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‘Horror Without End’: Aide To Head Of Russian Space Agency Roscosmos Arrested For Treason

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'Horror Without End': Aide To Head Of Russian Space Agency Roscosmos Arrested For Treason

Ivan Safrinov (C)

Better a horrible end than horror without end

Russian state space agency Roscosmos just found itself in another scandal.

On July 7, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) detained Ivan Safronov, a former journalist (specialised in military affairs) who works as an aide to the head of Russia’s space agency Roscosmos. He’s accused of treason.

The FSB said that Safronov worked for the foreign intelligence service of an unspecified NATO country and had been handing over classified military information.

Roscosmos said that detention of Safronov was not linked to his work with Roscosmos, where he is an adviser to General Director Dmitry Rogozin. Safronov joined Roscosmos as a media adviser in May. He is expected to appear in court later on July 7.

“The Federal Security Service detained Ivan Safronov, advisor to the director general of Roscosmos state corporation, in Moscow. Safronov was performing tasks of one of NATO intelligence services, collecting state confidential data about Russia’s military and technical cooperation, defense and security and handing it over to its [NATO intelligence service] representative,” the FSB said.

Prosecution launched criminal proceedings on the count of state treason against Safronov, which carries 20 years behind bars. The investigation continues.

The TASS news agency reports:

Safronov was born in Moscow in 1990. He graduated from Moscow’s Higher School of Economics in 2010, obtaining a degree in journalism. He worked as a special correspondent for Russia’s Kommersant and Vedomosti newspapers and was covering military and military-technical cooperation as well as defense and space industries. In May 2020, Safronov was appointed advisor to the Roscosmos chief for information policy and was curating a number of Roscosmos programs.

Earlier, Safronov was involved in several scandals regarding the publication of supposedly sensetive data regarding the military industrial cooperation of Russia with other states.

For example, the TASS news agency reported that in 2019 prosecutors wanted to bring a civil case against Kommersant for disclosing an unspecified sensetive data in one of Safronov articles. The article, which remains unavailable, said that Egypt had signed a deal with Russia to buy more than 20 SU-35 multi-role fighter jets. Following the publication of the article, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened Egypt with sanctions if it went ahead with the purchase.

Safronov calims that he was forced to left Kommersant after he published an article based on ‘anonymous sources’ and speculating that Valentina Matviyenko, the chairwoman of the upper house of parliament, might leave her post. The speclations appeared to be false and the article was removed.

Taking into account the public approach of the FSB in this case, it’s likely that the security service has overwhelming evidence confirming the treason.

Just a few days ago, on July 2, Russian expert Vladimir Neelov, who has extensively written about private military contractors, was sentensed to seven years in a maximum-security prison for treason and transmitting information on training FSB staff to a German company.

“The press service noted that the military expert was found guilty under the Article 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (high treason). The court hearing was held behind closed doors. As the court established, the expert sold classified information on the training of FSB field operatives to a German consulting firm. The defendant admitted partial guilt stating to the court that he did not believe that the data he had handed over was secret,” TASS wrote on the topic.

Neelov likely did this from selfish motives in order to receive money from the aforementioned German entity rather than to ‘overthrow the Putin regime’ or other loud words that mainstream media outlets like so much. The case of Safronov looks similar. However, it’s possible that his actinos were even more destructive. The publication of data about the work for an intelligence agency of a NATO member states indicates that Safronov may have not only transferred classified data to the foreign intelligence, but also worked to damage the Russian interests through both the informational space and his access to the managing staff of Roscosmos.

The immediate reaction of so-called “liberal media” (i.e. hardcore anti-Russian media) working in Russian that rushed to defend Safronov is telling itself. They already described the situation as an act of ‘censorship’ and accused the FSB of manipulating the case in order to damage ‘independent journalism’ in Russia.

Apparently, in their view the term ‘independent journalism’ includes the need to work for foreign intelligence services to make money and undermine the Russian statehood.


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  1. occupybacon says:

    Phewww.. I thought they got our boy, Putin.

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Why would they arrest the best leader Russia ever had?
      He is a Patriot the exact opposite of a traitor.
      I know this concept can be misleading to Ukrainians…

      1. occupybacon says:

        Ukrainians have enough balls to take on the streets, shovel their leaders, police, riot police and fight the largest nuke power in the world if necessary. Of course men with balls are hated and have enemies, that’s totally fine.

        Pussy Russians are worshipping a midget while they are bending iver and spread her arse in front of the largest class of billionaires in the world that do not share their ethnicity.

        Shame Russian traitirous pussies for letting your country resources being robbed while you leaving in your knees.

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          As usual you have mixed up Russia with Ukraine…
          It’s called projecting…

          1. occupybacon says:

            Russians protest at home, they are retro-projecting wall carpets.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Most Russians don’t have anything to.protest about.
            Except pussy riot trying to desecrate churches or balmy trying to sell out and break up Russia.
            Thankfully both groups belong to the 0.1%

          3. occupybacon says:

            If they wouldn’t have what to protest about, Putinbwouldn’t have banned protests.

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            He didnt.
            You can protest.
            You cant destroy or hurt people, like BLM does in the U.S.
            You know law and order…

          5. occupybacon says:

            You can protest peacefully but you must spend up to 5 years in prison starting from the next day.

