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Age Of Hypocrisy: U.S. Ambassador Claims Serbia Should Look At 1999 Bombing In “Broader Perspective”

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Age Of Hypocrisy: U.S. Ambassador Claims Serbia Should Look At 1999 Bombing In "Broader Perspective"

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Outgoing US Ambassador to Serbia Kyle Scott claimed that 1999 and the US bombing of Serbia should be viewed from a “broader perspective.”

In his interview, Scott was asked how he views the fact that a fair share of Serbians still have more negative than positive feelings about the US, primarily because of the NATO bombing, and how that can be changed.

In answer, he said was well aware of this and that maybe he would feel the same if he were in their shoes – but that neither Serbia nor the United States can turn back the clock.

“Relations between the United States and Serbia in the past were mostly good, except for the 1990s and the events that took place under Milosevic’s rule. 20 years have passed since then, it is time to move forward and improve our relations, we have a very good foundation for such progress. Namely, we share a common vision that Serbia belongs to the European Union,” he added, and pointed out that Serbia and the United States are connected by “strong historical and cultural ties”.

On March 24th, 1999, and lasting until June 10th NATO began a military operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

NATO leadership claimed that prevention of genocide of the Albanian population in Kosovo was the main reason behind the operation called Allied Force.

NATO said that during the 78-day operation its aircraft flew 38,000 sorties to carry out 10,000 bombing strikes.

The operation was not approved by the UN Security Council and the US primarily took authority and led the attacks.

Military experts have found that the alliance launched 3,000 cruise missiles and dropped 80,000 bombs, including cluster bombs and low-enriched uranium bombs. According to Serbian forces, the bombardments killed 3,500-4,000 and injured 10,000 others, two thirds of them civilians.

According to Serbian experts, NATO dropped 15 tons of depleted uranium over the three months of bombings to make the country Europe’s number one in terms of cancer cases.

About 30,000 new cancer cases were registered in the first ten years after the bombings, with the lethality rate from 10,000 to 18,000 patients.

TASS cited Ljubisa Rakic, a Serbian scientist and a member of the Serbian, Russian, New York, Eurasian, European and other academies.

According to her estimations, the amount of low-enriched uranium dropped by NATO on the Balkans was enough to make 170 A-bombs like the one that was dropped by the United States on Japan’s Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945.

The statement by the outgoing US Ambassador is absurd and the height of hypocrisy. It shows no sense of repentance, there was no statement that disavows the incident.

It simply said “it happened, get over it.”

In comment, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that the US may hope for better relations only after it officially issues an apology for what transpired in 1999.

“The United States must apologize for bombing the former Yugoslavia back in 1999 and pay compensation to the relatives of those killed and injured in the US-backed NATO air raids, and then they could ask others to look into the future”, Zakharova said.

? #Мнение М.В.Захаровой | #Opinion by Maria Zakharova:СМИ: «*Посол США в Белграде призвал сербов «шире смотреть» на…

Posted by Russian Foreign Ministry – МИД России on Sunday, September 15, 2019

The chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Information Policy Alexey Pushkov in his Twitter called the words of the American diplomat “incredible cynicism.”

“The US ambassador to Serbia called on the Serbs to look at the 1999 NATO bombing” from a broader perspective. ” That is, go to the square and amicably give praise to the United States for being bombed. Incredible cynicism. Let the Americans say “look wider” at the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor,” Pushkov said.


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Peter Bozich

Just another dead shit American who thinks he and his fellow dead shit bureaucrats are the best blah blah blah.


The usual Yanki cynicism “Do as we say not as we do.” I’m surprised he did not use Germany as an example. Hey guys, we bombed the living shit out of Germany in the last 3 months of WW2, killed at least 1.8 million women and children. Then we imprisoned over 2 million POWs on the Rhineland Plains and over the next 4 years let three quarters of them die from starvation and associated diseases. We even blamed them for murdering 6million Jews. And guess what? Today they Love us and are now one of our foremost friends and great allies. Yeah Right!

opet ja

Our, Serbian, politicians let them do and tell what they want. None of our governments asked for compensation for caused damages, we are talking about billions of $$. And most of population is not interested in joining the EU especially if it is conditioned by recognition of Kosovo independence. Even less citizens are interested to join NATO. Our president Vuchich is west’s puppet, traitor and criminal who destroyed in Serbia everything what left after Miloshevich and NATO aggression.

Jozef Mak

I hope somebody kills him, like the traitor Zoran Djindic.

opet ja

Zoran was killed by MI6 when he decided to get out of western control.


Even though Serbians in a large majority hate USA’s government. USA still has a lot of agents/lobbyists and minions in Serbia to use as cards in their deck of imperialist aggression. From liberals, social-democrats to conservatives and monarchists (a tiny but vocal minority) – all agents in America’s pocket. Hope to one day purge them all from Serbia.


