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After Losing Five Soldiers In Iraq Operation, Turkey Kills Yazidi Child In Airstrikes On Sinjar (Videos)

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After Losing Five Soldiers In Iraq Operation, Turkey Kills Yazidi Child In Airstrikes On Sinjar (Videos)

A Bayraktar Akıncı combat drone. Source: the Turkish Ministry of National Defense.

On June 15, two Turkish airstrikes targeted the so-called People’s Council in the northern Iraqi town of Snuny that is located just ten kilometers away from the border with Syria.

The airstrikes, which were allegedly carried out by a combat drone, claimed the life of 12-year-old Saleh Shifan Khidr Naso from the Yazdi minority. Iraqi sources said that the total number of victims from the airstrikes was four. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

Snuny is a part of the Sinjar district, the heartland of Yazidis who were the victims of genocide by ISIS terrorists in 2014. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), designed by Turkey as a terrorist group, is present in the district where it cooperates with the local Yazidi Sinjar Resistance Units mainly against ISIS.

The airstrikes were likely a response to recent attacks by the PKK that claimed the lives of at least five Turkish service member.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense acknowledged the death of the service members on June 11, 12 and 13, saying that they were taking part in Operation Claw-Lock in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region. The operation is meant to neutralize PKK cells in the areas of Metina, Zap and Avashin Basyan.

Turkey has lost 26 service members to attacks carried out by the PKK since the begin of Operation Claw-Lock on April 17.

The deadly airstrikes on Snuny will likely lead to more Iraqi pressure on Turkey. Operation Claw-Lock has been already condemned by all sides in Iraq. In the course of the operation, several civilians were killed in airstrikes which were supposedly carried out against the PKK.


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The treators in Irak government who sold the country to the zionists and yankees and turky should be executed. What is the Irak army gon a do against the theft of oil and the killings by zionists and yankees and turky ???

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Which army ?Mickey mouse army

The Objective

The Turkeys are as murderous asshole cowards as their Zionist masters, both deserve to rot in hell.

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This war will eventually ruin Turkey, god willing!


It already has. Turdo-gan is a fucking idiot. The Kurds are not going anywhere and they keep killing and injuring substantial numbers of Turkish soldiers. The whole 1/3rd of eastern turkey is in a low intensity guerilla war type insurgency along with eastern Syria and Northern Iraq, steadily draining Turkish coffers. 1 USD is 17 Lira today and the country is effectively bankrupt.

Retired Troll

The stupid Turks are fighting half their Kurdish, Alevi and other minority population with a bankrupt economy which now has an official inflation rate of 80% and 40% unemployment. Turkey is the sick murderer of the Middle East and as much a cancer as its Zionist creators. The bastard Mustafa Kemal was paid Jew agent and Erdogan is the same.


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Look who’s behind you.. Turkish YARAK . Stan still now 3😉 2🥱1and 🎯


Qatar wised up seeing that Turdo-gan ain’t goin deliver in neither Syria nor Iraq. He’s cut the billions in free money going there. Same same with others in the GCC. They’ve also quit investing in Turkish real estate. Covid fucked their tourism, not to mention these idiota’s owe more than $800 billion to the ECB/ IMF/ WB……..lol. They’re fucked!

Last edited 2 months ago by Ahson

Ars——h Don’t stress yourself about Turkey. We don’t complain about our economic. So stop jumping up and down you want everyone to hear you you can f*** off dumbo


You are a turn of the Russian/ Iranian gas valve away from total collapse. You understand that don’t you? We can fuck you up easy right now……The only impediment to this line of thought being that the Kurds are just as devious as you are.

Last edited 2 months ago by Ahson

Just as brutal as their Ottoman Empire. If those people were wahabis Turkey themselves will arm them.


Turk-isis, Zion, and Wahhabis…


terrorists and dirty are those turkish i hope the people who did this go to hell


Little girl do not worry all propaganda nothing else

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