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JULY 2022

Airborne Troops Of Germany

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Written by Colonel A. Bobrov; Originally appeared at Foreign Military Review 2019 #2, translated by AlexD exclusively for SouthFront

The German Airborne Troops are represented by the 1st Airborne Brigade (Saarluis), which is a part of the German-Dutch Land Forces Rapid Response Division (Stadtalledorf). The unit is designed to conduct independent combat operations (including against irregular armed groups), operations in the enemy’s rear, support of Special Forces (SF), as well as to participate in rescue activities.

Organisationally, one company includes: the headquarters and the staff company, two parachute and airborne regiments (26 and 31 units), the 310th Reconnaissance and 270th Engineer-Sapper Companies.

There are about 5 thousand people in the brigade.

Airborne Troops Of Germany

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Parachute regiments have a unified set of weapons and military equipment and an identical structure. They consist of a headquarters and ten companies: staff and support, three paratroopers, two reinforced paratroopers, one parachute company of heavy armament, logistics, medical and recruitment.

The parachute regiment is armed with: ATF2 “Dingo” and “Visel” MK-20 APCs, 120-mm self-propelled mortars, “Tou” and “Milan” anti-tank guided missile systems, as well as other auxiliary and special equipment. The staff number of personnel is about 2 thousand people.

The paratrooper company (approx. 160 people) includes four paratrooper platoons and three divisions: sniper, AGS and anti-tank.

The reinforced paratrooper company is completed with personnel who have been trained under the SF training programme. It is designed to ensure close interaction with the special operations forces of the Armed Forces of Germany and NATO member states during combat operations.

The parachute company of heavy armament, which provides fire support for the regimental companies, has six platoons: three paratroopers (APC “Visel” with a 20-mm automatic gun); anti-tank (ATGM “Tou” based on the APC “Visel”); mortar; coordination of joint fire support.

Before filling regular positions in these divisions, military personnel undergo appropriate training on the basis of a recruiting company.

The functions of reconnaissance support for the actions of the airborne brigade are assigned to the 310th Reconnaissance Company, whose main tasks are:

  • monitoring;
  • collection, evaluation and transfer of intelligence data to the brigade headquarters;
  • actions as part of advance groups;
  • conducting radar reconnaissance (reconnaissance of ground moving targets with portable radars);
  • reconnaissance.
Airborne Troops Of Germany

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The reconnaissance company consists of a management department and seven platoons (two reconnaissance, two deep reconnaissance, two reconnaissance UAVs and one radar reconnaissance).

The airborne brigade reconnaissance company is armed with: “Fennek” ARSVs, six “Dingo” ATF2 APCs, tactical reconnaissance UAVs and portable radars.

The deep reconnaissance platoon is designed to perform special tasks in isolation from the main forces behind enemy lines, acting in the interests of the Special Forces command, among other things.

The platoon consists of two groups of six people (commander, operator of optoelectronic systems, scout-combat medic, air observer, scout-sniper, radio operator). Group autonomy behind the lines is 7 days.

Despite the same organisational and staff structure, the 26th (Zweibrücken) and 31st (Seedorf) parachute regiments have different operational purposes. The first specialises in operations for the evacuation of German citizens from crisis areas on the territory of foreign countries, as well as preparing for intelligence and sabotage activities. The second is planned to be used in operations against irregular military formations, as well as for conducting sabotage and subversive actions in the enemy’s rear.

In accordance with the guidelines adopted in the Bundeswehr, when planning an airborne (airmobile) operations, special attention is paid to a detailed study of the intended area from maps and aerial photographs, as well as to the assessment of weather conditions. Delivery of the advanced group of paratroopers, whose task is to prepare a bridgehead to receive the main forces in the enemy’s rear, in order to ensure secrecy is carried out mainly at night. As a rule, it is held 3 days before the main landing forces are ejected. In the immediate vicinity of the designated area, the group will set up observation posts and establish communication channels.