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            According to Clown News Network and soros news…

          7. occupybacon says:

            According to Kremling Gremlin and Midgedev the jesper.

          8. Lone Ranger says:

            You are very creative this evening…
            Coke? :)

          9. occupybacon says:

            I wish, too much work actually.

          10. Lone Ranger says:

            As good as it gets…

          11. AM Hants says:

            haha, you can protest in Russia, if you file a request and follow the rules. Can you do the same in Ukraine?

          12. occupybacon says:

            In Ukraine you can Maidan all you want, that’s the reason Maidan started actually, Yanukovich listened Putin advice and banned any protest. Protests were already started when Putin asked Yanucivich to veto free trade deal with EU.

          13. AM Hants says:

            Riddle me this, why did Yanukovitch refuse to use arms on his people? Why did the opposition and friends bring in the Georgian and Blackwater Mercenaries?

            What was the telephone call between Catherine Ashton, EU’s Foreign Advising Social Worker and Estonian MP all about? GOSH, please remind me? Why was Greenham Common Cath so ecstatic to meet the ‘Gas Princess’, she of ‘nuke 8 million Russians’ fame, aka Julia Tymoshenko?

            Not the greatest tagline for a Presidential Campaign ‘nuke 8 million Russians’ , now is it?

          14. occupybacon says:

            Those are Russian alternative facts, Moscow sent terrorists in Kiev to shot at protesters, they were recruited from Berkut Donbas police and other Russian mercenaries who were later assasinated by FSB and GRU after they fulfilled their mission. https://youtu.be/vnW71ljh4G8

          15. AM Hants says:

            Moscow, who were happily enjoying the results of the Russian winter Olympics, were not the ones to send the Georgian snipers and Blackwater Mercenaries to Kiev. Remember the cookie monsters Nuland and McCain, happily handing out the cookies? What was Nuland ‘FU EU’, phone call, with the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt all about? Remember, where she mentioned the $5 billion the US spent, in violation of Article 3 of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum and
            1994 Non
            -Proliferation Treaty Non-nuclear Weapons. $5 billion to entice Ukraine to view things from the US point of view?

            By the way, what did happen to Dmitry Yarosh’ good mate ‘Psycho Billy’? Wonder who set him up for his well deserved assassination?

          16. occupybacon says:

            $5 billion the US spent, in violation of Article 3 of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum and
            1994 Non
            -Proliferation Treaty Non-nuclear Weapons. $5 billion to entice Ukraine to view things from the US point of view?

            Do you have a link for this? Cause I’m curious what do you mean by that point of view and where was it mentioned in the Budapest treaty.

          17. AM Hants says:

            Darling, I have posted all 5 articles the 1994 Budapest Memorandum states.

            Article 3, no nation shall coerce and article 5, where you can defend your people from assault by nuclear and non-nuclear nations. Why should I bother posting them yet again, when you will have no desire to read them.

            The 1994 Non-proliferation Non-nuclear Weapons, repeats the 1994 Budapest Treaty and was signed by Sergei Lavrov, Russian Envoy to the UN, the Ukrainian version of Sergey, but, not worthy of remembering his name, together with John Major, Prime Minister of the UK and Bill Clinton, President of America.

            The released classified 1994 classified papers of John Major’s Government, funnily enough, goes into great detail why Ukraine would lose Crimea. Starting with lack of respect of the people of Crimea.

            The $5 billion, Nuland bragged about, in her own words, can be found in the documentary video: ‘Ukraine Crisis, What You Are Not Being Told’, easy to find, if you were genuinely interested.

          18. occupybacon says:

            So the treaty was mentioning Uraine’s ‘opinion should not be changed’?

          19. AM Hants says:

            No, when you consider that it gave Russia the right to defend her people, if they are under attack from either a nuclear or non-nuclear nation.

            The reasoning is explained in the released 1994. Classified papers of the UK Prime Minister John Major. Using specific wording, so those involved would not have to come and rescue Ukraine, unless Russia invaded for no reason. Defending her people, wherever they may be, is stated in Clause 5, is it not?

          20. occupybacon says:

            Of course not if not proven.

          21. AM Hants says:

            Weren’t Pussy Riot and no doubt, the frozen chickens, funded by Soros?

          22. Lone Ranger says:


        2. Lone Ranger says:

          I have a joke for you.
          It’s mine…
          But I think it’s pretty good an on point. :)
          Reporter: General what are Ukrainian troops doing in east Ukraine…?
          General: oh that’s easy, there are Russian troops there.
          Reporter: I understand, but why aren’t Ukrainian troops in Crimea?
          General: ARE YOU CRAZY?? There are Russian troops there.

          Ukropnazi logic in a nutshell.
          Ukraine is a CIA, banksters, Soros, oligarch colony now.
          But funny thing is the EU and U.S. threat Ukraine so bad, even the most hardcore mossadnazi oligarchs that run Azov battalion and sort want to make peace with Russia.

          1. Cromwell says:

            What i don’t get is wht are the Ukrainians getting out of being a US whore? i am talking about the man in the street,not the gangsters in power.

