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After Negotiations Failed, India Increased Military Presence On Border With China

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After Negotiations Failed, India Increased Military Presence On Border With China

Indian army

India is gradually building up its military contingent on the border with China. The place of escalation is still the province of Ladakh, where disputes have been going on since the second half of the previous century. The Ladakh region has always been characterized by heightened military activity, with constant clashes between Chinese and Indian border guards in 2020-2021.

Recent negotiations to disarm the border led nowhere. India became increasingly concerned about Chinese fighter jets flying over the region. It was the reason why the Indians decided to strengthen their defenses blaming the Chinese government for ignoring requests from New Delhi to stop flying within 10 km from the border.

The last round of talks about the disengagement of troops in the border area was held on July 18. Diplomats from both countries were present at the meeting, as well as army corps commanders. The negotiations were very protracted, with both sides unable to reach a compromise. The Indians insisted that the Chinese close their military camps in two places (precisely in the so-called “bottleneck” because the mountainous terrain is shaped like a bottleneck) and stop making regular sorties in the disputed areas and that the Indians return the right to patrol the border. Negotiations were unsuccessful, the maximum diplomats achieved was an extension of last year’s conditions.

After unsuccessful negotiations, India openly announced military buildup on the territory next to China. The declared reason for these measures was the “violation of mutual confidence-building measures in the Ladakh region”.

By the end of July, India deployed several Rafales to the border region. India has reportedly transfered Russian-made S-400 anti-aircraft system to the border with China.

Casualties on the India-China border are not uncommon. Every six months one can steadily follow the news of skirmishes on the India-China border. This does not contribute to the security in the region. However, any significant military provocations from one or the other side are not expected. The border has always been a stumbling block between China and India. Administered by India as a union territory, the Ladakh region has been the subject of dispute between India, Pakistan, and China since 1947. India is now bluffing and trying to show China that its interests should be taken into account. China is not expected to react; if it does, it will be very slow and will most likely manifest itself in the deployment of a retaliatory contingent or the reduction of the benefits for India in bilateral cooperation.


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There goes the I in BRICS the us is happy.


Don’t buy it,both china and india are aware that brics are the key to prosperpous free trades,fk the cia!

Assad Defeated Zionists

Those ugly skinny dark indians never stand a chance against China.

Ma Laoshi

This mutual distrust, understandable though it may be, is only a loss for both sides. Berating the Indians won’t help, since the root cause is exactly their anxieties about China’s rise. Or perhaps you like these intra-Asian tensions?

Che Habana

They need to come to some type of compromise where neither party is 100% happy. Two stubborn mules. Stop being like Americans!


disgusting racist

Proud hindu

Asshead bombed by Israel everyday 😃🤣🤣🤣Shia demons getting effed in syria

S Balu

Proud Hindu Absolutely and you defecating in the street wearing your smelly brown stained dhoti make you happy that is good

lucien lescanne

You must have american culture to say such hateful comment. China nor India want to fight together, each one want what it consider his property. If you think that Indian and Chinese have hate for each other you are very wrong, Your post is a clear maneuver to install hate, you miserably fail !:

t s

live fire combat training.. They don’t know how to do it any other way..

Rod Tucker

This conflict goes way back to Simla convention in 1914 between British India and Tibet. China doesn’t think it is successor state while India thinks it is successor state to abide by the same border. It has nothing to do with 1947. The conflict will not be compromised due to china belt and road on the disputed territory of Pakistan administered Kashmir. Normally no one would invest in a disputed land unless you take a side.


obviously this will not matter–civilized peoples unlike anglos, can resolve conflicts


India is the problem maker because of the US and EU. NATO has the same plans for India as it did with Ukraine.

Their main goal is to destroy or damage BRICS.

Last edited 7 months ago by JJ345

If this report of rift between China & India is true, the chance of defeating the Western bloc influence by the BRICS lack of cohesion and infighting will perilously diminished. The rest of the group should immediately mediate to rectify such a situation and develop a meaningful concessions acceptable to all parties involved.

S Balu

NATO’s Proxytute India AND Indians can NEVER BE TRUSTED Their value system is based on on me first without thinking long term consequences of outcome Secondly read the history of India and you will see that it has always been ruled by outsiders for last 5000 years only in last 75 years they have started to rule and you can see have fast they have polarized the country based on caste,religion etc In case of China I see them as obeying zionist and western diktat


India and China will never fight no matter how much you jerk off publicly, you understand? Their mutual annual trade exceeds a $100 billion now, just like how the US and China trade now exceeds $700 billion. They too will never fight, despite your best hope that they do…….Idiota!

Last edited 7 months ago by Ahson

Racist shitehead


Indians do what they do best: serve Anglos.

S Balu

Mehmed This I agree with you 100% as Indians suffer from intense inferiority complex


And you guppu don’t? Or you Al-Baqistani?


The USA have long planned on using QUAD against China, and I’ve always wondered if the 2020 border conflict between India-China wasn’t “helped” secretly. The problem is that since then India has been trying to decouple from China in trade, banned Huawei and ZTE from taking part in the 5G tests citing military security concerns (but allowed UK firms!!!), and its media have been hyping more anti-Chinese rhetoric than the anti-Western they used to. In short, if the trend isn’t reversed miraculously, India in some years will be firmly entrenched in the Anglosphere and not in the Russia-China-Iran alliance that concerned Brzezinski back in 1997. (he was a grand chessmaster)

Jake Polton


Last edited 7 months ago by Jake Polton
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