It’s a result of the widespread corruption. Americans invested millions of green paper to turn the Serbs against Russians. Yet, all in vain.

Dušan Mirić

…and today on Serbian O2 TV (U Fokusu, 16:30LT) there’s a politician already full of sweet words about Americans talking Serbia should build up alliance with the USA. Wow!


That’s why I don’t watch TV Dusan. I can’t stand those American stooges here in Serbia anymore. If truth be told, I haven’t watched TV since the beginning of nineties of 20th century.

AM Hants

Funny, when they decided to go ahead with the Chilcott Report, into whether Common Purpose Member Tony Blair, lied to Parliament, in order to take the UK into the Gulf War. 12 years after the first gulf war. Funnily enough, it was a Common Purpose led Committee, that was in charge of the ‘Chilcott Report’, and ironic that the sister of Bin Laden, whose parents were business partners of the Bush Family, and Chenie and Major, over in Carlyle Energy, died in a aircrash, in the UK, the day before she was due to testify, on events that led to the Iraq War and Sadams non-existant WMDs.

CP and Climategate CP and Media Control CP Police State CP Civil Service CP Bell Pottinger CP Insider Dealing CP Tax Abuse Seven Principles Who’s Who of CP Find CP Members http://stopcp.com/

Common Purpose and Bell Pottinger, ironic, that Brother David Bell runs Common Purpose and the late Brother David, ran Bell Pottinger, which was paid $500,000 by the Pentagon to spin the Iraq War. Together with Common Purpose member Christ Patten, one time Chairman of the Conservative Party, when Maggie Thatcher, and her special adviser Timothy Bell, were involved in the negotiations, between Gorbechev and Reagan, back in 1989. What position did Dick Chenie have in Reagan’s Government, I know he was Defence Secretary under Bush, when the first Iraq War, went down. Not forgetting james Baker, the Secretary of State, who promised Gorbechev, that they would not move an inch into Eastern Europe, if only he would dismantle the Warsaw Pact and remove the tanks off the streets of Eastern Europe. Now replaced by American tanks, together with at least 13 NATO bases, which sprang up in Eastern Europe, after the invasion of Kosovo.

Who created the conditions for the invasion of Kosovo, which NATO states, was based on self determination, the will of the people?

Funny, how NATO and the nations involved in taking out Kosovo, fail to recognise self determination/will of the people, when the people of Crimea voted?

Why did it take UN, years to exonerate Slobodan Milošević, of all charges laid against him, during the Kosovo War. Remember, Slobodan Milošević, spent 11 years in a cell, over in The Hague, where he died, and yet it took the UN years, after his death to exonerate him. Despite the ‘Mockingbird Media’ keeping quiet.

How much money have the politicians, who were involved in the discussion between Reagan and Gorbechev made, since instigating the fall of the Soviet Union? How much have the private military and intelligence agencies made, since the discussions between Reagan and Gorbechev?

Why are those involved, still allowed to get away with it all, including with regards events in Ukraine, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Syria, Iraq, Libya etc. etc. etc.

PNAC (Project For The New American Century) members and how much does this NGO receive from tax payer funding?

Project for a New American Century (PNAC) A Complete List of PNAC Signatories and Contributing Writers

‘…One irony, at least three of the PNAC members espousing this “moral clarity”, Abrams and Wienberger and Armitage, were directly involved with Ollie North under Reagan and Bush Sr. (help from Bill Clinton) in the crime of illegal secret arms sales to Iran even while US diplomats were still held hostage. Neo-cons illegally armed and trained the ex-Nicaraguan Contra narco-terrorists (who flooded LA with crack), in violation of an order of Congress. They were indicted and/or convicted, and later pardoned. This is moral clarity? I’d hate to see moral ambiguity…

…Another irony of this “moral clarity” was that these PNAC and Heritage people also lobbied for arming and funding radical the Islamo-fascist Mujahideen and Al-Qaeda, with money from illegal weapons sales to Iran…

‘… TWO of these PNAC members, who were convicted of selling arms to Iran, and pardoned by Poppy, were then rehired by W to fight Islamo-fascism…’


Robert Kagan, founder of PNAC, is the husband of Victoria Nuland and remember her ‘FU EU’ phone call, when she was handing out the cookies, during the Ukraine coup d’etat?

Elliot Abrams, another founder of PNAC, who is the US Ambassador of Venezuela, and behind the problems in Venezuela.