After the landing of the first division of the main forces, depending on the plan of operation, the forward group of paratroopers can be used to receive the second and subsequent waves of landing, act as a deep reconnaissance unit or advanced aircraft carriers, as well as be withdrawn from the combat area.

Military transport planes and helicopters of the German Armed Forces are used for airlifting the airborne brigade and assets (Boeing 707, C-140, C-160, CH-53, NH-90).

Airborne Troops Of Germany

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Taking into account the specifics of the tasks assigned to the airborne formations, the personnel are provided with various sets of equipment: anti-terrorist, underwater as well as for landing from the air from extremely low and high altitudes. In special cases, gliding parachutes (such as a flying wing) are used, allowing the paratrooper to land with 100 kg of cargo at a distance of up to 40 km from the drop point. For cargo delivery, a low-altitude automatic parachute system of three parachutes is widely used, which allows dropping them from a height of 80 m.

The training of airborne brigade personnel, especially when completing reinforced parachute companies, is subject to increased requirements. The selection of candidates for service in the unit, made twice a year, ends with a week-long physical training test at the school of airborne troops and military transport aviation in Altenstadt.

The general training course includes training in hand-to-hand combat techniques, shooting techniques from various types of weapons, tactics in field (mountain) conditions and localities, and methods of survival behind enemy lines.

In the future, if the exams are successful, the military personnel are training in specialised courses of combat training, which can also be organised according to an individual plan.

Depending on the specialisation, the personnel receive sniper, military medical, and technical training (working with radar stations, radio stations, etc.).

Great importance is attached to improving the survival skills and action in various climatic zones.

Priority in the training of military intelligence and paratrooper companies is given to training long jumps.

After completing the basic training on training parachutes with automatic opening of the dome, the personnel learn to perform prolonged parachute jumps of the flying wing type from high altitudes.

At the end of this course, each trainee must be prepared for landing from a height of 10 thousand meters in special uniforms (with an oxygen tank and mask). When making a long jump as part of a unit, the synchronicity of landing in a given area of all the parachutists of the group is practiced. The technique of tandem parachute jumps is used for the purpose of working out options for delivering specialists who do not have the qualifications of parachutists (doctors, translators, technical staff) to the reconnaissance zone.

The strengths of the system of training airborne units adopted in the German Armed Forces include:

  • high mobility of the brigade, the ability to start performing a combat task in a limited time frame;
  • high level of training of personnel for solving special tasks in small units (groups);
  • a well-developed system of all types of security;
  • the ability to effectively and smoothly solve combat tasks in cooperation with the special operations forces of the German Armed Forces and the NATO Air Force.

Weaknesses in training are:

  • the focus of training is mainly on solving tasks within the framework of conducting multinational operations for crisis prevention and conflict resolution, which makes it ineffective to use the airborne brigade in large-scale combat operations;
  • low supply of brigade units with heavy weapons, samples of which are also relatively outdated. This circumstance indicates that the airborne troops of Germany in the near future cannot be effectively involved in offensive operations against large enemy groups.

The promising image of the German airborne troops will be formed taking into account the views of the Bundeswehr command on the forms and methods of involving airmobile units in the projected conflicts both in Europe and in remote theater areas.

Airborne Troops Of Germany

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In accordance with the new concept of the Bundeswehr, when organising operational and combat training activities, the main efforts will focus on practicing traditional warfare (offensive, defensive, deterrent), minimising training tasks in preparation for participation in peacekeeping operations. Considerable attention is planned to be paid to building up the combat potential of the airborne brigade, improving its ability to operate independently and as part of coalition groups.

A universal combat transport platform is being developed in Germany in order to equip the brigade’s formations with advanced models of military vehicles. Deliveries of the new ARVs to the troops are expected starting in 2024.

At the same time, the airborne brigade units will be equipped with new models of amphibious landing vehicles capable of safely landing personnel and weapons and military equipment.

The use of 120-mm mortars manufactures by Reinmetall has been extended until 2030.

Such weapons are capable of hitting enemy targets at a range of more than 8 km. As of 2020 in the capacity of light means of mounted fire, mortar platoons will receive a 60-mm mortar with a range of up to 1.5 km. In addition, the automobile “Wolf” is currently being tested, which should become a new version of the transport mortar platform.

