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After Throwing Libya In Chaos, U.S. Is Concerned Over Russia’s ‘Destabilizing Presence’ There

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After Throwing Libya In Chaos, U.S. Is Concerned Over Russia's 'Destabilizing Presence' There

REUTERS / Anis Mili

The US that sponsored the 2011 regime change in Libya putting an end to the country’s statehood and bringing the chaos to the territory, is now concered the the alleged presence of Russian troops there is “destabilizing.”

On November 26, David Schenker, the assistant secretary for near eastern affairs at the State Department claimed that Russian troops were sent to Libya “in significant numbers” to support the Libya National Army (LNA). This alleged move, Schenker claimed, “raises the specter of large-scale casualties among the civilian population.”

The US diplomat provided no details regarding the supposed numbers of Russian troops deployment and their locations. Despite this, mainstream media outlets cover the ‘wide-scale’ Russian military presence as a confirmed  fact. This can berely be confirmed by any evidence from the ground.

At the same time, it should be noted that there is no secret that some Russia-linked private military contractors are operating in the country. Some limited  presence of the Russian Special Forces, as special forces of any another country involved in the Big Middle East Game, is also possible.

In own turn, the US and other Western states are backing the Government of National Acrrod, which relies on various militant groups and even al-Qaeda linked radicals to combat the LNA.


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Luke Hemmming

Destabilizing? Meaning they are destabilizing your own destabilizing plans! Oh FFS America! Get it right will ya! Talking about yourselves again!. The only destabilizing that is going on is your continual unwelcome prescence in countries and regions other than your own. Wherever the US is it destabilize’s. Your government even manages to destabilize it’s own people!

Jens Holm

I see that too often as well.

Concrete Mike

Fuck you america, you made a mess in lybia, and cant even own up to it. Between that and Syria, the Obama admin has the blood of millions on its hands.

Trump is no saint, but the people trying to remove him are the same regime change nutters within the bureaucracy.

My heart goes out to the people whose countries we have destroyed over our own greed.

Eurotrash are just as responsible as usa in the lybia mess.

Jens Holm

As usual not even a single minimal try for any sdolutions. You just want to destroy as usual.

Concrete Mike

What da fuck tu comptes.

Your out to lunch today bud. What solutions are there MR smartass, as the UN is corrupt, usa is an israeli puppet much like europe.

If the italians french and turks, including their corporations leave that would be a good start.

Its you EUROTRASH’S fault what happened in Libya, own up to it.

What has been done cannot be undone, but this mess is almost 10 years on, and no end in sight. There is no end in sight because that was the goal!

Solution #1 is boot out foreigners and their greedy agendas.

So instead of insulting me, do show some solutions, or at least take responsibility for what europe has done to the libyan people.

Jens Holm

I have here – Many times.

Too big countries like the artificial Libya again should be at least 3 meing east, west and south.

And those 3 share incomes from gas and oil in % of popalation. Every person has a bank accout being paid as private person on not family.

The children gets paid half for education matters, which includes paying for schools, eachers and equipment.

Its about the same wishes I have for Syria, Iraq and evenTurkey. You divide power out to many and make them responsible for the use of their own taxmoney on local level.

By that they will get, what they pay for, be more productive and by that pay more to the devellopments for the upper state.

Many staes are made like that and most of them are doing very well compared to the ones, which has no structure like that.

It can be in several versions. The main solution is to divide trust and respinsability to many (elected) hands.

If things gets bad ther, there will be elected others. If There is corruption, the rest ofthe country will not stop but work as usual.

The main thing is to understand income tax at all. Income tax is paying pr hour for good skills and hard work. Income tax is getting things back.

Fx no one knows who will break a lake, but we know many does it every year, so we all pay a littleto that instead of a family or one person pay.

The same for schools. We all start as children and also has to have the possibility to work for an education and also by that a bigger income. But we pay the same for all even we know only few reach the high education. We do it, because we neeed very good doctors, ingeniurs and like that.

Jens Holm

Animportant thing is, that Italy and France has been the main drillers in many years.

It make no sense demand those corporations to leave. After a couple of monts many Libyans would be poor and buy camels from Australia.

And if they left someone else would fill that gap. Who is … The primitive Russian oildrillers or what.

Turks partly has a reason for being there, but not for what they do. There is a Turkish minority in Libya.

