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Afghanistan Crisis: US Blames Pakistan. UK Considers Deploying Special Forces. Tailban Advances Across Country

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Afghanistan Crisis: US Blames Pakistan. UK Considers Deploying Special Forces. Tailban Advances Across Country

“I provide my input through the chain of command,” Gen. John Nicholson said during a news conference in Kabul on Thursday. Credit Rahmat Gul/Associated Press

On August 27, Commander for US Forces and NATO in Afghanistan General John W Nicholson claimed in an interview on the Afghanistan Tolo news TV channel that Taliban leadership are hiding inside Pakistan.

“The Quetta Shura, Peshawar Shura, these shuras are identified by cities inside Pakistan, we know Afghan Taliban leaders are in these areas,” Gen. Nicholson said.

Gen. Nicholson stressed that there will be no diplomatic solution in Afghanistan without cutting off the support for terrorists.

“Support for terrorists and insurgents has to be reduced, has to be stopped,” he added.

Separately, a report of the UK-based Sunday Express newspaper said that the UK is considering redeploying the Special Air Service (SAS), special forces, to Afghanistan to aid US President Trump’s plan there.

“The special forces are clearly a key element of our military capability in this kind of operation,” a British official told the Sunday Times.

Meanwhile, the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad announced that Delaram district police chief, Hakim, was killed with his guards in an ambush in the Wali Jan camp area.

Voice of Jihad also announced that Taliban fighters repelled an attack of the Afghani Army backed by US forces in Chahar Darah district of Kunduz province.

On August 26, Voice of Jihad claimed that a child was killed and 11 other civilians were injured in a US unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) strike in Chahar Darah district of Kunduz province. US UCAV strikes in Afghanistan played a key role in rebuilding public support for Taliban during the last few years.

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US blames Pakistan, the mother of bombs did not curtail the traffic to Pakistan? Pakistan is the supporter of Taliban, very similar to the Chinese support of N. Vietnam, US has two choices: leave the country, or grin and bear it.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US is mad because Pakistan has sought help in this conflict in achieving a meaningful peace by asking Russia for help. This is why all the rhetoric by the incompetent US military and their political planning in the region of running the country with warlords propped up by their Drug operations there. The Pentagon and the contractors see it as business enterprise with the multitude of US bases and the resource wealth to be plundered in the region since it has over 1 trillion in lithium minerals alone.

War is a business and the US gets upset when their profits are being hurt and blame everyone else for interfering in their business.



Tom Tom

only one real choice, leave and stop fomenting wars and “revolutions” all over the world in order to support the world petrodollar system. Won’t happen and WW3 will happen.


USA massacres civilians in Afghanistan (this is NOT the first case of this. There have been weddings and schools bombed by US drones, and civilian casualties in US strikes are nothing uncommon), and then wonders why the Afghani population likes Taliban so much.


Yeah, the shoa must go on, what on earth is this new ugh….. measurements against Taliban going to change anything, and do enlighten us infidels into the moronic babbling sometimes open in broad daylight, like this.

Thousands of what, specs, huh, holding an mountain top, for what, an patrol, whom is doing what. This, is not going to solve anything, other than escalating an already bloody conflict. What most inhabitants of the open free range asylum known as uISISa forgets nor talks about is that Taliban have all the rights to do what they are doing, fighting for Afghanistan. Yoou can pump thousands of more soldiers into the land, it will change nothing, other than more dead people, on both sides, the ISIS is the enemy of the Afghan people, I hope the Taliban wipes them out completely, no mercy, since no mercy was given. You are the problem, nobody else, not Taliban, whom have given several ocations to surrender while the uISISa simply refused to talk to anyone expect for those that makes their iligale war, somehow, legal, because we all know why, and whom they put in place, do the name Uno Coal ring any bells, huh, creeps.

Leave Afghanistan, because there will be an day when things go back to normal as fro one can expect but anyway, and comers will be rising, peace over the Hindu Kush will be an epic historical moment, they deserve everything, having been in wars for eons, generations of humans knows nothing else than war, and nobody is willing to see that from their side, witch makes the western morale to an stinking heap of manure.

Blessed be the peace makers.



Simple as that: Taliban are the Problem. yea aure, THEY lived in peace stoning innocents to death, training terrorists which caused trouble everywhere, before the US came. Now time is right to overcome this mindless warlord-cult. And for your mindless repetition of “Shoa” and “uISISa”, it doesnt make more sense if you repeat it on and on (just like all the others here on this side). :)

Tom Tom

You have no clue as to the actual facts, Lumen. Taleban means “islamic student,” and those were Afghans in Pakistan who came to the schools in Pakistan because Afghan was being destroyed BY the warlords. They came in, with Pakistan’s help, to defeat the warlords and provide some semblance of an organized society. That they did. They may practice a fairly brutal form of religion by western standards, but they are not ISIS/al Qaeda/al Nusra. Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset during the war vs. the Russians, and money was run thru Saudi minister Turki Faisal. After the war was over, the CIA used al qaeda for its wider globalist plans. You have no idea what you’re talking about.