In the near future, the airborne infantry company will adopt the Wirkmittel-90 grenade launcher developed by Dynamite Nobel Defence.

The system provides the ability to fire shoulder-fired unguided ballistic ammunition with a fragmentation, illumination and anti-structural warhead with high accuracy at a range of up to 1.2 km.

The MG-3 machine gun of the Heckler & Koch company, which has been in service with the airborne brigade units since 1959, is being replaced by the improved MG-5 model developed in 2009. In addition, it is planned to purchase a new 7.62-mm G22 sniper rifle by 2022.

Thus, the German airborne forces include the most combat-ready and equipped units of the German Armed Forces, designed for use in medium-intensity armed conflicts, including in remote theaters of war, as well as to counter asymmetric challenges and threats to national and coalition security.


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Russia keeping attentive eye on German army elite troupes, doesn’t matter how dilapidated they might seam in appearance…and rightly so. A wolf can change his coat but not his character.


Berlin Dismisses Washington’s Threats: The Construction of the Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline with Russia Will Proceed


By Paul Antonopoulos

Global Research, August 20, 2020

Region: Europe

Theme: Oil and Energy

Although the U.S. can threaten Germany, now during the American election campaign, threats cannot prevent the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany. It is interesting to observe how for the first time this century Berlin is resisting demands made by Washington.

After the U.S. State Department included the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline as a project that could be sanctioned, the Minister-President of the German Province of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Manuela Schwesig, said that Europe should make it clear to the U.S. that threats of sanctions are unacceptable. Earlier, the German Bundestag announced that due to the American threat of sanctions, they are considering the possibility of filing lawsuits with various courts and also address the United Nations, because it is a threat to a sovereign state and a violation of its rights. The American threat does not refer only to the companies, but also to the government institutions that approved the realization of the project.

It is clear that Schwesig in her comments was acting as a spokesperson for German Chancellor Angela Merkel and sent a clear message to Washington. It is obvious that Washington is accustomed to Europe unconditionally satisfying their interests and meeting every request and pressure they demand. The situation in international relations in the post-Cold War era, with the strengthening of multipolarity, has changed significantly. This is evident since the U.S. is now threatening allies if their interests do not perfectly align. Germany has a clear interest in completing Nord Stream 2 – it will provide an energy hungry Germany with energy stability.

Although Washington-Berlin relations may be tense, because of the election campaign, the U.S. is unlikely willing to go so far as sanctioning a so-called ally state. The scope of American pressure on Germany will be limited and it cannot be expected that the Democratic-Liberal bloc will in anyway support any intentions of U.S. President Donald Trump on foreign policy issues, including Nord Stream 2.

Two U.S. Senators Determined to Stop Nord Stream 2 by Imposing Extra Sanctions

Given that the election campaign is underway, the range of its pressure on Germany is limited and Nord Stream 2 will certainly be completed. The project has already been delayed to some extent because some companies withdrew from the job of laying pipes due to financial threats, so Russia organized other pipelayers there to ensure its completion. In a more serious political sense, apart from punishing companies that participate in the construction of the Nord Stream 2, Washington will not be able to take any other effective measures to disrupt construction.

Berlin will certainly not be willing to give up on the project that it has already invested €10 billion so far, especially now that it is in the final phase as the pipelines to be laid is on a stretch of less than 200 kilometers on a route that is more than a thousand kilometers long. The German economy is very dependent on Russian gas and energy, which cannot be replaced in its entirety with very expensive American liquefied gas.

Germany is starting to show resistance that it has not shown so organized this century so far, and it is trying to encourage other Europeans to stand up against American threats of sanctions. Some companies have already left Nord Stream 2 because they believe that as the project is nearing completion, if they do not give it up, they will lose contracts on the American market in the long run. Germany wants to bring this issue before the United Nations Security Council, but it is a path that does not bring much hope for them as the U.S. has the right to veto. However, it is interesting as this is the first time that some kind of tougher resistance against the U.S. is shown.