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Blind hate.
            They can’t accept the fact they are a fake country.
            Always were.
            They sold themselves out to the Poles, Germans and now to the U.S.
            It’s worth to mention that similar to Romanians they have a tendency to betray their handlers.
            Ukrops were exterminating Poles in WWII, later Germans, they will betray the U.S. too, the shift already started, most the Ukrop oligarchs were against Russia wanting a full on war with Russia.
            Now they are pro Russia, there is an insfight between the new Ukrainian govt the CIA and the oligarchs, every faction fighting over the control of Ukraine.

          3. Harry Smith says:

            There is a joke in Russia. All Ukrainian history can be described with 2 repeating situations:
            1. We sold out to the wrong person
            2. We elected the wrong leader

          4. AM Hants says:

            Haha, you would have thought, almost 3 decades later they would have changed the record.

          5. Jens Holm says:

            Rssians are starting the car production again. Their dontribution are the many free parking spaces in Sibiria.

            All Russian from their real world start as fairy tales like: There one upon a time will come…

            Lately its heard russians put vodka on their cars, so they can export more fuel..

            Russian has the best military force recycling program as well given all their old stuff to Assads.

          6. Harry Smith says:

            Why spend vodka if we can drink it? We ride bears instead!

          7. AM Hants says:

            Is it Soros/Pinchuk V Kolomoisky/Avokov? With the latter wanting to hold onto Ukraine assets for themselves, rather than let foreigners walk off with the lot, as in Soros?

          8. Lone Ranger says:


          9. occupybacon says:

            Name a single Russian ethnic billionaire in Moscow before mentioning Soros.

          10. Tommy Jensen says:

            God Nisanov.

          11. occupybacon says:

            Darn.. You won. I can’t mess with God Semenovich.

          12. AM Hants says:

            Soros is not a Russian ethnic billionaire, now is he? Good friend of Integrity Initiative’s Bill Browder. Now remind me, how much did Bill Browder take from the people of Russia, to hand over to the Clinton Foundation? Was it $400 million? Why is he running Integrity Initiative, over in the UK? What were they set up to do? Why are UK tax payers, courtesy of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office funding Integrity Initiative? Plus, why is the grandson of the US Communist Party Leader, back in thec30s/40s running Integrity Initiative, aka Open Information Partnership?

            With regards naming Moscow based, ethnic billionaires, do you mean Yeltsin Era ones, who went onto live in exile, or the good oligarchs who stayed in Russia, paying 13% tax rates, the same as the common people and who lived as good Russian citizens, keeping out of politics?

            How many of the Yeltsin Era oligarchs had dual citizenship passports, including Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Boris Berezovsky and so many others?

            Why did Boris Berezovsky and Alexander Litvinenko flock to Timothy Bell’s Bell Pottinger, for PR Management concerns? The same Bell Pottinger that was given $500 million by the Pentagon, to spin the Iraq War? Remember, the late Timothy Bell, special adviser to Maggie Thatcher, who was made a life peer by Tony Blair, who set up Bell Pottinger. His brother David set up Common Purpose, where you will find all UK Prime Ministers, post Maggie, are Common Purpose Members.

          13. occupybacon says:

            Eltzin era had less than 20 billionaires in Russia, Putin has 100, how many of these 100 are ethnic Russians?

          14. AM Hants says:

            So says who?

            By the way, how many nations have banned dual citizenship citizens from being members of Government?

          15. occupybacon says:

            Have you found the Russian Christian billionaire among the 100 list in Moscow?

          16. AM Hants says:

            Darling, would I be bothered?

            If you believe it is so important why not provide the links, which can be actually cited in Academic Papers, to answer your question.

            Are you stating no Christian billionaires, born and bed in Russia, have the right to live in Moscow?

          17. occupybacon says:

            Since you pretend from me academic papers, I would like to see the ones that show Russia mentioned in 800 BC.

          18. AM Hants says:

            Try reading a history book, you actually might learn something.

          19. occupybacon says:

            I am busy schooling you here.

          20. AM Hants says:


          21. occupybacon says:

            What I don’t get either is what are the Ruskies getting out of being a 100 Jewish billionaires whores, robbing the richest country in the world and the nation living in poverty… And still looking for other countries to point fingers at.

          22. Tommy Jensen says:

            Well, the little man in the street is not in power, and the little man’s neighbours are all debt collectors or hired killers.
            Get it now?

          23. Jens Holm says:

            They are not named as whores.

          24. JIMI JAMES says:

            No they are not,but THE WHORE OF BABYLON:

          25. occupybacon says:

            That is a nice joke, but oversimplistic. It can be easily reversed, let me try. Rep: General, why we took Crimea? Gen: Are u crazy? Crimea was Russian and Americans were there to take it. Rep: General, why we didn’t take Alaska? Play with that a little.

          26. Lone Ranger says:

            Alaska doesn’t have a majority Russian population nor is it the HQ for the Russian Black Sea Fleet.
            They didn’t have 3 Referendum either wanting to secede from the U.S.
            Nor are their lives in danger.

          27. occupybacon says:

            Calm down lil moscal, it was a joke

          28. Lone Ranger says:

            It better be :)
            Im still Hungarian…

          29. cechas vodobenikov says:

            many Alaskans spoke the same language as eastern Siberian people do presently, as do the Sami in northern Sweden, Greenlanders, etc…when Russian were in Northern California they did not butters Indians like the Anglos and Spanish—they traded tools for otter pelts, etc….there were never any murders on either side; Russia merely left when the trade became uneconomic

          30. AM Hants says:

            Why did Russia sell Alaska to the US and did they ever get the gold for it?

