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Afghanistan Border Crossing With Turkmenistan Fell Under Taliban’s Control (Videos)

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Afghanistan Border Crossing With Turkmenistan Fell Under Taliban's Control (Videos)

Illustrative image.

On July 9, Taliban fighters captured the northwestern Afghan town of Torghundi and the nearby border crossing with Turkmenistan from government forces.

Afghan officials acknowledged the loss of the Torghundi border crossing. A number of government service members who were situated at the crossing surrendered and handed over their weapons to the Taliban.

According to Afghan sources, government forces are now attempting to recapture the crossing, which is one of two trade gateways into Turkmenistan.

Earlier on the same day, Taliban fighters captured the Islam Qala border crossing with Iran, which is also located in the northwestern province of Heart.

Taliban officials claim that their fighters have taken control of 85% of territory in Afghanistan. However, media sources say that the group controls only the third of all 421 districts and district centers in the country.

The US decision to pull its troops out from Afghanistan before September 11 encouraged the Taliban to step up its attacks against government forces throughout the country. With no intra-Afghan peace agreement on sight, the country appears to be heading to a lengthy civil war.


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A clown like you

Again it is wait and see still…there is no such thing as the “Afghan government” most of them run away to Iran and the EU/US when the yanquis said we can’t burn money anymore.

Also, those are border guards…fuk you want them to do? Fight those pigs with their AK-47s? They get outnumber why would they fight…care to tell us SF how many Taliban were there?

The other ethnic groups in Afghani should cut the heads of all those “government service members” now…you know what those fukers want to do? Make deal with the Taliban when the Taliban don’t hear anything.

P.S don’t say I didn’t say it but if the Taliban get hold of Afghanistan…not only there would be more emigration (new wave) but also more extremists Sunni in the West and in Afghanistan. Not Al-Qaeda or ISIS but extremists Sunni.

The Objective

It’s over dude. The Shiites lost and will continue to lose. Soleimani tried to destroy the Taliban and even fought side by side with American soldiers. How’s that ended for him and the rest of you bunch of losers? What happened to your Fatemiyoun which Javad Zarif promised Ghani? Turkey, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan just signed a veiled military alliance in January 2021. Azerbaijan is Shiite, but not your type of evil Shiism which has no tolerance for opposition. From rumors circulating the media, Taliban is already in line to join this defense pact, and so is Turkmenistan. Look at the map and see what that means for your Iranian empire.

Last edited 1 year ago by The Objective
No shortage of morons

Nothing personal but you madrassa Pakis are insane. It is dead broke failed state living off China. Lol

A clown like you

“Turkey, Pakistan, and Azerbaijan just signed a veiled military alliance in January 2021.” Turkey the terrorist seller. Pakistan is not even safe and there are more ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Pakistan than in Afghanistan – the US still kills Pak terroists. Azerbaijan needed help from the terrorist sellers to fight Armenia.

Add in Turkmenistan and Taliban. Someone might need to report this guy. The kid talks so highly about those countries as well, all the clown countries together.

S Balu

NO SHORTAGE OF MORONS PAKISTAN IS FUNCTIONING UNLIKE INDIA WHERE POPULATION COULD NOT GET OXYGEN NOR HELP DUE PANDEMIC DEAD WERE DUMPED INTO RIVER WITHOUT RESPECT NOR DIGNITY THIS DID NOT HAPPEN IN PAKISTAN INDIA IS A FAILED STATE AND HERE IS WHY IT IS FAILED STATE Failed or dysfunctional states are defined by the collapse or absence of governance and control, both functions of leadership. A failed state is also equated with a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly. A state can also fail if the government loses its legitimacy even if it is performing its functions properly.

A clown like you

The Shia? You do know most Afghans are Sunnis in the first place. “Other ethic groups” under the flag of mujahideen you some bad words Sunni. Soleimani didn’t do such a thing, don’t piss yourself, Iran places itself in Afghanistan only. Iran doesn’t care about Ghani the yanquis government, you don’t know much about Iran and Afghanistan. The Afghan Shia group under IRGC is not trying to fight without Afghan support, Iran is not yanquis or Turkic Khazars – I said it before now can you get it in your head? Azerbaijan is scared of Iran you (bad words)? Do some history and think about what you said. You seem mad. “From rumors circulating the media” From rumors circulating the media your mother is a bad woman who sleeps with other men for money. Go away with those cheap poopoo.

