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Afrin Liberation Forces Announce New Attacks Against Turkish Forces (Videos)

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The Afrin Liberation Forces (ALF) announced on March 8 that its units had carried out a new series of attacks against Turkish Forces in the northern Aleppo countryside.

In an official statement, the Kurdish guerilla group said the new defensive and offensive operations took place between March 4 and 7.

The group shared three videos showing its fighters blowing up a headquarters of Turkish-backed militants in Afrin city center, targeting a position in the town of Azaz with an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) and destroying a vehicle in the district of Sherawa in southern Idlib, also with an ATGM.

According to the Kurdish group, a total of three Turkish-backed militants were killed and four others were injured in the attacks.

The ALF launches most of its attacks from an area in southern Afrin jointly controlled by the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The group also maintain a presence within Afrin via a network of sleeper cells.

The Turkish military and its Syrian proxies have failed to counter the threat of the ALF, so far. The group is successfully increasing its attacks and improving its tactics.

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Traiano Welcome

I was wondering when the Syrian state would start creating ‘informal’ guerrilla groups to counteract Turkish forces with plausible deniability …


or the sleazy zios just to keep the pot stirred


These dudes are mostly YPG Kurds, not affiliated with the Syrian government. The fact that they happen to target the Turks and their Orcs only makes them the enemy of the Syrian state’s enemy. Nothing more, nothing less. Although the Afrin Kurds do have a far better relationship with the Syrian state, having worked together against both ISIS and Al Qaida, and none with the US. If only by virtue of their isolation of the main SDF territories for the duration of the war. And probably why the Rojava Kurds were that willing to throw them under the bus, thinking the big bad US would still shield them from that fuckwad Erdogan (no insults to fuckwads intended) if they continued to sell their soul to the US. We all know how that worked out.

alejandro casalegno

The missiles are russian Konkurs………….from the SAA stock, of course.


A lot of the tanks and armor that make up Al Qaida’s inventory are from SAA stocks. Doesn’t mean the SAA gave it to them. Lots of military equipment was stockpiled before and ‘appropriated’ during the war. And I’m sure the YPG and SAA are running with this story. For plausible deniability of course.


If there comes more attacks from this area Turkey will clean it up

Tim Williams

LOL … ERDO will be back in MOSCOW in 2 months on his hands and knees again begging PUTIN for help on how to get out of the mess in the Kurd occupied areas …

Keep sending the Turk dead bodies home … pile them up …


I more concerned with which room would putin use to mock erdogan next time ?


Maybe he’s got his Moscow lesson recently, down by the feet of Catherine the Great statue, the symbol of multiple Russian victories against the Ottoman Turks :) Erdo seems to be just a bigmouth when things become serious. Whereas Putin appears to be an excellent chessplayer and he might tell his Turkish counterpart and wannabe-global-player where to take his seat…


Perhaps this room :)

‘The Kremlin dungeons wore out their prisoners with darkness

Legion Media From 1525, the underground vaults of the Beklemishevskaya Tower were used as a dungeon and a torture chamber.’


Willing Conscience (The Truths

Since January last year the ALF have killed well over 100 Turkish soldiers and wounded many more, as to the proxy forces even more than that, and during all that time and with all those casualties mounting up for the Turkish side, not even one fatality for the ALF, so it seems like it’s the ALF are the ones who’ve been cleaning up for the last 14 months.

Tim Williams

RATS killing each other again …



Mohand Imazatene

Are you comparing Kurds as rats ?


bro, rats, according to scientific researches avoid to harm each other

Bill Wilson

Rats will kill and eat weaker rats when nothing else is availableto consume.


humans do the same :p

Tim Williams

KURDS are causing havoc all over ..



Liberal guy

Hahahahaha great news


Kurds Kurds kurds….we better not talk about these dudes, because they always disappoints… They’re like prosritutes…will never show up when your pocket is dry?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

So we’re all still dirty on the Kurds, even though just a few months ago SF published several articles giving us Assad’s opinion on the Kurdish people, and it’s the complete opposite opinion of 99% of my fellow SF posters views, I wonder why that is. Go ALF, now we need you more than ever, and I’m sure Assad’s going to give you plenty more toys to use against the occupiers, make sure that Turkish safe zone is the most unsafe place on earth, don’t let them think for even one second this is somewhere they really want to live, show all the people Erdogan lied, there is no safe zone in Syria for them to be settled in, only Assad can resettle refugees safely, Erdogan can’t.


Slowly but surely, whittling down the Turk-backed bandits will to keep occupying the region.

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