          31. AM Hants says:

            They only want to make peace with Russia, owing to the foreign oligarchs have taken over and there is nought to sell. So they assume Russia will bail them out and keep them in the lifestyle they have come accustomed to.

        3. Cromwell says:

          You SOBs collaborated with the Nazis now you sell your arse again to Nato,what the fuck is the matter with you people?

          1. occupybacon says:

            What money do your billionaires use? I mean all those huge resources your nation works hard to extract, in which banks are going?

          2. Tommy Jensen says:

            We use dollares because thats the way it is. Which bank we use is a private business matter as dollares only work practical on the International scene.
            It has nothing to do with your arse and you pimp Nato.

          3. occupybacon says:

            Watch out guys, we have a tich guy among us.

          4. ruca says:


          5. Jens Holm says:

            No wonder so many became nazis there.

        4. Harry Smith says:

          Do you speak any Russian? If you do, I can recommend you a lot of YouTube channels where Ukrainian curse the day when they overthrown their president Yanukovich. Modern pro western government of Ukraine adopted the law about land sell to private persons. And as we now from Biden-Poroshenko dialogues how independent Ukrainian govt is, many Ukrainians think that Ukrainian land will be sold en gross to big corporations like Monsanto. As Monsanto already has a lot of land owned trough their proxies in Ukraine.

          1. occupybacon says:

            No, you got me. I don’t understand any Russian. But I’m aware of Ukraine pilaging. Still it was pillaged before too just by your side.

          2. Harry Smith says:

            Really? Take every big city in the south and east of Ukraine. Most of them were founded by Russian Tzars and Tzarines. Most of it’s territory modern Ukraine got from Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev. Russia had huge investments in Ukraine after USSR collapse. Pillaging is not the right word for Russia and Ukraine relationship at my point.

          3. occupybacon says:

            Not directly but by corrupt proxies, the same as the other side. We were talking post communist Ukraine not medieval times.

          4. Harry Smith says:

            What corrupted proxies? Shall I mention how many times Yanukovich wanted to stop Russian gas transportation to the EU while he was Ukrainian President? Or maybe count all his military drills with NATO members? Putin saved Yanukovich just for the future game of Ukraine.

          5. occupybacon says:

            Yanukovich vetoed the free trade deal with EU and then banned protests under a law that a protestor can ger up to 5 years in prison, like in Russia. These two moves were direct orders given by Putin.

          6. Harry Smith says:

            Are you serious? Yanukovich played against Russia for many years and just in the end started to follow orders from Putin? BTW the EU deal upraised the customs fees for import from Ukraine in Russia. It was logic because otherwise Ukraine had to became the main hub of importing EU goods in Russia with lower fees which lowered Rusia’s Fees income and opened Russian market for lower price products from EU. Why would Russia allow this? It is just business – nothing personal.

          7. occupybacon says:

            I agree with the fact that Yanukovich didn’t openly play with Russia in the beginning – so maybe that contributed a bit, people weren’t used with him openly doing what Putin asked to do with his own country, it was a surprise after Ukraine negotiated the trade deal along Georgia and Moldova for more than an year, so they felt betrayed….just saying. What you said with the trade hub works both ways, Ukraine could be a hub that opened EU market for cheaper Russian goods.

          8. Harry Smith says:

            Russian intelligence is one of the most efficient intelligence in the World. Do you really try to say that Putin was surprised by Yanukovich decision?
            As for hub to EU, remember that deal was only for EU products to come to Ukrainian market, not vice verso. EU until now has a lot of restrictions for Ukrainian products.

          9. BMWA1 says:

            Kirovograd (as fortress town, renamed now) also founded by Tsarina Elisabeth, really, this line starts in Central Ukarine. Effectively, at start of steppe zone, old Ukraine limited to wooded zones due to military situation with pastoralists in Middle Ages (Kherson manages in south because lower Dnieper valley was large and wooded according to pollen records of K. Kremenitsky, Rev. Paleobot. and Palynology).

          10. AM Hants says:

            Look how well Ukraine did out of Russia, from 1654 to 1954?


          11. occupybacon says:

            You spamed me that thing more than I can count. History didn’t start at 1600.

          12. JIMI JAMES says:

            Nor did the cia!

          13. occupybacon says:

            All Cia should spam on me is greenies. Not colorful drawings for kids.

          14. Ronald says:

            That’s as much as to admit that you work for them, or maybe you think they are nice guys and will piece you off later.

          15. occupybacon says:

            Yes, I’m checking my bank acounts every morning to see if Cia, Soros and the Nigerian prince dumped anything.

          16. AM Hants says:

            For Russia. Wasn’t it 800 BC?

          17. occupybacon says:

            Again 800 bc? why is 800 bc so important for you?

          18. AM Hants says:

            Sorry, what did you say in your comment about Russian history going back further than 1600 AD?

          19. occupybacon says:

            You showed me the map for kids with Ukraine before 1600 and I said history didn’t start at at 1600. What’s with the 800 BC again?

          20. AM Hants says:

            The map showing all land received from Russia and Galicia, since 1654?

