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Aircraft MiG-29KR Landed on Deck of Admiral Kuznetsov for First Time (Video)

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A video, showing the first landing of a fighter aircraft MiG-29KR on the deck of the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, has been published online.

Aircraft MiG-29KR Landed on Deck of Admiral Kuznetsov for First Time (Video)

Photo: YouTube / Zvezda TV channel

A staff fighter aircraft MiG-29KR from the 100th Separate Shipborne Fighter Aviation Regiment of the Russian Naval Aviation of the Northern Fleet made the first landing on the deck of the heavy aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, the Interfax news agency reported on Tuesday, citing a military source.

According to the source, the commander of the 100th regiment was at the helm of the fighter.

Fighter aircraft MiG-29KR and MiG-29KUB are planned to be included in the wing of the Admiral Kuznetsov in the course of further modernization of the aircraft carrier.

Now, the Admiral Kuznetsov is moored at the Severomorsk roadstead, where the training of pilots of the carrier-based aircraft is currently holding. But on August 15, the carrier will return to the 35th Shipyard for passing the second phase of the service maintenance and recovery its technical readiness. The Admiral Kuznetsov will stay there until October 1.

As South Front has already reported, in October, the Admiral Kuznetsov carrier will be used in the Russian operations in Syria, where it will participate in air strikes at militants from an eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

There also is information that during the campaign, which will last 4-5 months, the aircraft carrier will be accompanied by a nuclear multi-role submarine, the large sea tanker Sergey Osipov, a rescue tug, and several screening ships.

According to the military sources, during the Mediterranean campaign, the aircraft carrier will have aboard about 15 Su-33 and MiG-29K/KUB fighter aircraft, as well as more than a dozen of Ka-52K, Ka-27 and Ka-31 helicopters.

The Admiral Kuznetsov was constructed at the Mykolaiv South Shipyard, the sole manufacturer of Soviet aircraft carriers, and launched in 1985. It became fully operational in 1995. The aircraft carrier, which is the largest one in Russia and Eurasia, is able to carry up to 50 aircraft and helicopters. The Admiral Kuznetsov has a displacement of 61,390 tons, the flight deck of 306 meters long, and it is able to develop a maximum speed of 29 knots. The crew of the aircraft carrier is 1,980 people.

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