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After Resuming Its Military Operation, SDF Attacks ISIS Around Hajin

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After Resuming Its Military Operation, SDF Attacks ISIS Around Hajin

by: sdf-press.com

On November 14, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) attacked several ISIS positions around the key town of Hajin in the middle Euphrates River Valley, which led to heavy clashes in the region.

The SDF media center said in a statement that US-led coalition warplanes backed the SDF attack and carried out 38 airstrikes on positions, vehicles, ammo depots, and gathering of ISIS around and inside Hajin.

“International coalition warplanes carried out many airstrikes on positions and fortifications of the terrorists, killing a number of them and destroying several hideouts,” the SDF media center said in its daily press release.

Despite the air support by the US-led coalition, no advance was reported. This indicates that the terrorist group’s fighters had managed to repel the attack.

The SDF halted its military operation in the Euphrates valley on August 31 after series of setbacks. Eleven days later, the US-backed group resumed the operation as a result of talks with the coalition, which appears to be willing to show that it’s combating ISIS in the area.

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Not a hurry, more like the fact the whole reason we’re there is to uproot ISIS. Everything else is secondary.


“which appear to be in a hurry to neutralize ISIS in the region.” ?
Maybe need to edit this “to be in no hurry” :)

You can call me Al

Shush, just a heads up Kurd boys, we saw the helicopters taking ISIS out.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Where are all the Kurds?
There are no Kurdish SDF being sent to Hajin at all now, none whatsoever, and there aren’t even many Arabs being sent there either, only a few pro US groups that have been thoroughly vetted and deemed safe, but there are a lot of the minority groups being sent there now, and the Christians seem to be making up the bulk of the reinforcements.
That means the US is desperately dredging the bottom of an empty barrel, to help find the fighters it needs to keep this operation at Hajin going, they’re literally on their last legs here and close to losing the whole lot.
If any of you think that the US wants to send Christians to fight against Isis at Hajin think again, they’re the last group the US want to see captured tortured and killed on Isis TV, they’re only sending them now because they have to. Up until now they’ve been a protected species in this conflict, but not anymore.

Jens Holm

It was the overoptimistic plan local SDF arabs not well trained and not as many as theythough would like to take that area back.

That was in solidarity supported by the bigger arabic SDF groups. So it was decided they should do it with heavy support.

Those arabs from there were much weaker then any could think. Therefore they are also today hardly worth nothing and by that others now an then can support them.

So when others then YPG and J does, its more like they are many but most of them are not as good as YPG(+J).

Some critics to that slow down micht remember, that the SDF zone has a very long borderline as well as its perfect for hiders, where some are named as sleeper cells.

Some others are not calm as me and do forget, that the main area from the valley incl. the Khabour river all the way up to Shaddady and Hasaka now has none permanent ISIS facilities but only small kind of hit and run groups.

So You partly are right but also very wrong. This is not about religion at all. If You see the SDF at the internet Christian groups are in it as ful scale members and supporter. But as anybody else, they are milisias and can find, if they wish.

Let me turn it around. Those Christians is more like pussies, because they dont join as much as others. Thats the point and no USA crap thank You.

This is not about religion at all. If so, its news USA support Marxist even they are the tolerant version.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Using Christians, Druze and other minorities against muslim fighters is a no NO, it’s like raising a red flag to a pack of angry bulls, the US knows it and doesn’t normally do it, and neither does Assad. Assad didn’t use the Druze militias during the Daraa campaign though they were chaffing at the bit to help out, and it was the same when Isis kidnapped the Druze civilians in Rif Dimashq, it’s wasn’t the Druze militias rescuing the hostages, Assad wouldn’t even let them help. Assad and Trump don’t want to use Druze, Christian or other minority militias not because they’re not good enough, it’s because when they kill muslims, Isis uses it as a rallying cry for other muslims to join in and expel the infidels, and since most of the population in the areas under US/Kurdish control are predominantly Arab muslims, that’s not usually a good idea, unless your desperate.
So as much as you say I shouldn’t bring religion into it, I can’t avoid it, neither can anyone else, it is afterall, at least in part, a religious war, at least as far as Isis and it’s sympathizers are concerned.
Did you check to find out if the nice FSA were still in Al-Tanf, as your comment stated they were, or did you find out the truth.

Asia Tatler


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Gee this is the first time I’ve ever been called a Zionist sympathizer, that’s the second most offensive thing you can say to me, you stupid homosexual.
Most of the minority groups in Syria are pro Assad, no dispute from me, I haven’t said otherwise in any comment I’ve ever posted, you better re read my comment moron.
There are 12 Druze militias in Syria and 10 of them are pro Assad, the other 2 Druze militias near the Golon heights, actually fought against the SAA during the Daraa campaign, it was those 2 groups that kept begging Israel to intervene and attack Assad, there’s 1000 reports on the net if you care to check the facts , you moron.
There’s at least 1 Christian militia at Hajin operating under the SDF banner, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re anti Assad, they may be pro Assad for all I know, they only have to be anti Isis to get invited to this fight. And since it’s in the Christians best interests to stop Isis breaking out, [it’s their necks on the line if Isis does], they’d probably fight alongside the devil himself if it was the only way to stop Isis chopping their heads off, or haven’t you worked that out yet moron.
All the minority groups in Syria have always been pro government since before even Assad’s father was in power, it’s only the government that stops the hardline Muslims from attacking the others, everyone knows that you moron.
You’re comment “ALL MINORITIES LOVE ASSAD ,CHRISTIAN /DRUZ” is a lie, at least 2 of the Druze militias and their families hate Assad, so in fact it’s you that’s talking BS.
I don’t lie LGBTQI boy, I leave it up to you and your kind.

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