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Turkish Forces Lick Wounds After Airstrikes Hit Their Base In Libya

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After a short break, the military confrontation between the Libyan National Army mainly backed up by Egypt and the UAE and the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord has once again entered an open phase.

On July 5, aircraft of the Libyan National Army conducted nine pinpoint airstrikes on the Turkish-operated al-Watiya Air Base in western Libya. According to the LNA, the strikes destroyed a Hawk air-defense system, several radars and a KORAL electronic warfare system. The Hawk system and other equipment were deployed to the base by the Turkish military in early July.

Turkish state media confirmed the incident saying that the strikes “targeted some of the base’s equipment, which was recently brought in to reinforce the base, including an air-defense system”. Pro-Turkish sources claimed that the airstrikes were carried out not by the LNA, but rather by the Egyptian or UAE Air Force. According to them, the warplanes took off from Egypt’s Sidi Barrani Air Base. However, according to the LNA, the strikes were delivered by its aircraft deployed in Libya. Commenting on the situation, the GNA said that it would respond at the “right place and at the right time.”

While the GNA in fact has no resources to conduct extensive airstrikes deep inside the territory controlled by the LNA, Ankara will have to respond to this attack in some way if it really wants to demonstrate that Turkey is committed to achieving a military victory (or at least a partial military victory) in the conflict in Libya.

At least 5,250 Syrian militants out of 15,300 originally deployed in Libya have returned to Syria, according to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The SOHR claimed that 300 Syrian child soldiers are still fighting in Libya. All of them range in ages between 14 and 18. Most of them were recruited by the Turkish-backed al-Sultan Murad Division. It’s interesting to note that the numbers provided by the SOHR mostly fit other sources that argue that about 10,000 Turkish-backed Syrian militants are currently deployed in Libya.

Therefore, Ankara is apparently set to continue its offensive operations by the hands of the GNA and Syrian groups in the countryside of Sirte. This strategic port city is now the main priority of Turkish-led forces.

On the other hand, if Turkey continues escalating the conflict, it may force Egypt and the UAE, the main backers of the LNA, to provide direct military support to the LNA and directly intervene in the conflict. In this case, the Libyan ‘civil war’ will officially turn into a war between Turkey and the UAE-Egypt bloc.

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Turkey has Finally meet it`s match in LIBYA ..10,000 Syrian TERRORIST including 300 child SOLDIERS NOT LOOKING GOOD for a NATO MEMBER

Mustafa Mehmet

400 women..301 child..10.000 mujahideen soldeies ……let the game start….clueless idiot https://media2.giphy.com/media/YPsmTqYiHCMYtlsfKZ/giphy.gif

El Mashi

Turkey will fall apart from within. European banks will put a siege on Turkey just like Venezuela. Will need Russia to save Turkey.

Mustafa Mehmet

Who’s going to help Russia? do not worry we can survive?..

cechas vodobenikov

turkey durak—Russia has no debt–a surplus–your debt is farcical…without Russian /German tourists u would become 4th world in 2 years—most oil/gas is purchased from Russia…Russia has positive balance of trade w Japan, China, Hungary, India, former Soviet republics, Armenia, Germany, etc…as your lira degenerates, poverty and internal antagonism increases u will retreat from syria/Libya…u may survive, but u will not thrive 40-60 million extreme poverty turkey and increasing/zero in Russia and ordinary poverty diminishing

Mustafa Mehmet

Again who’s gonna help Russia all you need to do is look around Moscow streets you can’ see lots off people begging for food…millions of people living in poverty or you still under vodo magic. Wake up smell the coffee

Raptar Driver

It’s worse in LA.

cechas vodobenikov

insecure turkey has never been to Moscow

Jens Holm

Its so funny very sad. It makes no sense a few citycenters in Russia is doing prettty weel if You dont add the rest doing not so well or often very bad.

That goes for other countries too. China is a good example but they can be explained by Maoand his terifying rule made all not dead to poor or worse.

