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After Libya And Azerbaijan Turkey Sends Loyal Syrian Militants To Yemen

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After Libya And Azerbaijan Turkey Sends Loyal Syrian Militants To Yemen

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Submitted by Khaled Iskef.

Informed sources in Idlib Governorate said that Turkey intends to transfer Syrian fighters to Yemen with the aim of engaging them in battles against the Houthis.

The same sources confirmed that representatives of the Turkish intelligence began to communicate with the Free Army factions to start the registration of those desiring to go, with the aim to transfer them to the Ma’rib governorate in Yemen to fight alongside the Islah party of the Muslim Brotherhood against the Houthis.

The sources pointed out that the salary that the fighter will receive in Yemen is $ 1500, in addition to food expenses of $ 400.

It is expected that the first batch of 300 Syrian fighters will be transferred within days.

According to private sources, the salaries of the militants may reach $ 5,000 for fighters and $ 2,300 for facility guards.

The private sources added that the transfer of the militants would take place before the fifth month of this year

It is worth noting that this is not for the first time that Turkey has transferred Syrian and non-Syrian militants from northern Syria, Idlib, and Aleppo, to conflict areas such as Libya and Azerbaijan.

The number of fighters that Turkey transferred to the Nagorno Karabakh region reached about 1450 militants during the outbreak of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, which ended with imposition of Turkish-backed Azerbaijan’s control of Shusha, the second-largest city in Karabakh.

Turkey’s role in the Libyan file was very large, and one could say said that they controlled most of the Libyan file’s papers, despite the fact that regional parties continued to play less important roles in this file.

But what draws attention is the role that the Syrian fighters are playing in the Libyan war, which began with the Turkish military intervention in Libya in support of the Sarraj government.

According to various sources, no less than 500 Syrian militants were killed in Libya during the battles, including leaders of the armed groups and 30 children.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory announced that the number of mercenary soldiers from the Syrian factions loyal to Turkey who were fighting alongside the Azerbaijani forces has reached 72 people since their involvement in the fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

One of activists said, on condition of anonymity out of fear for his safety, that the militants, most of whom are from the Turkish-backed factions, such as the Sultan Murad Brigade, the Hamza Brigade, and the Euphrates Shield go in exchange for money. Another activist explained that they are basically desperate fighters recruited by Turkey for about $ 1,500 to $ 2,000 a month.

The Turkish security companies oversee the transfer of militants by transporting them to Turkey and then  to Azerbaijan and Libya, while the Baku government denied information about the transfer of militants to Azerbaijan.

The British newspaper The Guardian quoted a Syrian young man  as saying that he had been transported to Azerbaijan by a Turkish military plane and that he had already worked there on the line of contact with Armenia before the conflict calmed down. According to the newspaper, the 23-year-old Syrian was transported from Idlib to the conflict zone in the South Caucasus in September as part of a battalion of 1,000 Syrians.

According to some information from French sources, fighters of jihadist groups from Syria have reached the conflict zone via Turkey.

Transport operations were not limited to these countries, as the military platforms were promoted via social media in order to attract more Syrian jihadists and send them to Qatar to work as security guards during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


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Servet-i Funun Literature

In the context of the bilateral Military Cooperation between Greece and Saudi Arabia, the 115th Battalion of the Royal Air Force of Saudi Arabia arrived at Souda Air Base in Crete with six F-15C aircraft to conduct joint exercises with the Greek Armed Forces.Ps:Personally ı dont also forget 100 million usd Saudi help to Ypg in 2018.

A lot has changed after the change in the US president, now Turkey and the Gulf states are reconciling, while becoming more hostile to Iran (and allies)
1 joint exercise is nothing

Servet-i Funun Literature

ı couldnt verify it yet… Rumours going on only but if it happens,it will be very spineless policy. ı know current government needs cash,pity, not everything is money. Ps:These are all rumours.

That’s just rivalry, boycotting each other’s products is nothing serious, Tr and Sa are natural allies with the same interests

Servet-i Funun Literature

its your imaginary world again…No,Turkey is absolutely not natural ally with Saudi Arabia.if we were so called ”natural ally”,sa would already use its leverage over Egpyt in east-med issue.

Servet-i Funun Literature

Write to me like man not to him.Alls are rumours,ı dont care iran vs saudi arabia issue but ı like houthis.Did you ever see me commenting in Yemen topic ?

Servet-i Funun Literature

Correct but ı am explicitly supporting houthis and confessing that it will be extremely spineless policy(Yemeni people suffered too much) and no there are only rumours going on and the last minute news of Saudis shutting down Turkish schools is confirmation of Turkey rejected their offer(For the time being).

