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Afghanistan’s Holy Month Of Celebration Or Disappointment

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The Holy month of Ramadan has begun in Afghanistan, and it will also be a month of waiting.

It began on April 13th and this year it is filled with a sense of urgency and anticipation as to whether the United States will withdraw from Afghanistan and fulfill its commitments.

According to MSM reports Biden has realized that there is neither a military nor a political solution to Afghanistan’s issues, or rather that they can’t be solved through outside intervention.

To MSM’s shock, this withdrawal will not happen by the pre-agreed date of May 1st, 2021, but rather prior to the 20th anniversary of September 11th. Other NATO troops in the country will follow suit with the same timeline. Britain will withdraw nearly all its troops from Afghanistan along with Washington’s forces.

It is unknown how the Taliban will accept this, as there have been warnings that attacks on US and NATO personnel and positions would be renewed if the May 1st deadline isn’t honored.

In reality, the fighting in Afghanistan is nowhere near finished, and has not subsided. Afghan Security forces frequently clash with the Taliban, and attack their positions and vice versa.

Overall, after the signing of the Doha agreement, the number of Taliban attacks in Afghanistan increased by 24%. This, of course, was announced by the Afghan authorities.

On April 12th, Taliban reports said that in clashes throughout the country, at least 54 Afghan security forces were killed and 13 injured.

At least 23 Afghan security forces were killed in Taliban attacks on the first day of Ramadan.

Afghan Security forces reportedly killed 91 Taliban and injured 43 more, in “reciprocation” operations on the same day.

Clashes continue despite President Ashraf Ghani and the head of the Supreme Council for National Reconciliation, Abdullah Abdullah calling for peace during the celebration of the holy month.

There is a complete standstill, both in terms of fighting and in negotiations. The Taliban said that they would not attend any conference or political forum aimed at normalization until all foreign troops leave the country.

This mostly relates to the recent announcement of an Afghanistan peace conference to be held in Turkey, between April 24th and May 4th. The Taliban completely rejected attending it if the United States doesn’t fulfill its commitments.

In a statement the group said that any peace would only be possible as an internal solution between Afghanistan’s own parties and that ambiguous and unclear statements benefited nobody and contributed to peace least of all.

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Potato Man

Taliban did say they gonna attack Afghani-civilians-military during Ramadan (this year) – coming from Afghani side like last year…

US gonna leave Afghanistan?….I don’t think their CIA/mercenary gonna move any where, the US “army” doesn’t fuking do anything in Afghanistan for YEARSSSSS. It is like saying they (US) moved one of their pigs farms….those pigs never really did anything in first place. The date is funny not gonna lie 9/11…oh boy yankees are the most fuking morons ever. Yes, it was Taliban/Al-Qaeda that attacked US – Al-Qaeda was never funded by Wahhabis in SA LOL and the operation was never lead by Zion yankees. Ohhhh the best part, none of 9/11 attackers were Afghani-Iraqi-Syrian hahahahahahah – it so stupid, it is like Zion crying for money and calling themselves Jewish…

