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Air Defense Systems Activated At Russia’s Hmeimim Air Base In Syria

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Air Defense Systems Activated At Russia's Hmeimim Air Base In Syria

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Late on June 22, air defense systems deployed at Russia’s Hmeimim air base in Syria were activated to repel what believed to be a massive drone attack. According to local sources, over 20 exlosions were reported in the airspace near the Russian airbase.

Meanwhile, Syria’s state-run news agency SANA reported that Syrian air defenses were activated in the Jableh area in the province of Latakia. Russia’s Hmeimim air base is located in the very same province.

Air Defense Systems Activated At Russia's Hmeimim Air Base In Syria

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Earlier in June 2020, the Russian military revealed that Tor short-range surface-to-air missile systems have downed more than 45 unmanned aerial vehicles launched by militants.

“Since the start of combat duty, the calculations of the Tor combat vehicles targeted over 45 UAVs crafted by militants,” the chief of the Russian Air Defense Forces Lieutenant General Alexander Leonov said.

These are the militant UAVs downed by Tor systems only. The toal number of militant UAVs neutralized by Russian forces has reportedly overcome 200.

Air Defense Systems Activated At Russia's Hmeimim Air Base In Syria

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Assad must stay

i hope they shot down all of them and no damage/casualties



Mr T

so you dont confirm Israel did it? Blaming small home made Uav?

Assad must stay

No whete did i say that?


What they should do is locate the launch sites and burn them.


Or just bomb Ankara, its the same thing.

Icarus Tanović

Let’s wait and just watch how they’re going to kill theirs president like a dog he is!

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Send 200 drones to Al Tanf, every day.

The videos of US occupation forces firing rifles as they run for their lives from drones will make great TV.

Icarus Tanović

Allright, that’s what I want to hear!

Jens Holm

Dod You invent the hot water too`:

cechas vodobenikov

u invented cheese? LOL a national debt of 245$ trillion US w a non existent economy —80% service industry…you submissively pay your tithe to the amerikan decaying NATO fake alliance….can’t find any hash in Christaintna—soon trump will invade Greenland and your hash trade will be sold to your turkey and Albanian zealots

Jens Holm

You dont know what service industry is at all. Try this:


Tommy Jensen

My advises to Putin, Rouhani and XI is, that this is the right strategic moment where S-300 in the hands of Assad will have maximum effect on defense of the Sovjet Union and CCCP with maximum outcome!


I hope Russia atop pleasing Turkey and allows SAA to go to offensive action on Idlib.

Lone Ranger

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. By that definition al-cia-da/CIAisis are insane. Just sayin…

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