Servet-i Funun Literature

ı dont need to debunk anything…Natural ally part with Sa is lie,a big fat lie.Same saudi financing Ypg-pkk,yeah ally indeed.ı dont have any feeling about you man(negative-positive) because ı really dont care you nor the other frequenters.

johnny rotten

If the news is true, it means that the turkeys want to liquidate the terrorists of Idlib, from Yemen there is no return, the Houthis are the favorites of the God of War.

Kenny Jones ™

Yes, but it’s not only mercenaries, they’re also sending drone strikes, which will anger Iran which will respond on other fronts

khaled iskef

is there any sources about the drone sending ??

Kenny Jones ™

Yes on twitter, of course they won’t only send mercs without air support


It also means the US and Israel didn’t want to get involved in Yemen directly so they ordered Turkey to get dirty.
Erdogan sure knows how to find new friends and keep the old ones!


Those wieners are too “good” to get themselves in a war directly, they’d rather rely on proxies and mercenary armies.
Erdo’s decisions are transactional to his personal benefit…..he is loosing the revenue stream fro the stolen Syrian oil.

khaled iskef

yes , This is the reason for the Syrian escalation by striking the few places of oil production that are under Turkey’s control in northern Syria

khaled iskef

News sources from their platforms mainly , Turkey were and are still sending armed mercenaries, tempting them, money to various battle fronts.

Alejandro Bonifacio

EJ Magnier is well informed journalist

Kenny Jones ™

Unfortunately he makes a typo time to time, I think he’s French


“”” Changing the balance in the ME is not permitted and Ankara doesn’t need further complications.”””

Why not change the balance of power in ME?

Kenny Jones ™

Well if you give us a reason to and insist.. ;) let the axis of evil make the first move


Unlike him, if this is true (which I don’t share a doubt over like Mr. Magnier) I think it’s exactly to “restore” the balance.
It won’t be the first time they pushed 2 relatively powerful countries in this region to war. I just hope that Turkish leadership is smart enough to understand that a confrontation between Iran and Turkey is not good for either, both will be weakened and the way for a second illegitimate state based on genocide and land theft will be paved.

Kenny Jones ™

“hope that Turkish leadership is smart”, you got us there, it really isn’t, at least not the current one


One way ticket to hell.

Ashok Varma

Mossad is also sending Sephardic Arab Jew agents with UAE and Saudi passports. They have joint intelligence bases in Aden and Socotra island. India which monitors the Indian Ocean littoral has known about this for several months now.

khaled iskef

A single approach followed by following the Zionist axis


Frankly, the Saudi after suffering 6 years of abject humiliation in Yemen are outsourcing the war to the Turks for $2 billion for recruitment of mercenaries. The indiscriminate bombing of Yemen is now mostly conducted by US and NATO pilots, who are paid $50,000 per sortie. For the first time financial markets have costed the Saudi quagmire at dollar 5-7 billion a month due to this outsourcing.

khaled iskef

that is likely correct but is there any sources about that as far as you know ??


Previously, from 2015-19 Saudi’s had deal with Sudanese leader Omar al-Bashir for mercenary army to fight in Yemen, and up to 15,000 Sudanese soldiers rotated through Yemen. But in 2019 there was revolution in Sudan, and three decades of Omar al-Bashir rule ended – this also led to draw down of Sudanese mercenaries under Saudi employment. Around 10,000 returned to Sudan throughout 2019. Houthi’s also claim up to around 4000 Sudanese casualties over the total of five years of their deployed presence. Worth noting however that 2019 post-revolution Sudanese leaders have not drawn down the large numbers of Sudanese mercenaries still operating in Libyan conflict. But, this all means Saudi’s haven’t got a buy-in mercenary army for the heavy going infantry work in Yemen – and looks Turkey now offering up at least some of their journey-man Syrian Islamist mercenaries for the role.

khaled iskef

by high salary and transform them into mercenaries .

Emad Irani

If Turkey gets involves in Yemen against the Houthis (I strongly doubt), President Erdogan and Turkey will have to face a large battle in Idlib, Iraq and a well-armed PKK. Changing the balance in the Middle East is not permitted and Ankara doesn’t need further complications


Good point…

Raptar Driver

It’s a never ending amazement for me how there are so many degenerate Arab young men willing to kill others and sacrifice their lives for really what is a very flimsy cause.

Ashok Varma

There are now over 150 million Sunni Arab Wahhabi type men with no education and miserable life willing to do anything for money.

Rafik Chauhan

yemen is not libya or Azerbaijan. Houthis will haned them upside down bcuz wothout air support the will be in grave within days. and if turkey try give them direct airsupport . then Defently Yemeni will see no diffrence in Saudi/ISrael/Turekey aggression on yemeni people. And hotuhis will defently send ment o fight in syria against turkey and thier slave terriost.