Jim Allen

Not exactly. Taliban, al CIAeda, and ISIS are the creations of Western intelligence services, recruiting was/is handled by the Headcutters, due to a need for these pet terrorist’s to speak Farsi with the correct accent. 9-11 was an inside job, a false flag event to justify trotting out the already existing Patriot Act, (that is anything but patriotic) and turn public opinion to support the West’s, new war of…er I mean on terror. And endless war fighting the terrorists the West created for use as pretext for invading sovereign nations to carry out the ever popular “regime change” activity as directed by their Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal masters. The purpose is to remove Governments that refuse, have rejected the Cabal’s attempts to install Central Bank as the countries Governments reserve bank. Then install a Western friendly puppet Government, to control the Cabal’s interests in repayment of usury debt with it’s 33% compounded interest, guaranteed by the taxes paid by the people. Including the ownership of the fiat currency, US Petrobuck, the right to print as much as it wants whenever it wants. Leaving the countries resources under The City of Londons control. As well as punish countries that have dropped Central Bank, or overthrew the puppet Government in a revolution to restore the countries legitimate Government, and sent Central Bank packing, nationalizing the resources, and costing the Cabal huge losses. The City of London will send it’s wholly owned subsidiary’s military forces to attack that country and raze it to the ground. Killing it’s leaders, attacking the civilian population, killing millions. Stealing the gold reserves, and shipping it to their masters, taking control of the resources, installing a puppet Government. Libya as example, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon. (until Hezbollah was formed, and handed the pretenders a strategic ass whuppin’) Iran was too strong to attack directly when it overthrew the Shah puppet, in 1979, and restored it’s legitimate Government, overthrown in 1953. The Cabal directed Iraq to attack Iran in 1980, and had slapped unbelievable sanctions on Iran designed to strangle the country. 42 years of ever increasing sanctions failed to achieve the objective. Slowed progress, now Iran is highly industrialized, capable of world class manufacturing, and is a leader in technology development, military technology in particular. Also medical sciences research, and development. Iran has large deposits of natural resources, all the raw materials to produce it’s non-oil production of finished steel alloy’s, Aluminium alloy’s, cement, copper, gold, gemstones, Uranium and Lithium. Iran had been supplying 10% of the world’s steel, a big quantity by any measure. Iran does sell raw materials, iron ore, cement, etc.. Recently it began selling it’s military hardware, (world class technology, and capabilities) quality equivalent to Russia’s military hardware in accuracy, reliability, and is continuously developing new weapons, and shares technology with Russia, and China. Iran leads in drone technology, it’s electronic weapons technology is advancing rapidly to equal that of Russia. Iranian missile defense systems are proven, and development of hypersonic weapons is nearly complete. Venezuela has been buying Iranian military hardware, mostly defensive in nature. Iran’s producing it’s own armor, and a basic fighter aircraft, based on an early US made fighter design, with modernized engines, electronics, and weapons systems. Too much Western MSM.

Potato Man

Taliban speak Pashto, Al-Qaeda is the 2nd biggest terrorist group in Afghanistan and are Sunni (Wahhabi) which also speak Pashto. ISIS never got much power in Afghanistan unlike in Pak-Arab countries. The only ethnic group in Afghanistan that speak Farsi “well” are Hazaras from Herat, and guess what…most of them are Shi’a. Dari is different and if see some-one speak it and you understand Farsi you can tell. BTW, Hazaras never liked Pashto Afghani-Pakistan-Sunnis good luck to those headcutters to find one. Have look at a map where Taliban have their strong hold, https://gdb.rferl.org/31048A2A-EABC-473F-B4B6-66B07784ADB2_w1080_h608_s_b.png This map show part of Iran empire where people speak (Farsi) again in Afghanistan Dari is not Iran Farsi or Hazara… https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-9p60eww_cGI/WuRzQhFynBI/AAAAAAADNgE/IqPad6YxeQgHMdmhkmvV0yWJ8XJqeRmZQCLcBGAs/s1600/PERSIA-PERSIAN%2BMAP%2B2.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/3c/Iranian-languages-map-new-2019.jpg

I don’t disagree with you after first paragraph at all, and if you didn’t understand me, what I was trying to say was how stupid some people can be to believe such BS like 9/11 and not understand what you point out. Wait is it because I said “Yes, it was Taliban/Al-Qaeda that attacked US”? If so, my bad – I guess it wasn’t clear sarcasm.


There is no difference in the farsi spoken by Tajiks from Dushanbe to what’s spoken in Afghanistan to what’s spoken by Hazara to the main course in Iran…..just accent. It’s the same fukking language. Just like southern hillbilly twang vs northern hillbilly slang. You getting the drift brah? I understand all the various accents……they are not even dialects. Just accents are different. And don’t believe that CIA map of talibunny control. It was issued to prolong US stay in Afghanistan.

Potato Man

Please do read before making shit in your head,

The only ethnic group in Afghanistan that speak Farsi “well” are Hazaras from Herat, and guess what…most of them are Shi’a. Dari is different and if you see some-one speak it and you understand Farsi you can tell.

I didn’t said anything about Dari and Farsi being different buddy, different in fuking accent, they can understand each others- why do you think I said “if you understand Farsi you can tell”.

I don’t need you shit buddy, save up your ass, I talked to my Afghani friends and I took their words, you failed to understand me, you don’t need to talk like bitch.

