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After Attacking Saudi Capital, New Iranian-Backed Group Threatens UAE’s Tallest Skyscraper

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The Iranian-backed Righteous Promise Brigades (RPB), which claimed responsibility for the recent attack on the Saudi capital, have issued a threat to the United Arab Emirates.

On January 27, the mysterious armed group released a poster showing a drone attacking Burj Khalifa in the Emirate of Dubai. Rising at 829.8 meters, Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest structure and building.

An explosion between the 80th and 100th floor of Burj Khalifa can be seen in the RPB’s poster, which also includes a verse from Quran.

After Attacking Saudi Capital, New Iranian-Backed Group Threatens UAE’s Tallest Skyscraper

Click to see full-size image.

The RPB was behind the January 23 drone attack on the Saudi capital, Riyadh. According to the group’s claims, the attack targeted a set of positions in Riyadh including the Al Yamamah Palace, the official residence and office of the King of Saudi Arabia and the seat of the royal court.

In its first statement, the RPB threatened to launch an attack on the UAE, namely on Dubai. The new poster reinforces this threat.

“The second blow will be on the dens of evil in Dubai, with the help of the Almighty, if the crimes of Bin Salman [Saudi Crown Prince] and Bin Zayed [UAE Crown Prince] are repeated,” the statement reads.

The RPB said its first attack was a response to the January 21 bombings in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. ISIS claimed responsibility for the bombings. However, the RPB blamed Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The threat to the UAE indicates that the RPB’s attack on Riyadh was not a “one-off.” The group is apparently planning more attacks on Persian Gulf states opposing Iran.


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El libanes

They have all the right to retaliate. The UAE have been in involved in a lot of massacers in yemen and iraq. If you knock on a door you hear an answer.
And the articule saying iranians backed group is exagerated. They are iraqis and they are feed up of the gulf countries infiltraiting terroist groups to their countries.
In all the articule i didn’t see any mentioning that they are iraqis, i would rather mention them iraqi resistence.

John Brown

This is a an obvious false flag. How is taking out such a tower going to help Iran?? Its meant to give a cause for war by the USSA slaves against Iran for their Israel salve masters. When a civilian target is attacked %99.999 of the time its a false flag.

This Israeli threat to attack Iran is such a joke. Iran would love that. It wiil never happen.

The attack will be a colossal failure and then Iran will have just casuse to destroy the Israeli military and its infrastructure , the Israeli nuclear program and its infrastructure, missiles, submarines etc,.the Dimona reactor and the Israeli economy and its economic infrastructure with the support of the entire Muslim world.

Freemon Sandlewould

Yeah sounds like pure False Flag to me too.

Just Me

comment image

Ashok Varma

Iran is not the issue in the Arab world, the Saudis and UAE are outcasts and there is rising anger against them for signing deals with the hated Zionists. Sooner or later domestic upheaval will come to Dubai and Saudis as oil revenues are down and they are bogged in losing wars from Libya, Yemen to Iraq. The Iraqis will also hit them.

Ashok Varma

Dubai is a corrupt mirage on shifting sands and has signed is death warrant by aligning with the hated Zionist regime. One unknown drone will destroy the hollowed out expat colony as a exodus of foreigners will take place. Dubai simply can not be defended if the unknown drone operators get serious. The weak corrupt Sheikhs should think twice before turning into Zionist slaves.

Just Me

The stupid petropimps have made enemies of all and will be hit again and again for licking Zionist a$$.

comment image

Johnny B. Allan

This could lead to the invasion of Iraq.. UAE, Saudis and Egypt could put troops on the ground in Iraq if the Iraqis were to fail to contain any terrorists elements creating a new Yemen for themselves again. All this could be extremely short-sightness from these behind it. They are directing against themselves a multitude of forces but they just can’t see it currently but once they do it will be to late

El libanes

Not really , Dubai is trying to prove themselve as a big player in the zone, and they cannot assume the bill they have to pay by loosing tourism and financial investments, aside from embaressing the US as there protector. Taking hits even not really being destructive will affect them enormously and force them to climb down the ladder.
Egypt have big internal problems and the last thing they want is being involved.
Trust me gulf countries are cartoon tigers

Johnny B. Allan

It’s not about being willing or not. If war is forced upon anyone then war happens. This is how wars start eventually since ancient times. If you force peoples hand they will eventually reply double folded.

If the Region enters conflict you can bet on Egypt putting troops in. If war breaks out the least worrying thing is tourism until any destablizing foe is eliminated who stands in front of peace

klove and light

hahaha…invasion of iraq by saudis and uae ????? sure..sure..go right ahead…and in 6 months the british created fake state of the housa of saud will fall apart……

UAE….hahahaha ..give them a month…..

Johnny B. Allan

How is Iraq suppose to stop an incursion of Egypt, Saudi, Jordan, UAE? HOW is the question. They will lose air-superiority immediately and they will push hungry egyptian armed forces deep into the territories. They could even bring Sudanese forces and other mercenaries. Plus other saudi allies could get drawn in. They are better armed, more modern militaries and numerous

El libanes

They all together plus the US and israel couldnot break ansarullah in Yemen, Iraq will be there cementary. They wont be facing iraq of sadam hussain, or launch a classic warfare, they will be facing hit and run and its painfull for the occupier. Trust me from experience, moder warfare dont make you win wars its the will to defend your country.

Johnny B. Allan

Yemen is civil-war with ceasefire in place for years now. Never assume it is an active front. Your measurements is completely off. The US couldn’t do much in Afghanistan are they weak? the answer is no.

