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JUNE 2023

Afghanistan War Report – September 2, 2017: New US Strategy Leads To Further Escalation Of Conflict

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On August 30, the Taliban claimed that it downed a US helicopter in the Afghan province of Logar and that 20 US soldiers were killed in the attack.

A spokesman for the US military in Afghanistan, Bob Purtiman, denied the Taliban’s claims and said that the helicopter had some technical problem and it made a precautionary landing. According to Purtiman, the aircraft has been successfully recovered.

On August 22, President Donald Trump announced a plan to deploy 4,000 more troops to Afghanistan and to win somehow, in the US’ longest war. Currently, there are about 9,800 US troops and 25,197 contractors on the ground in the war-torn country.

The Taliban responded to Trump’s announcement with increased attack against NATO and pro-US government forces and promised to turn Afghanistan “into a graveyard for the American Empire”.

On August 25, Taliban militants entered Kas Uruzgan district in central Afghanistan after they had overrun the Afghani Army defense. During the month, the Taliban captured over 10 district centers. Government forces, even with the assistance of the US military, were not able to reverse the militants’ gains.

Meanwhile, aircraft with removed identification marks started transferring groups of ISIS fighters as well as some separate ISIS emissaries from southern to northern Afghanistan. According to reports, these aircrafts operate under cover of the US-led coalition. Reports also appear that the coalition covers weapon supplies to ISIS in and via Afghanistan. The goal, is to boost a point of instability at the southern flank of Russia.

The US invaded Afghanistan in 2001. Since then, the White House has been struggling in its attempt to put in power a US-allied government. However, the security situation remains very complicated for the US and its allies.

The Taliban keeps a notable power in Afghanistan and even made some new gains in recent years. Today the Taliban has a vertical of local administrative and judicial bodies that cover the territory of Afghanistan no less effectively than the administrative structures of the official Kabul.

To this day, the US does not have any useful strategies which would restore peace and national accord in the country.   Many experts claim that the White House does not know how to cope with Afghanistan or what to do inside the country.

Furthermore, the situation in Afgnanistan is just a part of the US military and political activity in the conflict zones around the world. The growing tensions with Northern Korea and Iran, the ongoing conflicts in Syria and Iraq and instability in South America draw much more US attention than the situation in Afghanistan.

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Nigel Maund

The solution is quite simple: if the US are once again using ISIS as a Proxy Army, do to the US exactly what they did to Russia in 1989 – 1994, give the Taliban “the kit” and let them make Afghanistan another “US Vietnam 1964 – 1972”. Within a few years the US (read the International Bankster Cabal – Deep State) will recognize it can no longer afford the cost in “blood and treasure” and, as Nixon did in Vietnam in the early 1970’s, will give up. Encourage the enemy in their bad plan.


I tend to agree, however think this day is a bit different from the 1960s. Economically, USA back then wasn’t yet the ultimate reserve currency. Vietnam war was though a major contributor to the final nail in the coffin of removing the gold standard entirely. They achieved this by getting oil producers using the dollar through a mix of bribery, threats and deals and thus forcing most of the world to use the dollar.

Today, while USA can afford to fight in Afghanistan economically, as long as half of the civilized world is willing to donate to them (i.e. funding their current account deficit forever), they can be stopped by sending them back home in body bags. It is the only language the US public understands and to be honest, the Afghanistan war isn’t very popular to begin with. So there must be a way to create a steady stream of body bags in order to castrate US ambitions through domestic events.

Nigel Maund

Cortisol, thanks for your reply; appreciated! I feel the important thing to realise is the USA was hijacked by the International Bankster Cabal, based out of especially London, when they set up the Fed in 1913. Since this time the US has had less and less say in both their foreign and domestic policies which are dictated by the Cabal. Hence, when I say Americans I mean the Cabal, who comprise some US citizens but mostly Europeans. The sad thing is that US servicemen are virtually as brainwashed as the Nazi’s were in WW2 and scarcely understand what they are fighting and dying for. It’s a tragedy for the Americans if they only fully appreciated that fact.


Its already in the process, see Dr Jim Willie’s information at goldenjackass.com. He says the Chinese are going to make Saudi Arabia, up to now supporting the US Petrodollar, to sell oil in RMB or gold, as they are close to being bankrupt. Take out the support for the Petrodollar, there goes their support for terror funding.

Already China is building Russia-China oil/gas pipeline and the New Silk Road project using China-owned US treasury bonds, which the US is indebted to. It is in China’s interest not to terminate the Petrodollar until they have squeezed everything they can benefit from out of it.

Nigel Maund

SOF, excellent commentary and I agree wholeheartedly with your summation of the situation. This is most likely the reasoning why Christine Legarde, Head of the IMF, two weeks ago indicated that their HQ would be shortly moving to Beijing. The Globalists realise that the mess they have created in the US, UK and EU is fast coming to a head, and the financial, economic and social meltdown, when it comes is going to be terrifying.

The larger proportion of the “precariat” as they call “Joe Public” will be totally ruined and reduced to penury and serfdom. Americans,Canadians and Europeans will supply the new “sweat shop labour” at pitiful wages; or be destroyed by pandemics, war or systematically poisoned with contaminated drugs, illegal and legal drugs, alcohol abuse, tobacco, genetically modified food, artificial food laced with toxins, nano – biochemical destructors and chem- trails (spraying alumina, strontium ad barium). All this, whilst brains are being addled with cell phones, video games, pornography, junk TV, fake news and misinformation of a truly epic scale, plus. of course, an utterly “dumbed down” education system. In simple terms, the so called “West” is already in full scale collapse. One big kick and the entire rotten structure will implode.


