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Afghan Women Take Initiative Of Resistance After Panjshir Was Conquered By Taliban

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Afghan Women Take Initiative Of Resistance After Panjshir Was Conquered By Taliban

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Residents of the Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul went out to the streets, demonstrating against the Pakistan’s support to the Taliban, its involvement in Afghanistan’s national affairs. The protests were held in support of resistance forces that have lost control over the Panjshir region.

On September 7th, the protests involved hundreds of Kabul residents, most of them are women.

About 70 people reportedly gathered in front of the Pakistani Embassy in Kabul, ” waving placards and shouting anti-Pakistani slogans.” According to the footage from the spot, the crowd managed to break through the armed cordon and enter the embassy’s territory.

In order to disperse the crowd, the Taliban fired shots in the air.

No casualties have been reported so far.

Hundreds of Afghans marched down the central streets of Kabul, shouting slogans not only against Pakistan but also against the Taliban’s rule in general.

During the protests, Taliban security forces were seen following the crowd, without interfering. No clashes were reported.

However, it should not be expected that Afghanistan has turned into “a model democratic state” that welcomes the opposition protests and freedom of speech.

Some journalists were prevented from filming the protest. TOLOnews claimed that their cameraman Wahid Ahmadi was detained for three hours.

In its turn, Kabul News agency claimed that its journalists were wounded when they were filming the protests.

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai and former chairman of the High Council for National Reconciliation Abdullah Abdullah were reportedly prohibited to meet the crowd of protesters.

Demonstration in the capital is not the first one in a series of smaller protests in other provincial capitals all around the country. Demonstrations in support of the resistance also took place late on September 6 in the central province of Daikundi, as well as in the cities of Ghazni in eastern Afghanistan, Herat in the north-west of the country and Mazar-I-Sharif, located in the north.

According to unconfirmed reports, a number of women were detained in Daikundi.

Afghanistan’s citizens demonstrated following the the call of the leader of the Panjshir resistance, Ahmad Massoud jr., according to the representative of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, Ali Nazari.

People also expressed their discontent with the recent visit of the head of the interdepartmental intelligence of Pakistan, Faiz Hamid, who has come to Afghanistan at the invitation of the Taliban. Following his visit, Pakistan was accused of supporting the Taliban fighters in fighting in Panjshir.

The Taliban is currently not quelling the protests in Afghanistan, as they are aiming to prove their “new more democratic” position in politics.

However, there is almost no chance that the protests would somehow involve the situation in the country, as the Taliban has proclaimed the readiness to unveil the new government. If social discontent continues, there is a risk that the Taliban will change its tactics and will respond in a more severe manner. For example, such measures like restrictions of social media work in the country could be expected in the near feature, taking into account that they are playing the crucial role in protests organization. A lot of women were seen keeping tables with slogans in English, so that they could be easily read by foreigners, and filming videos for publication in Istagram and other networks.

There is almost no chance that the protests could somehow help resistance forces in Panjshir, as the main (if not the only) infrastructure facilities in the region that include the airfield, governor’s office and the tomb of Ahmad Shah Masoud, were captured by the Taliban.

It seems that the Afghan women fighting for “freedom” and “democracy” are today the main resistance force against the Taliban.


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If you do not apply for a permit to demonstrate, police uses much more violance against protesters here in Germany than the Taliban in Kabul. And if you apply to make an anti government anti Corona demonstration here in Germany, they will just deny the permit and then brutally hunt down protesters, who dare to protest anyway.

I wish we could demonstrate like this in Germany. Time will come that people here need to flee to Afghanistan and apply for Asylum from the Taliban…

World has become more and more crazy by the day…

Last edited 15 days ago by Martin

the liberals in afghanistan created walls in schools and universities right after talibans takeover and here they show again that they are just hostiles to afghanistan and all they seek is conflict in afghani society according to our information the liberals didnt fight all they did is create alot of wahabi fundamental things suddenly changing their tune from pro american losers to radical islamists to weaken afghanistan all together meanwhile their is the fake resistance project running a fake northern state with a fake flag all supported by zionism france and the globalists and afghanistan is moving more and more towards civil war as the usa and zionists wanted so again be it daesh takeover or taliban takeover the usa wanted exactly this to happen a chaotic afghanistan even thou the usa would love to have atleast 20 of afghanistan in daesh hands and the rest of americas “allies” is angry at the usa because daesh lost in afghanistan

Last edited 15 days ago by farbat

I dont think USA will get what it wants. Talibs need to suck up Chinese economic miracle lessons chop chop

Tommy Lee

Oh boy, Aunt Flo’s in town early this month.


The invincible Taliban war machine, powered by ISI? LoL These idiots dreaming of the puppet rule of Saleh should come to terms with reality. Those days are long gone. Thank goodness the Taliban and ISI are now joined by the hip. Perhaps we can see some progress on the Kashmir front. Taliban should send sodomists Rashid Dostum and the Northern Alliance Arse Fckers to teach Indian soldiers a lesson


Then leave the UK motherfucker and go live in Kabul no? or we call you out on being a monafigh?

US & EU are Zion slaves

LMFAO, why don’t you go join them, talk the talk, walk the walk. Gay boi.


This is a recurring theme online…..the online jihadists are all overwhelmingly Pakistani basturds living in either the UK or the US or Canada…motherfuckers need to be deported ASAP!

Last edited 15 days ago by Ahson

Paki dog trolls seem to be out in force as usual, as i have said before a good Taliban is a dead Taliban, preferably one that is rutting in hell

Wayne Gabler

Fill out an application and include a detailed resume. Yelling into a media that requires the signs to include an English translation are not the way to impress a new Government.
Did the old Government allow protests of any kind, no.

Alberto Bohon.

Zionism and Globalism use these groups to destabilize certain Islamic nations with their sophism, dubious, false euphemism and demagogue in order to gain an opportunistic advantage, as they act in a sociopathic way, I hope the Taliban government will crush these liberal/progressive movements like Russia, Belarus, Iran and China did. the 🇺🇲🇮🇱 are cancer and the tormentor of society that must be fought daily.


Come on brah……they can’t even fight fukkin primates in Afghanistan, and here you are elevating them onto a pedestal no? Get real……wtf can the west really do to Iran or turkey or Pakistan? Come on no?…..get real.

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