Jens Holm

I think its difficult to compare, but USA has their bad probloems too.,

cechas vodobenikov

I drink your despicable coffee—utter nonsense—turkeys beg and sell trash to tourists—zero beggars, no homeless, no extreme poverty –u pitiful do do birds—40-60 million extreme poverty according to your own lying govt…nice try turkey

Mustafa Mehmet

Russia unemployment 4.5%? dream on. that’s way lots of Russian ladies takes work and holidays all over the world your guess asgood as mine what work holiday.

cechas vodobenikov

dimwit turkey–u r too incompetent to use a search engine….LOL….you turkeys r famous beggars….even in Ukraine if I observe a beggar, it will be a gypsy, similar to turkeys apparently

Mustafa Mehmet

I heard about third world but never five.. now little girl you don’t know what you’re talking about go back to your cave and play with yourself don’t forget your dummy

Jens Holm

He is not incompetent in search at all. You systematicly makes a lot of mistakes about Russia. They easy can be confirmed by many sources.

In your Tourisme explaing You have no Russian tourists in Turkey:)


Cechas , love, russia is nothing but a huge gas station with drunkards below replenishment rate, not speaking about high fluctuations of Russian Ruble and its immense loss during last years as Russian economy is mainly an oil based one.

Quit trying to present russia as a piece from heaven where everything is fine and dandy , it is a big and powerfull country with big and complex problems. Life standards there are not even comparable with US and Denmark. In fact it is a complete shit hole when compared with Denmark or US. LOL

It is not the bastion of democracy either looking at the dissidents ”jumping” out of windows.

So go ahead , sell what you want , but quit being a clown.


Run !



Triggered imbecil.




Imbecile ; theguy in yr TIF is Jeremy Clarkson ..

And this is what he thinks about Greece .

By John Kaponi

The BBC Top Gear and Sun columnist Jeremy Clarkson has angered the Greek population of the United Kingdom with racist and insensitive comments made in his weekly newspaper column in the Saturday edition of The Sun, were describes Greece as a “toilet”.

In an article “Holiday ad cuts a’tache” Clarkson refers to a recent campaign by the Greek National Tourist board in London, were a women is pictured with Clarkson referring “and a girl who didnt look all that Greek either. She didn’t have a moustache for instance”.

Uninformed low IQ clown..


Υes yes, very interesting what yet another English clown thinks but please tell us more, speak on the European specially made for Turks microphone :

[Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/QrcmSif.png) hahahha dumbaaaass!


Look imbecile, you learned something.

Next time be more careful when you are posting stupidities prepared by yr 13 yar old retarded son.


Υou just got ”touched” by a Greek again ! Enjoy it !



Imbecile , instead of losing yr time with childish photoshops, go and do sth abt Turkish warships meddling yr acclaimed EEZ.


Its done. You got no legal basis to be there, one thing at the time mongol.


…meanwhile Erdogay should make sure your boats got liefevests on. hahahah Turks trying to have a navy !


M.A. Lamett

Gayreeks. You say you are ancient Greek. So you accept to be a gay?

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2a18edfeb98aa24b196b291bec4fb291bb44df8d8d64f043cc2065290980567e.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/10a66333b2ffc4d94e826d1893bf217fa5b1571e0f0683aa881aabc96756eb5b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eff04ce5ea44db4eaf9761e29da56159679d53ee4240a41377286da171a3e2d1.jpg



…you love the Greek c0ck so much that you sit on your computer making photoshop gay pictures !

Your Sultan of TurkGay will not be happy :

[Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/PClMquD.png) [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/WSedsZN.png)

cechas vodobenikov

of course you sexually repressed primitives copulate with sheep, possess the most homosexuality on the planet, pedophiles—as Kinsey and more recent studies show…at your LGBT embassies u fly your homosexual flag…LOL

Jens Holm

Homosexuals are a among the 10% of all, which are in the minorities.

The criminal thing is, that this cant be accepted by the rest. Its hard to see they harm any.

Jens Holm

Its the same for the Ilsamic world. And comparing with 2000 yars ago makes no sense.

Turks wasnt even in Turkey.


Actually it’s exactly the opposite. We have not signed yet a maritime deal with anybody regarding our southern and eastern borders. When we do sign deals GR makes sure they are of the highest legitimacy so that nobody will be able to challenge or contest them.