Abram and Nuland – also just happend to be on the Board of Directors of the National Endowment for Democracy, tax payer funded NGO. Remember, the NED were behind the training, funding and support of Navalny, the Russian opposition and champion of protests, the Hong Kong Protests, funding, supporting and training Guiado, the Venezuelan, who believes himself to be President of Venezuela, despite nobody voting for him. Then you have Nuland, wearing her Soros ‘Open Society hat’. when out on the streets of Kiev, along with the other cookie monster McCain.


Donald Rumsfeld was on the Board of Directors of ABB when they shipped nuclear fuel technology to North Korea

“…Is U.S. foreign policy being run by followers of an obscure German Jewish political philosopher (Leo Strauss) whose views were elitist, amoral, and hostile to democratic government?” – Strong Must Rule the Weak: A Philosopher for an Empire, Jim Lobe Note – This is not an “anti-Jew” slur. Many Jewish Straussian neo-conservatives, such as Michael Ledeen, also admire and mimic Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and the Waffen SS…’



“At present the United States faces no global rival. America’s grand strategy should aim to preserve and extend this advantageous position as far into the future as possible.”

“To carry out these core missions, we need to provide sufficient force and budgetary allocations.

In particular, the United States must:”

“DEVELOP AND DEPLOY GLOBAL MISSILE DEFENSES to defend the American homeland and American allies, and to provide a secure basis for U.S. power projection around the world. CONTROL THE NEW ‘INTERNATIONAL COMMONS’ OF SPACE AND ‘CYBERSPACE’, and pave the way for the creation of a new military service – U.S. Space Forces – with the mission of space control.”

“Such a Reaganite policy of military strength and moral clarity may not be fashionable today. But it is necessary if the United States is to build on the successes of this past century and to ensure our security and our greatness in the next.”

In particular, we need to: – fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars …

the PNAC blueprint of September 2000 states that the process of transforming the US into “tomorrow’s dominant force”

“… the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”

The 9/11 attacks allowed the US to press the “go” button for a strategy in accordance with the PNAC agenda which it would otherwise have been (according to PNAC) politically impossible to implement. (more below)… http://www.takeoverworld.info/pnac_signers.html