You dumbass, the map of control areas was to show my point that Taliban have hard time where Afghani speak Dari/Farsi…again you just read….nvm. I don’t need to talk to you, fuking hell.


The number of afghan soldiers dying is HUGE.. Tens of thousands die and we dont even hear of it. Same with police and security people.. But someone in nato trips on an over grown hangnail and its front page news.. If the US cant stop tens of thousands of afghan soldiers from being killed how are they going to deal with the country? Afghans themselves need to come up with a compromise here.. Its not low level insurgency like in soviet times.. There is a real war going on.. I think the taliban also are losing massive number of people in these attacks..


The ANA also wipe out talibs left right and center. Just that the ANA hush it up to play the victim card better. However, the Afghan gubment is a strong Iranian ally. It is in Iran’s interests and also those of Russia and China that we back the US in the AfPak theater. If the US ever leaves, not that they will, we’ll end up wearing this talibunny drama, and pay for it in blood sweat and tears outta pocket. Let the US and Afghanistan fight its own created monsters.


Was only a matter of time for US to repeat Soviet fate in Afghanistan.

Jens Holm

ting someone naming themself as Al Kaida.

Rodney Loder

I think the Jew maggots realise KSA might dominate Taliban 2021 so they figures they won already, this might not be true but could be, the leadership got hit with Coronavirus, I used to follow Mullah Haibatullah Akhundzada but now I think Mullah Omar’s son Mullah Mohammad Yaqoob could be in control.

The point is Wahabbism is about kings and queens and Salafist founder ibn Taymiyyah believed kings and queens were anathema.

Michael Apanian

Food will become scarce (3) as humanity has never known before; lukewarm Faith will increase fear and uncertainty. a new plague will come, bringing pain and fear along with it; young people will pay no heed and make no reparation – they will suffer first.

Message from St. Michael the Archangel to Luz De Maria, March 24,2021 Beloved People of God: AS YOU ARE CHILDREN IN NEED OF DIVINE HELP, I AM SENT TO YOU IN ORDER TO WARN YOU AND CALL YOU TO URGENT CONVERSION. Human beings have hardened their hearts: they are pleased with the sacrileges, heresies, crimes, insults, abominations and other sins with which they are seriously offending the Most Holy Trinity and Our Queen and Mother of Heaven and Earth. THOSE DEVOTED TO WORLDLY PLEASURES WILL EASILY FALL PREY TO THE NEW CHANGES WITHIN CHRIST’S CHURCH, LYING OUTSIDE OF TRUE DOCTRINE, behind which the Devil’s perversity is hiding, generating division among brothers. THE LAW OF GOD IS ALREADY BEING SUPPLANTED by very human concepts, tailored to groups with roots in the elite who direct the world, with the objective of creating Schism (1) within the Church. When distant from Divine Love and from the Love of Our Queen and Mother, human beings are defenseless faced with the darts of evil, tempting them in order to make them fall. Those who are lukewarm will be unable to distinguish good from evil in the coming crises of Faith. IT IS THEREFORE URGENT TO INTERCEDE IN PRAYER FOR ONE ANOTHER, NOT FALLING INTO DESPAIR THAT PARALYZES YOU, BUT ON THE CONTRARY, REMAINING AT PEACE SO THAT YOUR SUPPLICATIONS WOULD BE THE BALM THAT REACHES THOSE IN NEED OF CONVERSION. Humanity does not listen or see; it does not fear what it is experiencing in this moment, nor what is to come, not taking it with due seriousness. The future is uncertain for you; although humanity is setting aside its relationship with Our King and Lord Jesus Christ without being terrified by this, what does create terror for humanity is the fall of the economy (2), and it will fall… Poor creatures without Faith will feel as if they are losing their lives! Food will become scarce (3) as humanity has never known before; lukewarm Faith will increase fear and uncertainty. Humanity lives by what brings immediate well-being; as it does not know God, it cannot recognize him. As man neither uses thought, nor reasons concerning the causes and effects of his actions, HE FORGETS THAT, IF THE PEOPLE OF GOD ARE FAITHFUL AND TRUE, THEY WILL BE HELPED WITH MANNA FROM HEAVEN TO FEED THEM. (Ex. 16:4) Our Queen and Mother will not forsake you, and She continues to care for her Son’s People. Pray, children of Christ the King: a new plague will come, bringing pain and fear along with it; young people will pay no heed and make no reparation – they will suffer first. Pray, children of Christ the King. Oh, humanity! Waiting to go back to past normality is very incongruent with the reality to come. Pray, children of the Christ the King: THIS LENT SHOULD BE FOR THE GOOD OF SOULS: REPENT OF YOUR SINS – DO NOT WAIT ANY LONGER. Do not forget My Words as you forget everything that you promise; individual spiritual transformation must include the awareness of what it means to SAVE THE SOUL. This is a continuous, conscious spiritual work in which you need to use your senses, memory, understanding and will, united with reason and Faith. Do not walk like robots following what is presented to you as good, without reflecting on the fact that good comes from God and is generated by God Love, while evil is generated by the Devil. You find yourselves in others’ hands, which are not those of the Most Holy Trinity… You find yourselves in the wicked hands of the power of evil, which is preparing everything for the presentation of the Antichrist … (II Thess. 2:3-4) Think, children of God: the Mother of our King and Lord Jesus Christ was faithful to her Son, and her Son never abandoned her within that mystical union in which they lived at all times. DO NOT PANIC OVER THOSE WHO ARE DISTANT FROM DIVINE LOVE AND MATERNAL LOVE: FIND PEACE AND THEN, WITH FAITH, PLEAD FOR THE CONVERSION OF YOUR LOVED ONES AND OF ALL HUMANITY; being active is how you remain within the Most Holy Trinity, with works in favor of your fellow men. A petition is an action, a work in favor of your neighbor.