Germany could impose more rigorous sanctions on American products that are in the European market, but that is a major risk as Germany largely depends on the American market, which is the most important one for it after China.

Therefore, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline is an important and expensive project for Germany, not only in the economic sense, but also in the political one. Germany is trying to make some kind of compromise, but the question on who will soon be in the White House will depend on how to move forward in Berlin-Washington relations. Germany surrendering Nord Stream 2 would not only be a huge loss of money invested, but its economy would not be able to compensate for the amount of energy it needs. It is for this reason that Germany is willing to risk sanctions from the U.S. and does not question scrapping the Nord Stream 2 project.


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This article was originally published on InfoBrics.

Paul Antonopoulos is an independent geopolitical analyst.

Featured image is from InfoBrics

The original source of this article is Global Research

Copyright © Paul Antonopoulos, Global Research, 2020


Tommy Jensen

We can do it again if Germany dont do what we are telling them, but continue to discriminate minorities. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/be50cf6632cf4d60fd3428f58562dcd9464846c75f4f2f248edd4b4f31bfbc5f.jpg


Go ahead, that would be amazing. You can boycott and sanction every centimeter of resistance that is growing, but in the long term it won’t work like intended.


After 50 Years experiments with Germans, Russians, Iranians, Turks, Arabs, Indians, South East Asia, and Chineses Peoples… HK and Amsterdam are the World Best and most civilised cities… Geneva my home town isn’t too bad thanks foreigners, but it’s unpleasant to know the biggest US Embassy spy nest is there !

I can say without any hesitations any Eurasian is more trustable and Charming than the UK/US/Israeli

Museums excepted, London, New-York aren’t at all my cup of tea ! I will not go in Israel as long as its a disgusting Fascist, Racist, Theocratic US 51 State/Colony

“Tell me what do you eat, I will tell you who you are” Can’t be more true for the UK/US rubbish Junk-Food

Tommy Jensen

Agree a long way.

Albert Pike

I give up – you are unreadable – I can’t see were you stand, and by the way nothing has changed from March 24.1933 till now:

https://www.timesofisrael.com/op-ed-calls-on-israel-to-nuke-germany-iran/ https://static.timesofisrael.com/www/uploads/2015/03/Castle_romeo2-e1425997042877.jpg


Over 10,000 nazis were jews,like as if we are supposed to believe any west media! Sorry I don’t believe in fascist ziew/cokheads!


The Germans want on the one hand to be part of NATO, and on the other hand have cheap oil and gas from Russia. It doesn’t work like that, you need to pick a side. Germany, France and the UK also did not support to continue the weapons embargo on Iran, so they basically let Russia and China sell Iran more weapons to be used against the U.S and Israel. They made us realize Israel and the Sunni ME countries must work together to counter Iran, now a war is just a matter of time anyway the only question will it be a conventional or a nuclear one.

Mr D

“The germans” is a very interesting statement. The country hasn`t been independent since ww2 an in my pov is still occupied and being genocided according to all points of the UN genocide convention. Warcrimes on the germans are being covered up by all the winning sides of ww2 and historical research as well as people trying to clear things up is getting fought by germany, france, the uk, german goverment and others although certain things that have been proven in the court of law like Katyn, Dachau and Buchenwald are now said by Yad Vashem, the russian goverment and mainstream historians not to be true.

The trials followed the following rules: International military tribunal charter Article 19 “the tribunal shall not be bound by technical rules of evidence…” Article 21 “The tribunal shall not require proof of facts of common knowledge but shall take judicial notice thereof”

Two of the soviet guys with the Katyn Commission were also part of the Auschwitz Commission and there is a lot more (like torture to get confessions for things that are “proven by the confession, eyewitnesses and evidence”, The Simpson Army Commission investigated it back in the day and two of the torturers of Hoess confirmed his statements that he was tortured by them and others) Anyway pepole in germany, france and other places go still to jail on the basis of this things people (longer than other people who stab people or cut them up). I don`t know what happened. I wasn`t there. But things have to be cleared up (which should be easy since atleast some things could, atleast so is the claim be dismissed or proven by science but this is fought and not be done. Instead people get attacked, killed, jailed defamed and other things.).