TR has signed a MoU with a party of the libyan civil war essentially sharing east Mediterranean sea. This deal is dubious for a number of reasons ( which have already been discussed ) and is yet to be given a formal status in UN.

The warships which are meddling in an acclaimed EEZ actually belong to the hellenic navy which routinely holds exercises off the greek islands. A large exercise took place a few weeks ago in the region between Crete and Rhodes island. Greek frigates, missile boats, submarines as well as F16 fighters sank a decommissioned ship.


Besides the fact the GR sinks floating targets in maritime zones TR claims, there were also a number of messages sent

one would wonder why sea sparrow missile was amongst the weapons used to strike the naval target

here is a hint : tcg muavenet


the second obvious message is the name of the target vessel. Evros Correlations are pretty much obvious


LMAO hahahaha

cechas vodobenikov

u have the ugliest masculinized females on the planet…only a few small nations have more obesity than you insecure children—Twenge and Campbell align the narcissism epidemic (self hatred, grandiosity, antagonism) to the obesity epidemic in your nation…the self uglified murikan…where the Greeks enjoy a brilliant culture you have none—demonstrated by liberals, conservatives and Marxists…but of course u r too functionally illiterate to read…1/3 can’t read above the 5th grade level in your feces nation—69% of your university grads r not English proficient (US Dept Education: 2005). in the most recent PERLS comparisons, Russian children ranked #1….as an amerikan academic in Moscow recently commented to me–“amerikans r money worshipping hyperactive morons”. He knows u people and so do I—I attended graduate school in USA…LOL


Cechas , love ,looking at you drunkard gopniks which grow diabetes type 2 after 50, I would not discuss obesity of others if I were you.

I would not discuss quality of higher education between US and Russia either . I can count you at least 20/25 US universities in top 50 . How many Russian universities are there in those lists ? Why did you attend an US graduate school btw , couldnt you find any available in” beautiful and overdeveloped ” Russia.

Cechas , my troubled insecure friend. I have no idea about masculanized females you are talking about . What I know is , if you were sufficient as males , Russian women would not appear in all those match making sites looking for a foreign husbands.

cechas vodobenikov

so pathetic only u people can’t think qualitatively–u believe u can measure intelligence numerically? u r stupid—apparently I am more intelligent than all amerikans–yes for amusement I took one of these fatuous exams when I was in the USA….pitiful insecure child! “amerikans r not at all happy. the feel themselves lacking in something. it is as if all the sensitiveness has dried up in them. the crystallization of love is impossible in amerika…I admire their kind of happiness but I do not envy it: it is the happiness of a different and INFERIOR species”. Stendhal now embarrass yourself again! LOL


Cechas , love , what is the relevance of Jeremy Clarkson calling Greece a toilet with yr BS above ? What is the relevance of a famous TV show host with ‘numerically not measurable intelligence” , Stendhal, and ‘the fatous exams” you took in USA before you were kicked back to Russia ?

If Stendhal was Russian and if he had told such a thing for Russians , he would have ‘ jumped’ out of a window next day. Btw , can you guide me to a source proving above statement of Stendhal ?

Love, dont be a triggered insecure clown. Concentrate , stay on the subject , and when you are lying dont forget to add bits and pieces inside yr BS comments .


as soon as the cigarette – man posts enough comments, he will grab his high tech umbrella made by the miraculous element ” russonium ” which offer protection from the chemtrails and he is retiring there in russia, where he will be playing the balalaika for his laz – chechen brethren while sipping on methanol, bath oil lotions & other alcoholic substitutes LMAO


Idiot. Goodbye.

cechas vodobenikov

is the little amerikan girl offended? “the least reproach offends amerikans–the slightest sharp sting of truth turns the fierce”. Tocqueville nothing changes in your cultural desert of illiterates!