AM Hants

How many of us smile when we here the news that yet another nation is joining the Russian/Chinese alliance, especially when they happen to be based in the Middle East and have seen the meaning of NATO friendship, where natural resources are concerned.

Jens Holm

I see it well. The more contributions to the the dirty soup, the better it becomes. So if I put water in, it will be tea, coffee or baby food.

Black Waters

Loooooool!!, The U.S, the same country that backstabbed Ghaddafi in cold blood and destroyed Libya saying that Russia may destabilized the region? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I need to add a plus here, Europeans ended up paying the price for the U.S/OTAN black operation, because then all the migrants from Libya went to Europe… and we know how that went…

Jens Holm

I only see Gadaffi killed by many good reasons don e by himself.

The main problems is the same. Dictators make no replacers, which can coup or kill them. They dont make replacements at all.

A minimum for removing Gadaffis, Assads, Saddams and others should be someone ready to take over.


You mean the devil worshippers that are always ready to walk into a country they just destroyed

Jens Holm

Not at all. There is no devil as well as heaven.

I dont see borderlines as protection zones for dictatorships ogf the worst kind.

Libya actually is a very new country made by devastating killings by the Italienes taking over robber Emirs from Osmans.

So why should that mistake not be corrected. The frozen borderlines is made by the results by WW2and WW1 to make stability.

After that many countries were created. But I am for the population anytime are deciders of their Governess. If thats not allowed semilar to fx Syria, Iraq and Libya, the socalled country is a great mistake OR somebody inside it ruling anything is a big mistake.

So I want to have tools to correct that, if there are hopes for anything better.

Syria is a very good and very simple example. People are forced to believe there are only 2 choises – Assads and Jihadisme – and then of course those primitive Communist Kurds.

A great helper for that is naming any other system is not even an option telling those systems are very bad only showing our relative small bad parts as dirty laundry all over and americans starving in the streets.

Most of the poorest americans has much better wellfare the most of the Syrians incl. Kurds. Much, much better. They main are poor compared with the rest of the americans.

We see the same fro critisism of treating our many mulsim emmigrants. Compared to, what others do, they are on first class.

Apart from many Young men here and there, they have their own home, they have free education to the top, they have free medical care, they have free hospital, they gets their teeths fised when they arrive. And they have to be given a job – vomen too – outisde their homes.

So You fokus on small things and blow things up.

Last year we used 5 BILLION dolars extra for emmigrants and children born from them. Its much better then what they came from.

More babies survieve birth. Emmigrants lkive several years longer here too.

…..And even so, You are denied even to see and certainly not be able to copy something like that in fdx an Syrian context.

And why should I go and support women, so they can go home and only make food and children. Equal rights also say women works just as well as men and can payid like us. And they do. In divorse we dont have to pay them compensation. No, they work themselves. But we do have to help support the children, we make with them and take a lot of care of those children too having them days a month, in weekends and that and on vacations too.

When we grow old, we get at good pension. Her many old ones can add some savings and the family often help a little, but its npt needed.

So that why old people dont need the power being Leaders from old days for Young men and women. Its about raising.

Syrians, Lebanese as well as Turks make proposels in their Mickey Mouse Parlaments, which here anytime would send men direct in jail for years. You should change that too.

No more raising for sale and checking virginty from strange doctors or grandmother from the “maybee” new family.Many girls no even have that virgin characteristics. Ofte its men, which cant make children, but women are balmed and alone i their new families. We dont get things like that at all.

Yesterday I was reading that it was the women working, which made us rich. That too, but even only women was working here, Our GDP was much higher pr capota then in Syria.

So thats where Your many little dirty devils are – In Your eye, but You blame us.

We havnt taken this and that away. We have replaced systems semilar to Your with something better.


You say the poorest Americans have better welfare than Syrians do have you seen the homeless communities in Los Angeles and anyway the Syrians have still got a strong family structure unlike us in the west so there is not so much need for welfare the fact is western society is crumbling as it is held together by lies

Jens Holm

As Europeans we have very good knowledge for all parts of USA and focus has been there since I remember as well as the last m any years by Sanders and Obama care as well as warren.

You cant learn me anything about it. 4 of the siblings of my grandfather emmigrated to USA because they were poor and had no choise. One og them even died in the negro slum in Chigago.

Slum there was the worst seen in USA and he also was white. The other 3 did well and relative well even they had no education but worked hard from nothing and 2 of them got educated.

So trash being any color can work themselves up, if they try and are not founded in unusefull pacifistic behaving meaning doing absolutly nothig in school and afterwards apart from children and crimes.