            Sorry, but, how does that relate to Pre 1600 Ukraine, kids version? Would the children be presented with a different image of the map, to the adults? Surely, adults and children would have access to the same historical information, would they not?

            It was you who stated the history was prior to 1600 AD. Hence, mentioning Russia, back in 800 BC.

            Do you just contradict yourself for the love of it or do you have some medical condition that cause your problems?

          21. occupybacon says:

            That land was Kievan Rus.

          22. AM Hants says:

            Which the Tsars gifted to Ukraine, back in 1654. Have no idea why, apart from Russia having more than enough territory to look after. Including Alaska, back in those days.

          23. occupybacon says:

            Bullshit, they didn’t give anything to Ukraine, Kiev was an autonomous region. It didn’t belong to Moscow. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Duchy_of_Moscow

          24. AM Hants says:

            Can you cite Wiki in an academic paper? Try reading the chronological history of Russia. Or get somebody to help you, if you have difficulty reading.

          25. occupybacon says:

            I see you keep asking me about academic papers, your colored map for kids is very academic btw.

          26. AM Hants says:

            The map can be used as well, not just for kiddies. Surprised you understood it.

          27. occupybacon says:

            Thanks, since you keep asking me to show academic papers – and also you are surprised that I can get down to your level and understand a vivid painted map for cildren, let me confess actually I don’t even need to drink to do understand you :D

          28. AM Hants says:

            I can get down to your level and understand a vivid painted map for cilden, let me confess actually I don’t even need to drink to do understand you:D


            Good for you.

            Must admit I am seriously bored with the 5D script. Deny, discourse, discredit, deny, disagree, so will go and play with the adults.

          29. cechas vodobenikov says:

            your ignorance and stupidity is farcical—u rarely hear the Ukrainian language in Ukraine—only in villages or Lviv

          30. occupybacon says:

            Yeh, we don’t speak goy

          31. cechas vodobenikov says:

            sputnoyiye vremiya=USa

          32. Harry Smith says:

            Sorry brother but Russian suffixes and word terminations are disaster for even Slavic speakers. Only “vremiya” is understandable.

        5. AM Hants says:

          Hear you bend over backwards and more, for a sniff of a swastika whilst flying with the stars and stripes. Nothing left of your nation to sell, when the begging bowl is empty, now is there?

          1. occupybacon says:

            Unlike Russians I work for money, not begging for food. You wish I was hungry don’t you? ;)

          2. JIMI JAMES says:

            You live longer when you fast longer!

          3. cechas vodobenikov says:

            u beg for food everywhere—your food lines r even documented in your fake media: zero food lines in Russia! LOL amerikans a nation of beggars and thieves–I do not observe homelessness or begging in Russia—even when I lived in Kiev, I did not observe begging—every where in the USA, weak insecure beggars—spare change? can I have a cigarette? so incompetent u r unable to say “may I”. “amerikan parents teach their children to have bad manners”. Geoffrey Gorer

          4. occupybacon says:

            Damn Merica

          5. AM Hants says:

            Unlike Russians?

            Remind me, is Ukraine a failed state, which cannot provide social benefits for her people or heat or feed them? Even $oro$ uses a discounted rate on his media disinformation agents, over in Ukraine.

          6. occupybacon says:

            Russians are obsessed with Ukraine.

          7. AM Hants says:

            Reverse blame/mirror transposition.
            They laugh at their neighbour’s Galicia dominated stupidity.

          8. occupybacon says:

            You sound bitter, nothing funny in your comments.

          9. AM Hants says:

            Bitter? Thought it was you sucking on the lemons. Why would stating ‘reverse blame/mirror transposition’ be classed as bitter?

          10. occupybacon says:

            Because I like short nick names like bitter one, I can’t call you reverse blame/mirror transposition stating one. Are you the daughter of Elon Musk?

          11. AM Hants says:

            Do you even know what reverse blame/mirror transposition even means? Judging by your response I would say no.

          12. occupybacon says:

            Yeh, it’s something you memorised to look smart on the Internets. Sad.

          13. AM Hants says:

            Poor love,you seriously have no idea?

          14. occupybacon says:

            Do you have ‘academic papers’?

          15. AM Hants says:

            Once upon a time I was an under graduate at a local University. Know we could not cite Wiki, when listing research references.

          16. occupybacon says:

            What did you learn there, that map you spam in half of your comments?

          17. AM Hants says:

            Actually I learnt a lot more at primary school than Uni. With uni, why on earth would I wish to view everything through the eyes of 19th century psychologists, for lecturers so proud to be Marxists? Too many of the courses are focused on social sciences, but, I took what I needed, outside those lectures.

            My husband, went to Uni, in the early 80s and found it completely different. He was spoon fed his degree which led to him becoming an expert in his field. He knows his subject inside out and back to front, which is what should be achieved.

          18. occupybacon says:

            Sorry to hear. That might explain Russia being around at 800 BC.

          19. AM Hants says:

            So are you saying there was no Russia back in 800BC? No doubt you are mistaking Russia for the USA and assume her birthday is 4 July 1776?

          20. occupybacon says:

            Why 800BC and not 8000BC?

          21. AM Hants says:

            Early Russia: 40,000 BC first humans arrived in what is known as Russia.

