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After Attacking Coalition Supply Convoys, Iraqi ‘Resistance’ Group Threatens US Troops

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The Islamic Resistance in Iraq – ‘Ashab al-Kahf – has vowed to attack manned convoys of the US-led coalition in Iraq’s northern region.

In a brief statement, the pro-Iran Shiite armed group, which was behind a wave of attacks on coalition supply convoys, threatened to attack convoys’ transporting US troops in the provinces of Kirkuk, Saladin and Nineveh.

“If an American military convoy, and we do not mean the logistical support convoys but rather American-manned military convoys, moves in Nineveh, Salah al-Din or Kirkuk, we will reduce it to ashes,” the statement, which was released on January 22, reads.

‘Ashab al-Kahf, which first emerged in August of 2019, began to launch attacks against the US-led coalition in Iraq after the assassination of Popular Mobilization Units Deputy-Commander Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Soleimani last year.

The group’s cells attacked five convoys moving supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition in different parts of Iraq on January 23. Spanish service members were allegedly injured.

After Attacking Coalition Supply Convoys, Iraqi 'Resistance' Group Threatens US Troops

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  • On January 23, Victoria Base was targeted by several rockets near Baghdad International Airport.
  • On January 22, a logistical convoy of the U.S military was targeted by an IED attack in the Naseriyah area.
  • On January 22, a logistical convoy of the U.S military was targeted by an IED attack in the Abu Ghraib area.
  • On January 22, a logistical convoy of the U.S military was targeted by an IED attack in the Diwaniyah  area.
  • On January 22, two logistical convoys of the U.S military was targeted by an IED attack in the Babil area.

Any attack on US troops in Iraq may lead to a serious military escalation. The US vowed recently that it will respond militarily to any attack that would harm its service members.


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El libanes

It seems the iraqi resistence that have boombed saudi arabia yesterday and it wasnt ansaru allah. In vengence to the 2 saudi suicide attacks in bagdad. That is great news, its time over for the saudis, now they will pay price from playing rule in sponsering terrorism in the zone.
Let it burn from inside and outside

Emad Irani

It was shocking while everyone waited for Ansarallah taking responsibility, Iraqis showed their missiles. It was a clear message

El libanes

Here is the annoucmentcomment image

Ivan Freely

Translation would be nice.

El libanes

You did good job thanks Ali


The US needs to get out of Iraq. Which will end the US presence in NE Syria and allow the Syrian government coalition to extend the no fly zone there and to shut down the SDF secession drive in NE Syria without fear of US airstrikes.

Which will bring the zioKurds under Syrian government control end the Turk’s need to be in Syria to deal with the Kurds. Allowing the Turks to withdraw. And provide the reallocation of resources to end the US presence in Al-Tanf. And remove the Israel’s from the Golan.

Lone Ranger

U.S. military industrial complex isnt interested in Winning.
Its interested in neverending conflicts.
Like in Vietnam, they had to literally kicked out of Saigon to go home.


It is a self perpetuating war machine that has now been hijacked by Zionists whose interests are not compatible with those of the vast US population. US has paid a very heavy price sustaining this untenable toxic entity that has poisoned US relations with billions of Arabs and Muslims. US simply can not alienate every one from 1.4 billion Chinese to over 2 billion Muslims. This insanity must end and the US withdraw from Iraq and the region. Let the Iranians and the Zionists sort it out.


China should recognize that it’s primary enemy isn’t your average American, it’s Jews and Israel.

If rather than wasting $10 trillion on unnecessary Jew fabricated wars for Israel. The US had spent that money on improving it’s economy. The American people and the world would be much better off.


Jews are wreaking havoc in the US and around the world. It is time for a serious pogram.


The Jews got the US into this endless quagmire that has already cost our economy and society dearly. It is time for the US to look after its own interests and let Israel perish on its own accord. The occupation of Iraq has lasted almost two decades now and is sapping the treasury and also has brought misery to many families when the body bags come home. The whole Iraq fiasco was based on the Zionist cabal lies with Wolfowitz and Perle fabricating the WMD lies and the deep state and Bush junior being their patsy. Iraq is an historical Iranian area of influence and the US neither has the historical understanding or capability to station thousands of troops in he region, just to protect an untenable Zionist cancerous entity. It is time to end this war and take care of growing problems at home.

Just Me

Time for threats is over, take some action and less talk.

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