LOL. , Hopefully he take all his all his comic books with him as well because as far as I can see his reading capacity is quite limited.

cechas vodobenikov

typical insecure feminized amerikan——zero extreme poverty Russia–2 million US families in extreme poverty…denmark has doubled extreme poverty in 15 years…while u worship money and have a 25 trillion debt, we have a surplus—u sexually repressed girls have the most rape per capita of all nations despite that only 15% is reported—russia rare…u have the most violent crime per capita despite that it is so under reported your FBI rejects data from your 4 most violent cities, your neurosis is obvious–more than 30% diagnosed w mental illness….while u cannot feel pure pleasure, as Zizek demonstrates—consuming more heroin, meth, coke, heroin, hallucinogens per capita , Russian consumption of alcohol per capita is less than Germany, France, Italy…US: the only industrialized nation where life expectancies declining–in Russia increasing rapidly, now 75 men, 79 females, expected to increase to 80 for males in 10 years….while u produce nothing we export more wheat, technology, vehicles, appliances than all but a few Asain nations, Germany—your appliances, electronics all r produced in Asia and most of your vehicles—while u observe Russian vehicle in S amerika, Europe–no amerikan trash—while u have a negative balance trade w all nations we have a positive balance of trade with all: Japan, Germany, UK, china, etc…more LOL…as Durkheim observed only the least developed societies punish widely and severely–u r the only backward people to have the death penalty in the Western Hemisphere and u incarcerate more people per capita than any nation in history–Russai has closed 40 prisons and halved the incarcerated population only 15 years….while u r a cultural desert we produce art, symphony, etc (“the banality of amerika–the radical absence of culture”. Baudrilliard). while u sexually repressed girls worship money we do not…”amerikans are farcical when it comes to force major and money—the 2 things they worship. my country has created one art form–the TV advertisement. u should not expect a democracy from a society like this”. Gore Vidal “amerikans r the most prudish people in western civilization—they sublimate thei desire by chasing the dollar”. Freud LOL. despite that we do not Russia not has the 5th largest economy on earth—your fake economyy ranks below China—soon to collapse as predicted by your own economists…..while we have a real democracy and a vibrant communist party u have none…”there is no functioning democracy in amerika. it is really just an oligarchy where political bribery determines the nominations and selections of all presidents, governors, congress members, senators”. Jimmy Carter LOL…never having lived in a civilized nation u merely display your feminine insecurity—less income/wealth disparities, less poverty, no homelessness—your “shithole nation is rife with homeless drug addicts and feces in all your boarded up cities……your insecurity and stupidity is expected


Here we go again .

Cechas, love , you are trying to suffocate the subject once again by spamming irrelevant gibberish. Lets put the facts together against yr long and boring trivia.

Your democracy in which people jump out of windows is behind US standards , your living standards are behind US, your universities are behind US ones ( that’s the reason you attended graduate school in US but failed to complete yr post graduate studies there) , your economy is mostly oil based and smaller than even US states like Texas, California , in fact only a company like Apple is much bigger than Russian economy, your women look for foreign men while you brag about yr masculinity and pound yr chest like an ape here. You are shamelessly speaking about oligarchy in US as if we don’t know how Russian mafiosa oligarcs walk hand in hand with Russian state and Putin.

But hey , you can post some repetitive 70/80 year old carefully picked trivia from Stendhal ( waiting your sources on that btw) , Gore Vidal, Zizek etc etc , and you expect everyone to believe yr ancient soviet style propaganda as if we don’t know what is going all around the world.

I also fail to see why Russians are fleeing to US considering that how Russia is a developed and democratic state but not a shit hole compared to US. Can you elaborate that ?

Btw , Russian consumption of alcohol per capita is NOT less than Germany, France, Italy. Russia is the 4h most alcohol consuming country after Belarus , Moldova , Lithuania.

Russia’s poverty level is on a par with the US and most of the EU, nothing fancy or to be bragged about. Please quit lying. I told you to sell what you were selling but being a clown , remember ?


Yes you can survive, survive in the mongolian-Chinese desert, like the rats that you are.

Mustafa Mehmet

You can only just survive with Germans handover.. re Beggars


you do not have a country dear, do you think qatar is funding you for free ? they own you by now

your ethnarch is no more, the islamist populists have annulled the legacy of Turkey’s founder and undermined secularism, you are one step from becoming the new iran

ataturk’s efforts had only delayed the inevitable outcome


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Icarus Tanović

Absolutely they will need Russia in any case, that’s for sure.


Have you moved yet re karpouz’o kefale ?


Mustafa Mehmet

Right behind your re kavuni watch it


hahahaha Klingon language again ! You dumbass!



