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Syrian Air Forces in Reduce Number of Combat Flights due to New Militants Air Defense Systems – Reports

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Syrian Air Forces in Reduce Number of Combat Flights due to New Militants Air Defense Systems - Reports

The Syrian Arab Air Forces have to reduce the number of operational sorties due to the appearance of a new type of man-portable air defense systems in the hands of the militants.

During the last ten days, the Syrian Arab Air Forces and the Russian Aerospace Forces lost three attack helicopters and two warplanes in Syria as a result of using of man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS or MPADS) by Islamic State militants. Official sources in the Syrian Ministry of Defense denied this information. However, eyewitnesses and experts noticed a significant increase in the activity of MANPADS of militants.

On July 14, Syrian attack helicopter Mi-25 was shot down from the ground. At the same day, militants shot down the fighter aircraft MiG-23 in Deir ez-Zor district, the pilot was killed by militants at the place of the plane crash. On July 9, Russia’s attack helicopter Mi-35 was shot down.

After these incidents, Russia’s helicopters Mi-8MTV-5 and Mi-24P without established systems of protection against MPADS do not make combat flights. In general, attack helicopters and aircraft fly higher in Syria today. Bombers Tu-22M3 that are able to hit targets from heights unreachable for any MANPADS, were also sent in the area of military operations in Syria.

In addition, the number of attacks on reconnaissance drones has also risen. On July 5, the US unmanned aerial vehicle MQ-9 Reaper was shot down. There is unconfirmed information that Russia’s reconnaissance drones were attacked in the same mode too.

Officials from the Syrian Ministry of Defense and the Russian Aerospace Forces declined to comment on the situation.

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Veritas Vincit

There are numerous reports [3][4][5] that indicate an escalation of proxy warfare operations through the provision of more advanced weapons to anti-Assad militant/terrorist groups.

In this context, Obama administration offers towards Russia (if accurate, proposals that Russian operations do not target its militant assets in exchange for intelligence on listed terrorist groups[1]) are nonsense. The concept that ‘moderate’ anti-Assad militant/terrorist groups (many that continue to cooperate with al-Qaeda affiliates) be exempt from Russian strikes does not contribute to ending the conflict, it merely seeks to protect sponsored groups. But as the intention is to prolong the conflict (to engineer ‘another Afghanistan’ for Russia as disclosed by various officials), such proposals are to be expected.

Recognising the U.S. is intensifying operations against E Ukraine, is preparing for allied operations against Crimea [2] and is deploying military forces/missile architecture in preparations for potential offensive actions against the Russian Federation, cooperation that results in enhancing U.S. proxy warfare operations in Syria is not only counter-productive but simply constitute agreements that translate to the continuation of the conflict.

Russian efforts at cooperation (to improve relations) will continue to be ineffective as the adversarial posture of the U.S. will not change. Respectful behaviour is gained through creating fear in adversaries. Inadequate responses (interpreted as weakness) only emboldens adversaries.

It is more effective to expand strikes against so-called ‘moderate’ militant/terrorist groups and to take counter-actions against their sponsors until anti-Assad coalition (including the U.S.) proxy warfare operations are ended.

Veritas Vincit

1. “US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived Thursday in Moscow for talks with President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to various reports, Kerry will offer Putin a deal under which the US will supply the Russian air force with precise intelligence on Al Qaeda, Nusra Front and ISIS targets in exchange for a commitment by Moscow to stop its attacks on Syrian opposition groups operated and supported by the American administration. Before leaving Paris on his way to Moscow, Kerry declined to comment on the reported plan that was leaked to the American media.” (Kerry, in Moscow, expected to offer Putin intel on radical terror groups, Debka, July 14, 2016)

2. “US Navy ships will join their Ukrainian counterparts in Black Sea naval drills dubbed Sea Breeze-2016. However, some analysts are concerned that the content of the exercises could lead to devastating consequences for the entire region…… Russian military analyst Sergei Ishchenko is concerned that the operation amounts to a rehearsal for an invasion of Crimea….. In previous years, Breeze was covered by the semantic fig leaves of ‘anti-piracy’, ‘earthquake relief’, and so on. Now, the masks have been thrown off. If one wants to be really brief and precise, an operation of a multinational force in a crisis region is normally referred to as an ‘intervention’.”….. Effectively, the analyst warned, “if this reasoning is correct, it becomes clear that the main event of the upcoming US-Ukrainian exercises will be the landing of forces near the mouth of the Danube. Then the question becomes how similar are these places to the Crimean coast. And how well will the upcoming training battles replicate real ones?” “By and large, the main question can be worded differently: how prepared is the world for nuclear war? Even if it is just a limited one using tactical nuclear weapons in the Black Sea and in the Mediterranean theater? Because given the vast superiority of NATO and Ukraine over our military in terms of conventional arms, there is no other way for such a conflict to end. There is no other ending to any large-scale attack on Crimea.” Ultimately, “it would be interesting to know whether a hypothetical nuclear exchange has been taken into account in the planning in Washington and Kiev for Sea Breeze-2016,” Ishchenko concluded.” (US-Ukrainian ‘Sea Breeze 2016’ Exercises Threaten to Blow Up the Black Sea, Sputnik, 14/07/2016)

3. “Turkey and Saudi Arabia have developed a plan to supply sophisticated [surface-to-air SAM-8 and SAM-9] missile systems to the terrorist groups in Syria from the Ukrainian army….. Ukrainian army officials are opposed to Russia and its military strikes against the terrorists in Syria….. Turkey [a NATO member] and Saudi Arabia [a U.S. ally] have been supplying terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq with arms and funds all throughout the last 4 years” (Riyadh, Ankara in Collaboration to Supply Terrorists in Syria with Ukraine’s SAM Missiles, FarsNews, Oct 27, 2015)

4. “The Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, has released a grateful video, where they openly thank the Free Syrian Army (FSA), which the US has touted as a “moderate opposition group”, for supplying them with US-made anti-tank TOW missiles” (Gifts From Uncle Sam: Al-Qaeda Wages War in Syria With US Weaponry, Sputnik, 23/11/2015)

5. “hackers announced that they have achieved documents showing that Qatar has signed a contract with Ukraine to purchase anti-aircraft missiles for the ISIL terrorist group to hit and destroy Russian fighter jets in Syria. CyberBerkut said that it’s in possession of documents showing that employees of the Ukrainian state-owned defense conglomerate Ukroboronprom had discussions with Qatari government officials over the possible sale of surface-to-air missiles in September, according to al-Akhbar newspaper. (Qatar Purchases Missiles from Ukraine to Arm ISIL against Russian Fighter Jets, FarsNews, Nov 24, 2015), etc……


Ukrainian scum , they Will even sell their mothers for a few box’s

Jamil Abdin

I already travelled to 33 countries in the world (incl. UA) and lived in 6. After this experience I’m still not sure where I saw the most ignorant people Egypt or Ukraine;)



This is further reason why we need a coup in Turkey to work. Cause they are supplying very very advanced anti-air weapons to the Zio-Terrorist inside of Syria.


nuke israel and white house problem solved


Lets call the ghostbusters.

This is sad. I am surprised after all these years, that the Zio-terrorist finally have such effective anti-air defenses.
These needs to be captured by Lebanese, so they can be used to defend Lebanon from the Zionist-surpremisist-bigots invasions which happen every few years.

chris chuba

Why not identify the new model MANPADS and try to shame the countries that are known to have these in their inventory?

I don’t see the advantage to remaining quiet and resorting to higher altitude bombing which is less accurate and likely to incur more collateral (civilian) damage. The western MSM will just start demonizing Syria again like they always do, so why remain quiet?

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