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African Union, World Bank Suspend Sudan, Demand Junta Relinquishes Power

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African Union, World Bank Suspend Sudan, Demand Junta Relinquishes Power

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On October 27th, the African Union said it had suspended Sudan until civilian rule in the country is restored, saying it rejected the military takeover as an “unconstitutional” seizure of power.

The continent-wide bloc said it “strongly condemns the seizure of power” and was suspending Sudan from all AU activities “until the effective restoration of the civilian-led transitional authority”.

Following that, the World Bank also suspended Sudan.

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok was placed under military arrest, along with his ministers and civilian members of Sudan’s ruling council, sparking angry protests on the streets on Khartoum. He has since been released back to his home.

Security forces launched sweeping arrests of anti-coup protesters, in a bid to end three days of demonstrations against the power grab.

Still, many residents erected barricades as the army continued to patrol the streets chasing demonstrators.

Three prominent pro-democracy activists were detained overnight by security forces. Many fear the prospect of military rule.

Sudanese General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan ordered the dissolution of the government and declared a state of emergency, sparking widespread international condemnation. He vowed to hold elections to form a civilian government in July 2023.

A number of Western countries called for an urgent meeting with Hamdok, saying they still recognise the prime minister and his cabinet as the constitutional leaders of Sudan.

US deputy representative to the UN Richard Mills has condemned the military coup in Sudan stating, it puts US assistance at risk.

“The United States has condemned the military takeover of the transitional government in Sudan. This contravenes the constitutional declaration and the democratic aspirations of the Sudanese people and is utterly unacceptable. As we have said repeatedly, any changes to the transitional government, by force, in Khartoum, puts at risk US assistance.”

Addressing the press, UN Security Council president Martin Kimani stated:

“They’ve (the African Union Peace and Security Council, ed) strongly condemned the seizure of power by the Sudanese military and the dissolution of the transitional government and they totally rejected the unconstitutional change of government. They’re calling for the immediate and unconditional full release of all detainees, and warning — and I’m using these exact words — warning the military they will be held responsible for the personal health, security and safety of these detained officials.”

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for the immediate release of Sudan’s prime minister and all other officials. This was prior to the PM being actually released.

“I condemn the ongoing military coup in Sudan. Prime Minister Hamdok & all other officials must be released immediately. There must be full respect for the constitutional charter to protect the hard-won political transition. The UN will continue to stand with the people of Sudan,” Guterres wrote on Twitter.


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JC Denton

If Klaus Schwabs pet Guterres finds the coup bad there must be something good about this.


schwab is a swine. An idiotic inbred pig. They think they own the Balkans. Stupid, ignorant swiss dogshit.


France and britain behind all these schemes. Do your research.

Icarus Tanović

They don’t give a flying fuck about AU, that is under US control, or even world bank. Big thanks goes to both of them, because they’ve made space for Russian, Chinese, Iranian investments.
So, thank you.

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