Mustafa Mehmet

Re Peponi dumbo

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Not that old chestnut again ffs Musthaveashit!

How many empty threats does it take before you will actually be standing behind one of the many posters who call you a goatfucker?


Can you also draw a simple map from Adis Ababa to Greece ?


If you prefer Ethiopia to your home land Mongolia, you ll have to go through Ankara or Konstantinopolis, after all TurkIsis airways has flights to all 3rd world terrorist destinations.


Ethiopia is yr homeland sweetie.

You were swinging from trees and throwing feaces at each other there 3000 years ago , right before you decided to come to greece.


Thats not what all the libraries and encyclopedias of the world tell us ‘sweetie’ (hahaha dumbass) but you wouldnt know, you are a kebap, all you learn is shit-kebap grilled, how to sell rugs to tourists and how to genocide women and children and steal their belongings. You dont even have your own written language ! hahahaha you use the Latin alphabet !



Imbecile, that was rich coming from thief living with stolen german pension funds , producing nothing and living with serving tables for white assed europeans.

Sweetie , how does it feels to be slaved by Turks for 400 years , how it felt to send your mother and sisters to Turkish harems ?


We got loans and we are paying them back with interest, thank you very much.

Which is not what Erdogay did to Libya when he got Saraj to transfer 12 bil US$ to Turkgay!

(AKA Thieving).

1821 to 1921 :

[Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/kfnwp7k.png) [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/r7Uhr5e.png) [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/kyaxXoF.png) [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/nkWoBYD.jpg)

To be continued …till you are back in Mongolia !


Sweetie, they caught you on act . You falsified books , you applied for subvensions for non existent olive trees , etc etc . You faked almost everything. When you were caught , and now they are forcing you to pay back what you have stolen together with interests.

But how we can expect an imbecile like you to understand what has happened.


See, this is the utter shite you mongoloids comment and say and then Europeans give you toilet brushes to speak to instead of microphones !

hahahah dumbass!


Imbecile , the very guy who posted calls your country a toilet , but you are still speaking about some brushes forwarded to a football player.

Do you understand why I call you an imbecile now ?


You are Europe’s toilet.

Maybe thats hard to understand since you are one of those unlucky mongoloids to live in that toilet, but maybe you could someday escape to Greece on a plastic boat, like so many other turks do, and come to civilisation and see what turkgay looks like to the rest of us. Till then keep on being a dumbaaaaaaas !


M.A. Lamett

The great victory of Turkey. The Greek general is surrendering. Year:1922 Victor=Turkey, Loser=Greece

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b59de56cefca647d20252c8571509f64941f9a4b17e0772cba4dc7201da85529.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dcfd0bec64d1dc0a9e36979fd6d80de9de11183583a779b6b834a5f0cfefd37d.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/15a0be8343c541a3d2cb76a3991f9277a4f53ccb85c9463489f1cfbc68b9ab44.jpg

M.A. Lamett

Greece will eventually be a Turkish province again. Very soon…. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2e37061352caf709567b894b43d09239cf15f3fa0417112088895f0e47e7f0c1.gif

Jens Holm

No wonder they attack You


Whats that ? My c0ck is tickling your throat ?

Do you prefer a banana ?

Jens Holm

I just tell You why You are enemies and learn nothing from Your ancisters. You even expect we take side choosing one stupidity side from each other.

Icarus Tanović

Kids…this is only Wahhabis notorious war crime brainwashing kids to fight. This is monstrous and it must be STOPPED at any cost! It must be destroyed.

cechas vodobenikov

the turkey terrorists can’t cooperate c Nato efforts to intercept illegal shipments of their weapons to libya

Melville Pouwels

that fool erdogan, has too many knives, not enough ‘backs’ if turkey knew how stupid their leader is, he’d be in a nut house…


All the Gulf states should cooperate with Russia to take down Turkey first, and split all Turkey interests among themselves. Then they can duel out again.

To avoid triggering the Nato gang vow, they can skip bombing Turkey but blockade all Turkey air space & sea lanes, sink all its Navy, and targeted all its overseas troop in Syria & Libya. Nato isn’t going to wage war for a cold Turkey.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x