Ashok Varma

Houthis are under pressure from US and UK pilots and now Mossad Arab Jew agents who have entered Yemen with UAE and Saudi passports to control the Red Sea and attack Iranian shipping.

cechas vodobenikov

after the amerikans installed a senile hologram president nothing surprises me


We shall see how well these mercenaries will do in Yemen without the support of Turkish artillery and support of Turkish troops. Yemeni desert is a harsh environment and the Houthis excel operating in such an envornment.

klove and light

TOLD YOU 99% dummies here…

now the cat is out of the sack…………..

So PUTIN makes agreements with moslem brotherhood erdogan to invade and occupy large parts of SYRIA……. (for the 99% dummies…. SYRIA is part of the RESISTANCE against ZIONISM)……

and now PUTINS partner, the MOSLEMBROTHERHOOD (told you 99% dummies over and over again, moslem brotherhood is british intelligence created) is ATTACKING the HOUHTIS, whioch again just like SYRIA is part of the RESITANCE against zionism.

TO all of you 99% smart asses…. and PUTIN LOVERS…….

you folks are worse than the british and their zionist partners………


again for YOU 99% dummies and smartasses

Every Nation that RECOGNIZES the illegal criminal satanic ENTITY named israel is part of the satanic british zionist AGENDA.

A ONE world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic leadership.
This includes russia,usa,uk,eu,china etc………………………………

What you are WITNESSING for DECADES is a thearte play for the 99% dummies.

And as long as YOU dummies BELIEVE in good russia, bad russia or good usa or bad usa or good uk or bad uk or good germany or bad germany you are playing THEIR BALLGAME.

You 99% dummies are the reason why the world will cease to exist as we know it, and evil WILL prevail, and yes you 99% will be HAPPY and joyfully accepting the NANO DOT TATTOO(barcode), the mark of the beast, because YOU BELIEVE in the theatre play that those evil satanic criminals have directed…….
from your NONSENSE BS corona fake pandemic, with nonsensical virus mutations not seeing through the thearte play, that ONLY has ONE GOAL.

A one world government with jerusalem as its capital under satanic leadership.

so keep on sucking on putins XXXXX, or on bidens XXXXX or on johnsons XXXXX etc…..

you folks are totally LOST.

May the GOD of LOVE and PEACE and FORGIVENESS forgive YOU.

I aint stroong enough.
I will never ever forgive you folks !


uuuuu, someone is very angry today


Frankly, people are baffled by lack of a coherent Russian policy in regards to the growing US and NATO threats from Ukraine and growing US and Turkish military presence in Syria, Iraq, Libya and now Yemen. Russia is being surrounded by NATO vassals.

klove and light

i can sign off on all u wrote…but here is MY question………

–and long live PUTIN??????

ps. use that what is GOD GIVEN
YOUR BRAINFUNCTION of thinking……………………………………………………….

Furkan Sahin

I’m a fan only of Assad Houthis and Gaddafi

Furkan Sahin

Communist Russia must rule in Russia

Tommy Jensen

Someone says Turkey has the biggest mercenary army of all countries. Not known by many.


Why death to Isreal Ali? death to every mullah piss drinker, both you and Bibi can go F-yourselves. Right now you can still do your terroristic actions, under a new PM it won’t be the case anymore. Enjoy it while it still lasts.

Furkan Sahin

lol Netanyahu is going to win again just wait and see
Gantz can never be president because he’s stupid and he loves war

Furkan Sahin

I know you will vote for Gantz but just an example if he wins he will destroy Israel

Ashok Varma

Silly chit of boy.


Does this mean the Houthis will now also send fighters in Syria, to help the Syrian government against Turkey and their moderate head choppers?

Mustafa Mehmet

Death to mullah.. like Süleyman’ı terrorist

El Mashi

Turkey is a fake Muslim state. They are not even real Turks. Turks are a bunch of Greeks, Armenians, Persians, Arabs, Gypsies and Albanians who speak Turkish. Turkish use the fake Crusader Latin script. Erdogan is not a real Turk, Muslim or Ottoman as is his fantasy. They have invaded Syria on behalf of Israel. Not Halal.

Mustafa Mehmet

Ottoman leftover. You know what to do it yourself go andcomment image

Furkan Sahin

Death to Erdogan

Furkan Sahin

he is the worst president in turkey i have ever seen
he is very corrupt

Furkan Sahin

Mansur Yavas president

El Mashi

Turkey is broke. Turkey is going into the mercenary business. The only ones who have money to burn is Saudi Arabia, and Israel, who has an bank in Washington. Muslim killing Muslim, not Halal Erdogan.

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