PNAC Members

Richard B. Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Armitage, Paul Wolfowitz, Elliot Abrams, Jeb Bush – president’s brother, governor of Florida, Frederick Kagan – Kagan is credited as one of the “intellectual architects” of the Surge plan. Robert KaganDonald Kagan, I. Lewis Libby – “Scooter”, charged with revealing the name of a CIA official, to avenge the Bush admin by dissing Joe Wison, Frank Carlucci – Carlyle Group, fmr Sec Def Zalmay Khalilzad, Jeane Kirkpatrick, William Kristol, Charles Krauthammer James Lindsay, William J. Bennett, William F. Buckley, Jr.,Edwin Meese III, Frank Gaffney, Dan Quayle Dennis Ross – Camp David negotiator w Clinton, who blamed the rejection completely on Arafat, later disputed by others present, and by President Clinton himself, Max Boot – fmr Editorial Editor of the WSJ, Boot is a contributing editor—along with the likes of Irwin Stelzer, Charles Krauthammer, and Robert Kagan—of the neoconservative flagship magazine the Weekly Standard, edited by William Kristol. Norman Podhoretz Committee for Present Danger, Hudson Institute, Aside from Irving Kristol, few of the writers and ideologues associated with neoconservatism can claim as lasting an influence on the political faction as Norman Podhoretz, Eliot A. Cohen “the most influential neocon in academe,” Eliot Cohen is a prominent scholar of military affairs at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Caspar Weinberger – Secretary of Defense under President Reagan, known for his roles in the Strategic Defense Initiative program (popularly known as Star Wars) and the Iran-Contra Affair (resulting in his indictment and later pardon). William Howard Taft IV, R. James Woolsey fmr CIA Director (Tim McVeigh’s helper, which he cites, was “his” Iraqi, not Saddam’s), Dov S. Zakheim – comptroller for Defense Dept, Lubbavitcher, Robert Zoellick – Deputy Secretary of State, Paul Weyrich – fake Christian right icon, CNP member, co-founder of Heritage has often acknowleged that he does not intend to “conserve” anything.”We are different from previous generations of conservatives,” Weyrich explained.”We are no longer working to preserve the status quo. We are radicals, working to overturn the present power structure of the country.” Gary Bauer – CNP member, major figure of the Christian Right, former presidential candidate, key organizer of campaigns linking rightist pro-Israel Christian groups and conservative Christian evangelicals. A close friend of William Kristol, dates back to the Reagan administration, where he served in a number of posts under Secretary of Education William Bennett. vociferous advocate of an aggressive war on terror, Bauer compared today’s “anti-war left” to that of the 1960s, arguing that in both cases the “ugly aggression by the so-called peace movement” ultimately plays into the hands of those supporting war. Gary Schmitt – co-founder of PNAC, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) and author of numerous texts on intelligence reform and national security, second generation neoconservatives heavily influenced by the arcane political philosopher Leo Strauss, see Jim Lobe, “The Strong Must Rule the Weak,” Foreign Policy In Focus, May 12, 2003. “Is U.S. foreign policy being run by followers of an obscure German Jewish political philosopher whose views were elitist, amoral, and hostile to democratic government?” Francis Fukuyama – The poorly executed nation-building strategy in Iraq will poison the well for future such exercises, undercutting domestic political support for a generous and visionary internationalism, just as Vietnam did. “Neoconservatism, whatever its complex roots, has become indelibly associated with concepts like coercive regime change, unilateralism, and American hegemony. (except it was ALWAYS that) What is needed now are new ideas, neither neoconservative nor realist, for how America is to relate to the rest of the world—ideas that retain the neoconservative belief in the universality of human rights, but without its illusions about the efficacy of American power and hegemony to bring these ends about.” came under the sway of Allan Bloom, an important follower of Leo Strauss End of History: With the fall of the USSR, and American ‘liberalism’ remaining standing, Fukuyama contends, history has reached its destination. This is not a happy ending, however. The loss of great ideological conflicts will bring a consumer society, a universal homogenous state, bureaucratization, and ‘centuries of boredom.’ Nietzsche’s prediction may come true: we will become a civilization of last men— dull, satisfied customers— ‘without daring, courage, imagination, and idealism’ Dennis DeConcini Midge Decter wife of Norman Podhoretz (one of the key forefathers of neoconservatism), has been a major player for decades in the peace-through-strength ideological movement. She was a founding member of the hawkish Coalition for a Democratic Majority, served on the Committee on the Present Danger, directed the Nicaraguan Freedom Fund, and founded the Committee for a Free World. She continues to advocate hard-line policies from her perch at the neoconservative Institute on Religion and Public Life, and she is affiliated with the Project for the New American Century as well as the Heritage Foundation and Hoover Institution, and ACPC, a group “fomenting peace” with Al-Qaeda in Chechnya, along with CIA, Brzezinski, and some oil barons. Thomas Donnelly Project for the New American Century: Fellow, American Enterprise Institute: Fellow, The National Interest: Former editor, Lockheed Martin: Former communications director. argues that the U.S. military needs to be upgraded and expanded to meet the “strategic and military realities of our post-September 11 world.” According to Donnelly, “The gap between America’s strategic reach and its military grasp has reached a point of crisis.” Criticizing the Bush admin in 2005, he said “It’s time to stop thinking and start spending.” one of the few neoconservative ideologues to support U.S. intervention in Liberia in mid-2003. Stephen Cambone former undersecretary of defense for intelligence, longtime associate of Donald Rumsfeld. collaborated with rightist and neoconservative outfits—including the National Institute for Public Policy (NIPP) and the Project for the New American Century (PNAC)—on developing hardline defense and security proposals just prior to the election of George W. Bush, regarded as a core member of a hawkish faction in the Bush administration. split hairs on whether the Geneva Conventions were applicable to intelligence gathering in Iraq, defense of the role of military intelligence in interrogations. Ellen Bork – daughter of conservative icon and former Supreme Court justice nominee Robert Bork, deputy director of the Project for the New American Century. Paula Dobriansky – Undersecretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs, Hudson Institute: Former fellow, supporter of HUMAN RIGHTS and against TORTURE, unless the US or it’s allies is doing the torture, in which case it becomes “abuses”. Max M. Kampelman – Max Kampelman is a retired diplomat and Cold War-era arms control negotiator who has supported the work of several neoconservative-led advocacy groups that have been instrumental in pushing militarist U.S. policies as part of the “war on terror.” Such groups include the Project for the New American Century (PNAC), the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Kampelman also supported the work of some advocacy groups that emerged in the 1970s to push for hardline, anti-Soviet policies and that served as building blocks for the then-burgeoning neoconservative political faction. Among these were Social Democrats USA, a group that splintered from the Socialist Party USA in 1972 2; the Coalition for a Democratic Majority (CDM), which was created in the early 1970s by disgruntled Democrats who were angered by the emergence of antiwar elements in the party, and the Committee on the Present Danger (CPD), a group that helped push for an end to détente with the Soviet Union and many of whose members joined the Reagan administration. (For more on CDM, see Right Web Profile: Penn Kemble; for an account of the work of CPD, see Anne Hessing Cahn, Killing Détente: The Right Attacks the CIA, Pennsylvania State University Press, 1998.)