Not as simple as some it seems. The Taliban didn’t grow in a vacuum – they grew out of the TERRORIST mujaheddin groups the US created to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Just like Al Qaeda – also originally an American TERRORIST creation.

The point YOU are missing is this: Afghanistan is THEIR country: not yours, not mine and not America’s. And while America assures us she’s the world’s policeman – she isn’t. She’s just a nasty grubby greedy invader who, with her special friends, Britain and France, kill people and countries for war profits and resources. ————— As for your “THEY lived in peace stoning innocents” ….. Cry me a phücking river! The Taliban execute people who break their (Islamic) law and conduct attacks against their own. Dirty but not near as dirty as this: The United States, Britain and France kill literally hundreds of thousands of innocents by dropping bombs on them and destroying their entire countries. And they do it all for PROFIT! The civilian dead estimate over the last 16 years for Iraq alone exceeds 1.4 million.

ISIS grew out of the chaos the US and her special friends created in Iraq. The US finds them extremely convenient – popping up all over the place she wants to extend her airstrikes (like the Philippines and Africa – which places got FA to do with Iraq/Levant even you would agree?) While the US CLAIMS to be fighting ISIS they (and their Israeli buddies) have been known to conduct airstrikes against the Syrian forces inside Syria to ISIS’s advantage. That with multiple US airdrops to ISIS in Dier Ezzor just this last month makes his use of “uISISa” accurate and very very apt.

Now kindly go grow a brain or phuck yourself.


Well, there is also a point: Self-responsibility. If i support you to defend yourself, it doesnt mean that i support you to plant bombs everywhere. (very simplified). So if US backed up defnense againt Sov, they didnt back up all what came after that. So Al Quaeda isnot a US creation, instead some religious extremists USED the US backup to establish their evil doing dark ages shit.

Besides: Only because im born in a country doesnt make it my country ALONE,since there are also others born in this country. and probably some people in afghanisten dont like to be stoned or held a slaves, or want to take somesteaps towards the future and not remain forever in the dark-age shithole – so who are you defending dark-age headchoppers and denying the rest of afghan.–society prosperiety and future.

so in my conclusion you are either siding with religious extremists or are just driven by a political point of view, which is legitimate, but there a re also other point of views


“So Al Quaeda isnot a US creation, instead some religious extremists USED the US backup to establish their evil doing dark ages shit.”

No. Al Qaeda “The Base” was FORMED by the CIA. Bin Laden’s Boys. ————– Ferkuck! How thick are you? I’m not “defending” the Taliban – I’m saying “IT’S THEIR COUNTRY = UNINVITED FOREIGNERS FO.”

There is NO ISIS in my part of the woods – you think that might have something to do with – “WE DON’T JUST BOMB COUNTRIES FOR PROFIT?” —— I’m absolutely sure you would like some airstrikes on all who dare to disagree with you. After all that’s the way the US and FRIENDS work – ISN’T IT?


You dont get the point. Its not their country. Look what afghanistan was in the 1970’s. The Taliban are shitholes and will get asskicked sooner or later hopefully. radical islam must be overcome. the kidnapped an entire religion and infested the minds of the people with utter crapshit. everythime some radical muslim open his mouth allah gets smaller and weaker. woho, look, cia is all to blame. its not that russia and whole asia is not in danger, btw. even more than europe/us – they only manage to be in control with dirty methods, very dirty methods – nobody wnats to know about.

and hey, pointing fingers on other dropping bombs, but you are so sure that the side you are agreeing with has so clean hands?


Yes, they are shitholes. But it is “their country.” They are Afghan citizens and Afghanistan’s criminals – not America’s. (And some pretty well educated ones going by that letter of theirs.) I’m not saying anyone has clean hands ffs but it is AMERICA rampaging the world and just … literally …. dropping bombs on civilians.

What problem have they solved, what country have they made BETTER by dropping bombs on its people? Hey – let’s not even go for better – What country have not made worse with their bombs?

Do you really think anyone whose village, community, home, wife, children have been killed by American airstrikes and drone bombs thinks “The Taliban did this!” – “The Taliban are killing us!” – “The Taliban are the problem!”??

When a Talib suicides in Kabul, do you really think the survivors looking at their dead think “The Americans must come drop more bombs on us – maybe they’ll kill some of these bastards?”

NO-ONE in Afghanistan is threatening America but America just keeps on bombing them. …Why must Americans who have so much do this to people to have so little?

South Africa.

คงศักดิ์ วงศ์ชูศรี

Isia and Alqoaeda was created by US. Everyone know that from US propaganda during SoveitTaliban war it is not a secret.


