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AGS-30 “Atlant” Automatic Grenade Launcher | RUSSIAN FIREPOWER

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AGS-30 automatic grenade launcher has been developed by the famous KBP (Instrument Design Bureau)as a more lightweight alternative to the already proven and successful AGS-17 weapon of same caliber. Development started in early 1990s, with first produced weapons appearing by 1999. Today AGS-30 is being manufactured by ZID factory in the city of Kovrov (Russia) and is being issued to Russian army and several special purpose Internal Affairs Ministry units. Compared to AGS-17, AGS-30 is almost two times lighter (16 kg with tripod, 30 kg loaded with 29 rounds of ammunition in standard belt drum). It can be easily carried trough battlefield by a single man; its proprietary lightweight mounts provides wide arc of fire and allows for indirect fire at longer distances. This weapon is used mostly in infantry fire support applications, and also is installed on several Infantry Combat Vehicles of recent Russian manufacture. In vehicle applications, AGS-30 is usually installed in remotely controlled mounts or turrets, and is equipped with electric trigger unit.

AGS-30 is air cooled, belt fed, advanced primer ignition blowback operated grenade machine gun / launcher. AGS-30 fires from open bolt and uses non-disintegrating steel belts with open pockets. Upon the closing movement of the bolt, fresh round is pushed forward into the barrel from its loading position; empty cases are ejected to the bottom. AGS-30 is fed from special belt drums that hold 29 linked rounds, same as used in AGS-17. Loaded belt drum weights about 14kg (31 lbs). Interestingly, spade grips are installed on the gun cradle integral to tripod, instead of the gun body; trigger is located at the right spade grip. AGS-30 can fire in single shots and full automatic modes. Standard sight in equipment is 2.7X magnification PAG-17 optical sight; backup iron sights also provided.

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Pave Way IV

30mm? Well, simple is always better, but the first thing that comes to my ex-AF mind is that you could always weld six barrels of an AGS-30 together and make a nice rotary cannon like the GAU-8 Avenger (A-10) or GSh-6-30 (Su-27). Now, strap that thing on the back of a Toyota HiLux with a giant drum of grenades and the Russians could get the attention of the head-choppers real damn quick. Die, Ублюдок! [ Brrrrrr r r rrt ] (According to Google translate that’s Die, you bastard! in Russian)


You can call me Al

ex-AF ??. Sorry, but I have no idea,

Pave Way IV

I use to be an Australopithecus Freemason. The dues were outrageous and that ‘drinking blood out of a skull’ thing was kind of creepy. We had cool hats with horns – I kept mine. They still call me about it and want it back. I was also in the U.S. Air Force (back when they used coal to fuel the aircraft engines). My back still hurts from all that shoveling.

You can call me Al

Thanks. “coal to fuel the aircraft engines” !!??


comment image Talk about being stupid since there was never a coal fired air craft engine as the weight on the boiler and water tank’s alone would not allow the plane to fly and even if you could it would be larger then a Antonov An-225 and it would still need the ability to carry tons of coal for the fire box further needing bigger wingspan and possibly more power then you can extract from steam also i dont belive you were in the u.s air force you would have been nvay since they were coal fired ships. attached is a picture for refence of the biggest air craft that currently flys.

Pave Way IV

saph – The preposterous nature of my claim should have tipped you off that it was meant as humor. Read as: I was in the USAF a long time ago – the late 70’s, early 80’s.

I did have the pleasure of seeing the An-225 a year or two ago. It stopped by MSP to pick up a giant industrial air conditioning unit, supposedly for delivery to the UAE for a gas plant. The An-225 is so huge that when it’s taking off and landing, it looked like it’s flying way too slow to even remain airborne. I honestly thought it was going to crash at the speed it appeared to be moving, but it was actually quite graceful climbing out of the area. It’s an awesome, jaw-dropping piece of engineering.


Iv personally seen a fully automated Granade Launcher with like 20 barrels Magazine Fed by hand very portable launching like 20 grenades per second right here in the US.

The Secret of the System is simple. each round comes attached to an explosive round that goes off when electrical old school transistors set each round off with electricity.

Simple but elegant US technology that is 5-10 years away.

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