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After Kiev Regime Destroyed Ukraine, They Attempted To Instigate War In Georgia

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After Kiev Regime Destroyed Ukraine, They Attempted To Instigate War In Georgia

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The Kiev regime is trying its best to spread the war. On February 11, Prime Minister of Gergia Irakli Garibashvili claimed that the Ukrainian authorities attempt to spread the war to the territory of his country.

Ukraine is trying to draw Tbilisi into a conflict with Russia on the Georgian territory.

“Attempts to somehow spread this conflict to our country, unfortunately, do not stop. We have heard direct claims by representatives of the Ukrainian authorities on this topic. Their goal was to open a “second front,” he said.

However, the terrorist Kiev regime did not stop at the statements, and also took aggressive actions to incite hostilities on the territory of Georgia. According to the Prime Minister, Kiev sent ex-President Mikhail Saakashvili from Ukraine to Georgia. However, the former Saakashvili was arrested and the Kiev regime asked Tbilisi to release Saakashvili to Kiev.

The Georgian Prime Minister added that the Kiev regime does not stop its provocations.

Some Ukrainian politicians made various statements claiming that Georgia should launch a war and in fact, sacrifice its own security and lives of its servicemen for the welfare of the nazi Ukrainian regime.

For example, on September 12, Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada deputy Fyodor Venislavskyclaimed that the Georgian people have a unique opportunity to force the authorities to “take concrete steps and liberate Abkhazia and South Ossetia,” since Russia’s attention is now completely focused on Ukraine. Secretary of the Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that Georgia should “rise up and defend its country.”

The Kiev regime attempted to instigate war in Georgia, acting together with the country’s opposition. Earlier, Georgian Prime Minister claimed at a speech in parliament that they are close ideological partners.

“This is not a fiction, not an interpretation and not a legend, I quote the words they said at a press conference. If these people were in power today, that is, representatives of the Ukrainian authorities and their allies who wanted to open a second front in Georgia, I would like to ask any of our citizens: do you have any doubts that there would really be a second front here?” Garibashvili asked.

In September, the chairman of the ruling Georgian Dream party, Irakli Kobakhidze, proposed to organize a referendum on opening a second front against Russia in order to find out the position of the population. According to Kobakhidze, he was assured by some high-ranking officials in Ukraine that it was very desirable for Georgia to open a second front.

Later, the politician explained that his claims were a joke.

The country’s leadership knows that “society is against war,” he assured.

Despite all the attempts of the Kiev regime to instigate another war, after they destroyed their own, the Georgian leadership managed to prevent the country from being drawn into the bloodshed.


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North Koreans won against the US back in the 50ies

He seems to be based


The crazies are at large.


The regime in Kiev are trying to draw as many countries as possible into a conflict with Russia we see it in news interviews and hear it in almost every TV and radio news report. Pure evil the same people have destroyed Ukraine and have been responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of their own citizens and a genocide campaign against Russian speaking people in the Donbass since 2014. Even many in the Western media now see the regime in Kiev for what it is criminal’s mass murderers and proponents of lies and more lies


Can someone please explain how Sackashitski went from Prime Minister of Georgia in November 2013 to Governor of Odessa by May of 2015? “Ukrainian Nation!” Derp?

Edgar Zetar

Because Sacka’shit’ski have a “Big Brother” who takes care of him and they only ask for him one thing… to be against Russia so the Big Brothers could do miracles through him.

The Crunge

I’m almost certain I read the minister of defense in Georgia was Jewish when they went to war with Russia. Maybe drunken Mel Gibson wasn’t far off.

Last edited 3 months ago by The Crunge

It was Putin who started this war. Putin is a new Lenin. Like Lenin, he will destroy Russia. Lenin revolution basically stopped Tsar expansion of Russian Empire. Tsar won Great War and was on the way to built Empire of 500 mil people. Thanks to Lenin countries like Poland, Czechoslovakia and dozens of others took a chance and gained independence… Russia today it is only 140mil people – poor, drunk, uneducated and in a state of vegetation… and all enthusiastically clapping new Lenin!

Bernard Davis

Tsar won the Great War??? That’s taking it a bit far. You could argue that the (failed) Russian incursion into East Prussia in 1914 took the pressure off the Franco-British allies at a crucial point in the German advance on Paris, thereby enabling a decisive French victory on the Marne and the transformation of the war into a protracted Materialschlacht . No less than the Kronprinz Rupprecht said in private that the war was lost for Germany at that point, no matter how long it might last thereafter. She simply lacked the resources to survive a long war against the combination of foes she faced.

New Lenin, new Stalin, new Tsar, new Hitler – Putin has been called all of these and more. Actually it’s quite simple: he is a genuine Russian patriot, which none of those was.


It’s the Russian patriot that the west despise. Bolsheviks were fine, ready to do the wests bidding. Those days are over. Ukraine is a dying state executing its own people in senseless depravity when negotiation could of avoided mass slaughter.


If he was a Lenin like Zelinsky is he would be loved by the west for getting slavs killed and do their bidding.

If he was a Stalin he would have not prevented the plans of the Zahartshenko, motorolla and give to take the fight to kiev in 2014.

If he was a Tsar he would have not ordered Strelco in 2014 to leave the frontline at slavjansk and return home or else. He would not fight nationalist russians and invite nonrussians to russia not unlike europe and the usa are doing it.

He is just like the rest of the leaders in the world. The only problem for him is the rest do not want to have him as an equal. A problem the sowjets, the tzar and the german, austrian and ottoman empires faced as well. The Brits and French and ther update version USA do not accept anyone as equal.

Erase my post again and again...

Georgian baiting by Blackrock and friends…

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