Interesting jewish voices: Yad Vashem Benjamin Netanjahu Raul Hillberg Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce (interesting open letters to Spielberg because of his movies) Miklos Grüner (Concentrationcamp inmate and very interesting critic of Elie Wiesel) Gilad Atzmon David Cole Brother Nathanael / Nathanael Kapner (converted from judasim to ortodox christianity) Rabbi Moishe Ayre Friedman Bobby Fischer – World Chess Champion Benjamin Freedman (1961 speech in the Willard Hotel) Paul Eisen Steven Anderson Josef Ginsburg aka Joseph G Burg Norman Finkelstein (US Professor)

Interesting videos: Proven at Nuremberg – Calling out main stream Holocaust Denial The Holocaust Testimonies You DIDN’T Hear THE INAUGURAL ROBERT FAURISSON INTERNATIONAL PRIZE – CHAPTERS 1 & 2 HORST MAHLER – JAILING THE LAWYERS

Interesting Books: Germany must perish What to do with germany Night by Elie Wiesel (and especially the differences on the french, english to the german version, he got the nobel peace price although his interesting statements in regard to peace and his former concentration camp inmated critic Miklos Grüner) Josef Ginsburg Anne Frank


Germany got exactly what it deserved during WW2 and after it, it had to pay for its’ crimes. The bombing of Drezden was a good punishment that should have been done to other German cities too, they killed a third of our people and lost only 5M Germans. That is not proportional.


7 million soviets lost compared to 8 million germans and thats the god damn truth,thousand of nazis high ranked were infact jews,yet hitler is a liar,6 million jews were dispkaced by Stalin infact,other cccp traitors exiked to the gulags,so incestry ordained millenial soros sprogs,take pity oh me excuses to hell(period) Smarter that the truth,never! See lifes not so cheep liars,whores of babylon$

Mr D

Where did you get this numbers? Interesting that you admit that it`s a genocide on the german people You might be interested in the website called metapedia (the article: “National Socialist Germany and partisans/resistance movements” is interesting and especially in the little known jewish cooperation with the Nazis like tha Havaara agreement (and others like why they had to wear a star on their clothing and how hebrew became THE language and not yiddish like before), the jewish roll in communist parties all around the world (there is a russian historian who wrote a interesting book about how this was in russia before the cleansing), all the jewish partisans (whose existence and rolls get surpressed). Do you know that there were 100000 jewish soldiers in the german military in ww2? Do you know that 5000< jewish people lived openly in Berlin in 1945 with synagogue and other jewish buildings still open to the public? Do you know that there were jewish people who were in concentration camps and who were let go free by the Nazis and who then lived as civilians in the wartorn germany? Did you know that one of the leading isreali politicans came to israel in 1943 or 44 (I`d have to look the date and name up) with a diplomatic passport he got from a german SS officer? I don`t know what happened. I wasn`t there. But it should be in the interest of everyone to clear things up shouldn`t it? It should be an obligation and means of respect to the death as well as the living or are you a communist?

UnionJack -TheBestIsYetToCome

Germany lost its sovereignty after the 1919 treaties which dismantled the empire and turned the country into a corporation. WW2 was just the last nail in the coffin.


Like that mason plot,however that too will fail,and whilst peace prevails the world the shant inherit it,wrong or right,either way logic prevails,masons best quit 21 gender hormone pills!

Tommy Jensen

We have also airborne troops and parachutes. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/07207eba4e30e1806761ee08f37021abbb95f438a472e7d8bdb0ecb486b3efa9.jpg



johnny rotten

Poor Krauts, the Jews have literally buried them, until the Kaiser is reborn they will have to live in the most shameful submission.


Many things in life are just appearance As long as Germany is one of the biggest industrial and high tech powers Germany stays relevant and on th top of the game.

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