Thanks. Understanding geopolitics makes it a lot simpler when at the fundamental level it is a battle for the planet’s resources and therefore who gets to control the direction of human civilization.

The way I see it, the destruction of the West had its roots when the Roman Catholic church murdered and destroyed the Pagan/Heathen cultures and introduced the salvation ideology and worshiping a ‘perfect’ god and the extremely damaging belief of ‘original sin’ that fed the ‘I am worthless’ lack of self-respect that led to other destructive behaviors and chaos. After that over centuries a gradual erosion of the western civilization’s immune system has now turned into an avalanche that we are now seeing and is obvious to all. It also allowed psychopaths instead of being neutralized to rise to the top and lead western civilization to its doom while blaming the working class as the cause and saying they are guilty and having to foot the bill. Its what low-level psychopaths do to people on a day-to-day basis, causing ruined businesses and family relationships.

I am from Southeast Asia but I think Western pre-Christian culture had some great points to it and it should be preserved, like old Celtic and Viking cultures. Giving up the insane monotheistic religions like Christianity and their destructive external-savior ideology and going back to Pagan/Heathen beliefs that respected nature would be a great start. It is still not too late.

DJ Double D

Nigel, your thought is on a lot of peoples mind.

Carol Davidek-Waller

These folks don’t know the meaning of ‘can’t afford’. They will wring the money out of the most vulnerable and destroy the middle class without a thinking twice. If the money came directly out of their pockets, that would be another story.


The irony is that the US will get bitten by its own strategy it used against the Soviets.

Nigel Maund

Precisely! If one “reads between the lines” of this video, that is precisely what they will do; i.e. equip theTaliban with TOW and MANPAD equivalents. All they have to do then is “knock out” the US chopper fleet and totally disrupt their mechanised troops, and the US will be in very big trouble like the Russians were. Furthermore, “the grunts” will be come disgruntled and demoralised and, hence, increasingly ineffective over time. The mercenary force are there for big money, but if their losses mount the risks may outweight the rewards. Therefore, targeting their forces is also a priority for guerilla “hit and run” raids and sniper kills. No foreign power has ever won in Afghanistan, but the US loves never ending wars with “no exit strategy” as the MIC makes $$$$$$$$$$$$$.

Solomon Krupacek

SF, thank you for articles about Afghanistan!

You support us, we support you. :)

Expo Marker

The people of Afghanistan assist the Taliban because when the Taliban controlled the country, there was peace. The Afghan puppet gov is super corrupt, and is barely qualified as a democracy. Now, we see corruption and crimes all around, and people turn to a time when there was some peace.

Expo Marker

There are also more contractors than soldiers, clearing the way to commit war crimes against Afghanis without repercussions. There are contractors there who believe they are fighting in a crusade against Islam, so as to justify their crimes.

Manuel Flores Escobar

USA cannot win the Afganistan war vs Taliban/AQ/ISIS…but meanwhile have military bases there!..it means to have a foot in central Asia!

DJ Double D

This is classical example of ‘Jack of all trade, Master of None’.


Meanwhile, aircraft with removed identification marks started transferring groups of ISIS fighters as well as some separate ISIS emissaries from southern to northern Afghanistan. ——————- This explains the helicopters seen over ISIL in Deir Ezzr?

DJ Double D

Some people sometimes ask why Russia did to US what US did to Soviet Union in Afghanistan in the 80’s (military support of the Mujaheddin). We have to understand that there is a great difference between Russia and US in terms of mentality. US is very vocal. This is part of their foreign policy. Russia is very clandestine in their mentality. They keep their emotions to themselves and do their things without vocalizing (shouting at others) as US do. Russia is a master of international diplomacy (has very deep culture, respect, patience and understanding of International laws). US don’t (they don’t have patience at all, if they don’t get their way by being vocal at you, they will resort to sanctions and eventually use military force). Openly supporting any group (even their enemy) against then Soviet Union and now Russia was and still is part of their foreign policy. With this in mind, it’s no secret that US openly supported the Mujaheddin in the 80’s. Thousands of Soviet soldiers killed through US/NATO weapons. Why Russia is not doing same now is anybody’s guess.

Nigel Maund

Absolutely correct! The Americans are way to showy and out to impress for their own good. Wisdom needs no advertisement, by its very virtue the wise remain, silent only speaking when absolutely necessary. The US mainstream media is a circus of chattering fools.

Carol Davidek-Waller

Perhaps the US should ask for help from Russian Air Force?


The map in the video is false. Many areas controlled by the goverment are not “fully” under their control. Surrounding mountains and hills are either controlled by Taliban or heavily contested.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Pentagon and CIA make the decision Trump make official announcement.This troop figures of 4000 are correct but in fact it is actually the terrorist figures which USA is going to airlift.The destruction of USA has started. Their warships collided,fighter jets crushed regularly Harvey bought natural disaster.USA/NATO Israel, Saudi,Turkey, Jordan,UAE plus their organization UN is losing wars and trust and support everywhere.Christians should flee USA/NATO country’s under tourist trips.Jesus the King of kings and Lord of lords the Son of God is coming.Obama is ready to rule USA again.

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