A clown like you

Here have look at the mujahideen waiting to fight the Taliban and the sooner the Afghan government ends the sooner other countries support them. “Afghanistan: Anti-Taliban militia vows to fight ‘to the death'” Hear him, he is not mad like you. Turkic give the worse “humankind” called Turkic Khazars, Pakistan is failed state they need help, Azerbaijan is a joke country which needs help from another country to fight Armenia, you for real now? He says Turkmenistan ohhh yes, what you want me to say? Iran is in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon with the support of the population of those countries, and none of those countries you named, can’t even dream of reaching Iran. Get real kid.

A clown like you

Also, it seems we can’t link…why SF why?????????

Arch Bungle

>Soleimani tried to destroy the Taliban

No he didn’t. Stop lying.

If can’t get the truth right from the first line, the rest of your hogwash is not worth a look either.

Americunt Losers

I would agree, it now depends on how support the spiteful Americunt losers give to their ISIS Wahhabi headchoppers. Afghanistan is landlocked and the Afghans are fed up of wars. In any case Russia, China and Iran now call the shots and will be able to secure the region. The Pakis can not alienate their Chinese paymasters even though the corrupt ISI is still lacking Americunt arse.


Burn all poppy fields and heroin stashes, Afghan “contractors” will disappear.


The Taliban are ruthless Sunni fundamentalists. Their Islamist doctrine derives from the Saudi school of Wahhabism, that Saudi’s pushed into region through mujahedin and madrases in 1980’s. Now, obviously, the Taliban are rather over the top for the average person’s tastes. However, it must be said, that part of that fundamentalism is directed at inebriate substances, and by around 2000, before the US invasion, the opium cash crop in Afghanistan was radically culled by them. This was begrudgingly noted in western media at the time. After the US invasion the opium cash crop rose sharply, as the staple means for all factional warlord’s self financing. What happens in future, in relation to current high levels of Afghan opium cash cropping production remains to be seen.

Last edited 1 year ago by VaporTrail
Americunt Losers

Good summary.


Thank you, feedback appreciated.


Yes, good information. RT did a documentary a few years back on drug addicts in Afghanistan. Unknown to many is the Russians have been working with regional nations for many years to intercept as much of the Afghan drug flows as is possible.

The Objective

My reply to a comment you made here: https://southfront.org/russian-warplanes-hit-greater-idlib-militants-for-second-day-in-row-photos/

A poor weapons testing tactic. You need a real opponent like the Turkish forces to effectively do target practice. These guys have no air defense or airforce. No missile force or navy. They are just a land force without much air protection. Turkey is currently wrapping up a badass missile it says will take out Russian radars and air defense systems in Syria without any problems. It’s a classified program and little is said about the missile, but it will be big, smart, long-range, and fast. https://bulgarianmilitary.com/2021/07/06/turkey-is-hiding-a-top-secret-missile-that-could-hit-the-s-400/

Last edited 1 year ago by The Objective
No shortage of morons

ROFLMAO. Turkeys will be cooked in 5 minutes against Russia. You Paki madrassa idiots are a hoot.

S Balu



Another fantasist, dreaming on, down on the kibbutz! Forget about it. It’s no longer 2012, its 2021, and Syria isn’t going to be toppled and depopulated, as per the 1980’s Yinon Greater Israel fantasy.

Liberal guy



All the NATO countries have missiles that can take out the S-400 however the Russians use a multi layered air defence / area denial system. Given enough time and resources all SAM systems can be defeated … but at a cost.

The Russian know this so:

First they have long range land attack and anti shipping missiles that keep aircraft carrier’s out of range and can mine / crater runways hobbeling land based aircraft. The range of these weapons are greater than the range of NATO attack aircraft.

Second they have “AWAC killer” long range air-to-air missiles that can take out tankers, AWAC’s, JSTARS etc.

Third they have EW that jams GPS and gives false targets and can even hack into missiles taking control of them.

Fourth they have SAMS and guns designed specifically to take out missiles.

And finally they have S-300, S-400 & BUK etc. which are deployed with interlocking coverage that can defend against attacking aircraft themselves.

Despite the high tech hype an air war against the Russians will be attritional. Whoever can take the most damage and still attack in the end will win. The Russians have always used strategic depth to win wars and this A2/AD follows the same pattern.

Last edited 1 year ago by HB_norica

Good info. The S-500 is well into advanced testing and is scheduled to enter service later this year with serial production expected several years later.

The Objective

Yeah, Russia may have all that, but they still have no effective defense against a determined drone and missile attack. 6000 km drones that can land on ANY road will be hard to defend against. Even if you manage to bomb the runways, those streets are long and you cannot bomb every inch of a 200 km road. It’ll be a huge wast of missiles and cost prohibitive.


Anything is possible but the Russians do have quite an advanced multi layered air defense system in place, including electronic countermeasures etc.

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