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After Al-Hasakah, Turkish-Backed Militants Kill Each Other In Raqqa (Videos)

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Turkish-backed militants are clashing with each other in the occupied town of Tell Abyad in northern Raqqa, less than 24 hours after similar clashes in al-Hasakah.

The clashes started on July 4 at noon between militants of the al-Shamiya Front and the al-Majid Corps. A local source familiar with the matter told the Orient TV that the clashes had erupted when the al-Shamiya Front had attempted to seize a shipping route.

The militants are clashing with each other in the center of Tell Abyad, near the border crossing north of the town as well as in the nearby village of al-Yabisah.

Al-Shamiya Front militants reportedly managed to capture the Agricultural bank, a headquarters of the al-Majid Corps. Both groups are now using heavy weapons, including large-caliber machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades.

According to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, two militants of the al-Majid Corps have been killed in the clashes, thus far. Seven others were injured.

Late on July 3, similar clashes between militants of the Sultan Murad Division and local tribesmen loyal to the Hamaza Division took place in northern al-Hasakah. The clashes claimed the lives of four militants and a little girl, identified as Rimas Mohamad Ashhrha.

The Turkish military, which is present in northern al-Hasakah and Raqqa, is not taking any steps to end the fierce battles between its proxies. Ankara rarely intervenes in such conflicts.


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It happens in Turkey because in Turkey this is normal practice, this is your custom, this is what you do and if it ever gets to a judge the judge always gives right to the man. The woman or the child is always at fault.

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According to government figures issued in 2008, more than 1,000 women were victims of honor killings from 2003 to 2008. In 2016, 328 women were killed for gender-related reasons, according to statistics compiled by the Initiative Against Femicide.

The Turkish National Assembly has recently published an extensive report on violence against women and children in general and the case of honor crimes in particular. This report is important in that it includes the first official statistical data regarding honor crimes. According to the report, 1091 honor crimes have been committed in Turkey between the years 2000 and 2005. According to police records, 29% of these events are due to issues of honor, 29% due to disagreements within the family, 15% due to extra-marital affairs, 10% due to blood feuds, 9% due to sexual harassment, 3% due to rape, 3% due to disagreement in marriage arrangements and 2% due to other reasons. Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately determine the number honor crimes. Suicides should also be considered within the framework of honor killings. Because in most of the cases the woman in question is forced to kill herself or she may kill herself knowing what awaits her. The whole question of shame and threats within the community ensures that no one is willing to be a witness and the deaths are usually explained and registered as either accidental or as suicide.


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