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JUNE 2023

Afghanistan War Report – September 16, 2017: Taliban Attacks NATO Convoy

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On Friday, a Taliban suicide bomber driving a car bomb slammed into a convoy of NATO forces near Kandahar Airbase in Trank Pul area of Kandahar province.

Kandahar provincial governor spokesperson, Fazal Bari Baryalai, said the attack “totally destroyed” one of the vehicles carrying Romanian soldiers.

NATO’s spokesperson confirmed a “small number” of soldiers were wounded. However, the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad claimed that at least seven NATO soldiers were killed in the attack.

According to Afghan sources, Afghan Army bases in Abgarmak and Chinaee areas in Ghormach district of Faryab province in northern Afghanistan are under the Taliban siege for two months now.

Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri said that the Afghan army is now working to reopen the way to the bases. Meanwhile, the Afghan military airdrops supplies to the besieged soldiers.

The Taliban is expanding rapidly in northern Afghanistan, especially in Faryab province. On Thursday, Voice of Jihad announced that the Taliban captured 5 villages – Qarai, Chakna, Balai Bam and Jawdana – in the province.

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There were three Romanians wounded. One died in hospital. Rest in peace.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Romanians should be in Romania fighting invaders just as Afghans are doing to invaders in Afghanistan. Romanians need to stop serving Zionism, which is anti-Romanians anyway. As Romanians are just filthy Goyim’s.


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What exactly is a goyim? Im guessing it is a person who favors judaism and or favors israeli interest?

Stephen Lambert

Goyim is anybody who is not Jew, in other words, not of the chosen people and therefore an underclass who are not really human………. that’d be everybody apart from the 10 million Jews worldwide out of the 8 Billlion people on this earth.


It is a pejorative term used by Jews to refer to everyone else. The Talmud speaks of the Goyim as if there were cattle or subhuman, according to the Talmud, we (not Jews) were made to serve them because normal animals are not worthy of serving the Talmudic masters.

So the poster is making a reference of what Talmudic Jews think of Romanians that are not Jews. They might deny it or say they are the opposite but all their education since being children constantly teaches them that we are filthy beasts and they are out masters. They are very sneaky and hypocrite.


super short report, maybe a history update on afghanistan war report. Like over the past 6 months?

Samuel Boas

Leave Afghanistan. It is not that hard. Just leave the country since the west clearly has no clue what it does.

Hide Behind

WHY are those Afghans acting like dirty savages; Don’t they know those well armed Euros are only invading their lands because they love them?

Shakeel Haider

So funny. Love Africa where people dying due to lake of food in presence of euro food companies.

Hide Behind



Well… The Romanian wanted to be on U Tube with the cool knee pads and M4 Carbines !! Nobody told them that if you want to be NATO you also get to be put in a NATO bodybag !!

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