…a child was killed and 11 other civilians were injured in a US unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) strike… OK, so they’re “rebranding” the U.S. drone project. Can we please remember to insert DRONE anywhere the acronyme “UCAV” is used? thanks

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The term UCAV I’ve seen this already in use by the US military in some areas in regards to that meaning unmanned combat aerial vehicle drone, guess the terrorists will have to call theirs UTAV now. This way by calling it UTAV they can delineate between a military combat usage and military terrorist usage.


lets make your posts short: everyhting which is not used by russia/allies AND kills civilians is against the gevena convention. everythin which is used by russia/allies in combat is just fine.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Think you fail to grasp the issue since anyone who uses this system has the same issues it’s not a country thing but something that has no place in combat usage. The problem is you failed to see that these systems are truly unmanned and there is no one watching it target any gathering since it can’t differentiate between combatant and non-combatant , why wedding parties, Mosques and other gatherings have been indiscriminately killed because the system has no one watching it and why there have been these incidents of civilians being targeted.

Guess what no one is piloting these things and why they crash on their own and on landing.

Dod Grile

Why doesn’t Murder Inc just leave. That would save many more lives.

Peckerhead should ask himself what would Smedley do?



The US regime should never have created, trained and armed the Taliban in the 80ies in the first place. Who sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind…. Stop playing with Jihadists and fire…


So why you getting mad when us wants to clean the mess … guess what? –

Jaime Galarza

What mess? Don’t you realize that the mess has been created by your gods in Washington? The Afghan government had the intention to hand over Osama Bin Laden, but they wanted the US government to show proof that Bin Laden was the perpetrator of 9/11. Bush had no time for these minutiae so he attacked Afghanistan. It is true as Bru mentions that the US created and armed the Taliban to fight the Soviets. Rather than resorting to nonarguments, can you rebut his views?


thank you Jaime, it is nice to see informed and rational people like you here.


Why do you say I am getting mad? What would be irrational about remembering and pointing out : – how they created and supported the Taliban, which they to label “freedom fighters”, – the consequences of their actions, – and that their going on with organising terrorist groups they use to destroy countries, such as recently in Lybia ( where the US ambassador reaped the wind sown) and in Syria ( they may have stopped supporting ISIS, but they did support them at least in the beginning, and are still supporting many other terrorist groipes labelled “moderate rebels” )

Expo Marker

The US and CIA originally gave weapons to anyone fighting the Soviet Union there. After 1989, the US policy was sub-contracted to Pakistan. After the second civil war, a united Pashtun group, the Taliban, rose in power, and successfully ended a large part of fighting. Pakistan began supporting them, but slowly Osama bin-Laden was drawn in, and Afghanistan hasn’t been at peace for years.

For better understanding of the conflict, I recommend this video from March 2001.



So the Pakistanis should better not hide Taliban-Leader causing trouible in other countries. Imagine some trouble comes to pakistan.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Nothing like a comment from someone with no knowledge of the situation and that goes for both empty headed comments you made.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

No one is hiding anyone there ,just that US as always relies on dated intelligence from unreliable sources . This has been SOP for a long time and is getting really bad as they seem to be stuck and need someone to blame.

Tom Tom

The CIA heroin machine continues. Pay for poppies/material, ship on CIA airplanes to Incirlik, then on to labs around the town. Then on to Europe. Ka-CHING$!

Expo Marker

Pakistan is being accused more than ever now, because Pakistan is negotiating with everyone to create a peaceful end to the conflict, including Russia and China. Their push to create a peace plan would end NATO operations.

Expo Marker

The NATO advance into Afghanistan was the start of NATO opening up bases and troop deployment in the -stan countries that broke up from the USSR. If Pakistan denied NATO access to Afghanistan, NATO loses Afghanistan and the Central Asian states.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The only problem is they are all US bases and not really NATO since they leave them for the Afghans which end up giving them to the US. Pakistan should since the US is a known belligerent in all wars.

Expo Marker

Pakistan is pushing for the end of this conflict because Afghan refugees in Pakistan have been a security problem for a long time. Alongside Chinese investment into Pakistan, the raging fire of Afghanistan must be extinguished so there can be lasting peace.

John Mason

About 12 months ago some Taliban leaders were trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement, unfortunately for them the US took them out in a drone strike. Maybe the Taliban should go after US leadership.

John Mason

Nicholsonshould follow his own advice and cease supporting terrorists. Time will come when the US will pay the price for their atrocities, violation of International Law and the UN Charter.


The west is making Talibans win. And so, Talibans will win because more and more Afghans are fed up with west terrorism and occupation and will join the better force to expell the Americans.

Hassadnah Abraham

Who is the terrorists??? U. This U.S general should know better since USA ia the mother of all terrorists that gave birth to hundreds of terrorist groups around the globe and operated in many countries…including Afghanistan. Ask this general..who is the terrorist>>>

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