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AFP Says Aleppo Is ‘Opposition Bastion’ NEAR DAMASCUS. Do They Know At Least Something About Syria?

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AFP Says Aleppo Is 'Opposition Bastion' NEAR DAMASCUS. Do They Know At Least Something About Syria?

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AFP news agecy, the third largest news agency in the world, released a fresh video entitled “At least 1,200 rebels, civilians flee bastion of Aleppo“. Its description says:

At least 1,700 people including Syrian rebels and their families are evacuated to the country’s northwest from one of the last opposition bastions near Damascus, a monitor and aid workers say.

What? There are over 300 km between Damascus and Aleppo:

AFP Says Aleppo Is 'Opposition Bastion' NEAR DAMASCUS. Do They Know At Least Something About Syria?

Do guys in AFP know at least something about Syria? Or they just don’t care where Aleppo, Westren Ghouta, Eastern Ghouta and Damascus are located. Anyway their only goal is to show “moderate opposition” members oppressed by the “bloody Assad regime”.

You can find the original AFP video below:

UPD 11:00 CET: AFP deleted the video most likely after our post. SF Team is always glad to help our “colleagues” to learn some geography.

Indeed, the video depicts the evacuation of memberts of Jabhat Fatah al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and Ahrar al-Sham and their families from the Western Ghouta region near the Syrian capital, Damascus. But it’s also too hard for AFP to clarify who are these “opposition members” that flee the area.

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First strike damage on a headline is all they are looking for, any disconnect from reality they just claim to be “dis-information” .


what happen to your proof reader? has he or she joined the evacuation? “AFP news agecy, the third larged news agency in the world”


Oh, just read between the lines and you will get the story. :P

A good day to you sagbotgamot.

George King

It is, and also zion-ist controlled Rothschild.


I don´t say this with joy and do so hesitantly: News agencies like AFP are circus clowns in the deadliest of all threre ring shows that perform for humanity. They don´t care at all what they say. They don´t really know their sources. They are the blind, running around a lit furnace. All they do, is vend propaganda and disinformation. A good day to all.

John Whitehot

lololol seems like somebody at AFP has been asked to pack his things and free the desk asap.

Mahmoud Larfi

Because Aleppo has become a sale slogan for Syrian stories in western MSM… Just put Aleppo everywhere in your stories to sell your bullshit… The whole Syrian conflict is becoming a mere detail of the situation in Aleppo, like the whole world war II merely became a part of the big story which is Jewish holocaust.

Paulo Vieira



I don’t think Southfront has any right to call out other news sites for their mistakes when you make errors in every single article. Try checking your spelling before posting. This one is fourth from the top in the Syria subsection: “UP TO 6,000 CIVILIANS LIEAVE MILITANT-HELD AREAS OF SYRIA’S ALEPPO WITHOUN ANY ‘HELP FROM THE WEST’”

Come to think of it, is this why names are never attached to the top of articles?


Err, the odd translation typo is not exactly the same thing as the error this article points out. Suggesting Aleppo is near Damascus, incidentally both are two of the oldest cities in the Levant and the basic axis line that creates the parametres of Syrian state, is bit like stating New York is next to Los Angeles. It’s a clunker.


It’s not odd, it’s constant. What language are articles written in then? Even so, they’ve got many English or English speakers staff, there’s no excuse for such shoddy writing.

In American terms at least, Aleppo and Damascus are close together; the US is the size of a continent remember? They consider 6 hour drives normal, whereas for me that would be absolutely exhausting, the length of my entire country.


‘In American terms at least, Aleppo and Damascus are close together…’

That is some serious and egocentric stupidity going on right there.

The story is about MSM inability to locate Syrian geography, not you, and not you driving about in north America, get it?


Calm down Bob, I’m not even American, I’m just clearly saying that for a nation the size of a continent, the distance between the two cities is far smaller than the likes of us would think it.

I just made you look quite stupid now, didn’t I! And entirely your fault for being so aggressive.


And yet it’s still all about you.


What are you even talking about!!! You’re nuts.

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