            Medievil Russia:

            862 BC Rurik establishes first Russian state in Novrogod.

            882, Oleg founds Kiev Rus.

          22. occupybacon says:

            So you are saying that you lerned more in the middle school than University and you mix AD with BC.. Which you should have learned in the middle scool.

            But the most ridiculous part is that you feel the need to put the abreviation when not needed since it’s the ongoing era. But you thought that being before the year 1000 it must be another era so some kind of abreviation is required LMAO.

            I think you fit perfectly for gender studies, they hate common sense and basic logic too.

          23. AM Hants says:

            Before Christ aka prior to 2020 years ago.

            Anno Domini, ‘In The Year of the Lord’, after the birth of Jesus Christ.

            If I cite from a chronological timeline, I use their terminology and the chronological timeline of Russia, used BC not AD. Using the published facts of the timeline, referencing 800 BC, in the frame of 862 BC.

            Anyway, as said bored of engaging with 5D media disinformation trolls. Deny, discourse, disagree, discredit, discourse = Boring.

          24. occupybacon says:

            Do you mean that what is for us AD, for Russians is BC?

          25. AM Hants says:

            Before Christ, assume the same in Russia as Russia is a Christian Orthodox Nation. Same with Anno Domini and Russia.

          26. AM Hants says:

            Senior School, courtesy of the fixation the County I lived in had with comprehensive education, I actually regressed, educationally. The County I grew up in was the first to abolish grammar schools, in pursuit of comprehensive education.

            University, was on the same level as the local comp, in the 70s. It was beyond a joke. 10 hours of lectures a week, over 8 weeks, per semester. Total 3 semesters. You start new modules, each semester, whether or not you learnt anything from the previous modules. I took from the modules, that interested me, what I needed. Whilst wondering why UK graduate education was so focused on social sciences.

            How on earth does one progress, whilst having to focus on how a 19th century psychologist would view things?

            How does one learn anything, from a lecturer still using reading matter 3 decades out of date? Teaching a subject that has moved on in the past 30 years. A lecturer, with no expert knowledge, just book based, since starting school. Moving onto college, then University. Graduating, to return for their ‘Master’ s Degree’ and then returning as a lecturer, with PhD sponsorship, under the guise of research assistant. With no expertise in their field, whatsoever.

            Like I said, I knew more courtesy primary education, than secondary eduction. Do believe it is even worse today.

            Where have I mixed AD with BC, when discussing my education? I was not around Before Christ, now was I?

            40,000 BC, when the first humans were found in Russia, using the chronological timeline.

            862BC, again from the chronological timezone, when discussing the foundations of Russia being layed.

            Like I said, it is seriously boring bantering with a 5D media disinformation troll. Who can only focus on discourse, denial, discredit, disagreement, derailment. So will go and play with the grown ups.

          27. occupybacon says:

            Soo actually when you keep saying that Russia backs to 800 BC, you didn’t actuallynmean Rurik Russ at 800 AD?

          28. AM Hants says:

            Darling as stated used terminology of the chronological timeline. What is your problem and suggest you take it up with the numerous sites, if not to your liking. Why on earth would I change their facts, to suit a 5 D troll.

            Why am I even replying to you?

          29. Bruno Giordano says:

            I read this futile discussion with “bacon”. You are wrong, as usual, and stubbornly repeat your ignorant nonsense. As well as your “5 D troll” nonsense. BC is BEFORE “year 0”. In 862 AFTER “year 0” [“AD”] Vikings from Sweden invaded an area in eastern Europe that would now cover parts of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine. These Vikings created a state that later became Russia. In 862 BC Vikings did not exist, Russia did not exist. In that area in eastern Europe there were only several tribes that did not have a coherent state and technically were in the late Bronze Age.

          30. AM Hants says:

            BC is before Christ and Anno Domino is from the time of Christ.

            With regards using 862 BC, I repeated what the chronological timeline stated, as I happily and numerously explained. Yes, it makes it 1600 years out of date.

            What I find funny, was mentioning 800 BC, in relation to the foundations of Russia being laid down, during the Charlemagne Empire. Yet, the three dense monkeys end up in hysteria mode, when I mention 862 BC. With regards BC or AD, when I happily stated I used the facts displayed in the chronological timeline. No doubt I would have been crucified by the 3 dense monkeys, if I had changed the information from the chronological history to AD, would I not?

            So whether 1600 years out or not, Kievan Rus was still part of Russia long before the Tsars handed it over to Ukraine in 1654.

          31. Bruno Giordano says:

            What you find “funny” is in fact dumb. “BC” is nonsense in this context.

            Stating “Kievan Rus was part of Russia” serves your well known purpose: propaganda.

          32. AM Hants says:

            Tell me when Groundhog Day is over

        6. JIMI JAMES says:

          Murdering 30 law enforcement officers in kiev you call that society? pfft!



          1. Jens Holm says:

            You are typing with Your behind.

          2. occupybacon says:

            English please.

        7. cechas vodobenikov says:

          amerikan the most insecure people not he planet as all sociologists write—lose all wars…as Lincola observed 1 Russian was worth 10 Finns….and 1 Finn is worth 10 obese cowardly amerikans…ukraine? lost Crimea…lost the donbass…u r so incompetent you couldn’t colonize Cuba…LOL

          1. occupybacon says:

            We could colorize Cuba. And Kiev revolution.

