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Airstrikes carried out by Israeli Army in Gaza


Central and Southern Gaza under attack of the Israeli Forces on Monday.

Airstrikes carried out by Israeli Army in Gaza

Israeli F-16 plane

Israeli officials informed on Monday that a rocket coming from Gaza had been shot towards Southern Israeli territory earlier in the day. The projectile crashed in open ground, the Hebrew army reported.

No victims or structural damages were reported from the rocket attack.

In response to the alleged attack coming from Palestine, Israeli aircrafts carried out two sorties in central and southern besieged Gaza; more exactly, the incursion objectives were two locations used by Hamas for strategic purposes. As a result of the airstrikes, two communication antennas used by the Palestinian resistance movement were pounded.

Last airstrike held by Israelis over Gaza left a woman and her two-years-old child dead.

The Hebrew Army constantly carries out airstrikes over the territory of Gaza. The ones occurred last year in a 50 day offensive had terrible consequences over Palestinian population with thousands of deaths, injured and unrecoverable structural damage amidst the ongoing declining of the standard of living in the region.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter



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