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After Ain Issa, Turkish Forces Attack SDF Near Tell Tamr (Photos)

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After Ain Issa, Turkish Forces Attack SDF Near Tell Tamr (Photos)

by: sdf-press.com

On March 26, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that their fighters had thwarted two attacks by Turkish forces near the town of Tell Tamr in northern al-Hasakah.

The attacks, which occurred on March 24 and 25, targeted the villages of Tell al-Laban and Kuzaliyah. The villages are located in the outskirts of Tell Tamr. The Christian-majority town is a stronghold of the SDF.

In the first attack, four Turkish-backed militants were wounded. Also, a bulldozer was destroyed by SDF fighters. Five other militants sustained injures in the second attack. A military vehicle was also damaged.

During the attack, Turkish forces shelled the outskirts of Tell Tamr. The Hawar News Agency shared photos showing the aftermath of the shelling which damaged several civilian houses.

Last week, Turkish forces carried out a similar wave of attacks on the SDF near the town of Ain Issa in northern Raqqa. Dozens of fighters from both sides were killed or injured. The situation there is calm now.

The Turkish attacks in northern Raqqa and now in northern al-Hasakah are most likely meant to mount more pressure on the SDF. Meanwhile, the Kurdish-led group continues to ignore Russia’s calls for a better military coordination with Syrian government forces which are present in both regions.


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american sponsored terrorist vs american sponsored terrorist


as long as they keep killing each other,… all that is nothing but good news!

Diana Cornwell

With Putin’s blessing!

Thanks Putin for enabling NATO to cause more mayhem in Syria via your strategic partners Erdogan and the Turks.

God bless the Queen and Sir Putin.

Pave Way IV

Jesus, Diana… give it a rest already. It’s getting tiresome.

cechas vodobenikov

cornhole LSD hallucinations like broken record

cechas vodobenikov

amerikan turkey proxies defeating each other

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