Kampelman also supports the work of a number of other organizations known for their militarist “war on terror” agendas and support of policies in line with Israel’s Likud Party, which is largely supportive of the settler movement and has opposed peace efforts aimed at creating a Palestinian state. He is a “Distinguished Advisor” to the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, 5 a member of the Board of Advisors of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, 6 and a member of a new (4th) version of the Committee on the Present Danger created after the 9/11 attacks to promote a hardline agenda for the “war on terror.” 7 Kampelman is also chairman emeritus of the Board of Trustees of Freedom House, 8 a U.S.-government-funded group that has been criticized for being an instrument of propaganda.

Peddlers of Crisis and the Committee on the Present Danger: The Big Lie, from the Cold War to the War on Terror, Morton I. Abramowitz, Gordon Adams, Ken Adelman, Richard V. Allen, Mark A. Anderson Ronald Asmus, Andrew Y. Au, Nina Bang-Jensen, Roger Barnett, Jeffrey Bell, Jeffrey Bergner, Alvin Bernstein, Robert L. Bernstein, George Biddle, Rudy Boshwitz, James W. Ceasar, Linda Chavez, Steven C. Clemons, Seth Cropsey, Devon Gaffney Cross, Ivo H. Daalder, Helle Dale, James Dobbins, Nicholas Eberstadt, Robert Edgar, David Epstein, Amitai Etzioni, David Fautua, Lee Feinstein, Edwin J. Feulner, Jr. Steve Forbes, Hillel Fradkin, Aaron Friedberg, Peter Galbraith, Jeffrey Gedmin, Sam Gejdenson Robert S. Gelbard, Reuel Marc Gerecht, Merle Goldman, Phillip Gordon, Daniel Goure, Morton H. Halperin, John Hefferman, James R. Hooper, Charles Hill, Fred C. Ikle, Martin S. Indyk, Bruce P. Jackson Eli S. Jacobs, Michael Joyce, Adrian Karatnycky, Penn Kemble, Craig Kennedy, Harold Hongju Koh, Robert Killebrew, Lane Kirkland, Peter Kovler, Mark Lagon, James Lasswell, John Lehman, Lewis E. Lehrman, Todd Lindberg, Bette Bao Lord, Rich Lowry, Connie Mack, Christopher Makins, Christopher Maletz, Mary Beth Markey, Will Marshall, Robert Martinage, Clifford May, Daniel McKivergan, Phil Meilinger, Ross H. Munro, Joshua Muravchik, Michael O’Hanlon, Mackubin Owens, Wayne Owens Martin Peretz, Danielle Pletka, John Edward Porter, Peter W. Rodman, Stephen P. Rosen, Henry S. Rowen, Randy Scheunemann, William Schneider Jr., Richard H. Schultz, Sin-Ming Shaw, Abram Shulsky Paul Simon, Henry Sokolski, Stephen Solarz, Helmut Sonnenfeldt, Walter Slocombe, James B. Steinberg Leonard Sussman, John J. Sweeney, Dick Thornburgh, John Tkacik, Ed Turner, Michael Vickers, Arthur Waldron, Malcolm Wallop, Barry Watts, James Webb, Vin Weber, George Weigel, Leon Wieseltier, Chris Williams, Jennifer Windsor, Marshall Wittmann, Larry Wortzel. Richard N. Perle Once dubbed the “Prince of Darkness” because of his advocacy of extremely hawkish anti-Soviet policies while in Ronald Reagan’s Department of Defense, served as chairman of then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’ s Defense Policy Board (DPB) in the years leading up to the Iraq War gave him a privileged perch from which he helped shape Bush administration foreign policies. Daniel Pipes


PNAC over in the US, together with Soros and his friends, over in Democractic Branch. In the UK we have Common Purpose. Funny, how so many names, tie into the fall of the Soviet Union and all the wars/regime change scripts, between then and the present day.

AM Hants

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, following discussions by Maggie Thatcher and her special adviser Timothy ‘Common Purpose/Bell Pottinger’ Bell, and Reagan, with Chenie and Baker, and Gorbechev, how many NATO bases have popped up in Eastern Europe. Together with how many private military and intelligence agencies, have popped up, fully financed by the tax payers, without their knowledge. How many of those private military and intelligence agencies, are under the guardianship of some failed politician, who was involved in the fall of the Soviet Union?

US Bases encircling Russia https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3639d3ecddf400b6e50c4a837cf448e1dfedf0ec48f351dbd8e431e11d0311a9.jpg


Regime Change Script, Whether Soros Open Society Foundation or a PNAC member.