This Church of Our Lord and King Jesus Christ must desire and find rest, generating greater Faith through helping others. God is not static: God is a movement of Love, He is the generator of Hope and Charity. Human beings must replicate the Divine Attributes so as not to be indifferent to their Creator; God is life and life in abundance, and yet so many living human beings appear to be dead… ONWARD, PEOPLE OF GOD! You are not alone, you are the Mystical Body of Christ (4) and the children of the Mother of God and Our Mother… You are not alone; be those who generate peace – be sure of God’s Love for you. Do not fear! The Immaculate Heart of Our Queen and Mother will triumph and all will be well and for the good of humanity. Beloved People of God, I bless you. St Michael the Archangel HAIL MARY MOST PURE, CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN HAIL MARY MOST PURE, CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN HAIL MARY MOST PURE, CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN 1. About the Schism in the Church: 06.02.2020 The confusion in the Mystical Body of Christ opened the way to the schism to which the Church of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ will arrive. SAN MICHAEL ARCHÁNGEL 18.11.2019

THE CHURCH WILL BE SURROUNDED, CHAOS COMES AND THEN THE SCHISM. 2. About the fall of the economy: THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY 03.14.2021 Pray My children, pray, Europe without an economy is prey to invaders who wear red.

SAN MICHAEL ARCHÁNGEL 04.03.2021 Those who have lived in affluence and financial security, at this time have come to experience the fragility of the economy, how destructible the Earth is. SAN MICHAEL ARCHÁNGEL 09.02.2021 Pray People of God, the winds of evil overthrow the good man, they drive humanity crazy, overthrowing the world economy and highlight the wicked one by offering economic stability to men, a single religion, a single government, a single currency. 3. About hunger: SAN MICHAEL ARCHANGEL 09.02.2021 Some human creatures feel disappointed in the wait to which the Church is subjected, that wait is shortened by the force of evil on the world, but they forget that God does not abandon His People and allows what has been announced to happen. That is: impiety, heresies, disrespect for what God represents, sacrileges, future persecutions, plagues, plagues, war, famines, great earthquakes and effects on nature. OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST 12/01/2021 The moment of the great famine advances like a shadow over humanity that unexpectedly faces radical changes, reducing harvests due to different climates. OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST 06.13.2020 Humanity is hungry in the face of the global economic crisis. 4. About the Mystical Body of Christ: THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY 02.05.2018 Do not forget that you belong to the Mystical Body of whom My Son is the Head and as members of that Body, you must be docile to the Head of that Body.

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