Let med say one thing more. You familty wellfare in Syria is totally overrrated, when You write like that. I can only conclude, You NEVER has been in the poor parts of Sýria in the big towns as well as the ones, which people leave from and becomes urbanists.

But that where the uprisers mainlt comes from.

Family structures too often are very unproductive having bad leaders according to family rank i stead of productivity. Ranks should be school, education, skills and hard work payid pr hour, so You can see, who makes the money and which one should have lower ranks.

Thats why family too often make low support to those in the bottom. Thats totally unacceptable Syrians can have 50% unimployment because of FATAL traditions well supoorted by FATAL structures. I only see You as Syrians al understand Chaiman Allah in the same FATAL way.

And even so, the unimplyment among women is much higher, because those poor women are not even allowed to contribute, because the man is the obnly one allowed to work – And even he is unimployed.

Thats madnesss as if Syria is a land of milk and honey comming from sky or Russia only.

And You will say but but, there is no jobs for vomen too. Thats a lie of the most dirty kind. Facts are You in Syria cant even keep non educated farmers hands in the agraqble land, if You only produce, so a family can get gras for one goat.

Thats not how things are here as well as most parts of USA. When Syrians on 40 hektar produce 10 times, we use 10 hektar to make 40 times.

Ots the denial of any new possibilities and ancient structures, where the ineffective old days driven makes the business low and the well fare by that.

And just as most people in Arabistan, so many whever they are white trash or colored in skin, they mainly accept conditions like that as facts.

They are not. its about attitude. I have seen it so many times in TV as well as on internet and also in the mahy TV series.

Of course its difficult even to read and write, if You by the parents – of there are 2, are teached, that it not usefull apart from reading food stamp packets and subventioned rent of apprment and when the state pay for Your many childrem, because the man does.

I dont see the family structure as usdull there. It much more a moneysaver for the Goverment only.

Syrian family structures dont solve the future for the people living in Syria at all. Its the opposite. It keeps Syrians down and even with higlighted paragraphs by religion. Old Christians in Syria often is not better then Islam in those matters, but according to their God, the flexibility is much easier.

Hasbara Hunter



John Wallace

Can’t wait until that bitch is place in a cage with limbs hanging out and slowly lowered into a pit of starving dogs and she how long the gleeful smile and laughter last.

Jens Holm

I hope You have joined a healt care program. You ahve to be very old to see that.

John Wallace

Dream on dipshit , Who gives a fuck what you think. Sorry correction, think is not a word that can be applied to you. Maybe there is a big surprise waiting around the corner.

Icarus Tanović

She is absolutely loathsome. Thank you dear friend for putting this up.

Hasbara Hunter

The pleasure is mine my friend…:)


Send Video of Gaddafi’s daughter she is much nicer

Jens Holm

Of course someone like You forget, that americans by their great system did retreat her here as well as in Syria by Obama.

Jens Holm

Where do we see those United Libyens wanting Gadaffi back or anybody else OUT.

The only foreigners out are Kopt from Egypt working as normal workers.Mnay of those has been killed too.

Hasbara Hunter

Jens…..just in case you didn’t know: Gaddafi had to disappear because he wanted the Gold Dinar for his oil instead of Petro-Dollars…and thus he needed to be eliminated to save Rothschild’s dollars…(Saddam had to disappear for a similar reason: He wanted Euros for his Oil & we all know how that ended)…The AngloZioNazis Stole The Gold of the Libyan Peoples & Completely Raped & Destroyed Libya…just as they have done with Afghanistan & Iraq…First AngloZioNazis Create Chaos & then step in to bring Order…loot the country…bring in the Contractors to rebuild the nation & create thus Debt…to be paid back with resources


Black Waters

He knows very well, he’s a paid troll.

Hasbara Hunter

Yeah I know him for a couple of years already…He is the Village Idiot….

Mehmet Aslanak

Al-Qaeda militants are also useful in Afghanistan & CIA transported some from Syria to Afghanistan to fight Taliban off. By the way, do you guys still think ISIS was not founded by US to topple Assad?