Colour Revolutions



White Helmets Fund Raisers





Tommy Jensen

Waiting for the bear again. One thing I fail is why Stalin and Kremlin were opposed to Hitler from the start in 1933. I mean Hitler only went to invasions in 1938 as a cause of self defence and after countless provocations from UK and Poland. Maybe because Hitler purged communist, socialists and jews from influence from 1933. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f8c386c497ffbae04b05ca9211e0b2a47e29d1cb56bc05fc798cf81b22537ff5.jpg

AM Hants

Owing to growing up, when I did, and being fed a diet of ‘WWII’ films, I am completely ignorant of events. Having no love for Adolf or Stalin. However, since following events in Ukraine, going back to 2014, I have found it interesting that both Hitler and Lenin, were created by the same two headed monster. Now why does the Fabian Society and Tavistock Institute so come to mind, when thinking about how we were so easily played, back in the 19th century?

Fortunately, enough of us are awake today, to notice the script, they still wish to play.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, I feel for Serbians, but have they ever gave theirs at least respect to deaths of hundreds of thousands across from Slovenia to Bosnia, etc…But I still feel for them.

Saso Mange

You won’t hear about that on this site. They simply ignore such comments even tho thousands of dead bodies recovered from mass graves speak their own story. SF likes to write about mass graves in Syria but mass graves made by Serbs are perfectly fine for their standards. Just in Bosnia there were hundreds of uncovered mass graves and there are still many missing persons.

Dušan Mirić

Saso Mange, mass graves made by Serbs are fake news created as part of war propaganda.

Saso Mange

Fake news? So all those dead people are actually alive? Did you even see relevant documentation, pictures, testimonies?

I’ve researched that subject a lot and discussed it many times but this is the first time that i hear someone say how it’s all fake news.

Your ignorance is striking and if you have nothing constructive to offer you should join with Zionist trolls, they need trolls and pay in shekels.

Raptar Driver

I would tell you how stupid you are but you must already know.

Saso Mange

When you have nothing constructive to offer, insults are only weapon you have.

Raptar Driver

Why waste my efforts with telling you what you already know? You write here to perpetuate lies so now I should treat you as normal?

Saso Mange

Are you certified psychologist? If not then stop talking about me, talk about my information because that is the proper way. You can not refute what i say and if you can not treat me with respect then piss off as i have no time for trolls and uneducated apologists.

What i say is well researched, product of years of studies and it is not intended to less informed people but to more respected members of this board. Those less informed who are driven only by emotions can not comprehend deeper knowledge and always resort to insults and total disregard for facts. Good luck with that mindset of yours, Serbian apologist.

Raptar Driver

Can’t accept who you are? Same tongue same genes, same origins, the story is just the beginning coward.

Saso Mange

What a fail, thanks for laughs.

Raptar Driver

The laughter of the insane.

Dušan Mirić

It is all creation of monstrous war machine which spends 80 BN for intelligence which is smuggling narcotics to finance… etc etc etc. This staged conflict in fmr YU wouldn’t be their first such operation.

Saso Mange


Dušan Mirić

I don’t discuss religion with believers

Saso Mange

Words speak for themselves, you just shout BS


Hey asshole are the only troll here, blindly repeating NATO crap for shekels, dollars or bananas. They destroyed Yugoslavia, they invaded Serbia, just another illegal, criminal US aggression like Iraq, Libya, Syria… they always make goebbelsian justification for morons like you -“iraqi soldiers kill babies in Kuwait! Saddam has WMD!” Milosevic, Gaddafi, Assad, Maduro, bullshit and more bullshit.


Not thousands, godzillions… Serbs killed all Albanians in Kosovo – that’s why there are 99% albanians in Pristhina now and 0,01% Serbs, not 1%, not 0,1% but less than one per mille. from 40.000 Serbs in 1998 to 25 today (not 25.000 but 25!)… all exterminated or expelled. Not even graveyards remain, albanians literally destroy every trace of Serbian existence including graveyards and 800 years old churches (or they just stole them). if that’s not a genocide then what is, you shameless piece of shit?

btw Those “mass graves” you and similar morons like to mention (because CNN tolds you so) contain dead terrorists and civilians killed by NATO bombs… I guess Serbians should have built mausoleums for dead KLA terrorists while under NATO bombs?

Matt Sullivan

Great rebuttal of this illiterate simpleton but you’re wasting time trying to knock sense into the rotting brain of a (likely mentally ill or paid by Soros) TROLL. This retarded troll cries “Fascism!!!” and “racism!!!” when anyone refutes his idiotic nonsense about Serbia but defends National Socialism [aka Nazism] and Hitler at the same time while pretending to be “democratic”! :D LMFAO! Here’s one of this troll’s quotes:

“National Socialists were not racist. They were patriotic, wanted to be independent. Western degraded civilization which is ruled by Zionism did not want strong and independent country in Europe”


Dušan Mirić

What a bullshit Icarus!

Raptar Driver

No you dont, feel sorry for your temporary fake state built on Serbian blood.


