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JUNE 2023

Afghanistan: Taliban Captures Zane Khan

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Afghanistan: Taliban Captures Zane Khan

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The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

Last night , the Taliban seized the Zane Khan county in Afghanistan’s  Ghazni province following a series of clashes with government forces.

According to Abdul Jame’a Jame’a, a member of Ghazni provincial council, four soldiers were killed and four others were injured in the clashes.

Zane Khan is located northeast of Ghazni city. Its population is up to 17000 people.

Following the seizure of Zane Khan, the Taliban is now able to threat the city of Ghazni itself.

Ghazni province has a number of important mines and plays and important role in Afghanistan economy.

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Methinks if Trump wants to reverse the trend and stop the Taliban from winning then 4000 additional troops, which is what, a combat brigade, will not be enough. 40.000 seems more likely.

It will also have the advantage of drawing in so much American military strength that it will seriously reduce US ability to cause problems elsewhere. In which case we are all better off.


I suggest that you go to fight Talibans in Afghanistan with your sons.


We do. The Netherlands fought there for several years and even now maintains a military training mission there in Kunduz province.


I suggest YOU to go fight Afghans with your sons.

And why you military don’t fight but just train sheeple to go kill themselfs ? XD.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Many countries maintain a military training mission there since the US is really bad at it.


Good work Talibans. Free your country from american terrorists. Why aren’t Trump sons fighting Talibans in Afghanistan ? XD.

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