Hasbara Hunter

Among some other reasons: ISIS was Created for the execution of the Yinon Plan, to Create Hate & Fear in the West for Muslims, Division among Muslims… Toppling Assad was necessary for the construction of an Oil-Pipeline from Wahhabistan through Syria to Turkey to supply the European market with fossil fuels…from a Geopolitical point of view this was not a good situation for Assad’s ally Mister Putin who likes to supply the European market with fossil fuels himself for obvious reasons…So them Russians Bombed ISIS to smithereens…much to the grief of the AngloZioNazis…The Syrian Peoples & their Allies won the War against the AngloZioNazis & all their Headchopping Mercenaries ….

Jens Holm

Again only bad omen based on mainly lies.

Fx Syria havin´g fossil fuels for Europe… hahaha… If we should have any help from there it makes more sense to export gay from there to our many horses.

You are right about, there are many proposals for pipelines according both gas and oil, but very strange You only has knowledge level to mention one.

Hasbara Hunter

Jens you are talking Bullshit & you know it…a Pipeline from Wahhabistan to Turkey runs through Syria…so the AngloZioNazis needed regime-change because Assad is an ally of Putin…with Assad no pipeline…So Assad had to go…

Jens Holm

Assads made the foundation. ANAL EYES must be somthing from You behind.

So why did USA create SDFs by Kurds?

John Wallace

Are you so incapable to realise one lot of Americans ( regular army ) were fighting another group of Americans (CIA ) Regular army assisted SDF fighting CIA assisted ISIS. Where did ISIS get their weapons from . End user certificates from manufactures of Soviet style weapons show buyers were America and Saudi Arabia re routed too ISIS and not stated use as on End User certificates. Looks like your brain escaped through your ANAL EYE .. In response to your forthcoming reply. Blah Blah waffle shit , save your breath.

Mehmet Aslanak

US didn’t create the SDF, just renamed coz PKK was banned in US & EU.

Icarus Tanović

Wasn’t that NATO that bomb Libya into ruins of lives, and Wahhabi scavengers were only there to finish this dirty gangster job.

Jens Holm

That too. But its a very smal part of the very big picture.


The nation which have 600+ soldiers which destabilizing Syria afe worried about Russian presence at Lybia? ……. Interesting…… Deal with that :P

Jens Holm

You might behave different Yourself. The ame4rican one is a routine reflex and others do that pr routine.

Fx 600 says nothing about strengt and relative strength as well as the plans for the future and fx rapid responce.

Its very visiblle in Syria. The absolute max was hardly 10.000 and probatly 8.000, but still there are good reasons for “blaming them” for much more.

So deal might be a relative and a routine …

If I go back to Syria of today facst are USA do block Assads and Russians in matters of easy oil production and money for regaining.

I see some of the many videogamers here telling Turks are very strong and this and that about them even as enemies to GB. France and USA. Those gamers expect the Turks defend the whole Turkey against invaders.

That never will happen. War against Turks will be knocking out powerplants and fx bridges and tunnels in Instal. No arms, no legs for Turks makes it.Only some amputations are needed.

Jens Holm

Íts a very dirty soup. Tuirks are there too. So many are. As soon as they are in oil control, they allbuy weapons for it.

Again we dont see any signs of solutions for real. Libya should be 3-4 countries or dirty robber Emirates as it once was.

Bengazi has no oil and Tripolis has, so they fight having many greedy helpers for it. South should be out of it, but also insist being economic connected by all kind of dirty traffic, arficial kinds of Sharia Jihadisme, human trafficing and all kinds of dirt too.

To me the main thing again is, that so many insist in not dividing big countries as several new ones or mocing borders so they incluse or exclude minorities better.

We still see the remnicense from the chaos after WW2, where it was very needed by UN making new countries as well as making less colonial dominance.

We should go to voting about it for Libya as well as for fx Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Iraq. The same goes for Sudan. The same ceratinly for Pakistan with Afghanistan and the new countries above Afghanistan.

I the last needed change I see Paksitan as 3 countries but including bout half of Afghanistan and the rest better connected to Turkmens, Usbeks, Tsatjiks whatever those are named now.

Yemen is a very good example too. They were figting eacxh other again and again even before I was born, and that long time ago. I slightly remember even Gamel Abdel Nasser was there too.

UN should be changed. The blockers by Vetos is making longer and longers list making only bureacrasy and no solutions and anlo for own purpose.

The world need sober solutions by sober politicians, scientist and the people, which its all about.

Telling USA is the bad ones is true, but so many has to remember its also about oil and the old helpers og Gadaffy for making their own oil and gas money giving pay for Gadaffy staing in Power. We also see so many others, which has no relations, which we have no tools to keep away.

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