Is Milosevic’s fault that slovenian ultranationalists and separatists attacked yugoslav army and started killing kids from JNA, mostly unarmed? Did Milosevic commanded JNA or it was Ante Markovic (croatian)? Is Milosevic’s fault that Tudjman’s ultrantionalists fascists and ustashe again attacked yugoslav army and federal bases, and started their war of secession? Is Milosevic’s fault that Alija Izetbegovic and his jihadists again attacked young soldiers from JNA, and serbian civilians? I guess Milosevic’s regime attacked Macedonian police (or albanians did it?).

Perhaps “Milosevic’s regime” is also guilty because southern states of USA seceded from the american Union in 1861. and attacked federal forces in similar way as separatists from Slovenia or Croatia? But unlike Yugoslavian federal government, american government brutally crushed the rebellion in blood. Abe Lincoln is considered to be one of the best, if not the best american president ever.

Icarus Tanović

Where do you live man, you sound just like straight from the ’90s. This what you have said is old stupid Serbian chetnik ideology, discurs and orations. Nobody wanted to live in Milosevics bloody Serboslavia, after Gazmimestand, cant you get that? All people have rights for self-determination. This story ends here.


What I said is 100% TRUTH, I know you have nothing remotely intelligent to say but repeating ustashe/HDZ/Tudjman’s moronic mantras and worthless garbage.. you belong in 1941. with Hitler and Mussolini (no surprise croatia/NDH2 is the worst fascist shithole in Europe where nazism is openly worshiped and Serbs are brutally terrorized almost every day). “All people have rights for self-determination.” Except Serbs from Krajina, right?

Ishyrion Av

US must not only apologize but must pay for the completely rebuilding of Serbia infrastructure, compensate for the lives lost and bomb their own base in Kosovo with full US military personnel inside. Also, pay for the cleaning of the country from uranium depleted weapons – and that must end only when they collect 15 tons of uranium from the dirt. Kick the muslim Albanians back in their cages because Kosovo is Serbia and always was. Rebuild all the Orthodox Monasteries and Churches bombed in Kosovo (around 300). And cry for their sins because they killed thousands of men, women and children but they never had the courage to send their troops by foot. I will never forget when they bombed civilians in the Easter night, the most holly time in Orthodoxia. And no, I’m not Serbian.

Saso Mange

People at Kosovo had problems since late 1970’s when police officers, students cadets were sent there to train on Albanians. It further escalated when Miloshevich come to power and his rule has brought devastation all over Yugoslavia, from Slovenia to Kosovo. Without US strikes in 1999 there would be another Srebrenica but this time in Kosovo. Police brutality lasted for decades and that is greatest reason why Kosovo is independent country today. Largest problem of Serbia is that it is still filled with people from Miloshevich’s administration and his close associates. USA has done so much wrong especially since Iraq WMD debacle but please, you can not ignore the horrors which Kosovo endured for decades. I do not care if it’s my brother who does the murders, he is guilty of what he does and i won’t be his apologist. SF has long history of trying to whitewash Serbian atrocities and also in tries to smear Montenegro over position of Church. You are losing credibility by doing so, something which i tried to tell you on many occasions but you simply do not care.

Years after Kosovo was invaded by Serbia (over murders of Serbian teenagers in bar in Pristina) it was determined that Serbian criminals did that on state orders and criminals who were included in that false flag admitted it some 10 years ago. I do not hear you talking about that. And you dare blame Israel for using the same shit that you are using. Shame.

Dušan Mirić

What a pile of bullshit! NATO agitprop!

Saso Mange

My friend you only have insults to offer. If this offends you it’s your problem, not mine. Truth has no alternative in my world.

Saso Mange

Another thing, Kosovo should have stayed in Serbia because it means so much historically and culturally but bad political decisions have lead to losing of that territory. It’s also partly reason why Montenegro left the union. This is one case of ”everyone is wrong and i am correct”. I am sorry but the world doesn’t function in that way and the sooner you realize it – the better for you.

Dušan Mirić


Saso Mange

What should i do with some random link and story which is not related to the subject in any way. Funny.

Raptar Driver

Keep repeating the same old lies don’t make the truth. Your mind is broken!

Saso Mange

Your baseless accusations are not a refute just a way to make yourself look illiterate.

Raptar Driver

A baseless accusation is that Serbs committed some kind of genocide against Muslim Serbs, or did I miss understand you?

Saso Mange

”Muslim Serbs”. Story ends here.


Pathetic albanian lies, terrorist propaganda and dumb logical fallacies (comparison with Israel, seriously?), literally 100% of your text is complete manure.