If they throw forces into this they can penetrate them quite easily since it’s a flat terrain won’t take long

El libanes

Civil war?? Its a full scale invasion, by saudis, UAE, sudan ,eygpt backed by the US and weapons supplied by britain, italy spain and many more aside from the mercenaries recruited from around the world.
Ceasfire?? More than 20,000 airstrike , and thousands of tons of ordinance have been delivered aside from land invasion. And not to talk about years of blockage . Did the yemen fall ?
Iraq much higher numbers of shias than yemen , much better equiped and armed and with better logistics, close to its allies syria,lebanon and Iran , tons of experties …
Mate with all my respect i think your measurments are off

Johnny B. Allan

Sudan and Egypt are not there just Saudis and UAE. You are overestimating things here. Iraq will be penetrated in such a conflict quite easily and they could also overrun Iran while they are at. Nothing would be able to deter them.

Honestly It’s a civil war with alot of airstrikes and support to one side but there is ceasefire despite airstrike here and there and the blocakde. There is alot of UN restriction if these were not there Yemen would end in couple of months levelling cities.

They don’t stand a chance due to the amount of logistics, manpower and capabilities they have like combined huge airforce fleet.

Iraq is a country that has been thru alot of wars and weak with flat terrain which is easy for incursion and Syria weak nation and 40% outside of the Gov’t hands there is not much they can offer. I don’t think anyone would even target it due to it’s current state.

If Iran was to get sucked in it will only lead to the invasion of Iran itself

Lost Empire

Civil war? Ceasefire? Are you talking seriously or are you joking? You really are a brainwashed idiot

Brother Ma

Interesting about hit and run ending . Can you please elaborate?


Hello Allan. I am taking what is going on lately as a ´welcome to the Party President Biden´. It looks like him and his crew are being read as punks so, many are putting a bunch of stuff out there to see what they are really going to do about it. For instance, the START Treaty just got resigned in an awful hurry: what happened to the tough guys?

The prime mover of everything on the other side of the ´Resistence´ is getting drilled at every level right now, from literally all over the world. Political, technological, economic, as well as military challeneges are coming out of the woodwork at a stunning pace. The US, my country, is not going to be able to handle it, to the point they desire; a reset of global position. They will try but, it has really been blown wide open.

So, I don´t see war as a given. My take on this, I wish well to you.

El libanes

your right. i think today the administration stopped arma deal shippment to the gulf countries.
The bidens adminstrations are not saint, they are gonna play it nastly not face to face. They are gonna stick to proxies they are not gonna get involved especially en yemen and iran.


Hello El. They are going to keep right on going at first. But, this is not 2014. It will get much more complicated than it already is for them. Give it some patience and kick back for 6 months or so and you could get a belly laugh over how much they could get creamed.

Servet Köseoğlu

ahaha..very effective advertisement…xD Uae already deserves Mike Tyson punch.go İran go..

Kenny Jones ™

Not to please you!

Servet Köseoğlu

Sure dear but any damage given to Uae please me personally like it or not..This poster is warning to them that you are vulnerable..no need to exaggregate

Saso Mange

So that’s statement, not verse from Quran…

Kenny Jones ™

Damn I wanted to visit that

El libanes

No problem just stay away from floors between 80 and 100. :D


But jet fuel can melt steel beams

El libanes

Just in the US ;)


I didn’t, now I want.


It was my reply to @John Brown, but for whatever reason, Disqus didn’t let me to reply to him and after numerous attempts, I gave up and decided to write it standalone:

You are onto something.

Interestingly, the poster is designed in a way that draws sub-conscience parallels between al-Qaida (the official culprit, nevermind who really did it) and resistance group. It bolds the floors 80th through 100th, where the planes hit the twin towers on 9-11 and there are even 2 aircrafts in the poster to complete the picture for comparison in a not-so-subtle way.

Translation of verses taken from ParsQuran.com, Sura al-Fajr, (89), the Dawn:
Have you not heard how your Lord dealt with Aad? (6) of the columned (city) of Iram, (7) the like of which was never created in the countries? (8) And Thamood, who hewed out the rocks of the valley? (9) And Pharaoh, of the pegs (impaling his victims)? (10) They were tyrants in the land (11) and exceeded in corruption therein. (12) (Therefore) your Lord let loose upon them a scourge of punishment; (13) indeed, your Lord is ever watchful. (14)


What follows will be very interesting, in whatever form it takes.

Proud Hindu

Houshits are becoming overconfident.Iran needs to be whacked and then the houshits will weaken.


First learn to wipe your *rse before interfering with others.

Ashok Varma

He is not an Indian and just a troll. His Hindi/Urdu is from google translate and only posts pro-Zoinist propaganda. We in India have enough problems with the extremist fool Modi who is destroying India.

Ashok Varma

Abay madar chod stay away from Arab issues, we have enough problems in India now with the idiot Modi alienating our Sikh brothers who raised the Khalistan flag on the Red Fort.

Jens Holm

primitive propganda threat


if that monstrosity can be made to crumble to se-level, it would tell the worldthat in these dicatorships, all for surface and nothing for substance. loss of face for the arab-scum, almost broke for overspending on trivialities and nothing much to the benefit of the people. Ghaddafi might have been a bit eccentric but indeed had the best for his people in mind. the uae brethren however are of a different stripe – me myself and Iand not prepared to share the wealth with anyone else than the bankaccount.

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