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After Afrin, Turkish Military Prepares To Attack Its Own Proxies In Jarabulus


After Afrin, Turkish Military Prepares To Attack Its Own Proxies In Jarabulus

Illustrative image, fighters of the Hamza Division.

The Turkish military and several Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups are preparing to a launch an operation against “corrupt elements” of the FSA in the city of Jarabulus in the northern Aleppo countryside, the Russian RT TV reported on November 21.

According to Syrian opposition sources, a curfew was imposed inside Jarabulus ahead of the expected operation. Furthermore, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) confirmed that a convoy of the Turkish military and the FSA had arrived in the city.

Last week, the Turkish military launched a similar operation against the al-Sharqiyah Martyrs Gathering, one of Turkey’s proxies in the area of Afrin. The operation ended within 24 hours and resulted in the death of more than 25 Turkish-backed militants.

While Turkey claims that these operations are targeting the “corrupt elements” of the FSA, local observers said that Turkey is only going after the elements who opposed its orders. Ironically, several groups which are infamous for their criminal activities, such as the Hamza Division, are taking part in these so called “security operations.”



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  • s Slippy

    Let me start of with that this article is built upon a false premise. These proxies are not in Turkish control. Saudi Arabia has deep pockets and pay these terrorists well, and even more if they put a dent in the upcoming operations east of the euphrates. To negate this Turkey is fully prepared to purge any and all terrorist in Afrin or Idlib. Erdogan has singlehandedly shattered the image of the MBS worldwide, this comes with a heavy price and as for now the Saudi kingdom has mobilized troops to North East Syria.

    • ruca

      Those troops have been there for a long time. For sure erdodog is jockeying for position for himself and against Syria. However, good observation.

      • s Slippy

        The Saudis have in recent times increased their presence east of the Euphrates, do not neglect this. As of right now the Americans have started erecting observation points on the border with Turkey, in a feeble attempt to slow down the upcoming operations. Several Princes in the kingdom of Saud have already started a mutiny against MBS. Everything is coming into fruition as we speak. Erdogan has won every battle he has entered, new alliances have been forged, and his presence in Syria will remain.

        • ruca


        • Brother Ma

          I hope not. Just Papa rat killing off weaker rats of no use to him anymore. It is called killing off the witnesses.

    • R Trojson

      Someone has to protect Sunni Syrians after Assad sold them down river to slave for Iranian elites. Notice how everyone of these groups are Sunni not even one is Shia. In addition everyone of these groups is persecuted by the Shia giving orders in Syria. Assad chose the death of over 500,000 of his own people and counting instead of sharing his absolute power or even stepping down. No wonder they hate him so.

      • Brother Ma

        Most Syrians are Sunni anyway. So what is your point! Isis and the other headchoppers have been slaughtering Sunnis for ages.
        Assad is the only man who has kept Syria together; and that is because he is secular.

      • Concrete Mike

        Man your borderline isis propaganda…you know nothing…all you do is morronic projection from a cubicle in london…ontario.

        This is not a sectarian war dipshit. The only people trying t make it sectarian are: USA UK France Israel and Saudi Arabia. You work for one of these dipshits.

        Get out of here you cover is blown.

  • S Melanson

    I had said before that thr Idlib deconfliction agreement was to split by self selection those loyal to Turkey and those not. Now Turkey is attacking the disloyal elements. Erdogan has been in power a long time for a reason. He is no fool.

  • Bill Wilson

    I suspect Turkey is going after rogue militias that are running protection rackets and collecting tolls for the use of public roads under their control.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Does it seem that Erdogan is actually ethnically cleansing his own proxies, slowly getting rid of the Arab factions but keeping the Turkmen and other non Arab groups close, not yet but it’s starting to.

    • Mustafa Mehmet


  • Feudalism Victory

    After the revolution the authorities no longer need revolutionaries willing to fight. They need plodding rule following sheep. I think theyre just purging people who might be dangerous.
    Stalin would be proud.