‘People of Kosovo’ had problem since the Ottomans invaded serbian lands, there were no Albanians there before turkish occupation. Albanian bloodthirsty auxiliaries followed their turkish masters, committed a genocide against Serbian population in 1688. and settled in Kosovo. But let’s skip a few centuries of monstruos albanian atrocities (including WW2 when they supported Hitler and Mussolini)…. Under communist rule albanians in Yugoslavia had all possible rights, language, autonomy, everything, Tito fully supported albanians against Serbians, he was a Croat and was extremely against Serbs. He even banned Serbians expelled during WW2 to return to Kosovo! Albanians openly terrorized Serbian population in Kosovo and yugoslav goverment did nothing (the only exception was when serbian communist Rankovic tried to suppress growing albanian separatism but Tito killed him).

At the same time albanian dictator Enver Hohxa eradicated all national minorities – you are an albanian or you die. Another genocide against Serbians (and Greeks) in Albania. When Tito died albanians started an open rebellion in order to create “Great Albania”. They continued with their terror, Serbians were forced to leave Kosovo, until Milosevic tried to stop the exodus. Yet he didn’t nothing against them, he didn;t even arrest any of their leaders, they continued with promoting separatism. Supported by NATO albanians started an armed rebellion (like FSA or ISIS in Syria) using FAKE ‘massacre” in Rachak to justify their illegal aggression. During the war KLA killed 1000s of serbian (and loyal albanian) civilians, committing monstrous crimes (even harvesting human organs). “Years after Kosovo was invaded by Serbia (over murders of Serbian teenagers in bar in Pristina) it was determined that Serbian criminals did that on state orders and criminals who were included in that false flag admitted it some 10 years ago.” Kosovo was not invaded by Serbia, Kosovo was Serbia and Kosovo is Serbia. That murder had nothing to do with the war whatsoever, and the fake story how Milosevic did it to for whatever reason is just another lie (started by some traitors from Belgrade paid by NATO). But again, it was irrelvant.

After the war Albanians expelled or exterminated almost all serbian population (the only exception is K.Mitrovica where they still don’t have full control). from 40.000 Serbs living in Pristhina in 1998. only 25 remain. Not 25.000. 25. “KosovA” (Kosovo is a serbian name, albanians stole that as well) is ruled by ex-terrorist leaders, war criminals and mafia lords like Ramush Haradinaj (prime minister) and Hashim Tachi (president). It’s a fake ‘country’, NATO owned banana-republic, obediently serving their american masters while continuing their genocidal jihad against remaining serbian population, not even medieval church are spared from albanian destruction.

Shame? You have no shame.



Hit the road Scott and don’t you come back ho more, no more, no more. (again and again) If pronounced, his name in Serbian means something like bast*ard or scoundrel, anyway – a person who possesses no human properties.


What an appaling imbecile!

Dušan Mirić

Late Serbian painter Ljuba Popovich said in an interview that the USA is lead by mafia. This words picture this perfectly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z5iCdf8Up8

Tommy Jensen

Serbia should be happy that they got American bubble gum and that we are in the country to help the Serbians with their many personal problems. We can help the Serbians to get Nato and security so they will not be bombed again, and the Serbians have the hope that they can get EU citizen smartchip and that they can apply for a green card to US the Land of Freedom. Be happy for what you got and for the possibilities United States offer…………………………..LOL.


That is about it: US will provide you “security” from itself. Look no further than Iraq, Lybia, or Syria to see what can happen to you if “you are not secured by US” (for a small price to shut up, put up, and of course give us everything you have for free).

Rhodium 10

USA attacked Serbia ( included Rep Srpska)..stole Kosovo…beside provoke Yugoslavian war…put inside NATO members all ex Yugoslav countries to hit Serbia….and now through its Serbian puppet president want a reconciliation?…..


Zakharova responding on behalf of Serbia?:)))) this is funny


The NATO depleted uranium scattered across Serbia has had twofold effect. Firstly, the medically documented spike in cancers – with disproportionate high rates of throat cancer in particular. But also secondly, before 1999 Serbia had lot of fertile, arable, land that was essentially historically free from exposure to US petro-chemical agricultural agents, looking at you Monsanto and your fertilizers and weed killers etc. Now, post 1999, Serbian land is still fertile, but it is not agent free – there is radiation issues – ergo, it is no longer a ‘clean’ competitor for ‘organic’ produce against dominant US or EU corporate agri-business model, as Serbian land previously had the massive consumer market potential to be. NATO’s gratuitous use of depleted uranium was certainly one way to level the international agri-business playing field, scattering uranium all over a potential, and very rare, uncontaminated rival.

AM Hants

That is interesting, as who were up and running, with their eyes on Ukraine’s rich, black soil, prior to The Maidan? Clue, in they purchased Erik Prince’s ‘Black Water Mercenaries’, who were up and running, during The Maidan.

Now why did Monsanto need a name change, when they merged with Beyer?


American aggression in Europe.

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