainly are wasters of a lot of energy.

Just as for the hospitals, they use double compared to us, but have a lousy cost benefit.

Rhodium 10

Danes cannot do nothing!…they allowed ND2 in exchange of Artic Route for Maersk!…now they will have Railways route from Maersk Hub in St Pete to China…and Japan( Yokohama) to Arhus ( Denmark) by artic route…to compete with Cosco, MSC ,CMA CGM, Evergreen line…among others

Jens Holm

Well, Im only a small stockholder in Maersk. I have written my opion about it and told all about it.

Outsourcing s best to the price and includes politics. Thats the game. You seemes to forget they and we know that and politics from here is over private companies. Here You might even forget somebody even might like us better, when we dont trade with Russia:)

We will see if that trade exist for real. We have disagreed a lot with the rest of EU about it. That really matters much more then the Russians.

Rhodium 10

EU is a bottomless pit..in other words a slot machine…Germany know it.

Jens Holm

We see it pays off. Not many slot machines do that.

cechas vodobenikov

danes make racist excuse for having no culture—danes now made in Hollywood Disneyland US colony….you provide amerikans cheese, they provide you lube with dildo

Jens Holm

We hope You wont come here. Thats why we do it.

Actually we had agroup named Disneyland after dark. That named was not allowed. Pluto said no.

So they became D.A.D.


…And we have Legolands

johnny rotten

It is the EU that needs Russian gas, much more than Russia needs to sell it, China and many other Asian countries are better customers and are not squeamish, the Brussels-based gay tyranny must be careful if they don’t want to pass the next winters in the cold and with the factories closed.

Jens Holm

At least 4 things are highly incorrect in those 3,05 lines.


Here we have dancing queen https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a9e41f09347b2d24452109b9a1b06301626d712c55747441a0d8fd359131f309.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8fce8d3c486f0f4db5c211a8f5d25abab5f27765c3f4125297048c62b124e90f.jpg


I’m afraid the truth has rendered your gai pro retard,overcomplexed stupid zeal to the dustbin of history where all the scheming no good dumb facist rants belong, you have been simply out witted ,outclassed,outperformed and cannot beat the real deal powrerhouse,insomuch as the others are begging to wake up and go for the clear advantage,see you can accuse orthodoxy christians all you like,but in the end truth is the valour far more exciting opportunities than boring dullard cia assfloggeds

Jens Holm

Im immune for Your waste of naming me things You dont like. I love many of them. We even has pigs as pets https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cf20f47fe5c0b2ec03252965cabf89536e7004d06b7088927b8694961802fc13.jpg

Lost Empire

The “new” wikings are coming! At the latest in 20 years, Denmark as well as Sweden will be muslim



Jens Holm

That dont cover the Saudi gas, which today is too hidden for export. They have – so to speak – an own Sibiria desert with a lot of gas.

Thereeven are plans for it with a pipeline to their westcoast for shipments or even a pipeline fx to Port Said. So far its too expensive.

Reserves in You grahics must be the parts, which You could get tomorrow or just after that. But nice to know.

cechas vodobenikov

rehab too expensive—dane medium income lower than USA after dane monarchy takes more than 50% in earnings…low Macdonald’s Danes earn 22$ USD, per hour, after taxes and union fees–earn 11 USD per hour, enough for amerikan dildo lube and broken bike….amerika dictatorship medium salary–34,000$…..dane less after taxes

Jens Holm

Yoou dont see netto. We dont pay for schools. We dont pay for education. We dont pay much for healtcare. We dont play a single dollar at a hospital. We dont have courts figting about millions as compensation for dayli life, because the state pays it. We have free pension and a good one.

By that the 11 dollars has ti be added a lot.

You should come and see. We are not as You have learned in Your dummy school by propgandizing.

The other way is same thing. You forget all the insurrences the Americans has lower their netto income to spend a lot.

GDPs pr capita is close to equal. 57.000 for USA and for us its 53.000

Jens Holm

Some proud Hindu got censured. He might have died and already has regained as a worm.

Hard times for his plastic duclings having nothing to play with. pLastic ducligs are the best. They dont poll https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/25cca92d422f928a4c3aa12fc4647a88ded0c497ec040bbc62cb2ae61e1a8e8a.jpg ute the water.

Ricky Miller

Nonsensical drivel. Still getting paid by the State Department, I see, to stupid up the conversations at resistance sites around the web. Good for you. It’s good work, as long as you have a broken moral compass and a strong spirit for neo-colonialism. March on for the man, Jens.

Jens Holm

We have paid svimming lessons. They have promised us the first destination will be Syria, where we will repopulate it.

So far only 20.000 hard working Syrian refugees has replaced us here. We are not forced but will be paid about 1 lira a day and two if we marry a war widow voluteer and makes more soldiers for Assads.

They are desperate down there prefaring danes for Syrians.

cechas vodobenikov

crack addict post CIA cartoon

cechas vodobenikov

now that oil is at $71 per barrel, Russia reserves increasing…while amerikan unfree market has millions in food lines and their corruptocracy nearly 30 trillion debt and food prices increasing dramatically, price controls on basic food products in Russia pre-electric Texas cannot provide water to half of population: unfortunately they missed opportunity to join the civilized nation to the south…despite increasing poverty and degradation in cultural desert autocracy their CIA pays jens to post neologisms at SF

Jens Holm

And I lowve to have my own well paid job. My mothers even dead still makes money from the necrofiles and when their is only bones left, we will buy Spain and maybee Lictenstein as well.

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