      2. Cromwell says:

        Thats the problem for some people,Putin is a good leader for his Country,he brought it out of the prostitution of the Yeltsin era who sold Russia,thats why they can’t stand Putin.

        1. MargoJohnston says:

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          The word “Ⓐ” not add in the web

        2. occupybacon says:

          During Putin a lot more people became billionaires in Moscow and none of them ethnic Russian, yeah, too good for his people.

          1. Tommy Jensen says:

            Putin closed 40 prisons in his time, halfed the amount of prisoners.
            Made the country organised instead of Jeltsin and Clintons gangland chaos.
            Doubled the pensions.
            Kicked the worst fraudsters out of the country.
            Made a civilised country out of Chechnya, compare yrself with Afghanistan.
            Saved Crimea and made it to a rich region.
            Cut off the penis of 100 000 radical militant gays.
            Manufactured to weapons necessary to defend Russia against US/Nato final attack, thus fulfilling his promise to Jeltsin.

            Come on bacon. Give it a chance.

          2. BMWA1 says:

            Yes, the list of Putin’s euil deeds is long indeed!

          3. occupybacon says:

            I could add that Rusdia became a cereal exporter first time in history. However most of what happened with Russia economy was pure luck as the oil grew from 20 in 1999 to 120 in 2008 then 60 until now. Only if he’s alien he could do that.

          4. cechas vodobenikov says:

            pure luck that u have among the greatest wealth income disparities on earth, the most violent crime per capita, most rape per capita 5 times as much mental illness per capita than civilized people—2 million families in extreme poverty–none in Russia…LOL

          5. Jaime Galarza says:

            Don’t give him so many facts at once. His brain may blow up.

          6. occupybacon says:

            Tell me again the story how you went in US and they found you are too smart for them.

          7. cechas vodobenikov says:

            a nation of dolts and idiots—oligarchs have been deprived of half their wealth during the past 20 years–u durak! “Putin’s great innovation was that he did not like the wealth and power of the oligarchs–he reduced it by half…he did not like the patrimonial relationships that Yeltsin had created”. Ivan Zelyeni (NYU). new Left Review (Nov 2015)….”amerikans cannot think except by means of slogans; the identify garbage as quality. the stupidity and ignorance of amerikans has long been a topic of hilarity in Europe”. Paul Fussell

          8. occupybacon says:

            Americans are so losers you can’t sleep well because of them.

  2. Lone Ranger says:

    Good job.
    Most the journalists nowdays are Intel agents or whores.
    Sad but true.
    If you are a journalist and you ain’t either than kudos to you, you are the minority exception.

    1. Bobby Twoshoes says:

      Sad thing is that this guy can only get a max of 20 years while Assange will die of torture.

      1. Justin says:

        i predict Assange does get Extradicted to the USA, testifies against the DNC and is Pardoned and made into a hero!
        Because he has done nothing wrong AND the New York Times and the WaPo do this shit on a daily basis!

        The game has changed since Trump came to power!
        Obama would have seen Assange punished!
        Trump wont!
        Assange just gave whistle blowers the ability to leak! He didnt leak it himself!
        Newspapers constantly leak information given to them first hand by intelligence officials and say “anonymous sources”!
        i stand by my PREDICTION, Assange is free by the end of this year (if the Brits dont have him killed in prison)!
        A lot of this has to do with Prince Andrew, Epstein and a lot of MI6 involvement in having Trumps 2016 election sabotaged and making this fake Russia Collusion Dossier! Assange is the UK elites ass up their sleeve!

    2. Zarathustra says:

      By the time we receive the full details, 30-40 years may pass.

  3. Ray " Uncle Sam" says:

    He is no longer of use spreading false information! So they bailed him out!

  4. Fog of War says:

    ” In May 2020, Safronov was appointed advisor to the Roscosmos chief for information policy and was curating a number of Roscosmos programs. ”
    So a journalist got appointed policy advisor to the head of the Russian space program ? Am I the only one that sees something funny here ?

    1. Jaime Galarza says:

      This Safronov must have powerful godfathers. The FSB should follow the thread.

  5. Cromwell says:

    Wonder if he came cheap? i see he was born in 1990,so he is a child of yeltsin.

    1. occupybacon says:

      In Russia all new borns are children of the current president.

      1. AM Hants says:

        Darling, a new born, say born this year, would have been born under the leadership of President Putin. Your point, or are you classing thos, around the age of 30 as being new born?

        1. occupybacon says:

          Your IQ is lowering every day, maybe try with water?

          1. AM Hants says:

            Darling, it does not bother me if my IQ is in single digits or triple digits, I was born with it and more than comfortable in my own skin.

            What was it you waffled on about? President Putin claiming new borns were born under his rule? Whilst discussing a man born during the transition of Gorbechev and Yeltsin. Did not take note of the month in 1991 that he was born. The only thing, was he born in the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation? Either way, he was not a new born under President Putin.

          2. occupybacon says:

            I never met someone that is able to write tons without saying anything. Obviously you kniw things but you are unable to connect them.

  6. Ivan Freely says:

    seven years in a maximum-security prison for treason

    That’s it?! Just Seven years? Got off easy.

    1. Harry Smith says:

      On other point you can understand why Stalin has so many fans in modern Russia.

      1. occupybacon says:

        Because he killed all those who weren’t fans.

        1. cechas vodobenikov says:

          typical amerikan fascist–as H Bruce Franklin demonstrated more innovation, social improvements, freedom was produced in all nations was created in USSR during Stalin’s leadership….when u have a coup and murder your own president’s u call it an assassination—amerikans–the most freedom, justice hating barbarians on earth–wrap a dollar bill in a donut w bacon, worship it and celebrate your childish obesity and sexual repression!

          1. occupybacon says:

            So the highest sin of Americans are they murder their presidents and freedom was ‘produced’ during Stalin. How is that?

        2. Harry Smith says:

          Because corrupted bureaucrats were executed and all their assets were confiscated.

        3. Tommy Jensen says:

          Off course, thats the only way to get fans.

      2. cechas vodobenikov says:

        Stalin was admired by Merleau-Ponty, Zinoviev (exiled by Stalin), Ho, Mao, Kojeve and the Melville scholar H Bruce Franklin, the only tenured professor terminated by Stanford…fascist amerikans attribute all deaths from old age, famine to Stalin

        1. igybundy says:

          reminds me a virus that causes death by brain hemorrhage and head trauma..

  7. Tommy Jensen says:

    The limit is in my opinion obvious.
    If you cooperate, give information and receive money from AP, Reuter, HRW, Soros, US Embassy, whatever Western, to in any way undermine the Russian government in the public eyes, you are a traitor.

    The background giving with the collapse of Sovjet, the Jewish robber barons, an impoverished Sovjet with ganglands, the threats-isolation-sanctions-murders of Russian officials, the contempt, the double standards, the US/Nato military threats and lies until the Kalibr missiles arrived……………………………….. ………………then off course you are a treator if you only think of showing off your minority discomfort in public for money from foreign orchs.

  8. ruca says:

    Put his head on a pike!

  9. Assad must stay says:

    Good, stupid idiot

  10. Jens Holm says:

    Russians still are in Kombinate thinking. By that the Leaders in kremlin think they can get new tech in and give or show none themselves.

    Things dont work like that in the western economics at all.

    Most advanced things are made by many companies in many countries. Russians now and then invent good products but most of them never can be påroduced well and cheep, so they can be used for fx own wellfare or export.

    Everybody can´can make a handmade Armata if its connecte to a goldmine. But Russians hardly can effort to use it themselves.

    Its about having no middleclass just as most arabs too. Clever scientists and hardworking low educated dont do it. A factory leader cant order parts produced outside the factory giving no specifications about it:) and the alternative is to produce expensive Yourself and be blamed for the price. A lot is about designing and logistics for the invented things.

    We see the same for Russia in computers, cars and a lot of less advanced things down to toiletpaper.

    If Russia insist in producing everything themselves, so the socalled secrets are kept secret, they have to educate to produce more and better all over. The main problem is they dont make the cake to share bigger and by that get more income tax for a lot of needed things.

    I was in Eats Berlin in 1968. Here it was very visible that Russians did their best to hide how low they were is most things and make people there believe they were high.

    But thats no secret even I every week see fanatics showing me wring numbers as base for wrong copnclusions for trhe progress.

    The best yesterday was, that because Russian middiles are the best in the world Russia is too. I will go out and admire my car. Its the best in the world because the tires are completly new.

    1. Tommy Jensen says:

      Your car is best because the tires are new??
      Jens it is 52 years ago you were in East Berlin. Something has happened since. Russian trucks are world famous. https://www.rbth.com/science-and-tech/328091-12-trucks-that-are-pride

    2. JIMI JAMES says:

      Russia will surpass usa in future tech weapons as well as powerplants atomic,oil,gas,pipes
      infact bang for buck +russia’s atleast 1.5 gen ahead of -usa clearly shows in their economy too,


      Decline in usas tech’s constricted by too many a green tape add to that fake x little martian$

    3. cechas vodobenikov says:

      yet u produce zero–indebted economy—feminized like amerikans nearly as uneducated—Russian students #1 per most recent PERLS comparison of all nations–apparently u r insecure and know yourselves little—more racist than amerikans per recent studies—your envy and self loathing obvious …sputnoyiye vremye…when US collapses, so will your submissive lonely colony

    4. cechas vodobenikov says:

      u r 1 of 2 west European nations where extreme poverty exists–none in Russia or China…backward people that produce nothing except cheese and potatoes; is your vehicle German or Swedish? your appliances, German or Swedish…in Russia far more university grads per capita than in your village culture—your insecurity and hypocrisy nearly matches that found in the anglosphere—now your mermaid is racist…LOL

  11. Jens Holm says:

    Russians has no secretd. They just dont know them themselves.

  12. Gary Sellars says:

    “Apparently, in their view the term ‘independent journalism’ includes the need to work for foreign intelligence services to make money and undermine the Russian statehood.”

    Bingo, got it in one. I’ll be happy when these traitorous cunts are rotting in a ditch.

  13. Trap Is Not Gay says:

    That idiot is the second arrested in these two weeks (and the third, if you take into account the American with pen-drive arrested in Russia), clean the house.

    1. Gregory Casey says:

      Clean house and keep it clean!!

  14. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Going to be taking a space walk without a space suit.

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